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Author: Suzan

My first threesome

However, it was one big surprise to see the daughter and wife of my lover I opened the door of the car and I got inside. His wife explains to me that his love was still running with... # #

1139 words | 1 |2.39

Thinks go more wild

As I write at the end of the previous story after he cum in my face, I beg them to clean me and let me free but instead, they left me with my hands still tied and cum still in my face,... # # #

1075 words | 2 |4.57

Stranger in male toilet 2

As I write at the end of the first story I went and other times but never saw him again, but this doesn’t mean I hadn’t my lucky moments. Many nights I was rubbing my pussy... # #

650 words | 7 |4.54

Stranger in male toilet

The dirtiest thing I’ve allowed a stranger to do was fucking me in the male toilet when I was 10. Since I was 9, if I was outside alone and I would need to pee I would encounter female... # # #

766 words | 15 |4.71