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Author: SteveLuvsTweens

Kris Pt 3D

Kris’s first full day of sexual adventure wraps up here. She’s been through a lot. Down the road will be another adventure in Kris Pt 4 # #

3513 words | 5 |4.17

Kris Pt 3C

Kris accepts a new challenge in her young life, but just how far will she go? There will be a dirty little follow up in Kris Pt 3D for those inclined. # #

6248 words | 6 |4.67

Kris Pt 3A

Kris Pt 3 will be in 3 parts. 3A has no sex , but lots of fun play and build up to the hot 3B & 3C. It makes best sense to read all 3 in order. # #

2962 words | 10 |4.43

Kris Pt 2

Kris sneaks off for some more kissing fun. Will she get more? To thank you all for the positive response I did an all nighter + for the Kris story. # #

3214 words | 3 |4.89

Kris Pt 1

I’m Male 26. Kris is Female 12 and my first young lover. This is hopefully the start of a series. I write in depth Erotica as time allows. # #

1383 words | 14 |4.78