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Author: Paramedic1

Lil’ Sister is Always Right

I was a 16yo male at the time of this story. I had a stepsister, Amy who was 13. Her and I got along great. We would always be playing basketball or sports together. We went to the... #

1058 words | 4 |4.52

Little Debbie

I was 16 and my step sister Deb was 10. I hear giggling coming from the closet. I open the closet door and my step sister and her male friend are standing across from each other with... # # # #

1805 words | 13 |4.39

My Step Neice

I was watching my step niece, Jia, for my brother. She’s over here all the time anyway. She loves me. My brother is eight years older than I am. I was 14 at this time. His stepdaughter... # # # #

1573 words | 9 |4.73

The Steps

I was 7 when I met Xuan. She was the daughter of the man my mom was dating. We were the same age so we instantly hit it off. She was a brain child. The daughter of a doctor she was... # # # #

2120 words | 1 |4.43

Marla and Mary 3

Read Marla and Mary to follow along So our morning ritual continues, me a 14yo boy being molested by my 10yo sister. Lol. I mean not that I’m complaining. Every morning since... # # # #

1564 words | 3 |4.73

Marla and Mary

I was 14 my two step sisters were Marla 12 and Mary 10. I was sleeping and Mary snuck in. She was tiptoeing through my room. She lifted my covers and tried touching my dick over my... # # # #

1265 words | 9 |4.63

Begging for it

My step sister Jackie was born with weak legs. She was always wheelchair bound. She didn’t have much control over her legs. I was 8 years older than she was. I always would play... # # # #

1524 words | 11 |4.76

Coaxing Jenny

I always loved spending time with one of my relatives. She was not blood related but by marriage. We have lake property. She would come down and spend a week or more with us a couple... # # #

2669 words | 10 |4.69

My Foster sister

My parents fostered a child, “Amy”, when I was 11. When she moved in I made my best effort to become friends with her. We talked alot and became good friends doing everything... # # # #

2184 words | 6 |4.72