Author: Nat

My next Zoo adventure

Let’s take a break with my adventures with a dog and my sister for now! As many of wondered and many of asked did my adventure with animals stop with the many of dogs I was with?... #

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Butch Part 2

Finishing up the butch series! At this point butch and I had been the best lovers a girl and dog could be the only issue was school was going to be starting soon and our adventures... # #

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Three way with my sister

Hello as chosen here is story 4! This took place 2 years after my sister and I’s first interaction in the shower. We had gone pretty steady every day since we shared a room together... # # #

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My Shower Experience!

Hello everyone! I’ll just get straight to the point, back when I was 14 my sister was 16. We were both getting ready for our first highschool dance of that year. And we were way behind... # # #

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My Second Time was not an Accident

Hello Everyone! As many requested here is my next experience with a dog after my first time. It was summer time just a few months after my parents decided to rehome our dog as my sister... #

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My first time was an accident

This all happened about 13 years ago now when I was 14. I wasn’t very sexual at all or had any urges I wasn’t the popular girl at school or had many guys chasing me. You could say... # # #

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