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Author: Loki

Changing room fun

So when I was in school me and SD get pretty bord when it came to PE Since register was done before we went into the changing rooms we would usually just hide and not do PE This would... # # #

447 words | 5 |4.17

Last time with Loki

Ok so after finding out Loki would be neutered my friend got a little upset. Some details about me so things make for sense in these story’s. My parents work pretty late (they... # # #

487 words | 6 |3.70

Loki being naughty

Ok you wanted another story of loki so here we go I have a friend who is 15 (only 2 days from her birthday at the time who had seen me and Loki fuck before but never joined in (she’s... # # #

278 words | 12 |4.36