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Author: LadyK9

Lunch time

I was on the ground behind the couch in the living room, pulled my shorts and panties aside and used treats to get the doggy closer to me. He appreciated the treats but once he smelt... # # #

387 words | 8 |3.78

Short stories

It was in 8th grade when me and my friends (3 guys. 2/3 were gay and dating at the time..) and this other guy let’s name himm.. hmm N So me and N we all sneak into the school... # # #

338 words | 1 |4.60

Multiple stories

Well, when i was younger i was at my grandparents house and was sitting outside on the chair in the backyard, it was a pitbull the youngest brother and i had him in my lap and he was... # #

797 words | 12 |4.46