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Author: Dadof1g

Training Samantha part 4

The weekend finally arrived. The first time I would meet Karen. I was a little nervous and then the Volvo pulled into the driveway and out comes a short stocky woman with a cute face.... # #

1171 words | 7 |4.56

Sammy‘s training part 3

We awake in the morning Sammy slept with me overnight. She was in a exhausted state I think mentally and physically her second training session was so overwhelming, but I couldn’t... # #

1165 words | 2 |4.55

Samantha Training part2

The next day at breakfast was a little awkward for me and Sammy I could tell she was embarrassed I think during the night she realized that she actually came and was embarrassed by... # #

939 words | 5 |4.39