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Author: Cyberwolfl

No time for pimps the end

I have no time for little bitches! ? Is why do these haters keep reading my stories if my writing is so shitty. I know you are thinking maybe this time it’s actually readable... # # #

529 words | 2 |1.40

No time for pimps

One day Harry ways at his friends house Brian and Victor were brothers. Victor was the oldest. Harry crushed there older sister Lynn. Lynn was in her early 20s small petite apple breasts... # #

435 words | 4 |2.29

Ice is coming for you part 5

I got to stories to finish up And to the Haters, I know my English is. Bad and my grammar and my spelling, but let’s face it, hell even the English teacher will offer help. So... # #

251 words | 5 |2.63

Rape of a virgin

Harry saw really special. She looks 17 or 18 and a virgin he knows where she lives at he followed her home. She lives with her Mom who works at the school were she goes 9 to 5.. but,... # # #

442 words | 8 |3.00

2 morman girls raped the end

Let see when we last left Harry he was. In the middle of raping Jennifer, Jennifer crying out IM BLEEDING! Jennifer fells a bad pain from her cherry being pop. OMFG! IT HURTS SO BAD,... # # #

938 words | 5 |2.52

2 morman girls raped

Okay let’s it’s Nov. And Harry sitting around being board. There’s a knock on the door. Harry goes and answer the door and it’s 2 morman girls Harry thinking... # # #

902 words | 12 |3.15