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My first anal

We fix dinner and sat out back in the yard. I asked her if she wanted to stay the night, to which she said yes. We went back up a short while later😉. I ask if she wanted to shower,... #

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Sited dad

When I was 14 I went over to my girlfriends house which was only a block away, I had been out of town for two days with my parents, it was summer time and not much to do in our small... #

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I’ve turned my wife into a whore

Patie was just a simple Mississippi housewife when we married 26yrs ago after having breast enlargement and introduced to Kush marijuana and Xanax and porn Patie is a whore.. #

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12 years ago during hurricane Katrina,my stepdaughter and family had come up to the house to get away from the wife is a few years older than me.we were unable to have... # # #

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