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Author: AnonyMPC

Rent-A-Daughter – Part V

Chapter Twenty: Tomorrow? In surprise, I shifted in the bed to look directly at her, and almost knocked her off me. “What?” “Everything’s already packed. I almost wasn’t going... #

4861 words | 35 |4.85

Rent-A-Daughter – Part IV

Chapter Sixteen: “Where have you been?” her mother demanded. I hadn’t noticed before, but she spoke with a slight accent, something that sounded a bit Slavic, maybe Russian, but... # #

8100 words | 3 |4.81

Rent-A-Daughter – Part III

Chapter Eleven: I didn’t plan on it, but when we saw each other again, once more we took things to a new level. In my apartment, she started to undress again like it was an everyday... #

8892 words | 9 |4.85

Rent-A-Daughter – Part II

Chapter Six: When I came out, I found Maddy lying on the very top of my couch, arms outstretched, like she was flying. It was adorable, and I smiled genuinely. She grinned back at me.... #

9094 words | 4 |4.67