Author: Amelia

Babysitter more rough

I trying to take breaths with this thing in my mouth and hoping Veronica will let me free but i do wrong. she give one kiss in my face and she stand in her knees between my legs and... # #

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Babysitter, strapon, dildos part 3

After she clean my face and sucked her finger, we fell asleep, next morning she woke up me for breakfast, and because in almost 1 hour we had distance learning all the time I was wearing... # #

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babysitter, strapon, dildos part 2

I had my eyes closed, but I open them again when I feel Veronica moving again and saw her coming crawling until we faced again each other, I ask her what she is going to do? she smile... # #

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Babysitter, strapon, dildos

All this happened during the first period of the pandemic or said better March 2020, when my country got into lockdown. Then I was 12 years old and I have one sister Sonia who then... # # #

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