Author: Adam

Getting my stepmom pregnant

So when this story happens I was now 18 and was in college but I did have a lot of time to spend with Alex, she turned 25, and my dad said he would have to stay in at the office for... # #

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Fucking my stepmom while camping

Hey so if you anyone has seen my past stories you know the pretty short so, like a comment said I’ll be trying to put an entire story in this and not break it into parts, so let’s... # #

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I slept with my stepmom pt 2

So the next morning was a little awkward when we had breakfast, obviously we didn’t sit next to each other like we usually do but it do feel wrong not to. Once I finished I immediately... # # #

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I slept with my stepmom

Hi, I’m Adam a 17 year old living with my father and his girlfriend, so my stepmom’s name is Alex, she’s 24, a blonde and is very sweet. So when this story starts is when... # #

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