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Work Wife Returns pt 3

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I pulled into Nicole’s driveway and put the truck in park. I could feel my excitement growing as I walked up to the front door. Reaching for the handle I wondered if she would follow my instructions. When I found the door unlocked I knew it was going to be a good afternoon. As I entered I shut the door and locked it, then kicking off my shoes I headed to the bedroom leaving a trail of my clothes as I went.

Entering the bedroom I found Nicole waiting on the bed just as she’d been instructed to. She was sitting on her heels in the middle of the bed completely naked. Legs spread as far as they would go. Her long blonde hair hung down to her ass, and from the light coming through the window you could see how wet her pussy was as small drops of her love juice glistened in the sunlight clinging to the delicate lips of her cunt.

I smiled and said “good girl” as I made my way to the bedroom closet. Her husbands neck ties hung neatly on a rack, so I grabbed a handful and headed back to the bed and stood behind her. Laying the fistful of ties down I took the first one and placed it over her eyes and cinched it tight around her head.

Placing my hands on her shoulders I then guided her to lay on her stomach and placing her hands above her head I tied those together. Taking a third tie I looped it around the knot that was binding her hands and tied it to the headboard binding her hands in place above her head. Without saying a word I left her there and headed to the kitchen.

Grabbing two glasses from the cupboard and opening the freezer door I filled them both with ice. I then headed to the liquor cabinet and finding an open bottle of Buffalo Trace I poured two fingers into one of the glasses and headed back to the bedroom. As I sipped the rich Carmel flavor of the bourbon I couldn’t help but smile as I thought to myself, “drink his whiskey, then fuck his wife!”

Returning to the bedroom I stood quietly finishing my drink and stared at my prize tied to the bed. Putting two pieces of ice in my mouth I climbed between her legs and spread them wide exposing her beautiful shaved pussy that I was about to fuck the hell out of. But first I pushed my face between her legs and holding the ice between my lips I slowly began to rub her clit with it and the worked it between her lips until I reached her vaginal opening. The shocking coldness made Nicole flinch and suck in her breath but grabbing her thighs she soon understood this was going to happen as my frigid assault on her woman parts continued. Up and down I slowly moved the ice as she squirmed and moaned. Finally when I felt she had had enough I positioned the ice over her love canal and using my tongue I shoved it in. As Nicole squealed I sat up and gave her frozen pussy a smack. Again she squealed but I noted her legs spread in response to the sting of my slap. Having been willfully given more room I smacked her again and peppered each cheek with a slap as well. Nicole squirmed and moaned from the pain mixed with pleasure.

Shoving my face between her legs again I began to eat her sucking on her clit and her inner lips then fucking her with my tongue causing her to moan and roll her head back. Her hips involuntarily began to grind on my face as I could feel the orgasm building inside of her. At last she began to cum filling my face with her love juice as she called my name over and over.

When her orgasm began to subside I licked her pussy one more time clit to anus being sure to circle her little rose bud with my tongue, then I sat up and lined my cock up with her gaping vagina. One massive forward thrust and her head shot back as she let out a loud FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!

Not trying to be gentle I began to pound her pussy with rapid hard thrust. If possible I could feel her legs spreading wider as she began to beg me to fuck her harder. Within minutes she was screaming my name again in the wave of another orgasm and she began to beg me to cum inside her.

“Not yet!” I proclaimed clenching my teeth to hold onto the cum she was begging for. Slipping out of her pussy I loosened the binding a bit and rolled her onto her back. Feeling desperate to cum myself now I straddled her chest and placed the head of my cock on her lips.

He mouth instinctively open wide as she knew in the helplessness of her blinded and bound state she was going to have her mouth brutally fucked and she could do nothing to stop it.

Her mouth was hot and wet as she tried to relax and take my cock as I pushed it into he. As the head of my cock entered her throat she gagged and tried unsuccessfully to pull away but there was no place to go. I stoped my thrust and told her to relax. When I felt the tension leave her body I eased my cock forward feeling my head enter her throat. Slowly pulling it back I felt the tip leave her throat and I immediately shoved it down her throat again holding it in place.

As she became more comfortable with the situation I could feel her tongue extending out and attempting to massage my balls. I then released the binding on her hands and I felt her hands immediately grabbing my ass as she rolled me off her face being sure to keep my cock buried in her throat. Taking my dick out of her throat she looked up towards my face being still blindfolded and begged me to please fuck her face.

Placing both hands on her head I guided my cock into her mouth and began to pump it. Feeling the head of my cock enter and exit her throat over and over I knew it wouldn’t be long till I filler her with my cum. At last I could fight the urge no more I clasped her hair in both hands and let my dick explode into her throat and mouth. Struggling again at first she relaxed and soon had figured out how to swallow it all and finished by kissing and worshiping my cock for the gift it had given her.

Rolling her over I removed her blindfold and told her that I expected her to behave at work or she would have to be punished again. Nicole gave me a wicked smile and whispered,

“I wouldn’t want that now would I ?!?”

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