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Work Wife Returns Part4

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Nicole’s husband was the controller of a large international company, and therefore, spent a lot of time overseas. When he was gone I would spend as much time at her place as possible. In early August my department was assigned a new intern from the university and that’s when things got really interesting.

Caitlin was on the taller side maybe 5’6” blue eyed, a bit curvy, shoulder length platinum blonde hair that was completely natural. She was hardworking, thoughtful and especially attentive to me. She was very methodical in her work and paid a lot of attention to detail. One day her attention to detail led to a text after I was home asking for more information on a project we were working on at the office. I told her that I appreciate her dedication but she needed to learn to relax at the end of the day. That statement lead to a conversation about her non-existent social life and the next thing I knew she was texting me every night just to chat.

Our conversations went from casual to personal and eventually to sexual. She began to send me pictures of herself naked and videos of her masterbating. By the time our annual staff retreat rolled around I wanted to fuck Caitlin in the worse way. Little did I know Caitlin was already making plans.

Caitlin was very perceptive and observant of the people around her. Over the past four months she had figured out that Nicole and I had something going on the side even though we were especially careful at work not to raise suspicion. A very bright girl Caitlin decided the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” fit here and she soon became very close to Nicole. And then came the staff retreat.

Held in late November, the retreat served as a staff holiday party and a planning time for the upcoming year. It was scheduled to be Friday through Sunday morning with an open bar reception on Friday night that had over the years become legendary.

Nicole’s husband having just come home from Japan had taken time off, and we hadn’t been alone in weeks so I was looking forward to spending alone time with Nicole but by the time the reception started Nicole seemed more interested in hanging with Caitlin than sneaking away with me. So I started drinking whiskey.

As the girls danced and partied I sat with a group of the guys talking about sports, complaining about our wives and drowning our sorrows. Before we knew it 9:30 turned into 12:30 and looking over at Nicole it appeared she had no plans of slowing down anytime soon, and since I knew I had to be on point in the morning I headed back to my room. Entering the room I could feel the whiskey working so I stripped out of my clothes and flopped down in the middle of the king sized bed. By the time my head hit the pillow I was out and my aggravation melted into peaceful alcohol induced slumber.

About 1:45 I awoke to my cellphone ringing. Unable to remember where I was at first I climbed out of bead and fumbled around for my pants on the floor. Looking at the phone I could see it was Nicole and I pressed the talk button.

Sleepily; “hello?”
Nicole: “where’d you go Mr Grumpy?” “Open the door it’s cold in the hall!”

Blurry eyed I staggered to the door and opened it.

Opening the door I was greeted by my beautiful Nicole holding a cocktail glass with Caitlin hanging over her shoulder giving her an enthusiastic kiss on the cheek. Definitely something you’d see on a girls gone wild movie.

Pushing by me Caitlin exclaimed that she had to go pee and snapping the waistband on my boxer briefs as she passed she winked and said “nice undies.”

Free of Caitlin’s clutches Nicole jumped into my arms and we began to kiss passionately. The fact that it had been weeks since our last kiss and the sweet taste of alcohol on her breath made my dick get immediately hard and scoping her up into my arms I carried her to the bed and lay down with her never breaking our embrace.

When our embrace stopped Nicole whispered in my ear, “is my master mad at me?”
Having napped, and relieved I was with her, it was had to act mad but for the sake of the roll I growled an angry “yes” at her. Immediately, Nicole slide down my body and starts taking off my underware. She slips them off my legs and practicality devoured my rock hard cock. The warm wetness of her mouth made my cock even harder (if that was even possible). I grabbed Nicole by the head and started fucking her mouth with long deep strokes. Nicole slurped and sucked as I fucked her face and using both hand I popped my cock into her throat and let out a low moan. “God I’ve missed you” I whispered as Nicole moaned with my dick filling most of her mouth. At this point my balls began to tingle and I pulled Nicole down on my cock again. Just as I was about to blow my long awaited load down her pretty throat. The bathroom door opened and Caitlin stepped out.

Caitlin was completely naked, as she stood there hands on hips her light pink nipples became errect, you could see moisture developing on the lips of her clean shaven pussy.

“Mind if I join?” She said as she walked to the bed and climbed up next to Nicole. Taking my cock from her hand she slipped it into her mouth and immediately it went completely down her throat. Having forgotten Caitlin was even in the room I layed back on the bed stretched out my arms and muttered “my God this is amazing!”

Caitlin began to rapidly fuck her own face with my cock as Nicole stood up and stripped off her clothes. After stripping Nicole laid back down next to me and started kissing my neck and whispered in my ear, “you know that thing I won’t let you do?… Caitlin says she likes it!” Sitting up on my elbow I looked down at Caitlin who was still devouring my cock and asked “is that true? You like being fucked in the ass?” Taking one more deep suck she released my cock from her mouth and with a wink looked at me and said. “I love it in the ass!”

Nicole giggled as I jumped up and practically threw Caitlin on the bed. “My God somebody’s excited!”Nicole exclaimed as she climbed up the bed and positioned herself in front of Caitlin’s face. On que Caitlin dove into Nicole’s cunt with skill and passion as at the same time she spread her legs wide giving me ample access to her rose shaped hole. Nicole flung her head back placing both hands on Caitlin’s head holding her tight against her soaking wet cunt. I climbed between Caitlin’s legs and after applying spit to the head of my shaft I lined it up and began to press against her rectum. Caitlin’s experience began to show as the head of my cock moved easily through her sphincter and deep into her rectum. There were no squirms no cries of pain Caitlin simply threw her head back. Moaned out “God that feels amazing” and went back to eating Nicole’s pussy.

Watching Caitlin eat my beautiful Nicole. Feeling the tight hug on my entire dick that only a woman’s ass can give and the excitement of it all soon had my balls tingling and before long I began to blow stream after stream of hot cum deep into Caitlin’s ass. Stoping her worship of Nicole’s pussy momentarily Caitlin looked over her shoulder at me and playfully asked “are you cuming in my ass daddy?” Those words sent Nicole over the edge as well. As we both exploded into orgasm on Caitlin one in her mouth one in her ass.

Finishing my orgasm I rolled off of Caitlin and moved next to Nicole. Nicole wrapped her arms around me and lay her head on my chest. While Caitlin went into the bathroom.

“You owe me big time for this”. She said

I quickly stood up and growled at her. “Don’t forget who’s the master in this relationship!” And then I demanded she kneel on the bed in doggy position.

Watching her submit to my command, head down and ass up, and looking at that beautifully shaped pussy and ass had me immediately hard again. I smacked her right cheek hard and asked “who’s your master?” “You are” came a soft reply. Smacking the left side. I demanded again. “I said who is your master?” “YOU ARE!” Came a loud reply, and with one forceful stroke I slammed my cock into her pussy until it bottomed out.

Grabbing her tiny waist I pounded her hard till I saw Caitlin come back and lay on the bed in front of Nicole. Having an audience fueled my lust and I began slamming my dick harder into Nicole. She grunted and moaned “fuck me harder” with every pound of my cock. Once again I felt my balls begin to tingle and grabbing Nicole by the hair I yanked her head back and filled her cunt with all the cum I had left. As the warm cum shot from my body I could feel Nicole’s pussy contract. Her legs began to shake and when I released her hair she collapsed on the bed exhausted and in a state of sexual euphoria.

Caitlin stood up and while dressing said. “you two fuck like rabbits!” “anytime y’all want a unicorn to play with I’m in!” Then leaning over and giving my half limp cock a kiss she told me “and YOU can stick that cock in my ass anytime you want!” And with that she left.

As I laid down again Nicole reached up and grabbed my cock and began to squeeze! Then she looked me in the eyes and said “and YOU can only stick this cock in her ass when I’m there too! “ I laughed and whispered in her ear. “Yes master!”

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