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Wife and I punish daughter and I did not expect it to end this way

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My wife and I are fairly strict on our kids. You break a rule and there is always a punishment. We aren’t like most home that can’t control their kids and spank ours.
My daughter was caught taking nudes of herself and my wife marched her right into our bedroom. I was getting ready and had just got out the shower and our bedroom door flew open and my wife comes in with our daughter in tow but our daughter is naked as the day she was born. My wife starts lecturing her about taking nudes and that they will be all over the internet regardless if she wants them to be our not and can’t take them down and shared locally as well. Our daughter seems she doesn’t care and acts like we are in conviencing her.
Then my wife bends her over our bed and starts spanking her. I instantly get hard seeing our daughter legs spread apart to steady herself and see ass and pussy. My daughter is slightly crying and my wife stops and looks at me and sees I’m hard and makes sure our daughter is pointed towards me and that I get a show. My daughter is embarassed as always when someone sees her punishment and her bare bottom. My wife keeps spanking her and her ass is turning nice and red.
Then all the sudden I hear my wife say why the fuck are you getting wet you like this huh. She has her lay on her back and has me hold her legs up and is spanking her now our daughter is really crying. If at all possible I get harder and my wife stops and strokes me and says you want to act like a slut we will show you what happens and what men want.
My wife then sits our daughter stomach and holds our daughters legs behind wifes arms and wife rips my towel off and grabs my dick and pulls me closer. She runs my dick up and down our daughters slit and to my surprise she is wet and my dick gets a nice sheen to it. My daughter starts pleading and says please no I’m a virgin no boy has touch me down there only looked. Between my daughter being wet and my precum she was plenty wet. My wife held our daughters pussy lips open and said take your prize honey she wants it since shes behaving this way.
I lined up my dick and my head was just starting to enter and my daughter was crying so hard now. She was extremely tight and wet and warm. I pulled out all the way and rammed past her hymen and saw blood on my dick and around her pussy. My wife saw and said looks like babygirl was telling the truth how does it feel, I was focusing on enjoying and not cumming early. My wife started massaging my balls and I knew it wouldn’t be long now. My daughter started moaning and whimpering and said she had to pee. Holy crap I thought my dick was about to snap off as our daughters pussy squeezed as she was cumming and I pushed in deep and came myself. I was pulling out and there was blood and both our cums on my dick. My wife gave me a sly smile and held our daughters legs up and said keep that cum in babygirl.
I went to go shower and left my wife and daughter in the bedroom. I heard our bedroom door open and thought they left. But my daughters comes into the bathroom and gets in the shower with me and said I’m sorry daddy for my behavior mom told me to apologize. With that she dropped to her knees.
Oh the fun has just begun!

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