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Why did my Wife or Son tear or cut the crotch out of her hose!

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It was early Saturday morning and I had a golf outing with the guys from the office at work, when I got down to the kitchen my hot ass 43 year old blonde wife Linda was cooking breakfast, she was wearing a short purple skirt, dark Brown hose on her legs with 6 inch purple heels.What were you going to Linda i ask my wife again, Tina from the office is having that candle party remember.Go get mike for breakfast will you honey my wife ask me, I knocked on my 18 year old sons door and walked in, mike was laying on his bed in just black silk briefs, his cock was bulging out of it, he looked like he was a couple inches bigger than me.I want the grass cut today Mike, Im going golfing with the guys and will be gone until about 5:00, that gives you plenty of time.No worries Dad that will only take about 40 minutes, I have something more fun to do that is going to take hours he said, yeah, what is that Mike I ask.I have to study for a test for Monday, How is that fun Mike you dip shit, Breakfast is ready come on.I ate real quick and headed out to the course and got their around 9:00.We were a few holes in golfing, drinking beers, just having a good time when our co worker Dean flipped the cart and got hurt pretty bad, We had to call a ambulance to take him in.We were all upset and decided just to call it a day.I got home around 12:30 and Linda’s car was still their, Mike did not start on the lawn yet i could see.Letting myself in and know body was around, it was silent also.When i got to the bottom of the step is when i heard sounds, Oh god Mike keep stuffing it i heard, keep pumping it i heard after that.Slowly creeping up the stairs i could hear a bed creaking, my heart started beating faster as i tip toed down the hall, the sound was coming from my bedroom, I slowly peeked in and my Son had his arms underneath his Moms legs and had them draped way back driving his cock so deep up Linda’s cunt, ” my wife.” She still had on her pantyhose and the crotch was torn or cut out which i did not understand because she owns stockings.The room smelled big time of weed, My son just kept driving that cock way up into his Mom, my bed was creaking as i watched my Wife and Son fuck.The way Mike was moving his hips and legs driving that cock repeatedly deep into the depths of Linda’s cunt.I was in total shock, total disbelief at the site but getting so turned on by the site and sound.My son just kept pounding his Moms cunt through the open crotch of her hose, my bed creaking away, over on my night stand was a bottle of my expensive dark Rum sitting in front of our wedding photo.My heart was beating fast just watching my own Son repeatedly going deep up my wife’s cunt, those nylon legs spread wide with her purple heels, smelling that dope smell, looking over at the rum bottle in front of our wedding photo, my dam bed creaking over and over.I watched my Son for at least 25 minutes just savage his Moms cunt, not even cumming or showing no signs of stopping any time soon.This was to much and i got the hell out of their to try and clear my head and make sense of the shit, crazy ass world is all i can say.Why did they tear or cut the crotch if anybody can answer that one for me.

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Who the fuck cares about the pantyhose. He must have a pantyhose fetish. So what.
    The important things is, your son loves fucking your wife and she enjoys it.
    Go back and enjoy watching them. Then get sloppy seconds. Sloppy seconds feel awesome.
    Be proud of the son. Be happy your wife chose him to sexually please her. Be Happy.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1da8yosz7u0a

    That’s what you’re worried about? I will never understand you cucks

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You’ve got a big, strapping son to be proud of! Hope he was looking at your wedding photo as he shot off inside your slut wife. What a boy!!

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      Cracksniffer, I agree with every word.