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Where’s my white stuff?

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“UGH! It’s not working!”

‘Uh oh, what did he break now?’ I groaned to myself, wondering what could possibily be inconviencing my ten year old now. I prepared myself to find him angry about his Xbox not working again and walked down the hall toward his room.

It’s so vain, but I had to admire myself when I caught a glimpse of my ass in the hallway mirror. I wasn’t too bad looking for being 39. My 38DD’s were still pretty perky, and my ass still had a nice swing when I walked. Looking closer, I decided that I needed to have my hair done again-my roots were growing out, and I look best as a blond.

Tearing myself away from the mirror, I walked into his room. Looking back, I probably should have knocked. But I’m so glad I didn’t.

My boy was laying in bed, completely naked, jerking his little cock furiously. He was so upset about something that he didn’t even care that I had walked in on him masturbating.

“it’s not working, mommy! Why isn’t it working?!” He was so distressed, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

“uhm, what do you mean, baby? What’s not working?” Why was my pussy getting wet? This shouldn’t be as erotic as it is to me…

“Nothing comes out! White stuff is supposed to shoot out when it feels good, but it doesn’t.” He looked so defeated. My poor boy, his balls hadn’t started making cum yet. Ohhh, this just got so much more delicious.

“Ohhh, are you having dry orgasms, baby?” I asked as i sat on the edge of his bed, resting my hand probably too high up on his thigh.

His face turned so red, and he stammered, “w-w-whats a ‘dry orgasm’?” he asked me. I saw his little erection twich when i started rubbing my thumb on his thigh, slighly brushing against his ball sack.

“An orgasm is that good feeling you mentioned. a *dry* orgasm is where you don’t release sperm. Your testicles,” I lightly squeezed them in my hand, making him moan every so quietly, “haven’t started to make sperm yet.”

“Ooooh mommy..” Mmm it looks like enjoys having his balls massaged. “But do wet orgasms feel better?”

I stopped caressing him, making him groaned softly. “They feel more intense, but you can’t have as many… Is this your first time masturbating?”

Again, he blushed and nodded his head.

“Aww, you’re not doing too badly! I’m sorry Daddy isn’t here to teach you.” His dad had left us when he was a baby, and it’s been just the two of us since.

“It’s okay, mom. My friends told me how to do it. They jerk off to you all the time.” He stopped talking suddenly, “…I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

Oh my, I could now feel my wetness soaking through my panties and onto his bed. This group of ten and eleven year old boys were giving themselves dry cums to ME? I was so lost in my own fantasy now, that I didn’t notice my boy reaching under his pillow, “I’m sorry I took these..”

He handed me my favorite black lace thong. It had been missing for weeks! I looked at him questioningly, though I already knew. “We all share it and take turns jerking off with it. I’m the only one that doesn’t make sperm yet.”

Oh my gods, my favorite thong had the ripe seed of his friends all over it! I needed relief from this ache in my pussy, and I needed it now. “Baby boy, I promise to teach you *everything* about sex, and pleasuring youreself.” His eyes lit up, “but first, I need you to have your friends come over. Right now.”

I took the quickest shower of my life, and heard the boys come in the front door as I was slipping into my favorite lingerie set. I smiled evilly to myself. They don’t even know they’re about to breed me.

I grabbed the semen covered thong, opened my door and called to the boys, “boys, I’d like you to come in here for a moment.” I said it so sweetly. I wanted them to have no idea what was going on.

I came out of my bathroom once the three of them were standing in the middle of my room. “So boys…” their eyes about popped out of their faces when they saw me: fishnet thigh highs, and a crotchless Victoria’s Secret body suit, my nipples stretching through the lace, begging to be sucked on.

I could see their little erections growing in their pants. One of them was already grabbing at his penis through his jeans. Aww, it was so sweet and cute!

I felt my wetness running down my thighs, “strip.” They all kept starting at me. “Did I stutter? Strip!” In about five seconds I had three completely nudes boys standing before me. “Lay on the bed. On your backs.”

Mmm they’re so obedient. I held the dirty thong in the air, “I’m told that only a few of you are producing sperm. I intend to find out who.”

I climbed onto the bed, making my way up to the boy in the middle first. I crawled right up between his thighs and could hear him breathing heavily. I looked into his innocent blue eyes, making him blush, before grabbing his cock and squeezing. “Oh Miss Morris!” He moaned as I started stroking his 4inch little hard on.

“Do you like that baby? Are you gonna give Mommy your seed?” He started panting and whimpering, “be a good boy, show mommy how much cum you can give her.”

“Miss morrisssss!” He moaned, “I’m making cummies!” His hips bucked wildly, matching my rhythm as he shot his young seed all over my face.

I kissed the head of his cock and moved to the next boy. My baby. I gently ran my fingers up and down his length, making him quiver. “Pleeeease Mommy” I love when they beg.

My pussy was absolutely aching at this point, and I needed to feel the other boy breed me. “Oh baby, mommy’s gonna make you feel so good.” I swallowed his entire cock in one swift motion, sucking on it like a lollipop.

“Mommy!” He called out, grabbing the back of my head and pushing his little cock deeper into my throat. “Mommy don’t stop! Don’t stop, it’s happening!” With a loud grunt my boy forced his cock as deep into my throat as he could and I felt him start pulsing. I sucked harder, hoping I could make the sperm come out, but nothing. After about ten seconds he panted, “it’s happening again! Oh god!” I sucked my precious boys peepee until he became too sensitive, and finally moved to the last boy cock.

“I hear you make the most sperm.” I told him as I lightly traced circles on the head of his weewee.

“M-miss morris..can I..” he started whimpering, “cum in your mouth?” His eyes started to roll back in his head, so I stopped.

“Oh no, baby boy,” I told him as I straddled him, “your sperm is going to give me a baby.” And slid my soaking wet pussy onto his six inch erection. This poor, adorable boy shot his load into me before I even had his entire length in my cunt.

He clawed at my hips and pulled me down the rest of the way onto his cock “oh my GOD!” He called out as his humped his little body up toward mine, forcing more and more of his fertile boy seed into my cervix.

I leaned down toward him, “suck mommy’s nipples while you give her a baby.” I whispered in his ear.

Making him groan and shout, “I’m cumming again!” Just before his mouth met my nipple.

My pussy milked those boys every day that summer. Well, except for my boy. I still use him till he passes out.

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    Nice and nasty! What a naughty mummy!

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    Would love to read more of your adventures with the boys,

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    Love a woman willing to get knocked up in such a way

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    Soooo hot~