Watching my daughter

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Daughter babysitting neighbors kids coming home to a surprise

My daughter Megan just turned 13 and was super excited because now her mother said she could babysit and make some money of her own. I wasn’t surprised when the neighbors Andrea &Scott asked if Megan would be available Saturday night, I thought the wife and I would go out being child less ourselves for the night but the wife refused wanting to be close in case Megan had a problem. I’m reading the paper in the living room when Megan comes in and sits on the couch across from me ,I’m looking up her smooth legs to her shorts then up from her waist to her just barely there boobies not big enough to be titties yet up to her long smooth neck as she’s looking out the window for the neighbors who were going to pick her up.thinking wow when did Megan fill out like that , feeling a little guilty because of the half chubby im getting looking at my daughter’s legs. So Scott stops to pick up Meg now I say neighbors but we’re in the country a bit so their still a ways down the road . We chat about their plans and what time he was thinking and I noticed he can’t take his eyes off Megan as she grabs her bag and puts on her shoes we both look down her shirt me I don’t know who’s more surprised we can see her nipples since Megan’s not wearing a bra, we both catch each other looking and have a goofy smile between us. So it’s past 11:30 something I go downstairs grab something to drink it’s a warm night and I look at the clock on the microwave wondering if Meg will be home soon. I’m just chilling in the kitchen looking out the window at our patio thinking I might go sit outside and wait that’s the doorway we usually use and I hear voices come around the house and see Scott and Megan I can hear but not really understand what’s said. Scott sits on the loveseat and pats the seat next to him and Megan sits they talk and he reaches in his pocket and pulls out some cash and pays her and Megan looks so excited as I watch Scott stretch out his arm and puts it behind Megan on the back of the couch , their quietly talking and Scott says something funny and they laugh and I see his han rest on Megan’s shoulder and Scott’s rubbing her arm as the smile and whisper joking still. Scott scoots a little closer and whispered in Megan’s ear and I’m watching like if I do know better I’d think Scott’s making a play on my 13 yrs old daughter! So his left arm is over her shoulder and he moves his right hand to her thigh and slowly rubs up and down her thigh, I can hear her nervous laugh and she puts her hand on his to stop him but doesn’t she just keeps her hand on his while he is going hight up her thigh every stroke. Now they can’t see me the light is off in the kitchen and I’m so hard myself I’m rubbing myself through my shorts watching Scott put the moves on my little girl. So Im not even trying to hear what they’re saying anymore as I watch Scott’s hand go higher then he does it he’s moved his hand and resting on her little pussy mound and Megan stopped talking I can see she’s not trying to get up as Scott starts rubbing her pussy through her shorts. He slowly pulls Megan in and her eyes are huge as Scott leans down and kissed her once. . Twice. . On the third he slips his tongue in her mouth as she closes her eyes goes with it,as the kissing gets deeper Scott slides his hand up an inch or so then down under her shorts. I can see him and it looks for sure he has a finger in Megan and she’s moaning as he kisses her so loudly I can hear her in the kitchen. Now Scott starts rubbing her boobies and then back to her pussy watching him is like watching someone play the drums he’s here then there and back and Megan loves it next thing I realize is her shorts are hanging by one ankle her top is off and Scott is sucking on the sweetest pink nipple I’ve ever seen , I’ve somehow pulled my cock out and I’m seriously stroking myself now. Scott adjusts himself on the couch and is now between Meg’s legs and her eyes are closed enjoying the sensation going through her body. It seems in slow motion as Scott slides his pants down and have to say I’m impressed he’s got a solid 8″ and thicker than me too ,Megan has her arms wrapped around Scott’s neck and is humping his finger like timework she doesn’t realize his cock is free til he reaches down and starts rubbing up and down her slit I swear i can hear the moisture of her pussy as he does . Megan’s eyes fly open and she starts pushing against Scott to get out from under him and I can see the panic and fear in her eyes, she tries desperately to get away but Scott’s a full grown man and Megan is all of 5′ maybe , Scott takes Megan’s hands and puts both in one hand and holds them down over her head as he reaches down to resume sliding his cock up and down her wet slit. I know I should stop this but I can’t move other than to stroke my cock . I see it I know Megan can feel it as Scott slowly starts to push into Megan’s little kitty, she wants to scream but Scott leans down and kissed her and slowly he is deep going deep his balls are against megs ass and the tears are flowing down megs face but she’s not trying to get away anymore as he slowly starts to pump his cock in and out of my little Megan he speeds up im stroking myself in time with his ,Megan has I’m sure is a climax she’s shaking and moaning please over and over as Scott goes as deep as he can and I’m sure he’s cumming in Heaven . Scott gets right up and pulls his pants back on and kisses Meg on the forehead and leaves as Megan lies there not moving but slowly catching her breath I can see his cum leaking out of her little pussy SO HOT, it’s time for me to go before she sees me as I’m climbing the stairs I’m thinking I’m so glad I have cameras over the patio.

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    im so hard, i need to jerk off

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    what a fantastic story i loved it

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    Gawd I wish I was Meagan. I’d love my pussy being touched and licked by an older and experienced man.

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    God, I definitely would’ve went outside and fucked her after he did and ate her pussy tasted the sweet cum

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    Omg I’m so wet

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      Hi Jenica. I have cameras in my house as well. At least 5 times a week I see my 12 yr old daughter rubbing her little virgin pussy. Love to talk to you about it.
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