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Walking on the Path of Mom

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Story of how I started on the path to becoming a slut taking after my Mom

Hi All.

This is Khushi here. Im 12 years old and have been reading on this site since past 1 year. I live with my mother, Sarita. She is 32 years of age and is very sexy. She is slim and has a figure of 34-24-36 and dresses like a slut. My father lives in another city because of work and also because they don’t love each other.

My mom is very active sexually. I have seen her with a new person every weekend. She goes to clubs, hangs out around streets or uses other methods to find new men to satisfy her lust. This also got her pregnant with Khyati, my little sister.

Khyati and I share a room. Mom sleeps in other room with the guy she hooks up with. I remember I was 9 when I saw mom enter the house with a thick, huge well-built man. He was around 16-17 years old. Mom was just in panties and they started going at it on the sofa. I was not new to sex as I had seen it growing up around me and had also been raped before (another story).

I was peeping at them and fingering my pussy. It went on for 2 hours and I had orgasmed about 5-6 times. They were fucking on the sofa in missionary position when my mom gave a loud scream, loud enough to wake Khyati and passed out. I hugged her and put her back to sleep in about 10-15 mins.

When I looked back at them, the man was standing up, looking dejected, with his cock still hard. He was starting to wear his clothes to leave. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t control myself. I walked towards him till he saw me. I hugged him and pressed my body against his thigh. I told him that I was seeing mom and him and wanted to feel how mommy felt.

Before he could say anything else, I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. And OH GOD! That was one of the tastiest cum ever. I started licking it and saw him throw his head back as his hands involuntarily grabbed the back of my head. He pushed mom’s legs and sat on the sofa. I got on my knees and started to give him a blowjob. It went on for 10 mins and he came inside my mouth. I tried to drink it all but some of it still fell out.

I climbed upon him and hugged him as he positioned his cock at my pussy. I slowly sat on his rod as it tore away inside me, going so deep. He told me it felt really awesome that he was fucking me right next to my passed out naked mom. He started to finger me with one hand and fingered my mom with the other. I was trying not to scream so that mom couldn’t hear. He stopped and said that I could scream my heart out. Mom was high on so many drugs and alcohol that she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. That’s all I wanted to hear.

I started riding him faster and my moans turned into screams, begging him to fuck me like my mom and make me his whore. I rode him for 30 mins with 2 huge orgasms and he then cummed inside me. I looked down and I could see my pussy stretched with his cock and dripping with thick hot white cum.

He lifted me and placed me on top of mom, my face buried inside her big sweaty tits. In an instant, he was again inside me. I buried my face deep into her breasts to muffle my screams as he went on relentless.

We kept on going for the rest of the night in various positions. By morning, we were so tired that we fell asleep in mom’s bed together. That is, until mom woke up and found us…..

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  • Reply Fuck you ID:jt3cl0nyufp

    Wow Kushi are one hell of a slut , nice story

  • Reply Hacker25 ID:xobhzor08

    Khushi your story is just like my story but you are 12 years old only who know about sex at little age but I appreciate you keep uploading these type of stories I really like it . Please comment on ne

    • SluttyKhushi ID:1djuz02cs3ci

      I grew up watching mom fuck men and also started watching porn early

  • Reply Flammy ID:1ckwg5dz3c1j

    Fuck I love this! Wish I had a mommy and sister like you to fuck and abuse mercilessly

    • dirty grandpa ID:1ek56s78ra

      my granddaughter shows me her far bald pussy and asshole. it is rather surprising but I wont tell her to stop.
      session if anyone wants to chat