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Using Mother

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mother has always taken good care of son

It had been two weeks since my girlfriend had dumped me. I really didn’t care about that, I had cheated on her many times, with many girls. but she was a sure fuck, and I was use to fucking evey night at least once. I was seventeen and full of cum. I still lived with my parents I was a senoir in high school. usually I could have come up with a piece of ass but it seemed my prospects had dried up. I was in the den in the basement, listening to music when mom came down and started straighting things up. mom was 45 and a nice looking woman. a whole lot prettier than most of my friends mothers. she was 5′ 5” and had nice firm tits and a nice ass. dad had a place on the lake and mom was a sun worshipper, she had a nice tan and brown hair done in a perm. she was easy to talk to. I asked her if she had any friends with daughters around my age she might set me up with. she had before and knew I fucked the shit out of the girl. she lost the girls mother as a friend. mom knew of all the girls I had fucked. she let me bring them home and fuck them in my room. I think she thought that was better than getting caught fucking them in my car. she had walked in on me fucking some of them, and not said anything but excuse me. she was wearing a brown satin slip she wore around the house, it was short, about two inches above her knees and she wasn’t wearing a bra you could see her nipples poking through. she bent over the table in front of me, dusting, telling me she didn’t know of any girls. I run my hand up the inside of her leg to the crotch of her underwear. stood and wrapped my arms around her squeezing her tit. “I need some pussy mom.” I said kissing her neck. pressing my crotch against her ass my hard on bulging in my pants. “how about I fuck you?” I asked. she broke free turning, “I’m your mother!” she said. “you need to go in your room and take care of yourself.” I pulled her to me caressing her. sliding my hands to her ass and squeezing. ” I’ve about beat myself to death, mom, please, please let me fuck you.” I kissed her sticking my tongue in her mouth. “don’t honey, it’s not right.” she argued. “what would be the difference between me fucking you or one of your friends. or say one of my friends fucking you. it’s not like your going to get pregnant. and a lot of my friends have told me they’d like to fuck you.” I said. “please mom.” I begged. I pulled her down on the couch and kissed her, squeezing her tit. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was old enough to jack off. please I whispered. I kissed her mouth and neck. “well take me to your room, and nobody, I mean nobody, is to know of this.” she said. I took her by the hand and led her to my bed room in the basement and shut the door. I kissed her as I took the straps of her slip over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. “we shouldn’t be doing this.” she said. I noticed her nipples were hard as I bent and took her underware off her as she stepped out of them. I quickly got undressed. her eyes widened whe she saw my cock. she took it in her hands. “your so much bigger than your dad.” she said. as she pulled on me. we got on the bed I laid next to her kissing and feeling her body. running my fingers in her. she pushed me back on the bed and took me in her mouth. she sucked the head of my cock then run her tongue up and down the shaft. “damn it’s been a long time since I’ve had a cock this hard.” she said and sucked my balls.I guided her head up and down on me. she stroked me as she sucked. I pulled her up to kiss as the strings of precum broke from my cock and feel on her chin. she licked her lips. I kissed her neck working my way down to her tits. squeezing and sucking her tits I got her to push them together while I fucked her cleveage. then I spread her legs and tasted her cunt for the first time. my mother was so wet, and the aroma of her cunt was wonderful. I feasted like a starving artist. “oh honey your dad quit eating my pussy along time ago that feels so good. fuck me with your tongue son.” she pleaded. I turned where I could bury my nose in her ass while I licked her cunt. the smell of her made my cock harder. I licked her shit hole. mother moaned. I licked her smooth leg up to her small delicate foot and put it in my mouth and sucked it. “oh god son.” I heard her say. after giving attention to her other foot and leg I returned to licking her cunt. kneeling in between her legs I beat my cock against her pussy and rubbed up and down in her gash. I could feel her hole wanting me. I placed my cock at her hole. “fuck me, oh please fuck me son.” she was lifting up trying to get me in her. “you want me to fuck you mom?” I asked. “oh please son put your cock in me. fuck me. fuck your mother.” she begged. I gave my mother my cock. I thrust in her hard and deep, she countered, pulling me deeper into her. I lifted her legs against my shoulders so I could dig deeper in her. “take it,” she hissed “take your mothers pussy, it’s here for you to use. mother fucker.” I could feel her contract to pull me in her. the vein in my cock was throbbing full of cum, I pounded her mercisly “fuck.” she yelled as I felt her climax her body started shaking. “fuck.” she yelled again. I released my load in her. “god, fill me up honey, fill me up.” she gasped. we both lay there. after a few minutes mom kissed me. “eat your cum out of me sweetheart, I want you to eat your cum for me.”she told me. I got mother on all fours while I ate my cum, she pushed it out for me. I had my nose in her ass as I licked the juices from her. damn her ass smelled good I couldn’t help but stick my tongue in her ass. “you like the taste of my ass son?” she asked.” I love it mother. I want to fuck you in the ass.” I said.” your still horny?” I’ve got to get rid of at least another load.” I said. I’ve never been fucked in my ass.” she told me. I want to use all your holes mom.” I told her I laid her down and kissed her, running my tongue in her I squeezed her tits and kissed her neck. “please mother, let me use your ass hole, it taste so good and smells great I want it on me, please, I think you’ll like it being fucked.” I pleaded with her. my cock was hard and she was jacking me off. ” I don’t think this can become a regular thing you fucking me.” she said. “you liked my tongue in your ass didn’t you?” I asked. “o.k. you can fuck my ass but that’s the end of this, alright?” she consented. I licked her ass and spit in her shit hole. then I eased my cock into her. “oh fuck its so big in there.” she groaned.” easy honey take it slow.” I pumped her slowly not going very deep. I pushed her up on her knees. probing deeper in her. “oh fuck mother your ass feels so good on my cock.” I said. pushing deeper and harder. I reached around her and grabbed her tits. pulling her deeper on me. “god I can’t believe my sons fucking me in my ass.” she said. “you like it momma?” I asked her. “I do, your going to make me climax again.” she said. “do it mother cum for me again. damn your shit hole feels good.” I said ramming her hard and deep. “cum for me bitch.” I groaned.”I’m your mother, don’t talk to me like that.” she warned me. I could feel her getting ready to cum. “your my fucking whore, wanting my fucking cock in you. begging for my load of cum, is what your are slut. I grabbed and squeezed her tits hard twisting them till she screamed I could feel both her holes contract. I felt her let go her orgasm. I drove deep into her shooting my load deep into her intestines. she raised up driving me further up her ass. “aah fuck yeah.” she screamed I could feel her cum like crazy. “oh fuck .” she fell over on the bed. I pulled my cock from her ass. panting she said. “I never cum like that before, damn that was great. please, please tell me you’ll do that to me again.” smiling I told her I planned on using her alot. “that’s good, now eat your cum out of my ass.” she said.

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    Moms R the best!
    This is a very hot story.

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    COPIED STORY, ive seen this before and toughnut was NOT the original writer!

  • Reply White boy ID:1ck78njowllr

    When I was 14 I started fucking my 42 yr old aunt she didn’t work and she lived with me and my 39 yr old single mother. My mom knew about me and my aunt and didn’t really care my aunt even told my mom how big my dick was and how I knew how to fuck fat woman…
    My mom was in bed and me and my aunt was in her room fucking when my mom joined us and said I wanted to see how well u fuck me son. She bent over and took my big dick my aunt laid beside her and kisses my mom I ended up nutting all in my mommy

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    Nice and πŸ”₯ story

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    we would all be so lucky to have a mom like that

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    Shit story

  • Reply Dave ID:7ylren4oic

    Loved your story, i guess this stuff goes on alot more than people think.I came home and caught my wife and son going at it.I mainly read the stories on literotica.This site does not appreciate stories like these.I like how you talked her into fucking.

  • Reply 🐡 ID:2px1mem5phz

    Erm what the sigma!?