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Unknowingly enjoying daddy’s big dick – part 3 a unexpected situation

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A sticky situation after a long day, after a long day at work. Kate walks in on her dad in a private situation.

Chapter 4: friendly advice from a co-worker

That was a very awkward situation, I can’t believe my cum dropped onto my daughter and why did I find that incredible hot.

“Don’t think that, she’s your teenage daughter” I thought to myself gathering lunch for my work.

” Good morning, I honey. I have very little time. But I won’t be back for a couple of days. I have a business seminar outside town. ” Said Sara as she rushed out the door.

My face blushed with embarrassment as if Sara could hear my thoughts. The door shot before I was able to reply.

“Fuck I guess I won’t get any pussy anytime soon” I said under my breath after the door was shot. Before texting kate that we will be by ourselves for the next little while and what we will have for dinner today.

“I wonder how tight Kates….” I thought to myself before stopping that train or thought. Looking at the clock I decided to head to work early. To help take my mind off what happened.

I arrived work and Kate was still in my thoughts all day, until….. Buzz buzz buzz.

The sound of the work shift alarm echoed through the factory. My muscles ached, my back was tight and I was sweaty alover. But yet I could not get Kates face of shock and amazement on her face as my cum dropped onto her.

“Hey James, is everything ok? You seemed off rhythm all day.” Asked my coworker Fred. As we walked into the changing room.

“Oh..” I said surprisingly pulling myself out of my thoughts. “Yah… Um yah I’m ok.” I replied pulling my sweetie shirt off my body revealing my toned body though my sweat filled tank top.

“Are you sure?” Asked fed sceptically. ” How are things with Sara ? ” He asked while removing his undershirt revealing a body just as fit as I am.

I hesitated for a second before saying “umm… Oh yah we are ok.” I unbuttoned my pants before saying “will actually. We are not doing that well.”

“I knew something was wrong. Let me guess. Sex life?” Interrupted Fred with a smug tone before reaching for something in his backpack. Pulling out a black card with pink highlights.

“Yah” I replied with a defeated Tone “while see Fred, me and Sara haven’t had any sex in like 3 months.” I told Fred while throwing on my clothes and putting my work uniform in a laundry bag.

“Say no more James. I know exactly what is happening. Me and Stacy had the same issue. But I was able to find a solution.” Replied Fred befor handing me that black card and saying. “call this number they will be able to relive your stress.”

I looked at the card it said nothing but a phone number on it in pink. I looked confused and before I could ask anything Fred leaned in and said quietly ” it’s a excessive brothel. Just let them know I gave you this card or they won’t serve you.”

My face turned red and I went silent. But Fred broke the silence by saying ” trust me James. You need this, it will be better for both us if you bring you A game after the weekend. ” He then patted my on the shoulder and left the change room. I was still frozen with shock.

After the shock weared off I made my way to my car. Thinking to myself ” did Fred really just suggest I go to a brothel? It it really that obviously. Will Sara hasn’t touched me in a few weeks and we haven’t had sex is so long. Maybe I should think about it?” I got in the car and made my way home.

“I wonder how Kate would taste.. stop that she is your daughter. But she is looking more and more like her mom everyday. Sometime I totally forget she is just a teenager because how mature she is. But still stop thinking that way.” I thought to myself, seeming to hit every red light on my way home.

“I’ll have my room to myself for a few days, maybe jerking off will help me forget about what happened.” I thought to myself before picking up the phone and texting kate. “I should see if Kate will be home or if I’ll have the house to myself”

James – “hi sweetheart, daddy is on his way home now. Should I order the food now ? Or will you still out and about?

Kate – ” hi! Daddy! It’s ok you can wait a bit. I’m still out with my friends. I’ll be home not to long after you. So maybe I’ll order it when I’m on my way home. ”

James – “ok sounds good. Just shoot me a message when you order so I know to keep an eye out for them”

“Perfect I’ll have the house to myself, time to rush home” I thought to myself increasing my speed to rush home.

When I got home I rushed right to my bed room and I started to look for porn on my phone. I didn’t even wait to remove my cloth before scrolling. When I saw the perfect title for what mood I’m in.

“Petite 18 yr old daughter taking daddy’s big cock” after the video started I started to remove my pants. My cock was already hard as a rock. I layed in my bed and started slowly stoking my thick shaft. It was a bit dry so I spit a bit on my hands and one but then spitted on my cock shaft. It landed perfectly in the middle of my shaft. I then started to rub the salvia all over my shaft until it was glossing in the light.

“Oh fuck that feels good ” I said out loud as I stroked my cock faster and faster.

Then the porn video started to get into the good stuff “oh yah daddy stick that huge cock in my pussy” said the small lady on the video spreading her legs wide and pulling her pussy apart for the guy. “that’s such a beautiful pussy, you better not tell mommy about this” said the guy before lowering his long cock into her pink pussy.

“Fuck yah Kate, your pussy is so tight” I thought to myself while playing with my balls. “you are talking my cock better than your mom” I thought while rubbing my cock head in circles slowly. “yes rub your tongue on my head like that princess! Daddy is going to cum if you keep it up like that” I am not completely lost in the pleasure of the moment and completely ignored the fact I’m thinking about my teen daughter at the moment.

“Yes Kate keep ridding it like that” I moned out loud as I was seconds before blowing my build up load. When all I hear is the door creeped open and a small voice said “what did you say about me daddy?” And there Kate was walking into the room.

“Oh Kate!” I moad not be able to stop stroking my cock . ” Don’t come in!!” I said still unable to stop stroking my cock.

“Oh shit that huge ! ” Said Kate in amazement ” what are you doing daddy? Why are you not stopping” said Kate in amazement.

“I can’t help it” I replied to Kate right as a long stream of cum exploited from my shaft flying from my bed always accross the room and landing right on Kate’s chest. “oh no! I didn’t mean to!! Ahhh!” I moaned as another stream of cum shooted out and landed on Kate’s chest again.

“Ah” moad Kate as the load dropped on her chest. “What the fuck dad! That was pretty hot!” Said Kate without thinking only noticing the loads of cum spewing out of my cock. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know ” nervously said Kate when she noticed what is happening. Standing still unable to move.

“I’m sorry Kate! I ….” I said frantically as another load of cum dropped inches infront of her feet. Before another load of cum dropped even shorter. “I could not stop !” I said while still stroking my cock until I turned limp in my hands. While I shoot another load this time it just dribbled out the tip of my cock.

“Gross, why did you keep jerking off after you saw me daddy?” Said Kate while grabbing a dap of cum with her finger and licking it off “mmmm, ew you are still cumming stop daddy” cheekily said Kate as she stare fascinated with my cock. “while I’m going to clean up daddy, umm get ready for when the food arrives.” Said Kate as she walked out the room.

“I’m sorry ! I don’t know what came over me!” I said quickly before Kate shot the door. Cock still in my hand covered in cum.

“What the fuck did you just do? Did you just cum all over your daughter? You are sick ” I thought to myself. “fuck I don’t I better get dress before the delivery man shows up” just as I thought that my phone buzzed.

Delivery man – “hi I’m out side now.”

“Dad!!! The foods here!!!” Screamed Kate from front door.

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