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Unknowingly enjoying daddy’s big dick – part 2 Kate’s client

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In part 2 daughter meets up with one of her clients and ends up disappointed

Part 2 of the post titled – Unknowingly enjoying daddy’s big dick


Disclaimer: this story is completely fictional and I’m a cis male. So I am probably not the best at writing as a female. Sorry in advance.

Chapter: 3 – Extra revenue when the parents can’t afford it

My name is Kate, I am a 15 year old girl who is too mature for my own good. I am pretty and I know it, so I thought I might as well use that to my advantage. I stand just shy of 5 feet and only way 90 lb soaking wet. I developed at a young age so I look quite old for my age. I even was able to make it into a bar one or twice on my own. That’s actually where it all started.

This one time I went to the bar I met a guy, an adult. I was all dolled up, wearing my makeup and I stolen one of my mom’s old clubbing outfit. It was a very short skirt with cheetah print on it and shinny purple crop stop that made my nipples pop, and barely left anything for the imagination. I couldn’t fit my mom’s shoes so I had to make due with my school shoes. Luckily I had a selection of thigh high socks. Needless to say I was looking like a sexy adult. So much the bouncer did ask for my id and let me skip the line.

That was no my first time. I actually lost my virginity to my 4th boyfriend at the age of 13. Ever since that I been kinda really sexual active. I banged him like every other day for like a year. Then he moved leaving me cockless. But I never been with an adult before. I was expecting some sort large grown man cock and lots of stamina. But when we did final get to business. He was smaller than my ex and past only half the time. I guess I lucked out and had a big dick boyfriend. This man was only around 5 in long and thing. It was ok though. I was able to cum , squirting and leaving a mess all over his bed.

That’s how it all started, after a month or two of regular “appointments” Ben learned my secret, and so I charged him a extra 100$ for my underage status. He loved it, and shortly after introducing me to a few clients. Unfortunately both of them are pretty lack luster in bed.

So when Ben introduced big spender, he was the second guy he introduced me too. There was no surprises about my age, from the beginning. So he would happily do whatever for my underage pussy. So when I told him it would be 250$ extra he happy to pay it. At least I think he would be.

On the back of bus 78 downtown. I was waiting for big spender to respond. When *beep beep.

Big spender – “250 that’s steep. But still cheaper that that brothel. I’ll meet you at the taco stand in the mall. I’ll be there in 15 min”

“Yes! I thought I scared him off for a second. I needed this money. With the cost going up every week and how inconsistent the appointment are. I need to make this last.” I thought to myself while texting.

Kate – “ok sweetie sound good I’ll be there in 20 min”

We went right to his apartment once he saw me. It seemed like he was in rush. But it’s ok, I want this over with just as much as he dose. See big spender was quite a lazy lay, he had a slightly above average dick, but thing and a steep curve to it. He was slightly chubby and plane apperance. He worked in insurance or something. I didn’t care as long as I get paid. I haven’t really received any attention from the boys in my school lately and they all have little baby dicks. Off are pretty low I will find one as big as my ex’s around my school.

So once I got into his house he picked me up over his shoulder and threw me on the bed. That was incredible hot and got my pussy wet. He then said “give me that teen pussy” before aggressively ripping my clothes off. This was the first time he was so aggressive and I loved it.

“Hey! Awhh” I moaned ” I don’t have any spare cloths don’t rip it like that” I told him before he ripped my top and bra with ease.

” Don’t worry about it, I will pay for a new outfit.” He said aggressively before reaching for my shorts before realizing they are the ones he bought. “Awe those are the ones I bought. Did you put them on just for me” he said as he gently pulled them off my leg exposing my pink panties with a single Hart on them. He then reach for my panties and grabbed them by the waistband pulling the them so hard that it picked me up a little before ripping in two.

“Ahhh!” I moaned as I fall back onto the bed. “Yah I quickly threw them on for you daddy ” I replied to him as he was holding the shorts. Laying there completely naked without a single hair on my body.

“Daddy? That new, I didn’t know you where ok with calling me that” he replied throwing the red shorts aside and quickly pulling off his clothes.

“Wait did I call him daddy? I’d didn’t notice, strange I never call anyone that. I wonder why is that” I thought to myself as a vivid image of my dad’s huge cock flashed in my head.

I could notice he was sanding there naked, ragging boner twitching in excitement. He then placed himself on-top of me eager to ravish my teen pussy.

“Wow now big guy, not so quick. I need some warm up” I said pushing him off my and grabbing a hand full of his hair and pulling his head toward my hairless pink pussy. “Now eat it until I cum daddy”

“Oh I can eat your pussy?” He said nervously inches from my pink pussy lips.

I thought to myself “yah I need to get off after thinking about that big cock, and you can only last 15 mins 20 min top” I looked at the clock. We only killed 30 mins. I need to push it pass the hour mark.

” Yes you can, now eat it nice and good.” I told big spender as I ram his face into my cut rubbing my clit on his nose. ” Don’t stop until my toes curl”

“Mmhm.. yes..mhm” he mumbled while gasping for air.

“Oh fuck that the spot daddy” I moad ramming his face harder on my right pussy.

“Yes darling” he said pull up for air.

“Shhhh shot up don’t ruin it!” I told him before pulling his head down again. Thinking about daddies huge cock this morning leaking cum. “Yes daddy! I want to see that big cock cum so badly daddy!” I moad as big spender licked me all over.

He was ok, not to great. I think he dose know where the clit is, since anytime I let him do his thing he would be way off and I would need to adjust my hips so he would hit the right spot. After about 20 mins he got close. But then I started to think about what happened this morning again. How big my father’s cock must be, how big of load he could cum. When ….

“Oh that the Spot!!!” I squeeze my thighs around big spender head until I cummed. Squirting a little on his face.

“Wow that was hot!” Said he spender reach for a towel and whipping his face clean. I guess it’s my turn. He then stood up and put his cock close to my face.

Sspihht* I spitting on his cock , almost missing it and having most of saliva hanging off the tip. ” Get that away! If you want me to suck it. It will cost more.” I said looking at him with a sassy anger look.

“Fuck while I’m almost tapped out. So I guess maybe next time. ” Said big spender before pulling my legs over his shoulder.

“Now let’s get this over with” I said rolling my eyes.

This was the most disappointing part. He entered me and almost cummed right away. I need to get him to pull out twice so he wouldn’t cum in the 15-20 mins he was in me. His dick was so thing. But it was a bit longer than the last guy so I could almost enjoy it. But it was so thing it was little thicker than his index finger. But he was done in no time and blow his load in a condom while inside me. That part felt amazing though. Having him twice and then go soft slowly as my pussy pulsating with pleasure.

****To be continued****

Let me know what you guys think. I didn’t add the dad’s chapter because I feel like this is already pretty long. I already have a few plot point for his chapter. Just need the energy to write it.

I no longer have session so you can’t reach me through there. I might make a email account if I get enough attention.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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    Definetly enjoy this. Such a hot little thing you are. Im sure in real life you are even better.

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    I told my dad I wanted to be fucked by him and my mother.

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      Hot! How old where you when you did that? What did they say

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      What did your dad say?