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Uncontrollable Urges Part 2

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Bill and Bob continue to train Misty to be their little fuckdoll.

After Bill and Bob pulled their cocks from Misty’s abused holes, they both laid there as Misty quickly moved to clean both of their cocks with her mouth. Watching her licking and sucking their combined juices from their cocks was the best porn ever. Seeing a 15 year old girl licking and sucking on your cock and balls would bring a dead man’s cock to life, especially when she is your daughter or granddaughter.

Misty loved to suck on her father’s and grandfather’s cock more than anything else. She loved how it would grow in her hand and mouth as she swirled her tongue around the shaft and fat purple head. She loved the sliminess of their pre cum that flowed from the tips. She loved how their cocks throbbed angrily as they would push her mouth further onto their cocks and into her throat.

She moaned as she swapped back and forth between the pair of cocks with her mouth on one and hand on the other. It wasn’t long before they were both ready to take her again. Bill climbed up behind her taking her hips into his hands and pulling her back onto his cock as it sliced into her tight little abused pussy once again.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUCK ME!” She moaned as Bob climbed up in front of her face and pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Bob grabbed her head and began to push her up and down his cock as Bill did the same on the other end. Misty’s body rocked back and forth between the two hard throbbing cocks as they split roasted her. Bill pushed his thumb deep into her cum filled ass and she moaned deeply as she felt all of her holes filled. Soon she was screaming around Bob’s cock as she orgasmed from the two cocks sawing in and out of her mouth and pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL. YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT AND HOT!” Bill groaned as she drove herself back onto his cock.

“YES BABY GIRL SUCK GRANDPA’S COCK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE SLUT!” Bob groaned as he felt her driving her mouth onto his cock.

After about 10 minutes they quickly swapped places and now Misty was tasting her pussy on her daddy’s cock as her grandpa was pounding her pussy from behind. The sounds of wet pussy being filled with hard throbbing cock and the sound of glug glug glug glug glug glug filled the room as the air was thick with the smell of heated sex.

Bill’s balls slapped Misty’s chin with every thrust as Bob’s balls slapped her clit. These two men were giving Misty all the cock that she would ever need. She knew that she was born for this and she didn’t want to do anything else. Her body belonged to her daddy and grandpa as long as they were both alive. She didn’t care if her grandpa couldn’t get his cock up. She would do whatever she needed to do to bring him pleasure.

Bill had an idea and he and Bob pulled their cocks from her and she whimpered loudly as she felt empty. Bill had Misty lay down on the bed on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed. Bob again pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat without hesitancy. Bill pushed a large pillow under her ass and propped her pussy up as he pushed her legs up against her chest spread open wide as he immediately buried his cock balls deep into her tight little pussy.

Misty screamed out around Bob’s cock causing him to groan deeply. They began to hammer their cocks into her mouth and pussy as they used her like a fleshlight. For being just 15 years old Misty was taking their cocks like a seasoned pro and she wasn’t complaining about it. She reached out and wrapped her arms around Bob’s ass pulling him into her throat as she felt his hands gripping her neck. His slobber coated balls slapped her face with every thrust as she felt her daddy’s balls slapping her asshole.

Bill reached down and grabbed her tits as he squeezed them while rubbing his thumbs across her swollen nipples. Fire and electricity shot through her young body as she continued to orgasm again and again. She was throwing herself up against her daddy’s cock as she swirled her tongue around her grandpa’s cock. Again Bill and Bob swapped places and she was now swallowing around Bill’s cock as Bob’s cock drove into her soaking wet pussy again and again.

Bob picked up where Bill had left off by squeezing and pulling her tits. Her pussy, tits, ass and throat were painfully sore from the intense pounding of her father’s and grandfather’s cocks and hands. But she loved everything that she was experiencing and she wanted more. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasms ripped through her body one after another.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE SHE IS THE BEST LITTLE SLUT EVER!” Bob groaned as her pussy clamped down on his cock.

“YES SIR SHE DEFINITELY IS THE BEST LITTLE SLUT!” Bill growled as she swallowed around his shaft.

Misty loved hearing her daddy and grandpa talking about her like that. She loved how they referred to her as their slut. She was their slut and she made sure that they knew what a good little slut she was. Her body was completely available to both of them at anytime and anywhere. She would even drop to her knees and suck them off in public if they wanted.

Bob pulled his cock out of her pussy and drove balls deep into her tight little asshole as she screamed out around Bill’s cock.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE ASS!” Bob groaned as he hammered into his granddaughter’s ass.

It wasn’t long before they both were ready to fill her with their cum again. They both sped up with their thrusting and they both were grunting loudly as they pounded into her body. Misty loved it when they were getting closer to spilling their seed. It was like they lost all control and just battered her ass and throat as they both began to orgasm.

Misty could feel Bill’s cock throbbing in her throat as it spewed cum deep into her stomach. Bob’s cock exploded deep into her bowels and she felt his warm cum splashing her insides. They both continued to thrust their spent cocks in and out of her abused holes. Their cocks sliding out of her body as the last few drops seeped into her soaking wet holes.

“We need to get something to eat and feed her so that she can keep her strength up and so can we!” Bob groaned as he climbed off the bed. He went to take a shower before going into the kitchen to start cooking. Bill picked Misty’s abused body up and took her to the shower and bathed her body good making sure that she was clean as possible. He then placed her back onto the bed and let her take a nap while he helped with the food.

She drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face and her holes blissfully used.

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    My am I so soaked right now and horny

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      Can I “soak” you up

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      I would love to slurp up every single delicious drop baby girl.

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      @Piggy I guarantee that you are not going to like her reply. She belongs to me and me alone.

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    I took my first cock pretty young

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      how small is ‘pretty’?

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      Would you take a stranger’s cock, right now?

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    Lucky guys.