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two little ones caught

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read a few stories so i thought why not tell one i had a few years back i was home and it was dark no lights on in the back of my house and i looked outside on my deck there was two girls on the deck 69ing each other i watched them for a while it was great made me hard.
i slide the door open they saw me and ran off. two days later here came one scared and asking if i was going to tell her parents what i saw, told her to bring her friend over and we would talk about what going to happen.
so in about three days they both came over i thought i would never see them again. well they both were scared told them to relax and we would talk it over so i asked them what else did they do and in a little while they started talking. gave them pop and they said they had a dildo cock and used it on each other and did 69 like the other day.one of the girls said her granpa licked her pussy but nothing else. and no one knew about that. I asked would they 69 each other for me so i could watch .
only if i promised not to tell on them so we all agreed . went in to house and on the bed they went. naked and went for it made me hard watching them i said can i lick your pussy too they both said yes so i tongued them both and they really got in to it. i said i have a strap on you can use on each other so i got it out and some lube they asked me to show them how it use it, well i strapped it on above my cock and lubed it up and started to slide it in one of them she said it longer than their dildo cock they had.so i started slow and easy i was going good till she said stop your too deep. i pulled out and slipped my hard cock in her and held the strap on up in my hand her friend said he has his cock in you she said it feels good to me .i took turns with them both just my cock we fucked all morning. i didnt cum in them just to be safe per them. this is how it started. since then i have them fucking me every chance they get to come over i told them i was going to cum in them and they said no they might get pregnant i said yes they might wouldnt they like to get knocked up and have a baby. they said no i had to cum in a condom so i told them ok so we did the condom thing and they saw the cum in it they were ok with it. as time went on i pin holed a condom and bred them both the same day took a few times i got one knocked up the other one said she was done with us both cause she was pregnant all ready from her grandpa and was going to live with him. well she did and has a baby girl now by the way i forgot to say she was 13 14 when the baby came.my knocked up one is 12 and she lives with me she told her mom she said she got fucked at a party and didn’t know who bred her she was drinking. told her mom i would take care of her since mom wouldn’t. so we have a new baby girl now and she is three months old and little mom is knocked up again no more condoms for us i think three kids are enough and then a vasectomy for me.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1dt2wzqeekjx

    Loved the young girl sex!!! So fucking erotic!!! Loved it.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Cute story 😍

  • Reply olddreamer ID:1ensieiqvhkw

    There’s this thing called a “paragraph.” There is another thing called “punctuation”. Perhaps if you were to research those two things, and put them to use, your story could be readable.

    • A critic ID:1eciclkrpttr

      This guy’s right, writers should jerk off before they type. You guys don’t seem to write good otherwise

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Keep breeding her, forget getting snipped