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True Story

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I was 16. She was six days past her 10th birthday

Everyone seemed to like my story of the first time Zanna got a hot load of cum.

Well, I had that little slut for over a decade before her mother died of an overdose and she went to stay with her real dad

Here’s some of the things I did to her and we did together over the years.

Yall tell me which one you liked the most and I’ll go into better detail

First time she cuddled with me before going to bed

First time she slept with no pajama pants on

The time we moved into the big house and I had to walk through her bedroom at night to go to the bathroom, so no one cared if they heard me up at night in her room.

The time we moved into her grandmothers house and she started growing hair on her pussy. That house was the first time I got my cock in her ass.

When we moved the river house and she woke up while I was trying to fuck her in the ass.

The years of sex at the river house, sometimes whether she wanted to or not.

The birthday buttfucking that caused her to threaten to tell if I ever did it again. That was the last time.

You guys choose…

Here is a little story for everyone

I had already had Zanna now for 3 years. We had moved a couple of times and at this point in her life, we were living in a big house out in the woods. My bedroom was actually a living room, so I had to walk through either my father and Zanna’s mom’s bedroom or walk through Zanna bedroom to get to through the house from my room. Because of that, no matter the day or night, it was fine for me to be in Zannas room.

I used that to my advantage.

I had been sneaking into her room every night and using her hand to jack myself off while I sucked on her pussy. That little slut slept like a coma patient. I never could break her hymen. She would always move if I tried. I could however get a finger in her ass! Didn’t matter what finger I used either. I had started shoving my thumb in her ass at this point. She would sometimes clinch up at the start, but I’d always get it in her and she’d always sleep right through it.

Well, I decided that I was going to get a load in her mouth tonight. I had tried before, but she’d always bite down if I tried to open her mouth. I could lick her teeth, rub my cock on her teeth, even wipe cum in her close eyes, but if I tried to open her mouth, she’d always clinch down. I’m not putting my cock in her open mouth. I had shot a few loads on her face and on her teeth, and I’m sure she swallowed some of it, but I wanted her to swallow a full load!

You see, the night before, I was using her hand to jack off and was kissing her and shoving my tongue in her closed mouth when I decided to catch some of my cum and kind of drip it into her mouth. When I came, I caught a bit, not all, in my hand, pulled her little lip down, and a single wad of cum fell onto her teeth. I closed her lips and watched. When the warm salty was hit her tongue, she smacked real big, and swallowed it. At that moment, I knew I had to get her to swallow a full load.

My idea was to use a funnel. We had a small on in the kitchen. Little white one. I stole it before bed. After everyone went to sleep, I went into her room and started jacking off into a coffee mug. I didn’t want to wake her by using her to cum. I wanted her good and out for when I got her to eat my load. Only took me probably 45 seconds to cum.

I leaned over her in her bed, placed the funnel in her mouth beside her clinched teeth, and poured the whole load into the funnel. It hit her teeth and the back of her throat quick, because she smacked real big, almost bit the funnel, then swallowed twice, real big, and licked her lips even.

I thought she was going to wake up.

Nope. She took her medicine like a big girl and never opened an eye.

I walked into my room, still holding the funnel and coffe cup, and went to shut my door.

As I was doing so, Zanna sat up in bed like a fucking zombie, grabbed her panties with one hand and the covers with the cover, looked me straight in the eye, pulled her panties down as far as she could, exposing her supple bald pussy, and said loudly, “I want you to lick me!”. I almost fucking fainted. I dropped the funnel and the coffee cup and ran into her room, put my hand over her mouth and shushed her, looked down to see if she was still holding her panties down, and not only was she doing that, but she had now spread her legs open farther to show me her pink lips.

Holy Shit! That little slut hasn’t been as asleep as I thought she had been!

I asked her “What did you say?”.

She replied, “I want you to lick me”.

I was shocked! I asked her “Have you told anyone about this?”

She told me right there “I told my mom about us kissing using our tongues and she said we shouldn’t kiss like that anymore and to not tell anyone else that we were kissing like that. I like kissing you like that. I liked it when you’d come in my room and kiss me like that. I figured you liked it when I laid still so I didn’t move. I don’t like touching your thing, but I like it when you like mine. You didn’t lick me but you made me swallow your pee. I want you to lick me too”. She hadn’t said anything to her mother about me touching her at night because she liked it when would make out and she knew we weren’t supposed to be doing that. She knew, if we weren’t supposed to be kissing, I definitely wasn’t supposed to be rubbing my cock in her hand and sucking her pussy and fingering her asshole.

I told her to come my room then.

She got up out of her bed, walked with to my bedroom, where I laid her on my bed and proceeded to give her the first organs she’d ever had. Only six days after her tenth birthday and I had to put my hand over her mouth to keep her from moaning too loud when she cummed! She even let me finger her asshole when I tried to put one in her pussy and she pulled away and said it hurt.

After she cummed, I asked her to suck me. She said “I don’t like the way your thing tastes and I really don’t like the way your pee tastes (she didn’t know what cum was yet), but I’ll do it for just a minute”. I convinced her to do it for 5 minutes, which was way more than I needed to cum in her mouth again. She swallowed it again, this time gagging on it going down.

I then had her straddle my face as I laid on my back and sucked her bald cunt until she cummed again.

We laid in bed, both fully naked, until about 2am, kissing, touching, sucking, licking, fingering her little ass, until I explained to her that she had to go sleep in her bed so that bo one expected us of doing anything. We told each other we loved each other, and I helped her find her panties and t shirt and put them on, she kissed my dick a couple of times and rubbed her pussy and put her fingers in my mouth, then she went to her bed, pulled her Fairy Princess sheets over herself and went to sleep!

I had created the perfect step sister and she was only six days past her 10th birthday.

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