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The Undertow: The Most Free City in the World

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The Undertow is a city of total sexual freedom where anyone can be trans, horny or just have awesome sex with anyone regardless of their age.

My name’s Joel. I work as a district manager for a pharmaceutical company that produces recreational drugs. Weed, cocaine, depravity, etc…

Anyways, I needed to take a load off but my cock was rock hard from huffing depravity fumes all day.

I took a tram to the recreational district. Several couples were going at it when I boarded.

A young japanese cutie was getting railed by a big black man right next to where I was sitting. She had to have been about 16 and the guy looked about 30. Her tits were very cute and perky and her pussy made all kinds of sloppy noises as it was being stretched wide open by the guy’s massive BBC. Like, seriously the dude was practically a horse.

Once at my stop I de-boarded and headed for the theaters. The Undertow had 3 theaters to choose from: Johnson and Johnson’s Animated Productions, Williams Willy Films (that one was a gay porn theater) and Arasaka Studios.

Arasaka was the most exotic of them all for playing all kinds of extreme Asian porn and hentai. I went to that one cause I was feeling especially zesty that evening. I bought my ticket and went to theater room 12.

The second I walked in I could already hear the sounds of couples and throuples fucking and loners rubbing their cocks or fingering themselves. I took a seat in the far back noticing a Chinese cutie in the middle rows.

She was wearing a puffy jacket and fingering herself while drooling looking at the screen. She had that look of desperation that she needed to be fucked. I didn’t want to assume and try anything so I just kept walking to my seat.

I plopped down and immediately got to work. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock and started stroking. My pre-cum made up for the fact that I didn’t have any lube. As I was stroking I hadn’t noticed the chinese cutie had gotten up and made her way to where I was sitting.

I only noticed her when she sat down next to me and reached over. She touched my cock with her tiny hand and started stroking me. I looked over at her in surprise. She had really small hands and looked to be about 13 or 14. She was unusually small for her age. I let her go at it and just sit back and relaxed.

After being stroked for about a minute she got up and knelt in front of my open legs. She licked my member’s full length and sucked on the top. All 7 inches. I felt a rush when she did that. Not wanting to wait I pushed her head down and shoved my cock down her throat.

She took it like a professional would. She cradled my balls underneath and continued sucking.


We had become the newest contributors to the theater room’s ambience of fucking and sucking. I hadn’t noticed that the hentai playing was getting close to ending cause I was too locked into the pleasure of a tiny Lolita sucking me off like a throat queen.

I finally blew my load after about 15 minutes of using her mouth and throat as an onahole. She swallowed every drop of my cum and didn’t let a single drop spill.

She unsheathed my cock from her mouth and left the theater. I put my cock back in my pants and left soon after. If only I had gotten her contact info. Her head game was on point like she had gone through actual training.

Let me know if you would like to hear more. I might turn this into a series of sorts 🙂

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    please post more, make it nasty

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    Find a anal virgin but don’t be nice to the cunt