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The Twin’s Sex Ed Part 2

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The twins continue their sex education with their parents.

As Jack laid on the bed recovering from two amazing blowjobs from his twin daughters, Nicole had Sandy sit on Jack’s face. As Sandy lowered her sweet little pink pussy down onto his face, Jack reached up and wrapped his arms around her legs to hold her down onto his mouth.

Sandy immediately squealed loudly as Jack began to work his tongue deep into her tight little pussy. He flicked his tongue across her swollen clit as she began to grind her pussy against his mouth.

“OHHHH MOMMY! DADDY IS MAKING ME FEEL SO GOOD!” Sandy moaned as Jack slipped his tongue across her tight little asshole.

“Daddy will be doing a whole lot more than that before it’s over with baby girl!” Nicole said as she laid down on her back.

“Cindy I want you to sit down on my face just like Sandy is sitting on Daddy’s face!” Nicole said as she reached out to grab Cindy.

Nicole watched as Cindy lowered her sweet little pink pussy down onto her mouth. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Cindy’s legs pulling her down onto her mouth. Cindy squealed loudly as Nicole pushed her tongue deep into her tight little pussy.


Cindy began to push her pussy up and down Nicole’s face as Nicole assaulted her hard throbbing clit. Cindy moaned deeply as she felt her mother’s tongue push into her tight little asshole. Both girls squealed and whimpered loudly as their parents devoured their hot little virgin pussies.


“MEEEE TOOOO MOMMY! WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Cindy squealed loudly.

“Let yourselves go babies! You are about to have an orgasm!” Nicole moaned as she worked her tongue around Cindy’s clit.

“Cum for Daddy baby girl!” Jack groaned as his tongue swirled around Sandy’s clit.

Both girls squealed loudly as they both rode their orgasms while riding their parents faces. It was all they could do to hang on to the twins as they both thrashed around. Jack and Nicole continued to assault their tight little pink pussies as they slurped up the juices that poured out of their daughters.

After both girls had orgasmed several times, Jack and Nicole laid them down onto the bed so that they could catch their breaths. Nicole began to clean off Jack’s face with her tongue as she tasted Sandy’s nectar. Jack cleaned up Cindy’s juices off Nicole’s face. The laid there watching their parents as they both played with their tight little pussies.

By this time Jack’s cock was beginning to swell again. Nicole giggled as she felt his cock pushing between her legs as he rubbed it along her swollen lips.

“I think that you need to fuck me with that cock!” Nicole moaned as she reached down and grabbed his cock.

Jack pushed Nicole down onto the bed and immediately buried his face between her legs as he drove his tongue deep into her soaking wet tight pussy. Nicole hissed out loud as she felt his warm tongue slide into her soaking wet pussy and push against her tight little asshole. Jack loved eating pussy and ass. Nicole screamed out as she orgasmed against his mouth.

The two girls watched their parents as they both played with their tight little pussies. After eating Nicole’s pussy for a bit, Jack slid up her body and placed her legs over his shoulders as he pushed his hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY PLEASE!” She moaned as she felt his cock sink all the way in.

Jack groaned deeply as he began to hammer into her upturned pussy. The girls got on each side of Nicole at the place where Jack’s cock was pounding into Nicole’s pussy. They saw his glistening cock covered with Nicole’s juices sliding in and out of her wet pussy. They heard him grunting and her moaning and whimpering as he drove his cock harder and deeper with every thrust.

The girls wanted to feel what it is like to have their pussies fucked by their daddy’s cock. Nicole screamed out in pleasure as wave after wave rushed through her body.

“Daddy I want you to do that to me!” Sandy announced.

Jack slowed down fucking Nicole and looked down into her eyes. Nicole looked up at Jack and smiled. She nodded her head and Jack pulled his cock out of Nicole’s spasmodic pussy.

“Baby I need to tell you that it’s going to hurt the first time that Daddy’s cock goes inside of your pussy but I guarantee that you will learn to love it more than anything!” Nicole said as she looked into Sandy’s eyes.

“I am ready mommy. I want daddy’s cock in my pussy!” She moaned as she worked her fingers in and out of her hot wet tight little pussy.

“Okay sweetheart, you will be straddling your daddy so that you can control the amount of his cock going inside you and the speed!” Nicole said as she helped Sandy climb up onto Jack’s cock.

Sandy watched as Nicole took his cock and rubbed it along Sandy’s swollen lips bumping across her throbbing clit.

“Slowly began to sit down on daddy’s cock!’ Nicole said as she placed the fat purple head against the tight little opening of Sandy’s pussy.

Sandy slowly pushed down onto her daddy’s hard throbbing cock and she whimpered loudly as she felt herself being pried open. It was much bigger than her fingers but her playing with her pussy on top of getting eaten to several orgasms definitely helped her with lubrication. Suddenly Jack’s cock popped into her tight little pussy and she stopped to get used to the size.

“Good girl! You are doing great baby girl! Take your time and get used to daddy’s cock!” Nicole said as she leaned over and kissed Sandy’s nipples.

Cindy’s face was directly behind Sandy’s ass watching her daddy’s cock entering her sister’s tight little pussy. She reached out and massaged his balls as she heard him groan. Sandy pushed her pussy down onto his cock until it bumped against her hymen.

“OHHHHH MOMMY IT’S SO BIG!” She moaned as she held herself in place.

“You are doing great baby girl. Let me help you so that you won’t hurt as much when you push down again!” Nicole said as she reached down and rubbed her fingers across Sandy’s clit.

Sandy moaned and whimpered loudly as she humped her pussy against his cock and her fingers. It didn’t take long before Sandy moaned loudly as her body trembled with excitement while she orgasmed again. At that moment Nicole pushed Sandy’s body down onto Jack’s cock and it ripped through her hymen as Sandy’s ass cheeks slapped down onto his thighs.

“OHHHHHH MOMMY!” Sandy screamed out.

“OHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” Jack groaned as his cock throbbed angrily inside Sandy’s tight hot pussy.

Nicole continued to stroke Sandy’s clit as Sandy moaned loudly. Her pussy spasmed around Jack’s cock as she tried to get used to the size of his cock.

“Very good girl! Mommy is so proud of you!” Nicole praised Sandy.

“IT’S SO BIG AND I’M SO FULL!” Sandy groaned as she felt herself being lifted up.

Jack had grabbed Sandy’s hips and pulled her up his cock and then dropped her back down driving his cock deeper into her spasmodic pussy. Sandy yelped out as she orgasmed again.

“FUCK OUR SWEET DAUGHTER BABY! FUCK HER LITTLE PUSSY GOOD!” Nicole moaned as she sucked hard on Sandy’s nipples and played with her own pussy.

Cindy continued to massage Jack’s balls as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy. Jack groaned deeply as he pushed his cock into Sandy’s tight little pussy over and over again. His cock smeared with her juices and her blood. Sandy moaned and whimpered loudly as she felt his cock throb angrily inside her smoldering hot wet pussy.

“OHHHHHH DADDY I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Sandy screamed excitedly.

Jack felt his cock being clamped down on by Sandy’s pussy. She was bouncing up and down his cock as he thrust upwards. Her tiny little pussy almost hurt his cock as it was so tight. He growled as he sat up with Sandy still clamped down on his cock and he flipped her onto her hands and knees so he could pummel her pussy into submission from behind.

“OHHHHHHHH YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUCK ME FUCK ME DADDY!” Sandy screamed out as she felt his cock reaching new areas of her pussy.

His balls slapped her clit with every thrust. Her ass cheeks rippled from the intense pounding. Cindy has climbed up under Sandy’s body and watched as her daddy’s cock pistoned in and out of her sister’s pussy.

Nicole pushed her pussy against Sandy’s mouth as Sandy screamed out in pleasure. Sandy sucked on her mother’s pussy and clit as her daddy’s cock pounded her pussy. Jack grunted as he felt his cum racing up out of his balls and down his shaft.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING!” He groaned as his cock exploded inside Sandy’s pussy flooding her womb.

“YEEEEESSSSSSSSS BABY FILL OUR DAUGHTER’S PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM!” Nicole screamed out as she orgasmed against Sandy’s mouth.

Cindy’s face began to be spattered with a mixture of Sandy’s juices mixed with her daddy’s cum. Cindy moaned out loud as she orgasmed again from her fingers. Afterwards they all fell onto the bed cuddling together and gasping for air as they recovered from their orgasms.

“One down and one to go!” Nicole whispered into Jack’s ear.

Jack groaned as he fell asleep with them all laying together.

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    Love this series, it is too bad mom does not have a son to teach also.

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    Little girls learn fast!!

    Keep it up!

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    Ah such good little whores for daddy, but I am better

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      No baby girl you are perfect for Daddy.

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      I try to be for you daddy

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