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The Twins

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15 year old boy initiates twin 11year old girls into sex.

Sanra and Judy were twins but not identical. Sandra was a blond and Judy slightly smaller and dark haired, aged 11. They were the sisters of my besty friend Barry and lived acros the street on a large wild block. We had built a great cubby in a secluded corner and even had a small cooker inside where we made small meals. One day after school I was in the cubby alone. I heard a noise outside and saw the girls approaching. They wanted to come inside but we had banned girls from entering, but as a horny 15 year old I saw an opportunity – I had my eye on the girls for a while. I told them they could come in and I would make them some toast but that there would be a charge. They were keen to come in so they did so. When they wanted to know the charge, I pulled down my pants and displayed a hug erection. The girls looked a bit shocked but they had been around boys for long enough not to be too starled. I said that the charge would be that they had to sit on my cock for 30 seconds. After much giggling they agreed and slid their panties down and took them off, coyly standing with there backs to me. I asked them to turn around and feasted my eyes on two beautiful pussies, little lips turned and and hiding little clits. Judy was keen to go first so I lay on my back and helped her squat down, frowning as she fitted my knob into her virginal slit. I only put the knob and let her sit while she counted to 30. Smiling, she told me that it feel funny and tingly. Then Sandra, who was more reluctant, asked Judy to to it again so she could be sure it wouldnt hurt. This time though, I smeared some butter on my knob before Judy lowered herself down. This time her pussy lips opened easily and with a gasp from Judy I sank halfway into her vagina. I took her hips in my hands and gently rocked her. Biting her lips. she took more of my cock into her until I touched bottom. The more we moved, the more Judy enjoyed it and finally with cries and sobs, she had her first orgasm! Sandra had observed all of this and was amazed. Reassured, she was ready to try.Well, that was the start of a regular meeting between the 3 of us and continued until the girls reached puberty. By mutual agreement we never repeated the exercise and it was never mentioned to their brother. Lovely girls and so passionate!

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  • Reply Big dick daddy ID:1dg5eudsxqay

    What a hot story. Never had twins myself, but wish I could

    • sexaddict ID:8pt2lwp8rj

      twin sisters, incest, twin bald preteen pussy. Sex with children. mmmmmm so fucking hot to jerk off thinking about

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0k

    I was fortunate to have a few sets of twins in my life and I tell ya it was amazing. My first was when I as 12 with two 7 1/2 yo blond blue eyes. My second was in the Philippines in the service and they were 11 yo. The third set was in Japan and they were 12 yo and a friend of Cho’s. The forth set was a blond girl I dated and her 18 yo sister swapped with her and I never knew they were twins until standing at my door step. I say never pass up the chance for sex not mater what age you may be. If your a wanting girl and feel the need for a stiff cock then by all means ask, you never knew he might sat yes, I know I still do lol.