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The start of cheating on my husband p6

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So we turned up at the place, it was big. Before we went in Dad told me there was rules and not to tell them my real age when I got asked. We got to the door a man answered. Well what is your name young girl Nikol I said. Then the man said thanks for coming I thought you would never come here. Come come join the others for drinks and a chat play cards let the girls have fun for a minute or to

Following behide dad and the bloke down the steps there was 3 other girls sat on the sofa take a seat with the other. It was funny because I was not the oldest even at my age of 26 but for the purpose of what ever was going on.

There was me a girl and other girl who looked about 25ish and one who still looked like she was in her teens and one who looks over 30 but she was not sat she was stood In the corner. As there was no sign of my dad.

The woman in the corner then disappeared and come back with a drinks.The three of you stand up.

I am going to be your mistress and you are my slaves you will serve all the drinks. Follow my lead I did not think I would ever be a slave girl as she told us how to serve drinks I followed the girls and moved to one side obsequiously, waiting.

In the windowless dungeon there was a low, leather curtained box. were very faint & light. Nonetheless when the mistress instructed them to silence in a very low voice, the noise ceased immediately. She turned to me & smiled, quite sweetly. I returned her smile, she was very attractive.

Well nikol I have not seen you before so this in Alice and Tiffany they have been naughty girls too but there paying it it now. Now strip to your panties so you can put on your uniform. Now girls you go up stairs and go and serve the drinks.

So it was just me and Abbie. Then as I was stood there in my panties Abbie say was is your game you don’t look 12 I told her I was ok I am not I am 14 ok better I don’t believe you but it’s fine. It only a game anyway your daddy has paid a lot of money for his membership. But I don’t think you are ready for the floor so you will be making drinks for Alice and Tiffany ok well we wait let’s have some fun I.

Didn’t know who the woman was, but she was stunning. She had long, bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. and she was wearing a skimpy black dress that showed off her perfect figure… her long, toned legs… her perfect, large breasts. I felt myself begin to moisten.

I pinched my clitoris between my finger and thumb, stroking it. A shot of pleasure went through my body and my pussy began to produce more moisture. I began to slide my fingers into the hole, unable to contain a gasp of pleasure, that came out louder then I thought. I could get used to this

As she told me to get on my knees and I got my hand and pulled her panties to oneside and put my head up her dress and started to lick her slit she was moaning and was dripping cum in my mouth she grabbed my head and forced me to go deeper. As she orgasmed and screaming me to keep going as then she pushed me to the floor. Pure drinks Tiffany and Alice is coming for drinks as I got my hand to try and wipe my mouth don’t you dare don’t even think about it. Abble said. You they will know of course they will know they have been in your shoes your in training. Now girls how it been tell me. There a few girls short tonight they said to send up the new girl. But she not ready? What ever you need me to do I will do it ok put these heels on and your panties and follow the girl I will serve the drinks and take them to the tables.

When I got up the stairs and followed the girls to a big room full of lights an other women pull me to the stage I said no no I don’t want to. Get up there and wait will the green light goes off then leave. I had not a clue what was going on I stood up there I felt like a piece of meat the red light was on it seemed like hours just standing there but it was only seconds. The green light come on and I left two women took me by the hands and explained that I had just been bidded on and I was going to the person. I got pushed throw the curtains. There was a women I was scared so I asked her what she wanted me to do for her as I got on my knees don’t be silly get up her is my card call me tomorrow she left and I went back the same way as I took to get there I went back to the basement to get my clothes and to get dressed then I went to find dad. At the main door dad was there and he left to the car how was that honey different I said good I made a lot of money tonight I will treat you to something to eat

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    Very interesting story series. Yes, plenty of little mistakes, but I still super enjoy the series and can’t wait to read more. I will be very surprised if she doesn’t get pregnant. A lot of sadistic sex, so her finding a tender lover to balance it out would be nice.