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The Redhead Part 2: The Friend

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Amy is 11. Carrie is 13. I am 13.

Part 2

“Let me sleep please?”, I asked. She huffed.

“Fine!”, she said and stormed off. I chuckled. I nodded off. Amy, snuck back into my room. She slowly but carefully pulled my underwear down and exposed my dick. I had a dream of her friend Carrie, who I had a crush on, playing with my dick.

“Carrie.”, I mumbled.

“Oh Jake I love your cock”, Amy whispered pretending to be Carrie. “You know I love you Jake. Always. Always and forever. Oh Jake your dick is so huge. It tastes so wonderful. I just love it.”, Amy said giggling.

“Carrie suck it. Please.”, I mumbled. She went down on it. Sucking hard on my dick as my wet dream went on. “Oh damn Carrie!”, I said.

“Oh Jake! Your cock tastes soooo good.”, Amy whispered giggling. “Oh Jake I love you.”, she said. I woke up in an orgasm. “Carrie! Carrie.”, I said as I shot my load into Amy’s mouth. She was laughing as I came in her mouth. She took it all. Every last drop and swallowed it. “Oh Jakey I just love you so much”, she mocked. Amy was rolling on the bed next to me laughing cum drooling down the sides of her face. “You are going to get your ass beat!”, I said.

“By who? Sweet lovable Jake? Who would never lay a finger on me? Please save your threats BOY!”, she said all brazen. I grabbed her butt and squeezed hard. “Nooooooo that hurts please stop.”, she said mockingly. “Paper tiger!”, she said and kissed my forehead. She was right I could never and would never hit her in anger.

She laughed and told me the story of what I was saying in my sleep. I was bummed. It was just a dream. “Boy someone has the hots for our neighbor. Why not talk to her? That way I don’t have to role play anymore.”, she said giggling. “Well that was kinda fun.”, Amy said

“You are a pain in the ass.”, I said

“I am your stepsister that is my job.”, she said smiling. “Oh come on you know I love you Jake!”, She said all sweet. “If you like that girl go talk to her.”

“What about this? I like this.”, I said moving my finger back and forth between us.

“I do too. Who says we can’t still do this? She doesn’t have to know.”, Amy said

I talked to her and we became friends. We hung out together all the time. At 13 it was the hugest thrill for me just holding her hand, the first kiss and all that stuff. She opened up to me about a sexual experience with her Dad’s friend. She was a nice girl. Smart, sweet and wholesome. I had tried putting moves on her but only got as far as under her shirt. I unbuttoned my pants but she wouldn’t take the bait. This wasn’t going to be easy or so I thought. Little did I know there was a little redhead pulling the strings.

One thing that did make me happy was that her and Amy became friends. She was going over to her house with me and we would all hang out.

“She is my girlfriend ya know?”, I said jokingly

“And? You jealous I am spending time with her?”, Amy said

“What you can’t take a joke?”, I asked

“I hang with you don’t I?”, she asked. I just walked away.

“Shaddup!”, I said

Later we both went over to Carrie’s house. Her parents were out. Amy sat on one side of me and Carrie on the other. I noticed those two looking behind me exchanging glances and grins.

“Ok what is this?”, I asked

“What?”, Carrie asked.

“The glances, the grins?”, I said

“Nothing. I cannot look at my friend?”, Carrie asked

“Told you he was controlling!”, Amy said. Carrie laughed

“I ain’t controlling!”, I said. They both erupted in laughter. They were ganging up on me.

“Let’s stop torturing him. He is a nice guy.”, Carrie said to Amy. “Jake there is something we need to talk about.”

“Let’s just show him.”, Amy said

Amy got up and gave Carrie a quick kiss and then they went into a deep kiss. It was hot watching my two lovers making out with each other. I didn’t see this coming.

“Oh my!”, I said shocked. “Wha..wha…when did this happen?”, I asked

Amy giggled. “The other day. She asked me if I ever kissed a girl. We kissed and I liked it.”, she said

“So you are cheating on me with my stepsister?”, I said smiling.

“Uh hello you are doing the exact same thing to me!”, Carrie said

“I told you she’s the devil! She’s got that devil hair. She is using both of us.”, I said and stuck my tongue out at Amy.

“If you two start bickering you can both leave.”, Carrie said. Amy and I giggled and exchanged smiles.

“Look at this Carrie.”, Amy said unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down my underwear.

“Here let me! I never got to touch it yet.”, Carrie started pumping my cock with her soft, warm hand. She came up and made out with me. Our tongues danced together as she stroked my member. Then whispered in my ear. “Your little sister adores you. She arranged this whole thing for you. She knew you would love it. Hope we are not freaking you out.”, Carrie said

Amy got undressed. She had a slender body with nice small tits beginning to form.

Carrie got up and got undressed. She was hot. Nice B cup tits, slender body, with a trimmed pussy. She had a nice black patch on the top.

“Look at him. See’s a pussy and cannot keep his eyes off of it.”, Amy said.

I was about to say something back and Carrie put her hand over my mouth. “Leave it alone.”, she said. I stuck my tongue out at Amy and she blew me a kiss. I gave her a mean look. “Come on let’s do that thing I was talking about.”, Carrie said

Amy got on one side and Carrie was on the other. “See isn’t it nice?”, Amy asked. They started at the base of my dick running their tongues up my dick. Carrie put it in her mouth and then Amy. They went back down and did the same thing again. I reached under Carrie and petted her soft black bush. My finger went exploring in between her moist folds. I found her clit. She adjusted her position so I could toy with it better. I massaged it between my index finger and thumb. She sat up just enjoying it. Amy saw what was going on and giggled. Carrie came to my face and we started making out. She whispered in my ear.

“Take your finger and stick it up her butt and put your thumb in her pussy. Jam it in and out. She loves that.”, she whispered.

I repositioned Carrie on her back and spread her legs. Her beautiful black haired bush was before me. Her pussy smelled wonderful. I spread her lips and started flicking her clit with my tongue. She started moaning. I stuck one finger up her asshole and one in her pussy.

“Her not me!”, she said and laughed. I started doing that to her. “Oh my god Jake!”, she said.“Mmmmm…..mmmmmm”, she squealed. Amy laughed.

“I love it when she squeals like that.”, she said. “I like making her do that.”

My tongue was flicking hard and fast as my fingers pounded her pussy. After a couple minutes Amy could tell she was getting close to the end. She went down on my dick and sucked hard and slow. I felt my nut coming on. “Awww fuck!”, I said. Carrie started squealing hard and fast.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Jake!”, she yelled in a high pitch as her legs locked like a vice around my head. I came at the same time.

“Amy! Oh fuck!”, I said as my body tightened as I shot my cum into her mouth. Amy was down there giggling as her mouth filled up. I collapsed back into the couch.

“I ruv rat.”, she said.

“What?”, Carrie and I said in unison. She held up one finger. She went to Carrie and they French kissed sharing the fruits of Amy’s labor. It was so hot.

“I love that!”, Amy said.

“Don’t talk with your mouthful! Knucklehead!”, I said. Carrie quickly intervened before we could trade insults.

“Told you. For slanky bonehead he can eat pussy.”, Amy said. Carrie pointed her finger at her giving her a stern look. I laughed.

Carrie had Amy lie on the bed. She spread Amy’s pussy and went down her. I started playing with Carrie’s pussy again. Thumb fucking her and toying with her clit. Amy was in ecstasy as her lover’s tongue toyed with her pussy. Amy was making “uh…uh…uh” noises as Carrie toyed with her. I felt Carrie’s tunnel tighten and release. Tighten and release. She squealed loudly. As legs came together and she fell into my sister. Her body was shaking into her orgasm. She gave Amy a kiss on the cheek before getting up and resuming eating her out.

“Why you kissing her? I am the one who did it.”, I said. She waved her hand at me to shut up.

“Good for you! Girl power!”, Amy said

She jammed her finger in Amy’s ass and thumb fucked her hard until she came. “Aw Carrie”, she said as her legs clamped down. All her muscles tightened and then she just collapsed out of breath.

Carrie was all smiles. She straddled me sitting on my lap. She ran her finger down my forehead to the tip of my nose. Trying to play it smooth and cool with her. “Are you a virgin?”, she asked. I said nothing. My brat sister confirmed her suspicions. My heart sank. She could see that and giggled. “You are so cute. No worries. Do you wanna do it?”, she asked. I nodded my head all excited. Both girls laughed at me.

“I apologize on behalf of my family.”, Amy said giggling. I gave her a dirty look. She stuck her tongue out.

She laid on her back. “Come here.”, she said encouragingly. Her legs went up. I was hard as rock. I poked it in. I put it in as much as I could. I was doing gentle thrusts. She motioned me to kiss her. We started making out. “You can do it harder. Do it real hard.”, she said. I slammed my cock into her. “Like that. Keep it up.”, she said. I just started pounding her. “Oh yeah Jake like that!”, she yelled. I grabbed her hips and was thrusting hard as I could. Amy joined in and started playing with her clit. “Aim. Aim. Oh oh.”, she said. Her pussy was like a waterslide now. “Oh. Oh. Oh.”, she said with each thrust. I was about to come and just she let out her patented high pitched squeal “mmmmm”, and I knew she was almost done. I was about to come myself. Her whole body seemed to seize as she let out another squeal. Her knees came together and I felt her pussy juice come out. About 30 seconds later I called out her name as I blew my load into her pussy. I pumped my cum into her until I was finished. I pulled out and laid next to her.

We all got dressed and I had to make myself scarce because her dad would have a fit about me being there. Amy came with as we walked home.

“Thank you.”, I said. She smiled and I messed her hair. What a great little sister I had to arrange that for me.

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