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The Perfect Family / Young Delight (Part 1)

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A Family were only girls will be born, boys get aborted. One man gets to have fun with every female in the househould, including breeding. (Fictional)

Im 47 years old, i always liked younger girls, even back then, when i was like 18-19, id only go for girls that were like 13. I just like the thrill that this young flesh gives you and i am not even talking about the thight pussies these little girls got. So in the age of 18-22 i went to many festivals and groped some younger girls in the ages between 13-15.

Sometimes i got lucky and got a 12 year old and we would make out in a dark spot of the festival. I remember that i made out with two 12 year olds. With one it was only kissing, with the other one, i got intimate. She sucked my dick on spot, i didnt come it was very cold, although i managed to get her snap and stay in contact with her.

At that time i freshly turned 22. So the contact between us got more and more, and we even met a couple times, i never fucked that lil girl at that point, we just met, made out and talked about some clingly shit. Tbh i got annoyed really fast, because she was only 12 and i was not interested to her problems at all. But I talked to her, knowing it will pay off. It is time to mention that she only has a father, her mother died when she was a toddler, due to a car accident. Her dad was a drinker and didnt care at all about her. So i knew i could really make some out of this.

It is time to describe her. Her name is Nora. She is skinny, not extreme, just normal for her age. She is around 4,7ft (145cm). That is one thing i enjoyed the most about her, she’s just so adorable and petite. She got long blond hair and a cute little ass, even some kind of titties, wouldnt call it tits, but it wasnt just flat, you could see it was going to be something.

So we skipping the next 2 years and going straight to it. Im 24, she is 14. She lives at my apartment, her dad didnt care, he was at that stage of alcoholism were he could barley even know whats going on in the world. So i saw my chance and took advantage of her. In this timespan of 2 years, i already fucked her. And i mean often. As soon as she lived at my place, she’d get fucked about 3-4 times a day. Every Morning i fucked that lil piece. Best thing about my girl, she was fucking thight, talking bout real thight.
(Throwback, 22y, 12y) First time i tried to fuck her, my dick didnt fit in her pink pussy. Had to pull it out and do some stretching to the point where it kind of fit and i could at least try to fuck this young hole. There were scenes were i poked my dick in her young pussy, and it only got in like 1cm, not deeper, it was stuck at 2cm. It felt like it was the end of the pussy. But i just grabbed her ass and used that 1cm to kind of fucking her. It was liking shaking her body and rubbing her pussy from the inside. Every big hit i took with my dick, it went in a lil deeper. After many stretching session where i tried to fuck this lil girl, we managed to make her pussy a lil mor fitting. Around the time she turned 13 and i was 23, we fucked kind of normal and with normal i mean i could lgo in ike 4cm or little more dont know excactly. We fucked regulary and i never wore a condom. Always wanted to make sure to put that meat in raw, when fucking pink pussy. Due to the fact she was 13 and didnt even get her period i was very happy, fucking a young girl, so young, you dont need protection, isnt that the dream of every man?
But suddendly everything took a turn, she got pregnant, i came out she had her period for about 4 months but didnt told me because she was scared i would get mad. So then the real Journey Begins. Back to the timeline.

So as said, im 24, she’s 14, living in my apartment. But apparently with a newborn child. It was a girl. We named her Lana. The whole pregnancy our relationship wasnt that great. I had to work much more often, then usually. I work at an advertisment managment production. Simple: We produce ads for companies. I actually was pretty high for my 24 years, or at least not at the bottom.
So i was not home that much and kind of let her alone with her pregnancy. I think it is time to say im not a man of emotions. Im not a sociopath, i can feel emotions, but i always just did not care that much. I also felt some kind of evil in me. So i used my evil thougths to get what i want. Saying that while being in a relationship with a 13 year old pregnant girl, is fitting, isn’t it? So we never argued that much, because she was only 13, she was not mature at all. And she also always was kinda scared of me. I mean i was better than her dad, so she chose me, but i didnt treat her really well. I didnt let her go to school. She was max 1hr a day outside. Other time always in my apartment, doing housework.
Back to the Timeline.
I was always annoyed, when i got back from work, around 22 pm. She just said she couldnt handle the baby at all. I said i didnt care, it was her idea to keep the baby. Originally i wanted to abort that thing instant, cant have a baby with a 13yr old.
So when i got home it always ended up in an argue. But now where she got the baby, i got my work, i dont fuck her anymore in the morning. I only fuck her like 3 times a week. So when i get angry after work, sometimes things escalate. I take the baby from her and put her to sleep, behind a door, that only i could unlock. She cried every time i did that, locked her baby away from her. I not it is evil and at that point of my life i sometimes regret it, but that was nothing to what will come.
So after locking the baby away, i grabbed her arms harmfully and pushed her against the wall. She cried louder when i did that. But a man has to get his delight. For me it was a young delight. So i fucked the little girl, while she was crying and sobbing. I didnt care, im a man, i get what i want. Speaking of young delight. Because we got a baby she automatically seems a little older. But she didnt feel older.
She was 14, as said. Still very thight, as I like. Her Pussy was perfect to fuck, my dick fit in half and a little more, but every push i just felt that young flesh. I just love these pink pussy girls so much. At that time she was around 4,9ft (152cm). And spoiler she wouldnt grow much larger than this. Because she is still so petite and small, her legs really were skinny. When i fucked that young girl, while she layed down on her back and i was holding her petite legs, i always could feel this kind of tension in her body. Her legs was under kinda pressure, cause she has a general small body. So that means when i pounded that young thing, i could feel it in her legs, when i push my dick in her pinky. Just an amazing feeling. Fucking a young body with soft skin, where you feel the tension in her body, cause it is so young and petite.

1 Year Later

Im 25yr. Nora is 15yr. Lana is 1yr.

The tensions in our relationship just got bigger. I didnt changed that much, except that Nora was Pregnant again. So the “terror” of the pregnancy just began again. We named her Mary.

2 Years Later

Im 27yr. Nora is 17yr. Lana is 3yr. Mary is 1yr.

Now it got the the point where Nora was kind of mature. She was conscious. She still was 17, underage, but she just naturally matured. Because she didnt went to school after 12 she had no real social contact except me. There were times around were she was 15, i denyied her to go outside for about 6 months. It broke her mentally. But it turned out it just strengthened her bond to me. I was her everything, literally, she had no one else, even tho she hated me 50%, but loved me 50% too.
I was doing pretty well in my job. Got an higher position and more. The evil side in me growed. I could feel it. Having a 17 year old girlfriend with 2 babies of hers, locked in my apartment for the most time, wasnt a thing a good man would do. But i did. Most of my neighbours didnt noticed anythign, except one, he was suspicious on me. The suspicious grow more and more. So i decided it is time to move out. We lived on the edge of a big city, i needed like 30 mins to my workplace. But i wanted something more save. Some place where i could do more things for me. For my evil side. For my delight. For my young delight. For everything. It was clear. We had to move. I dont have to say that may girl didnt had any right to determine where we heading. Then, like through a miracle, i saw a poster, that said there was a “farmhouse” for sale. A farmhouse with no animals tho. Big house out in the country, but just 40 mins away from the city, it meant i had to drive around 1,5hr to my workplace, which was fine for me. It also had a barn too. But as i said no animals, so the barn was just extra space for my plans, didnt made any special plans yet, but i knew i could use it in the future.

So we moved in there.

To be continued.

Write comments and rate the story please, it was my first, maybe some of your ideas will be built in.

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  • Reply Zoe ID:p8t65r209

    So she’s like your slave now that you just fuck all the time and i kinda love that a lot! Makes me want to go to festivals more xD
    Can you name one of her daughters Zoe after me? I would love to read about me getting fucked when i’m still small

    • Zeref ID:314jjybxt0d

      That is so fucking hot Zoe

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Need more as well

  • Reply Lover ID:1eq9cnbh130w

    Ready to see more!

  • Reply Bobby ID:1cnenqc627wd

    Wow, what a hot beginning! Since I’m not into preteen things then I hope he will wait for their daughters to be, let’s say, 14. But then he should take them with all the lust building im him through all these years, without giving a fuck about their consent. Make him dirty talk to them that they are just fucktoys for him and that he will use their wombs to create more sluts for himself – a lot of dirty talk needed!