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The Parker Project 9

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Becky’s ordeal continues as Edward Pembroke celebrates his birthday

Chapter 9

Becky’s sex dungeon gradually became more liveable. Edward spent his evenings building a large caged off section at the side of the dungeon. Becky had to watch all this from her own tiny cage in the middle.
Edward whistled cheerfully while he worked, often forgetting about the petite naked girl cowering behind bars a few meters away. He did enjoy, every now and then, sticking his cock through the bars and demanding a blowjob as a treat between tasks.
“This could be like your little bedroom, Becky, there will be a comfortable bed, you can have posters, and my wife will let you wear clothes soon!”
Becky had spent almost all her time naked, and her health had suffered. Her vagina had been out of action for days after the dog rape. Edwina had to fake various embarrassing conditions to her male GP to get him to prescribe antibiotics without a thorough examination, just to try and revive Becky.
Getting the contraceptive pill prescribed was another issue, as the doctor queried why Edwina might need it. The Pembrokes hoped the doctor would not suspect anything, but then, why would they?
Edwina grew more and more into the kind of bully that she had always wanted to be. She became more confident at work in treating girls and colleagues. And with Becky, she just became more sadistic and demanding.
Becky had been shocked the first time Edwina pissed directly into her mouth. The urine stung her eyes and taste sense, and she instinctively rose up, almost knocking Edwina over, as she thought she was going to choke to death.
Edward had almost doubled over in laughter as his wife fell over while pissing, and Becky, eyes shut, spluttered and retched all over the floor.
Unfortunately for Becky, Edward’s laughter had humiliated Edwina so much, that the angry woman immediately reached for the cane.
“No, Edwina, not her ass, you know I love that, and so do you! It’s so perfect and tight…”
“Oh, well, if you loved her ass so much then maybe don’t fucking laugh at me when this bitch knocks me over. I’m your wife, she is just a fucking little slut slave!” Edwina was as angry at Edward as Becky. “Hold her down, I want that ass pointed up, ready for the cane, come on Ed!”
Edward meekly used his muscular body to pick the frightened girl up and fold her over his lap on the bed, holding her in an armlock, so only her legs could kick.
“Ha, a bit of movement should be fun. Now Becky, if you try and block any of these, I will just repeat them, understand? Now count each one!”
Becky screamed in pain with each hit on her cute tight little buttocks. On one occasion, Edwina accidentally caught Edward’s knee as well.
“Ah…” Edward let go of Becky and clasped his knee. “Edwina, you clumsy oaf, look what you done!”
“Sorry Ed” she said, but she was not sorry “blame the little wench, she is wriggling around too much. Why don’t you hit her for the last three strokes?”
Edward did not really want to hit the poor girl anymore. Her buttocks were dark red and turning purple from the hits. The two little globes were so tight that despite her whole body shaking, her ass only vibrated gently.
He did not want to upset this wife, and so laid Becky against the bed, her head buried in her hands on the mattress, and ran his hand over her back, still bearing the marks of a beating a few days ago, and hit her three times.
“That wasn’t as hard as me,” said Edwina, suspiciously. “I hope you are not getting soft, Ed. Remember that little bitch would end us if she was on the outside. Before this, she wouldn’t even look at you. The only reason she takes your cock in all her holes is because of me because we have her trapped here. Don’t forget it!”
As Becky watched her slightly larger prison being built within the dungeon, she ran her hands, themselves scarred, over her backside and the welts inflicted there. There were now few parts of her body not covered in welts, cuts, bruises or other marks.

Edward felt he deserved a break, and felt his bladder become full from the beer he drank while working. “Becky darling” he smiled at her. “I was wondering if you could do me a favour? Well, I have to take a piss, and I would love to piss in your mouth. I know what you’re thinking and yeah it is disgusting.”
Edward laughed, at the ridiculousness of the situation.
“But, you know Edwina… well she likes to piss on you, and you get punished if you don’t drink it. Why don’t we treat this as… practice. You know I piss in your mouth, try and swallow as much as you can, but I won’t beat you if you don’t get it all in, as long as you make an effort. It will help you when it comes to Edwina! She’s upstairs drinking wine and watching TV, she will probably be down soon, so best you try with me first. Trust me, if you spit her piss out again…”
Edward sucked in his cheeks. “Yeah, my wife has a temper. Sorry, Becky, it’s for the best for all of us.”
“Sure, I guess so, Ed. I don’t really have a choice, do I?” Becky replied meekly, her eyes filled with hope as she tried to get Ed’s sympathy.
“Don’t be like that, Becky. I’m trying to help,” Ed said, his voice softening.
“You could help more. You could control her,” Becky said, her tone tinged with desperation.
“My wife is very strong-headed,” Ed admitted, glancing away nervously.
“You’re kind at heart, Ed. Please, you can protect me,” Becky pleaded, her voice filled with genuine hope.
Ed sighed, clearly torn. “I wish I could, Becky. I really do but… well we are both in this together, my wife and I. We are committed. I don’t want to hurt you I just want… sex! But, well, look I am helping you! If you can get this piss down your throat without spitting it out, it will help you believe me!”
“Yeah, totally not for your benefit, right Ed,” said Becky dismissively, her tone dripping with sarcasm. She got to her knees and assumed the position after he let her out of the cage.
Edward unzipped his jeans in front of Becky and got his cock out. “OK, Becky,” he said. “Get ready to receive, but just remember as well: I don’t mind you called me Ed, and frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed to be called Daddy. But just keep calling me Daddy; OK? Edwina would get really angry if she found out you called me Ed.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “There are gonna be cameras down here soon,” he said, “so you have to get used to obeying Edwina all the time—not just when she’s here—OK?”
“Yes, ‘daddy’!” Becky made a deeply sarcastic false smile, then opened wide just in time for the stream of yellow piss to hit her face.
“That’s it aaaaa” Edward rejoiced as he let it flow out of him, and was pleased to see that Becky was able to swallow most of it.
“Good , Edwina will be pleased” he beamed.
“Don’t you mean mummy will be pleased.” Becky looked at him darkly, licking her lips, hating the acidic stinking smell of his piss.
But for Becky, it did pay off. If ‘paying off’ meant avoiding a beating while drinking a pint of a middle aged woman’s piss straight from her pussy. But for Becky, disgusting sexual acts that were not accompanied by or followed by painful violence counted as a good outcome.
Edwina had crouched down and hovered over the young girl’s face, and aimed at full power deep down her throat.
Becky grappled with the torrential stream of piss cascading into her mouth from above. She had to tilt her head just right to catch each rush, but even then, the force often caught her off guard, making it a battle to swallow it all before the next deluge hit. Despite the difficulty, she persevered, determined to swallow as much as possible without spilling a single drop.
“That is very good Becky, very good. See you were born for this!” Edwina could not get over the sense of power she had over the pretty girl. She felt like a goddess with evil powers.
“Imagine at her first meeting, you called me fat and said I should kill myself for being so ugly. Could you even have imagined that you would end up down here, drinking my piss, eating my pussy, taking my husband’s cock in all your holes? I bet it never crossed your mind did it?”
Edwina cackled, then spat in Becky’s face.
Becky remained impassive. She adopted a sad, resigned air, meek and full of sadness. She masked the defiance and hatred she felt. She knew that Edwina loved the sense of despair she elicited from Becky and played up to it.

Becky’s new bedroom provided the comfort of a mattress, allowing her to lie down at least. The room was decorated to resemble a typical teenage girl’s bedroom, complete with pink accents and posters of scantily clad female pop stars adorning the walls—a warning was issued not to remove them. However, the bars lining the perimeter of the two-by-six-meter space, instead of conventional walls, and the cage door serving as the sole entrance and exit, detracted from any sense of homeliness.
Becky was now allowed some clothes: all of them very revealing. Transparent nighties, thongs, girlie pyjama shorts, and vest tops were all that were allowed.
On a Friday night, instead of going out to a restaurant or staying in to enjoy a meal, they opted to visit the basement with popcorn, beer, and wine. They were dressed in dressing gowns and underwear, and they even brought in a second-hand sofa for added comfort.
Edward had brought down several changes of clothes for Becky. “Tonight Becky, you are going to be Dua Lipa, Ariande Grande, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus” laughed Edward.
“Edwina chuckled as well. “You see, Becky, its’s daddy birthday this weekend! Tomorrow I’m taking him to a destruction derby, imagine! But tonight, you are giving him his entertainment. I hope you know the songs. We have this…..”
She brought out a portable karaoke kit.
“You will change into those outfits and sing and dance for us. You better put on a good show for Ed here, or, well, you can guess what will happen.”
Becky struggled to keep her composure. Every new humiliation hit her from a different side.
The first outfit was a lacy black bralette. Becky slipped on the matching high-waisted hot pants and fitted into the knee-high plastic boots, completing the ensemble supposedly designed to make her look like Ariana Grande.
“Oooo, very saucy!” laughed Edward as Becky awkwardly came to the center of the dungeon and stood, awaiting instruction. Becky felt uncomfortable in the revealing outfit, instinctively pulling it down to cover herself, feeling exposed under the Pembrokes’ amused gaze.
“You look lovely, Becky,” said Edwina. “Now, just read off the karaoke words here on this screen. I’m sure you know the song, and just sing and dance to the music.”
Becky’s stomach churned with dread. “But… I don’t really know the songs. How do I dance?” Her voice trembled with fear, the sense of exposure overwhelming her. “How am I supposed to dance to this? I can’t dance. I just can’t.”
“I’m sure you can dance” said Edwina. “Just imagine you are happy in your own bedroom listening to it, and no one is watching. Because if you don’t dance… well… it would make me awfully angry if we went to all this trouble and you didn’t do as you were told…”
Becky gulped at the thought of what that woman would do to her, despite her nonchalant tone of voice.
Becky awkwardly moved around the floor, her movements a mix of hip sways, finger twirls, hand gestures, shoulder shimmies, and awkward bends. She splayed her arms and legs in all sorts of directions, desperately trying to sync them with the music. Each motion felt humiliating, amplifying her discomfort.
Meanwhile, she struggled to read the karaoke words and sing along, her voice wavering as she attempted to keep up. It took an immense amount of effort to coordinate her movements with the rhythm and match the lyrics, leaving her feeling drained and embarrassed.
The Pembrokes enjoyed it immensely, laughing and throwing popcorn at the dancing girl as she struggled to continue, from the comfort of their sofa.
After a few songs, Becky, sweating and flushed with embarrassment, changed into a new outfit, this time for a Dua Lipa performance. The outfit was a tight, tiny ensemble, leaving little to the imagination. It consisted of a skimpy crop top that barely covered her chest, paired with ultra-short shorts that clung tightly to her curves, leaving her feeling incredibly exposed. The fabric was so snug that it seemed to accentuate every curve and contour of her body, making her feel uncomfortably aware of every inch of skin on display, even allowing for the fact she was usually naked.
“Oooo, I love this song!” cheered Edward as Becky started singing “New Rules.” Becky actually loved this song, and had sung it many times when free. But now, as she sang, tears welled up in her eyes, memories flooding back of happier times when she used to sing this song with joy, it being her favorite. Despite her efforts to hide her tears, they streamed down her cheeks, betraying her true feelings.
Edwina noticed and loved it. Edward seemed oblivious to it, clapping along like a happy seal as if he were actually at a pop concert. Edwina sometimes wondered just how stupid her husband was, and feared leaving him alone with Becky, thinking he might set her free.
“Let’s dance too!” shouted Edwina, her voice filled with merriment, after half an hour of drinking and enjoying the show of the crying slave girl dancing and singing. They danced with Becky as if they were at a wedding, an older couple dancing with a young girl on the dance floor, creating an atmosphere of intergenerational dancing reminiscent of happier times. At moments, it almost seemed normal, and Becky couldn’t help but wonder how reality was bending in such surreal circumstances.
The illusion was shattered when Edwina came up to Becky and dressed and gyrated next to her, smiling, and folded her arms around her. They both danced to the music, leaning in closer for a kiss. Edward came behind Becky as the couple sandwiched the young girl, their four hands wandering all over her body.
Edward felt wistful as his hands bumped over all the ridges and marks on her legs, buttocks, bag stomach, ever her breasts. Ironically, one of the few spots on her body that had not been marked by recent beatings were her arms, still covered in scars from when Becky had cut herself before being captured. Even so, this was a dream for him, the perfect birthday present, and he smiled as he closed his eyes, listening to the music, arms wrapped around the girl, as he nuzzled into the back of her neck. Edwina and Becky kept snogging in front of him, Becky’s fingers following Edwina’s command and fingering her pussy as Edwina slipped her fingers inside Becky.
Hours of sex followed. Becky screamed as Edward entered her asshole, pumelling her as hard as he could while spanking her, as Edwina cheered from the sidelines. “Come on Ed, ruin that bitch’s hole!”
They finally lay in each others’ arms drenched in sweat. Becky was crushed between the two larger fatter bodies on the bed.
“This has been the best birthday party ever!” smiled Edward.
“Hmmm I am so glad, honey!” Edwina leaned over and kissed her husband. “I think there is one more thing to make it special for you. What is your favorite outfit that Becky wore?”
“I think, maybe the Arianda Grande…”
“One with a skirt” snapped Edwina, cutting him off.
“Oh, Ok, what about the Britney Spears one?”
“Perfect! Becky, wake up lazy bones, get that cute little body into that schoolgirl outfit again, including the pigtails!”
“Hehe what have you got planned, Edwina, you devil woman?” Edward was smirking.
“Oh, nothing too much. Just let me go upstairs for a bit and I will be down in a minute. Meanwhile, Becky, get into that outfit!”
The fat older woman got up and hobbled out the security door, in her dressing gown. Becky watched with disgust as her fat wobbled as she walked.
Becky gingerly got off the bed, her hand between her butt cheeks.
“Is your asshole OK, Becky? Sorry I get carried away. Taking you from behind is unreal, it’s like I turn into an animal…”
“It’s OK Ed, it wasn’t as bad as before, thank you for lubricating me..” Becky flashed him a semi-grateful smile.
“Oh, it’s no trouble, I love licking your asshole! I love licking you all over, Becky, your body is amazing!”
“Please, Ed, remember not to compliment me too much in front of Edwina, you know she takes it out on me when she gets jealous.”
“Haha, yeah OK, and you don’t forget to keep calling her mummy haha, shhh, here she comes, get into that skirt, quick!”
The door opened as Becky hurriedly slipped the skirt over the white panties, and she grabbed for the hair bands to put her hair in pigtails. Her heart sank as she saw the smiling Edwina enter, followed by Lucifer on a leash.
Lucifer immediately locked eyes on Becky, and growled, then quickly padded over to her, and stuck his nose between her legs, as Becky cowered and thought with dread about the pink flesh coming from between the dog’s legs she would soon have in her mouth and then her pussy.
Edwina smiled. “Lucifer is ready for fucking you, Becky, he loves a schoolgirl’s cunt, just like us!”
“Oh yes, hurrah” cheered Edward, like an excited child. “Thank you, Edwina, this is the best birthday ever!”

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