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The Parker Project 16

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Conclusion to the tale of Becky Parker, and Edward and Edwina Pembroke

Chapter 16

Mr Nigel Johnson was driving the late night train through Willowbridge, preoccupied with the fact his seventeen year old daughter, Sheila, was soon about to make him a grandfather with some mystery unknown man who likely had raped her. Combined with his worries over that, the driving rain had made it hard to see a strange figure of a bald, naked white girl, crawling onto the track in front of him, like a zombie.
Mr Johnson did notice, however, a large man jumping onto the tracks and tried to brake the train, but it was too late. The man pulled up the girl and threw her off the path of the train, then stumbled back. Mr Johnson then heard a sickening thud.
Edward Pembroke’s head was later found a hundred meters away from the rest of his body. Beside his headless corpse, the train driver discovered the shaking, naked girl in the pouring rain. She was bleeding heavily, her head shaved bald, and she was cuffed at her ankles and wrists with a collar around her neck.

The resulting police investigation unleashed a massive news story. The girl soon identified herself as Becky Parker, the missing girl presumed dead. The police searched Edward Pembroke’s house, which backed onto the railway line. They were astonished to find a secret stairwell, the door open, and the stairs covered in fresh blood, wine, food, and broken plates. However, it was what lay beyond a secure door, which had to be broken down, that truly shocked them.
Inside, they found a dog whining and a chubby naked woman, covered in blood and badly injured, with multiple stab wounds. The subterranean room appeared to be a kind of torture arena.

Becky Parker’s family were shocked to find she was alive and had been held prisoner for six months. But they were flabbergasted to find the meek and mild Mrs Pembroke had been central to her kidnapping and imprisonment.
Genevieve and Eleanour remembered all the meetings they had with her, horrified that the entire time, this woman had been torturing and in some cases mutilating their beloved Becky.
Neighbors and colleagues of the couple expressed shock, particularly the young girls who had known Edwina and opened themselves up to her.
Becky had broken her legs when she had fallen off the wall and near the track. Coupled with the stab wound to her stomach, and all other psychological and physical trauma, it meant she had to spend several months in hospital. She tearfully admitted to her mother that it was the Pembrokes who had tried to rape and kidnap her as well, bringing her some closure as to the horrible mystery.
Sheila Johnson gave birth to a girl, named ‘Becky’ after being inspired by the Becky Parker story and her horror that the kindly Mrs Pembroke had been responsible. She never went in for DNA testing and decided she never wanted to know who the mysterious father of her girl was.
Edward Pembroke was cremated. Edwina Pembroke barely survived and her trial was a media frenzy as the evidence mounted, including video footage of torture, dog sex, and other sex attacks came to light. She was the UK’s most famous sex predator and was sentenced to life in prison.
Becky gradually recovered and grew to love and respect her family more. She remembered how stupid she had been, flirting with suicide and the terrible consequences of that, and grew to appreciate life more with Genevieve and Eleanour, and her father.


The prison guards were pleased to see the glamorous Dr. Becky Parker enter the facility. As a clinical psychiatrist, she was highly respected for her work ethic and diligence, driven by her traumatic childhood experiences. She had blossomed into a beautiful woman, equipped with an Oxbridge education, wit, and charm. Through her work, she frequently interacted with prisoners. She was getting married next month and planned to start a family with her fiancé, an international lawyer.
But before she embarked on that new chapter, she needed closure. Today, she was confronting someone she had avoided for fifteen years: Edwina Pembroke, the monstrous criminal who had wronged and abused her as a child. This encounter was momentous, a confrontation with the past that had shaped her present and would influence her future.
She now stood tall at five feet seven, with a striking presence. Her brown hair had long grown back curly and wavy, framing her face elegantly, and her blue eyes were captivating and full of depth. Her long legs and slim, graceful figure exuded elegance. Dressed in a smart and feminine outfit, she wore a tailored pencil skirt and tights, paired with a crisp blouse and a professional jacket. Her high heels clicked confidently on the floor as she walked. Her makeup was flawless, with a touch of lipstick enhancing her natural beauty. Dr. Becky Parker looked every bit the attractive and sophisticated professional she had become.

She swallowed hard as she sat in the visitor area, waiting for the dreaded meeting with the infamous Edwina Pembroke. This was her nemesis, the childhood abuser who had robbed her of so much and given her so many nightmares and so much pain.
Her heart skipped a beat as a police officer brought the prisoner in, her arms in chains and clad in a prison outfit. Edwina was now in her mid-sixties, even heavier than before. Her hair was tangled and gray, her face wrinkled with a double chin, and she wore an eyepatch over one eye with a wide scar across her face. She shuffled over and was seated opposite the screen from Becky, who flinched in disgust. This woman was repulsive, not just in appearance but in the horrific memories she invoked of the horrible things she had done.
In any normal situation, imagining this hideous woman naked would have made a nice young woman like Becky giggle or retch, but for Becky, she had to remember this woman sitting on her face, having to lick and suck every inch of her body, her bodily fluids, along with her awful husband. The dowdy face made her recall the rage, the absolute power she had wielded over her those years ago, the terror and fear she brought to her.

As Becky sat across from Edwina, her heart pounded in her chest. “Hello, Edwina. It’s been a long time. I’m sorry about your eye,” she said, her voice steady despite the turmoil within her.
Edwina remained silent, her gaze piercing as it swept over Becky’s form. A leering smile played on her lips, sending a chill down Becky’s spine. She felt exposed under Edwina’s scrutiny, especially as her gaze settled on Becky’s hands.
Quickly, Becky moved to cover them, memories flooding back of the tattoos and the birch stick beatings. Despite her attempts to erase the evidence with laser treatment, the faint traces remained, a haunting reminder of the torment she had endured.
As Edwina’s evil leer turned back to her face, Becky couldn’t shake the feeling of self-consciousness about the tiny scars on her face from the metallic piercings. Despite undergoing plastic surgery and skillful makeup application to conceal them, the scars were still there, albeit barely visible around her eyes and mouth. She was certain that Edwina would look for them and find them.
Edwina broke into a smile, revealing several missing teeth.
“Edwina, I just wanted to say…” Becky faltered, her voice trembling slightly. “I have forgiven you for what you did, and I am over it. You have no power over me, my mother, or my sister. We moved on years ago. I’m getting married and will have children, and you… well, you will stay here. I am very sorry about that, but it’s for society’s good, not mine. Yes, I still thought about you. It took a long time to realize what sociopaths exist in the world like you and your husband, but it’s over now. Now I study in the field, my aim is to help people.”
Becky paused, gathering her thoughts before continuing with resolve. “I want to help you. In the time you have left, even in prison, I can offer to help you. Whether it’s through therapy or support, I believe everyone deserves a chance for redemption, no matter how heinous their crimes.”
Edwina just smiled back in silence. Becky felt herself back in that little bedroom behind bars, lying with Edward Pembroke, waiting the hours of long silence, or suffering the sickening attentions of this woman.
“Mummy’s Little Cunt” Edwina whispered, giggling.
Becky was started by the response. It was the message tattoed above her pussy. It had been lasered off, but it could still be read. One ex had read it, shocking her for she thought it was gone. Now, she insisted on having a light patch of pubic hair to cover it.
Becky’s voice steadied as she continued, her words carrying the weight of her past experiences. “You know, Edwina, since I got out, I’ve had to undergo surgery on my legs, and I still feel the cold every winter in my right leg. I could never play sports or engage in serious exercise. It took me two years to grow my hair back. The scars on my body from being pierced have healed, just about. I still have some marks from where you hit me, scattered all around my body, as well as the self-harm scars, which stopped after you kidnapped me. And I needed surgery for the stabbing in my stomach that you gave me,” she said matter-of-factly,
Becky’s voice faltered slightly as she revealed another layer of the trauma she had endured. “Oh,” she paused, her words heavy with the weight of the memories. “I also needed surgery on my… uterus because of the damage Lucifer did to my insides. The doctors said I probably would have died if I had been there another month, you know. I am actually very lucky to be able to have children at all.”
Becky held her palm up to the screen, challenging Edwina to acknowledge the marks she had left behind. “See if you can find a trace of the tattoo you put on my body. Go on, can you read it?” she demanded, her voice tinged with defiance.
But Edwina remained silent, her smile unyielding.
Becky’s anger boiled over as she confronted Edwina with the truth. “I knew your husband was a dumb fool. A real psychopath that should have been locked up. But you… you are truly evil,” she seethed, her voice trembling with fury. “They all thought he led you on. They even tried to pretend in court that you were forced to cooperate and that you were frightened of him!”
“Why? Why did you do that to me?” Becky’s voice rose, her emotions raw and unfiltered. “How could you get up every day for six months to torture me with no fucking remorse, no feeling for me? I did nothing to you, nothing that justified it.”
As Becky poured out her emotions, Edwina’s smile remained fixed, betraying no hint of remorse or regret. Over the last fifteen years in prison, she had endured beatings and torture from other inmates, and she had even attempted to take her own life on more than one occasion. Now facing cancer, her own mortality loomed before her, but still, she harbored no regrets for what she had done to Becky.
In her twisted mind, Edwina yearned to return to the dungeon, where she once held all the power. She longed for the presence of Edward, her partner in depravity, and she envisioned this prim, smart, and beautiful young woman at their mercy once again. In her fantasies, they could inflict even more pain and suffering without consequence on her.
Becky resigned herself to the fact that there would be no sense coming out of this sick fiend. Perhaps she could try again.
Edwina’s words lingered in the air like a chilling echo, sending a shiver down Becky’s spine. As she stood to leave, the weight of Edwina’s final taunts hung heavy on her shoulders.
“You might be a Doctor, Becky, but you are still a stupid little girl,” Edwina’s voice dripped with venom. “You may think you’ve moved on, but remember this: I’ll always be there, lurking in the shadows of your mind, ready to remind you of the horrors you endured. I’ll haunt you forever.”

With a twisted grin, Edwina raised her fingers to her mouth in a V sign, sticking her tongue between them and wiggling it obscenely while emitting a vulgar noise. The grotesque display sent a wave of revulsion through Becky, who suddenly remembered that face between her legs, hovering over her face, looking at her while she was being brutally tortured, fearing for her life.

Becky got her things and ran out of the meeting room, not bothering to say anything more.
Edwina admired the woman’s pert bottom wriggling within the tight pencil skirt as she scurried away. As she was led away, she was full of the memories of Becky. While she had her, she was almost always angry or frustrated with her, wanting to replace her, get a new girl, kill her, or punish her. Yet now she only remembered the good times, the succulent taste and smell of her flesh, and the wonderful screams that no one else who admired this classy young woman would ever get to hear.

Dr Becky Parker made her way back home from her visit, shuddering and crying, still trying to tell herself that she was no longer in that hellish prison, but a part of her would always remain there.

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