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The Parker Project 15

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Edwina Pembroke convinces her husband Edward she be allowed to torture poor Becky even further with the help of their dog

Chapter 15

Becky listlessly skipped around the bedroom. Hours spent playing with her hair, her piercings, counting her scars, counting the bricks on the wall, could not hide that she was going crazy in this prison. She was hearing voices more and more, imagining school, family, anything but more and more it felt like that world had never existed.
She was interrupted by the security door and the two figures of Edward and Edwina in their dressing gowns.
“There she is” grinned Edward. Even after six months, he couldn’t believe how cute and pretty she was, even after the beatings and deprivation. Edwina stared at her, with the familiar mixture of lust and hatred. This little bitch was a nice toy but she had outlived her usefulness.
Hours of passionate sex followed. Becky thought she was getting off lightly. Other than some heavy spanking and hair pulling, she had not been hurt. Her ass and pussy had gotten used to Edward’s cock and her oral skills were enough to please them both and avoid the need for physical chastisement to improve her performance.
On the mat in the middle of the dungeon, she was on her back. Edwina was crouched over her face, her knees on her arms, looking down into her eyes as Becky licked her pussy.
Behind them, Edward had gathered her legs into the air and pushed back her thighs, exposing her pussy and asshole. He enjoyed the sight of the little crossbow nestled in the flesh between asshole and pussy, plucking playfully at it, before pushing his cock into her ass.
Becky moaned and continued lapping at the insides of Edwina’s musky feminine folds. Her arms were hurting from the pressure of her meaty legs pinning them down, and hoped that she would soon cum, she could feel more and more acrid juices flowing down her throat.
Edwina had drank several beers before coming down, and thought now might be an opportune time to take a piss. “Edward, darling, keep fucking her, I’m gonna take a piss… down her throat, I hope I don’t distract you..”
“Oh… hot! No problem!” Edward increased the pace of his fucking as Becky smarted at the burning friction against her anal walls, and the forthcoming flood of urine.
Becky detected a difference in taste followed by a gush of warm piss which passed into her mouth. She stopped licking as she tried to accommodate it in her mouth. Edwina squeezed her thighs together, preventing her from turning her head at all, then pressed her nose tightly shut with her fingers.
Every desperate attempt to swallow or spit it out was met with more water, making it increasingly difficult to keep up. Terror gripped her as she felt the urine striking her throat, her panic rising with each gulp and expulsion. The more she tried to push the urine out or swallow it, the harder it became, her efforts growing more frantic and futile as she began to feel herself losing the battle for breath.
She tried to appeal for help but only saw Edwina’s wickedly grinning face, between her two breasts, staring down at her. Every attempt to breathe now just made things worse.
Edward was lost in fucking her ass, and could only see his wife’s back, as her ass completely obscured Becky’s face. He could see the widening puddle of piss coming from beneath his wife and could feel Becky’s asshole dilate to welcome his cock even further in, which distracted him from the choking sounds coming from Becky.
Becky started to lose her vision. The piss was still coming in when she opened her mouth to breathe, and it was slipping down her windpipe. The face of Edwina, her flabby belly and breasts, and the smell of her pussy and piss, would be the last things she would see.
Edwina watched as the girl’s eyes started to roll back in her head. Just a few more moments and poor Becky would be dead from an unfortunate sex game. She would only ‘notice’ after her husband had finished cumming in the asshole of what would be a corpse.
With a final instinct, unable to move any other part of her body, Becky bit down on Edwina’s labia.
Edwina screamed, and jumped off Becky and fell onto the ground holding her vagina in her hands.
Edward was shocked, he looked at Becky, her head moved to the side as her hands went to her throat. Her eyes were bulging out she was coughing up piss and phlegm and heaving to get air back into her lungs.
Edward took his cock out of the girl’s ass and went to his wife’s assistance.
Edwina was still in agony, hands between her legs. “That cunt!” She bit me!”
“SORRY!!!” Becky knew what had happened. Edwina had tried to kill her. She had to appeal to Edward. “I was going to choke to death, I was going to die, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you…. mummy…”
Edward inspected his wife’s pussy. There was no blood, just a little mark. It was nothing compared to the punishment that Becky got almost every day.
“Oh dear, Becky why don’t you kiss mummy’s pussy better eh?”
Edwina was furious. “Ed, you fucking stupid cunt! You always take her side! That bitch bit me, what are you going to do about it?”
Edward just wanted to get his cock back inside Becky, he hated these arguments. “Come on Edwina, it was an accident.”
“An accident! That bitch took liberties! You are too soft on her! You spend hours down here with her. She’s a fucking slave! What the fuck do you talk with her about? Do you think this girl loves you or something? She would kill us both in the blink of an eye!”
“Edwina, she’s just a slip of a girl, look why don’t you just give her a few strokes of the cane..”
“Oh you fucking bet I will!” Edwina stormed angrily to the side of the room and took down a cane. “You! Cunt! Bend over that bench now!”
Edward rolled his eyes. She really loved Becky’s smooth tight buttocks and now they were going to get ruined for a week again.
“Don’t be too hard on her, Edwina.”
“FUCK YOU ED!!!” Edwina swung with all her might at Becky, who did not have time to bend over. She curled up to protect herself and the cane snapped twice as Edwina hit her again and again.
Then Edwina burst into tears as Becky cowered in fear and pain.
“You always take her side, Ed. We are a team. She bit me, and you stick up for her. it’s not fair.”
“There, there.” Edward took Edwina in his arms, and patted her on the back, as she buried her tears in his chest. He looked at Becky with reproach, as if it was all her fault.
“What can I do to make things better?” Edward whispered to her.
Edwina thought and smiled to herself.
“I want to shave the bitch’s hair off.
“Her pussy is already smooth.”
“I mean the hair on her head, dumbass.” Edwina gazed up at Edward, smiling and catlike. “I want her to be bald.”
Edward looked at Becky and sighed. She was so pretty. Her hair would take a year to grow back. Yes, it would be interesting but he was bald himself, he knew it was overrated!
“Please, Ed, it would mean so much to me…”

Hours later, Edward was back in the sex dungeon completing the clean-up of piss, sweat, bodily fluids, and human hair. He gave himself a reward, more sex in Becky’s bedroom.
His fingers drummed happily on Becky’s bare cranium as she sucked on his cock. He ran his nails across her bald skull, in awe. “I’ve never seen a bald girl before, not like totally bald, like me…”
The cool air brushed against Becky’s scalp, and the tingling sensations of Edward’s drumming fingers were unnerving and humiliating. Her long, cascading curls, which she had loved and taken for granted, had been cut cruelly away from her.
“Feels gay, feels like I’m getting a blow job from a boy!” Becky continued sucking on his cock, trying to get over the loss of her hair. But his cruel fingers and mocking tone did not stop.
“Your head is so shiny I can almost see my reflection on it!”
Edwina had laughed her head off, calling her a freak and an alien. This felt like it was close to the end, surely. Her hair had been such a part of her. The tattoos and the markings, the scars, the degradation had all been awful. But the loss of her hair felt like her personhood was being demolished.
As she swallowed Edward’s cum, he exhaled and pulled her up beside him.
“Don’t worry Becky, you are still pretty enough to fuck. We can get you wigs anyway.”
“But Ed, mummy doesn’t like me, I think she wants rid of me.”
Edward was coming to the same conclusion.
“Don’t worry Becky. I’m not ready to say goodbye to you yet. All the hassle we went through to get you, and all the hassle with your mum and those other girls, I will remind Edwina how lucky we are to have you! Hair or no hair, I see girls on the street every day and just want to fuck them, and can’t. It’s such a relief to have you, Becky.”
Edward stirred and face her.
“Do you like me, Becky.”
“I would like you, Ed, if you liked me, really, and not just as a piece of meat.”
“Haha, well I definitely like you as a piece of meat…” his fingers playfully pinched at the piercing between her eyes. “But I just don’t believe a girl like you will ever like me, so we have to do this…” he gestured around the dungeon.
Becky held on to him. “Please, protect me, will you?”
Edward kissed her on her bald head and smiled. “I will do my best, my little one.”

Suddenly, the security door opened. In came Edwina, followed by Lucifer.
“What the fuck, Ed. Why are you in bed with her, all lovey dovey!”
Edward panicked and got out of bed like he had been caught cheating on her.
“Sorry love, just taking a reward for cleaning up.”
Edwina was angry again. She did not feel comfortable being alone with Becky but would love to spend time in bed with her. “Why can’t I do what you are doing?”
“You can if you want…”
“Oh yeah and let her bite me again! She’s fucking dangerous Ed! You didn’t want to break her hands or her feet, so I have to fear for my fucking safety!”
Edwina spat venom at him. Becky wanted to hug Edward for protection but knew that any sign of affection towards him might anger her even more.
“Edwina, we’ve just shaved her hair off, and you’ve caned her…”
“I want to play with her now, by myself. I want you to tie her up for me!”
Edwina had taken her dressing gown off and was naked again, her arms folded, waiting for Edward’s response.
“OK, OK,” Edward still lived by ‘happy wife, happy life.’ I can tie her legs together and tie her wrists behind her back and tie that to a collar, she won’t be able to move much…”
“Can I open her legs?”
“Yes, as wide as you want, my darling.”
“Good” said Edwina. “Go on, do it.”
Edward kissed Becky on the top of her bald head, then led her over to the wall of the dungeon, out of the caged bedroom, and attached cuffs and a connecting string between her ankles, restricting her movement to only about a foot apart. He tied her wrists behind her back and clicked a collar around her neck. Then, using a cord, he secured the cuffs between her wrists to the collar, tightening it so much that her arms were pulled up painfully, her shoulder blades straining under the tension.
“Now Becky, you be a good girl for mummy OK? Play nicely!” Edward kissed her and smiled, looking into her eyes, as if to say ‘good luck.’ Becky trembled and a tear came out of her eye, pleading with him to stay.

After Edward departed, Edwina kissed Becky passionately. She wanted this to be her final sex session. She licked and kissed all over the teenager’s body, inhaling her, trying to create memories of this wonderful body.
She sucked on her nipple ring, her facial piercings, and her pussy piercings. She wondered if they would be taken out of her corpse, or if would they burn her and take the piercings from the ashes.
Despite her fear and pain, Becky worked hard to give Edwina
the best orgasm she could with her tongue, using all the tricks and knowledge she had gained over the last few months. She knew her pussy like a map, and her tongue detected her familiar G spot, and she watched her flabby belly vibrate as she came in her mouth.
“Hmmmm, it’s good now that it is just us girls, huh Becky?” Edwina smiled sleepily at Becky. “You know when I first met you, I thought you were the cutest girl ever.” She massaged Becky’s breasts while staring into her eyes. “I wanted you, but I’ve wanted many girls. I could never have dreamt this would happen. Having you here, it’s been the greatest thing, even better than being with Ed…”
Becky kissed her back and thought that maybe, just maybe, Edwina might be softening.
Lucifer was with them the whole time, wagging his tail.
“Now, Becky, I want you to suck Lucifer and let him fuck you. I want to watch. It’s raining really hard tonight, so we haven’t given him a walk.”
becky was determined to do anything. This was a fight for her life, she could feel it.
She crawled over to Lucifer on her knees, feeling the tension in her shoulders increase as the cord pulled her arms painfully upward. Each movement was slow and deliberate, her knees scraping against the floor, her balance precarious due to the limited range of motion in her legs.
Her movements were slow and unsteady, and this drew the mirth of Edwina. “Haha, you look so cute like that, baldy!”
Becky cringed at the name, even more so when the surprised Lucifer lapped at the top of her skull, puzzled at this human’s lack of hair.
“Haha” Edwina laughed. “Lucifer is wondering where the fuck your hair has gone! Now, kiss him!”
Becky could taste the sour dog food on his breath as she stuck her tongue, opened her mouth and let Lucifer’s giant tongue explore the inside of her mouth.
“Good, now suck his cock!”
Becky bent down and moved her face alongside his furry flank to get at his penis. It was still hidden in his hairy sheath, and she had no hands free, so she blindly licked around, hoping to provoke some horniness from the great Dane.
After some barks, she saw a hint of pink flesh appear. “You see that Becky” get your mouth around that and suck!”
Becky licked along the surface of the glistening pink penis, its taste salty and acidic but not daring to break away. The penis grew longer and she was able to get enough purchase to start sucking it. Her core muscles hurt from the strain of holding his position, bent over, hear arms behind her back, sucking back and forth on Lucifer’s cock.
“Fuck yes!” Edwina was masturbating behind her.
Lucifer broke off from her and barked, then sniffed around Becky’s ass.
“Oh Lucifer wants some pussy now!”
Becky tensed at the feeling of his tongue licking out her insides, and braced herself for his furry weight on her back and arms, crushing her down on the ground. His hind legs stabbed at her buttocks, his paws on her calves, seeking the entrance to her pussy as his tongue leaked saliva onto the side of her face.
When it entered, Becky screamed, it felt like her insides were being re-arranged, it was so big! Lucifer must have been really horny today.

Edwina was getting so horny watching Lucifer fuck her slave, then became irrationally jealous as she saw that Becky looked like she might be enjoying the huge cock expanding inside her.
She moved across and slapped Lucifer on the head. “Off, Lucifer, off that slut!”
Becky watched as the older woman greedily got down on her knees and started sucking on Lucifer’s cock. She badly wanted to massage her own pussy, but she could not reach it with her hands so high up her back.
“I can be as filthy as I want with you, Becky, I can fuck my dog even better than you can!” She laughed and took a break while Lucifer stood impassively, his tongue still leaking saliva.
“I don’t give a fuck what you think about me, you baldy bitch. I’m sure Ed told you, he was supposed to rape your precious mummy but he fucked that up. Well, just so you know, once you’re taken care of, I will be coming for your sister Genevieve. When I pick a girl, that’s it for them!”
Edwina cackled again and put her head back down between Lucifer’s legs.
Becky was stunned, what did she mean by “taken care of” was she going to kill her? And what about her sister again? It was all pointless, all her good behavior. This woman was going to torture her to death anyway.

Suddenly, Becky noticed something. The cane that Edwina had broken across her, had shattered into three pieces. Edward had cleaned up two, leaving one piece lying at the base of the rack, unnoticed.
It looked sharp.
Becky shuffled her bum to the side leaned back, and was able to lift it with her hands.
“All right, come here bitch, I want to taste your pussy, while Lucifer fucks me!”
Becky shuffled forwards slowly so that Edwina was able to grab her thighs, pull them apart and feast on her pussy. Becky watched the woman eating hungrily and aggressively, while above her, Lucifer’s black head panted, dripping saliva onto her hair, as the dog fucked Edwina.
It was a scene of depravity, but Becky was used to it all now.

Upstairs, Edward hoped that Edwina would tire herself out soon. He chuckled as he watched the monitor scenes of the doggy sex, and made some late-night snacks for the girls, with some drinks, to bring down in a few minutes as a peace offering to Edwina, hoping he might be able to join in. He was getting horny again…

Becky had the cane piece in her hand. The edges on both ends were very sharp. What could she do? She could pierce and ripe off the cord attaching her wrists to her neck, freeing her back and easing her pain, but if Edwina saw it, which she would, it could mean torture or even death.
Her dilemma was interrupted by searing pain as Edwina bit deeply into her pussy. Becky yelped and looked down, and saw Edwina’s eyes up at her glinting with malice.
She had no choice.
She sawed through the cord, and it snapped within a few seconds. Her wrists were still cuffed together, but they could extend down her back. Edwina had not noticed and was mewing loudly into Becky’s pussy as Lucifer was growling louder, and fucking her faster.
Becky panicked when she realized she could not saw through the wrist cuffs with the cane piece. She had one final thought. She could claim the cord had snapped by itself, or…
Becky’s feet had been resting on Edwina’s back. Suddenly, she pushed her legs up in the air, the restrictive cord between her ankles stretching slightly, and moved her knees over her face. With a mix of determination and discomfort, she maneuvered her arms through the loop of her legs, bringing her wrists forward over her buttocks. After a few tense seconds, she successfully pulled her arms out from behind her back, now cuffed in front of her body.
Edwina was surprised to see Becky’s pussy come away from her mouth, staring at the crossbones piercing above her asshole as she bent right backwards and pulled her arms over her.
“What the FUCK!” Edwina was speechless, but Lucifer’s cock was knotted inside her, she found she could barely move without pulling Lucifer who weighed almost as much as she did.
Becky was on her feet, shuffling on her restricted feet and her hands in front her, cuffed but now unattached to her neck collar, clutched a small piece of bamboo cane.
“BECKY! Get down on your knees NOW! Put that DOWN! You are in serious fucking trouble! Lucifer, get off me… LUCIFER!”
But Lucifer was happy to keep fucking her, his cock was still too enlarged to pull out of her vagina and he barked as she tried to yank them forwards, like angry siamese twins.
“ED! ED! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!” screamed Edwina, oblivious to the fact that Edward was not watching and certainly could not hear anything.
Becky thought of all the insults, injuries, punishments, the pain to her family, and hopped forwards.
Edwina screamed and held out her hands as the furious bald girl, her features seemingly even more alien with the metalwork, screeched at her, and she stabbed at her with the cane.
A furious fight started. Edwina was over twice her weight, but had no hair to pull, had the weight of a dog on top of her, and a large dog cock still stuck in her vagina. She also did not have the sharp object Becky did.
After furious swinging, scratching, biting, and snarling, Becky lost the cane piece. She backed off, looking for it, and was shocked to look at Edwina and see that it was lodged in her eye.
Edwina stayed perfectly still, her face a mixture of terror and pain, as Lucifer pulled out of her with a loud ‘plop.’ She got slowly to her feet, and gingerly pulled the cane piece right out of her eye with a sickening squelching sound, making Becky scream.
Edwina’s world was in red mist. She could just about make out the whips of a bald girl in front of her, still bound at her wrists and ankles, looking as scared as ever.
Enraged, finally free of Lucifer’s cock, Edwina ran towards Becky waving the bloody cane piece and screaming. Becky put her hands to her face to protect herself, but Edwina plunged the cane piece into her stomach.
“I’ll kill you Becky!” Edwina was spitting blood from her mouth, one of her eyes just a gory hole, and her other full of mania.

Suddenly, Lucifer jumped on Edwina’s back again and barked loudly. Edwina screamed as he bit on her back, then her arm, and her buttocks.
“AAAAgghh Lucifer, get off me!!!”
Becky crawled free, doubling over in pain. The cane piece was stuck into her side. She could die from this wound, she thought.
Lucifer had obeyed and was now sitting down, watching the two crazy naked human females face off again, each caked in blood.
Becky screamed as she pulled the cane piece out, and charged at Edwina again, this time stabbing her as fast as she could, all over her body, as she felt the older woman scratch and bite into her.
Edwina slipped, and fell down, losing all strength. Her body was now a mess of punctured and bloody flesh.
Becky was standing, but felt faint. She looked at the security door and hopped over.
There were three buttons. Code, thumbprint, voice. She knew the code, 03321. A green light appeared. She turned to the body of Edwina, apparently lifeless. She dragged her over, her huge weight proving a struggle, and pulled her thumb to the pad. Another green light.
She cursed as the voice button became activated. They normally turned this off.
She turned to Edwina and looked at her, and whispered.
“You are going to die. Ed is not going to kill me. He is going to take care of me, and then let me go.”
Edwina’s one remaining eye flickered. “Go fuck yourself, bitch.”
Becky looked at the door, another green light, and a clicking sound. The door was opened!
Becky went through, tasting freedom. She knew enough of descriptions of “downstairs” to know she had to get up to the surface somehow. The dark stairwell felt like another dimension as she struggled to hop up, her ankles still barely able to move more than a foot from each other.
She still had the cane piece, but it would be useless against Edward. And she was bleeding, profusely. She could feel the hot blood splashing all over her feet as she nearly slipped on it.
She got to the top, feeling about to faint from lack of blood, and saw the oak door separating her from the world outside.
She could not open it. She tried, but it was locked.
She cried, she could not overpower Edward. She would have to throw himself on his mercy. But Edwina…
If Edwina was still alive, at all, she would get Edward to torture her to death in the most obscene way possible. She might die anyway but…
She had to make sure Edwina was dead. If so, she might be able to convince Edward to do anything. If Edwina was still alive, she was done for.
She was just about to start hopping down again, to finish Edwina off, when she heard footsteps.

Edward hummed as he carried the tray of drinks and treats downstairs, clad in just a dressing gown. He had not bothered checking the monitor again,eager to surprise himself with what depravity his girls were getting up to! His cock was already erect and showing through his gown under the tray.
He unlocked the door to the secret passage, picked up his tray, and carefully made his way downstairs, humming again.
He had only got one step down when his bare feet made contact with a warm and slippery liquid, and he slipped. Trying to keep the tray steady only made things worse and he ended up somersaulting down the stairs to the bottom.

He was stunned when he got to his feet and cleared his head. He looked at the spilled red wine everywhere, aghast. What had he slipped on? He looked at the top of the stairs, the door was still open.
His sides hurt, what an idiot. He scooped up the plastic cups and empty wine bottles and put them on the ground. He better clean up…
As he walked back up the stairs, he realized the stains were not wine, it was blood! Was it his own?
Suddenly, he realized what had happened, a trail of blood was up the stairs. Someone had gone up, but had they got out? Surely he would have noticed and heard the secret door opening?
He went to the security door and made his way into the dungeon. He was confronted with a horrific sight, even by the dungeon’s standards.
His wife was naked, lying in a puddle of blood. She looked at him and he saw one of her eyes was now… just a void.
He scanned the room, but there was only Lucifer.
“Becky” croaked Edwina… “she escaped…”

Becky had been almost crushed by the door as it jammed against her. As the door swung back, she watched the large figure of Edward walk past her and down the stairs. She held her breath, he would sense her any second.
When he slipped, she seized her chance, and slipped out the door. She tip toed as quickly as her bound ankles would allow it, falling over several times, praying that no one would hear. The sensations of being in a normal house did not even register, she just wanted safety, the open air.
She came to a door with a key in the lock, she turned it, and after what seemed like several minutes it opened for her.
It was pouring rain outside. The cold hit her like an electric shock. Other than cold showers, it was the one deprivation she had not gotten used to.
She seemed to be in a back garden
“HELP ME!!” she shouted, but it was so loud with rain, and dark, that no one seemed to be around. She saw lights on in other houses as if this were the suburbs.
She turned around and was petrified to see Edward standing at the back door, his face stony, and his fists clenched. She was soaking wet and cold, and losing energy from the bleeding.
But she could not go back. She looked around and saw a wall, about chest height at the end of the garden. She hopped towards it and pulled herself up on it.
“Becky, come back here!” Edward was marching towards her. She looked back, then at what was on the other side of the wall but could see nothing other than a few branches.
“Becky, please come back inside, I forgive you…”
“As she felt his hand touch her legs, she screamed and forced herself off the wall, and that was the last thing that she remembered…

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