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The Parker Project 14

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The Pembrokes tackle Becky’s mother and Edwina gets unexpected news

Chapter 14
Eleanour Parker had spent her life playing and working hard. Now in her forties, she still had a spectacular figure. Clad in yoga pants, a tight vest top, a baseball cap, and trainers, she cut a sleek and attractive figure as she ran hard at 6 am, preparing herself for another busy day at work. With each stride, she pounded the quiet pavement, her thoughts focused solely on her work schedule and her beloved Genevieve, who now meant everything to her.
She did not pay any attention to the white van parked beside her, watching her.
“God she is amazing, but remember Emma Bradley? We don’t have a good track record trying to catch runners” remarked Edward Pembroke.
“I believe in you Ed, that’s why I want you to tackle her, like in rugby, and proper punch her, hit her, knock her her out. None of this soft shit. Knock her about then rape her, OK?”
“Sure we can’t bring her home afterwards?”
Edwina sighed, exasperated. “No, Ed. That bitch’s daughter is enough of a handful. That Eleanour is too… intimidating, sorry. And she’s too old for us! If it was her daughter Genevieve then I’d say yes, but I just want this bitch fucked up.”
“And you’re sure I won’t get caught?”
“Not if you keep the ski mask on and wear a condom.”
“What if it comes off? It had happened with that blonde when we spiked those girls’ drinks.”
“Yeah, I never said at the time because those three guys raped her afterward, and we never heard anything from the police, but it ripped on my cock halfway through. She was virgin, so tight!”
“Ed, you idiot, you should have told me!”
“What difference would it have made?”
“I don’t know but, God, just tell me everything from now on OK!”
Edwina thought again about their crazy scheme. Why was she so desperate to see Eleanour raped? It seemed crazy they would get away with this. But most rapists were either known to the victim or were opportunistic sex offenders living nearby. Edward had a clean record, lived nearly a hundred miles away, and had no reason to want to attack Eleanour. The idea he would plan this rape in this secluded area seemed fanciful, for what motive?
But what if Eleanour ran away, or took off his ski mask, or overpowered him?
“You know Ed, you were prepared to kill that red head at the beach, you’ve got to be prepared to kill Eleanour if she sees your face, or if she looks like she might get away OK?
The plan was to rob her, take her phone, rape her, then tie her to the railings and gag her, while driving away. Eleanour would break free herself in a few minutes, and it would be too late.
“I have seen how much this woman upsets you, Edwina. And for you, I would do anything. If you think this is a good idea and we will get away with it, I will do it, and don’t worry, I’ll kill her.”
“Good. And if the condom breaks, then, well we will have to bring her home with us, can’t have her walking to the police or lying around with your cum inside her.”
“I take it we kill her at home, then?”
“Yeah, then burn the body.”
“We might as well keep her for a few days, let her see Becky again. They might enjoy each other’s pussies with a bit of encouragement” Edward mused.
Edwina suddenly had the sick thought of slitting Eleanour’s throat in front of Becky. What had happened to her? She was now a full-blown psychopath, but yet it all seemed so rational. Eleanour had offended her, and insulted her, and sexually excited her. Therefore it was logical to have her raped and possibly murdered to cover up their tracks.
They drove around and double-checked there was no CCTV footage in the area.

The following day, Edwina and Edward were back and waiting, this time for real. “Will be nice to have a lie in” laughed Edward. “Never mind that, get your mind sharp, your dick hard, and your fists ready. Keep that knife handy too.”
Edward felt like complaining he was doing all the work. But sticking his cock into the delectable Mrs parker did not really feel like work if he got away with it.

Eleanour Parker had a secret that even the Pembrokes had not guessed. She was having an affair with her personal trainer Manuel, from Argentina.
On this morning, they were planning a rendevouz a little further along, safe from prying eyes, where hardly anyone ever went, certainly not at 6 in the morning.

Like clockwork, Eleanour appeared around the bend. Edwina sat in the van, armed with her own knife in case she needed to help her husband.
Edward was ready, his fleece, gloves, trousers, balalaclava, ski mask all protected him from the cold and his condom was already on his rock-hard cock. Watching pre-recorded videos of Eleanour running had already got him going. In his hand, he held a nine inch serrated knife.
Despite the chill in the air, he was horny as hell. The thrill of attacking girls, the four attempts in the last year (Sheila Johanson, Amanda Falstaff, Emma Bradly, Becky Parker) had just made him want to do it more.
Eleanour Parker, in her yoga pants and sports bra, was running along the isolated path, completely unaware of the danger lurking nearby. All she was thinking about, other than her family and work, was the handsome Manuel, waiting for her.
As she passed a large bush, Edward sprang out with sudden ferocity and rugby-tackled Eleanour. She grunted, barely having time to squeal before Edward punched her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Wheezing and desperate to scream for help, she saw him slash the knife toward her.
Eleanour, aware that her lover Manuel was close by, felt a surge of terror and wondered how to alert him. Her mind raced, searching for any way to signal her distress. She suddenly saw a van, parked nearby, and thought she saw someone inside and tried to wave, desperately trying to make herself scream to attract their attention.
Inside the van, Edwina watched, her face a contortion of fascination, hatred, and adrenaline. She clenched her fists, her eyes glued to the scene, willing her man on as he attacked Eleanour.
As he felt the strong, firm legs encased in the skin-tight leggings, an animalistic lust took over Edward. Brandishing the knife, he leaned closer, his voice a venomous hiss.
“Don’t say anything, you bitch. Keep your mouth shut and stay on the ground!” he snarled, through his mask.
Eleanour froze at the sight of the knife, the mask, and the powerful build of this animal behind the clothes. He reached down and yanked at the hem of her leggings, tearing them down to her ankles in one swift motion. In the process, he pulled them off completely, knocking one of her trainers off her foot. Her mind raced with fear and desperation as she lay vulnerable on the ground, the cold air biting at her exposed skin.
Edward lost himself at the sight of the bare legs, the slinky black thong his only obstacle left. Edwina, watching, hoped Edward would yank that thong off and bring it home as a trophy. She grunted at the van window like aN angry dog barking in kennel, and did not notice the tall muscular latin runner approaching.
Edward took his hard cock out of his trousers, testing the condom. Eleanour cried quietly. “Please…. please don’t rape me, just take my phone.”
Edward suddenly grew angry. He had this bitch, but he was encased in plastic, his hands, face and cock. Why could he not cum inside her? Why not drag her home. He didn’t care if he had to kill her or not. He wanted his bare skin on his beautiful female body.
“Take your fucking knickers off, now” he growled, holding his knife in the air over her, ready to strike.
Trembling, Eleanour pulled them down, and Edward impatiently got to his knees, his eyes going from Eleanour’s terrified face, down her toned abdomen, to her pussy, the thin Brazilian strip above it leading to the tight cleft he was looking forward to blasting open.
Eleanour focussed on two things, his knife, and his cock, both about eight inches, each looking like they were going to pierce her very soon. She was shaking, both from the cold, and the knowledge this animal was going to rape her.
“Come on Ed!” Edwina almost cheered.
Suddenly, Edward’s world spun as he received a blow to the side of his head. Dazed, he looked toward the source and saw an angry face framed by black curly hair, a dark Latin visage, followed by a fist smashing through his ski mask.
“Manuel!” shouted Eleanour thankfully.
Eleanour scrambled to her feet, grabbing a rock, and joined in the attack on her would-be rapist. Edward let his instincts take over, swinging his knife wildly. He felt the blade make contact with their bodies, but the adrenaline-fueled fury of his opponents didn’t falter. Manuel landed another powerful punch, while Eleanour brought the rock down hard on Edward’s arm, forcing him to drop the knife.
Edwina was aghast. If only she had a gun! She gripped her knife, would she be of any help?
But Edward soon regained the upper hand. Manuel was dripping with blood, his movements slowing. Edward turned to Eleanour, who was trying to rip off his ski mask. With a furious shove, he threw her to the ground and picked up his knife again. Manuel, gripping his side and now drenched in blood, watched in horror as Edward prepared to strike.
Summoning his remaining strength, Manuel lunged at Edward, tackling him with a desperate force. He managed to knock the knife from Edward’s hand, sending it skittering across the path again.
Edward, realizing he was outmatched, shoved Manuel off him with a final burst of energy and scrambled to his feet. He glanced back at the pair, his eyes filled with frustration and rage, before turning and fleeing towards the van.
“Fuck” shouted Edward as he got into the passenger seat. Edwina, who had the engine running, put her foot down and drove off before he had the chance to shut the door.
“Christ” Edward checked for wounds. “I dropped the knife.”
“It doesn’t have your fingerprints does it?”
“No, don’t think so. Fuck, where did that bastard come from?”
“Oh God, Ed, we need to get out of here!”
They drove for twenty minutes before Edwina stopped the van and let Edward take over. They hugged briefly.
“Sorry, Ed, I made you do it, if we go down for this, we both go down!”
“I love you Edwina, I don’t care, I will do anything for you.”
Eleanour was grateful to get her knickers and yoga pants back on and tended to Manuel. The cuts to his arm and side were not as deep as she feared.
“Oh my God, Manuel, thank you. Oh God, that man, he came out of nowhere, he was going to rape me!” Eleanour suddenly broke down in tears, shaking in fear.
“Don’t worry, Eleanour, he didn’t. We fought him off.”
“We should call the police!” Eleanour exclaimed, but then a thought struck her. She remembered her husband and the suspicions he harbored. An attempted rape, and what if the investigation revealed Manuel had saved her? Why was she meeting Manuel at this hour? She knew her husband had his suspicions.
“Oh… God,… maybe not yet… Manuel, we need to get you to a hospital,” she said, breathing hard.
“Eleanour, I don’t want my husband to know about us. God, for now, I don’t want the police to know…”
“It’s OK, I understand, but that maniac could target someone else.”
Eleanour felt awful and conflicted. “For now, Manuel, let’s get you to the hospital. You need care. We’ll talk on the way.”
Even through the shock and terror, Eleanour knew she could not report this to the police. She had to keep this quiet for the sake of her marriage.

The Pembrokes were quiet for the rest of the day. Edwina made her husband a full English dinner, and nursed his injuries, which were pretty minimal.
“You’re still my hero, Ed” she purred. “That bitch still had a fight, you still got her knickers off. If it wasn’t for that fucking Paki, you’d have had her. I’m so sorry I never noticed him”
“It was bad luck Edwina, but we got away. I’ve thrown out those number plates. God, how many near misses have we had? We are playing with fire, forget about being careful, we need to just count our blessings and not play these games any more.”
“I agree, Ed” Edwina cast a loving look at her man as she hugged him. “We have each other, and that little pussy downstairs, and we don’t need anything more.”
They both smiled and resolved to embrace their good fortune and not overreach themselves.

The next day, Edward had taken the day off, to hide his slight injuries from his colleagues. He chose to spend it in bed with Becky.
“So, are you going to tell me what happened with my mum?”
“Never mention this to Edwina, Becky, OK? You can probably guess because she is so quiet about it. Just don’ bring up your mother at all in front of her, and call Edwina ‘mummy’ remember.”
Becky was lying on Ed’s chest. He had just pounded her doggy style, and they were having a break. She knew that he would expect hours of sex today.
“Please, can you just tell me if she is OK?”
“Yeah, she is OK. She got away, didn’t she, the sexy little eel.”
Becky almost cried inwardly with relief. She rubbed her face into Edward’s chest to hide her smile.
“I still gave your mum a fright though. I don’t know if your dad has ever hit her, but the look on her face, wass so different to her normal stuck-up look! I had her running bottoms down to her ankles, I even had her knickers off, oh Becky I was so close..”
Edward spoke about the affair like a sadly missed connection, not a brutal rape of his lover’s mother that had been thwarted.
Edward got out of bed and began to re-enact the affair in front of Becky, who remained naked on the bed, propped up on her elbow, watching him with morbid fascination. He moved with fervor, mimicking the earlier struggle as if he were a boy re-enacting a scene from an action movie. His gestures were animated, his voice rising and falling dramatically as he recounted the fight, his flaccid ut long cock waving about between his legs, the adrenaline still coursing through him.
Becky listened with horror as he spoke of how he had punched her mother, ripped her trouser and knickers off her, and was about to get his cock inside her when this mysterious stranger turned up.
As Edward excitedly re-enacted the three-way fight with him, Manuel, and her mother, waving an imaginary knife, Becky watched intently. She wondered who this hero was, silently thanking him in her mind. As she lay there, she prayed that one day someone could rescue her from her own hell, just as this man had saved her mother.
“Do you think my mum is OK, did you stab her?”
“Nah, I didn’t stab her, I stabbed that other bastard though.” Edward stuck his chest out with pride. “Do-gooding cunt. If I saw a man raping a woman, I’d let him get on with it. Bitches need raping, they do.”
His face changed, his cock started to grow erect. He looked at Becky, her piercings shining all over her face, making her look like some ancient American slave girl, and thought back to the terrified figure of her mother, prone on the ground, face agape with horror, her pussy exposed.
“This is what I would have done to your mum if that cunt had not shown up!” And he pounced down on Becky, driving his cock inside her with one movement as she squealed with pain and surprise, and fucked her with a vengeance.
They lay together afterward, breathing heavily. Becky rubbed her sore pussy, that fucking had been hard and brutal, no doubt a substitute for Edward, for what he had wanted to do that yesterday morning.
“You know, it’s Edwina’s fault. I was like, if we are going to target your mum, why not bring her down here?”
Becky stirred again. “She wanted my mum raped because she doesn’t like her.”
“Yeah, but I was only interrupted cos I had to fuck your mum there and then. I had her down, I could have tied her up, carried her to the van, and driven off. Instead, I had to get my cock out and fuck her there and then, that’s what the delay was, that’s why I got caught.”
Becky listened in a daze. There had been months of these earnest morbid talks with Edward, theorizing how to hurt her and her family. She barely ever detected any deliberate taunts in him, he seemed to genuinely have no empathy or self awareness whatsoever, maybe he was more dangerous than Edwina?
“Edwina has two types of girls, there are girls we fuck and leave, and girls we bring back here. And your mum was a girl we were just gonna fuck. But it’s so much hassle, if we aren’t gonna have her down here to fuck when and how we like, I say I’d rather have a fucking cup of tea!”
“But now my mum got away, what are you going to do?”
“We will lie low. You know, Becky, if my condom had burst while fucking her, or if she saw my face, I would have had to bring her back, we couldn’t let her go after that, I was half hoping that’s what would happen, that I could tell Edwina, we gotta bring this bitch back…”
Becky had dreaded that. Seeing her mother, the woman she respected so much, being dragged naked and crying and having to genuflect in front of Edwina and this dumb oaf, seeing her daughter like this, and then having to…”
“Bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you Becky!” Edward stuck his finger in her mouth, playing with the studs on her tongue. “Seeing your real mummy again. How the tables would turn! She would be so angry at seeing your tattoos and piercings haha”
Edward suddenly made a silly face and adopted a high-pitched voice. “Becky, you naughty girl, getting those tattoos and piercings. You are so naughty!” He chuckled to himself, embodying the persona of Eleanour, as he imagined her scolding Becky for her choices. “Yeah your mum would not like those tattoos, especially the ‘mummys little cunt one’ haha how would you explain that?”
“I would tell my mum that it was done to me by you, I didn’t choose to have this done.”
“Haha yeah I know, I was only joking” Edward grinned at Becky, he was up on one elbow now, playing with her face and the piercings.
“I think your mum would be fucking terrified like you were. Would be quite a chance. You’d have seniority for the first time. You would have to teach her the way of things down here, how to lick pussy, how Edwina likes it. How to suck my cock, lick me, do all that stuff, She would have to learn from you.”
“Well,” said Becky, trying to keep her voice calm. “It’s not going to happen now is it, because my mum got away from you, and it would be crazy for you to try something more, you might get caught.”
“Yeah” Edward sighed. “Though if we did have your mum back here, it would only have been for a short time. We couldn’t keep both of you. Don’t want an older woman here. Would have been just a few weeks of fun then we’d have had to get rid of her.”
Becky’s eyes finally broke. “So you would kill her?”
“Oh Becky, don’t be like that” Edward ran his finger along her tear path, and tasted it. “Your mum is safe, but yeah, that is probably what would have happened. Your mum is sexy but she would have been a pain in the ass, not something we want long term.”
“What about me, Ed. Can I dream I won’t be killed soon. How long are you going to keep me?” Becky was panicking. Her mum’s escape gave her hope, she might get out of here. She needed to stay alive.
“Well, I wouldn’t worry about saving for a pension, Becky let me just say that” laughed Edward jovially. “You got nothing to worry about short term if you behave. But just think of it like… you’re here for a good time, not for a long time, OK?”
Becky did not like the sound of that. She did not consider this a good time, and did not like what short time meant. The horrible uncertainty of when and how this couple might murder her was making everything more unbearable. She had to be proactive, she had to do something. She could not meekly become a pile of ashes or wormfood as they went on to the next girl.
Edward moved himself down the bed, playing with the piercings in her pussy and below. “Hmm mummy’s little cunt” he read out the tattoo above her pussy, I think all this rape talk has got me hungry.”
Becky sighed and tried to think, through the munching on her clit, of how she could do something, anything.

A few days later, Edwina was due to meet Angela again. The attempted rape had not been reported in the local news and she hoped that there was nothing to link them to the attack. She therefore was able to relax while waiting for the gorgeous, troubled girl to arrive. She was not done yet, and after the initial horror of the aftermath of the failed rape had worn off, she was still hopeful that Angela might be a viable target.
Her preparation for the meeting was contained in a notebook, but was very unlike that of a normal therapist. It was instead a plan of what to ask to establish her routine, clues as to her address, and vulnerabilities that might assist in planning a kidnapping.
She was a little put off, therefore, when she saw that Angela had brought a friend, a blonde woman wearing a large thick puffa jacket.
“Oh hi Edwina” smiled Angela, sweetly. “Thank you for meeting me, I hope you don’t mind I brought a friend. This is Shay.”
Edwina smiled at Angela, kissing her on the cheek, savouring the teenager’s fresh skin, and turned to her friend and kissed her.
There was something about her that was familiar, as Angela introduced her.
“You are so good Edwina, and I mentioned it to Shay here, and I said you guys have to meet. Shay here is one of my best friends!”
Angela and Shay held hands and looked at each other as if they shared a deep bond. Shay took off her jacket, to reveal she was heavily pregnant.
“You see, Shay was with me, when the incident happened, back in June.”
“Hi Mrs Pembroke” Shay spoke for the first time and smiled at Edwina.
Suddenly, Edwina recognized her. It was Sheila Johnson, the girl they had spiked and raped in the van.
Edwina tried desperately to maintain her composure. There didn’t seem to be a flicker of recognition on the face of Shay, or Sheila, Johnson. Instead, she appeared warm and enthusiastic to meet this new stranger.
“Angela and I are like sisters, Mrs. Pembroke; she has told me so much about you.”
“Oh… good,” Edwina swallowed hard, trying to keep up the facade.
Edwina thought of her face pressed against the van window, her eyes bloodshot and vacant, her hair tangled and her body limp. She remembered the taste of her hair, her pussy, her lips, and her skin, the memory of her husband pounding her while she watched.
This contrasted sharply with the sweet pregnant teenager in front of her.
“Shay got pregnant on the same night as me, but she is much stronger than me, so much braver, aren’t you Shay,” Angela said, reaching out to hold Shay’s hand.
“No, Angela, we both made different decisions; you are just as strong as me,” Shay replied, looking back kindly at Angela.
“Oh I am so sorry Edwina! You must be clueless as to what we are on about” Shay apologized and put her hand on Edwina’s knee. Instead of a frisson of lust, Edwina felt dread.
The girls explained what had happened, as Edwina had to pretend to be shocked, and concerned. She thought of Edward’s burst condom. At least, she thought, those other three boys must have fucked her, maybe more.
“…and you see, those three boys, they didn’t do anything. They could have gone to prison if it wasn’t for that doorcam footage!”
Shay explained that the doorcam footage showed the boys in the park, taking Shay through, but not actually raping her. Instead, they had, they claimed, tried to help her. The truth was somewhere in between, she had already been raped and was bleeding from her vagina and this had put them off.
“So it took months, but they dropped charges against the boys and by then it was too late to find anything about this white van they spoke about. Anyway, my faith meant I could never get rid of this baby, so I am determined I will give it her a good upbringing.”
“Her?” Edwina’s face had drained of colour and she could barely say the word.
“Yes, I know the gender, the due date is March 15h!”
Edwina did not want to probe further. Once the baby was born, that would almost certainly be Edward’s child. A DNA test would confirm it, and he would be arrested for rape. He had no criminal record, but all it would take was some cousin signing up to a genetics company and the police might narrow it down, she had read all about it.
The meeting ended and both girls hugged Edwina. “What a lovely woman,” Shay said to her friend. “It is so reassuring to know that there are such good people in the world.”

Edwina thought about what to do. How would Edward react to the news he was about to be a father? How would he react to news he would almost certainly be arrested at some point in the future? They would have to leave the country. She resolved to keep the news to herself for now.
She pondered her options. She googled how to end pregnancies. Perhaps she could have a follow-up meeting with Shay and put something in her drink that would end the pregnancy. No one would suspect her, it would be a sad late-term miscarriage.

Eleanour had interrupted an important partner-level meeting at her law firm to cry in the toilets. She hadn’t told anyone about the attempted rape, not her husband nor the police. She had paid for a private doctor to tend to Manuel, who was recovering well physically, but the psychological impact had been devastating.
She had always considered herself powerful, important, and strong, but the vulnerability she experienced shocked her to the core. Her husband grew increasingly curious about her screams in the middle of the night, unaware of the nightmares haunting her.
Then came even darker nightmares, haunting her sleep with vivid scenes of the attacker threatening her daughter, Becky. In her dreams, Becky screamed for help, just as Eleanour had with Manuel. But instead of Manuel coming to the rescue, there was no one, only the black-clad attacker closing in with his knife. Eleanour would wake in a cold sweat, her heart pounding in terror, the imagined cries for help echoing in her mind long after the nightmare had faded.

Edwina arranged a meeting with Sheila ‘Shay’ Johnson and prepared carefully. Just as she had spiked her drink eight months ago to have her raped and impregnated, now she would spike her again to take the baby away. She was nervous without Edward’s help and wished she could rely on him.
She practiced with her old wrist syringe and hoped that she would get enough of it in to kill the foetus completely. This bitch, she thought, would keep the baby at all costs, so she had to be sure to get it.
Shay hugged Edwina at the local cafe, and Edwina playfully patted her stomach, marvelling at the expanded tummy.
“Goodness, Shay, you are about to burst!”
Shay babbled happily about how happy she would be to be a mother. She spoke of how the incident must have been God’s plan, and she would make sure her child would grow up to be a decent person.
Edwina wondered, idly, if she would incriminate Edward if she knew he was the father. Surely she wouldn’t want the child’s father to be known as a rapist? maybe they could even cut a deal?
No, she thought, better if Edward did not know about this. She had a paranoid thought of this lovely blonde girl even partnering up with her husband to raise the child.
But Shay kept the top on her coffee cup the whole time. Edwina was a little baffled and finally gave in. “Shay dear, why are you drinking your coffee like you are outside?” Edwina had hers in a nice, open cup.
“Oh, sorry Edwina. Ever since the incident, well, I am paranoid about having my drink spiked. I don’t leave it when I go to the toilet even. Oh, but of course, I don’t think you will do anything!” she giggled and held onto Edwina’s arm. “No, Edwina, but there are bad people out there. You and I, we should be careful. Women should look out for each other.”
Edwina smiled and agreed. She never got a chance to spike her coffee. As they walked out, Edwina saw another pregnant woman, with an adoring husband, looking like the perfect couple. “Fucking bitches” Edwina mumbled, thinking of both Shay and this other woman. She maliciously squirted in the direction of the pregnant woman’s coffee cup as Shay distracted her by comparing their bumps excitedly and their talk of their future babies. She cheered evilly as she got it, and smiled at the young woman, a beautiful woman with dark hair and eyes, with a lovely smile, who looked in her thirties.
“We thought it would never happen” the other woman smiled. “My husband and I, spent years trying, but finally, I’m six months gone!”
“Oh, that is wonderful!” cooed Edwina. “I am sure it will be a beautiful child!”
Edwina’s wide smile was not about the woman’s joy or the happy arrival. Rather it was that this stranger, whom she had never met, would soon be devastated by an unexplained miscarriage, ruining her marriage, perhaps, and her last chance at having children. The woman was so happy, so radiant, that it gave Edwina even more happiness knowing she was going to take it from her.
But suddenly, her husband appeared.
“Dilan, we have to go now!”
“Oh, I haven’t finished my coffee”
“No time for that, come on, the train is leaving!”
“Oh, well bye to both of you.!”
Shay waved them both goodbye with a happy smile. Edwina forced the same smile, cursing that she had failed to spike the drink of either of these women. Her plans had failed.

Edwina cursed herself. That bitch! If only they had brought her back, or if Edward’s condom had not burst, or if the stupid bitch had just got an abortion like Angela had. The consequences could be devastating, the child would be a sword of Damocles over them.
They would have to move away and soon. Emigrate. As soon as the child was born, in a few weeks, the clock would be ticking. They would have no warning when doom would strike.
The first thing was, they had to hide the sex dungeon evidence before moving. And before that, they had to get rid of Becky, all without letting Edward know he was about to be a father.

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