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The Parker Project 13

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The Pembrokes repair their relationship while Becky’s suffering continues

Chapter 13

Edward and Edwina’s relationship grew stronger after her wonderful birthday party. Becky, on the other hand, needed a lot of attention. The Pembrokes feared she might die, and eventually, they had to dress her almost like a mummy to try and cover the wounds as they tried to heal all over her body.
Edwina and Edward gave serious thought to how to dispose of her body. “What about a nice rose bush? We could bury her there, and plant roses on her, every year, we would have lovely roses with her scent!” Edward grew fond of the idea.
“Ha, yeah, well, much as the thought of smelling roses that grew out of her decomposing cunt is appealing to me..” Edwina drawled sarcastically. “There is no way that bitch is staying around here. She will need fucking burning, that’s what.”
Edward was a little taken aback at the harsh language, despite essentially agreeing that Becky might have to be murdered.
Edwina had more meetings with Genevieve. She smiled at the earnest young girl, so bright and full of hope for the future. Unblemished by piercings or bruising. She could faintly make out her nipples through her blouse and imagined Becky’s piercing going through it. She wondered if this girl’s big sister would be dead by the time she got home. Maybe she could even bring Becky’s ashes to the Parker household, and put it in their tea? she smiled at the evil thought.
“Sorry, is there something funny?” Genevieve asked her suddenly.
“Oh sorry, my head is away in the clouds…”
“I was talking about that incident at my school, where I was kicked by that bully Simone, at school and now she is suspended.”
“Oh yes, I am so sorry, Genevieve, forgive me, I have a full day with some traumatic cases today. But it’s very poor form to drift off, please, tell me more…”
Genevieve was starting to lose faith in Edwina Pembroke as a good listener. She had also noticed her dirty knickers kept going missing, and that the old woman’s eyes were often straying between her legs if she ever wore a skirt. After the initial novelty of having such a humble working-class woman to talk with, she noticed that she did not seem to know much about psychology.
Eleanor felt the same way. She had recovered somewhat from the shock of losing Becky and felt it was time to “move on.” Mrs Pembroke had served her purpose but was now an unwelcome reminder of the tragedy.
As Edwina watched Eleanor, her eyes couldn’t help but linger on the curves accentuated by the tight gym outfit. But any admiration was swiftly replaced by shock as Eleanor’s dismissive tone cut through the air.
“Ah, Mrs. Pembroke,” Eleanor began, her voice as cool as her demeanor, “Sorry to be abrupt, but your services won’t be needed anymore. Genevieve doesn’t require further therapy at the moment. You’ve been helpful, but it’s best to leave this in the past for now.”
Edwina’s disbelief was palpable as Eleanor continued, her dismissal delivered with a finality that left no room for argument. “We’ll pay you for today and one more session, but we don’t expect to see you again. Goodbye and good luck.”
As Eleanor walked away, her figure-hugging attire seemed to mock Edwina’s shock, her perfect ass wiggling at her, mocking her.

“It’s all right, darling, there there.”
Edward wrapped his arms around Edwina, offering comfort as she cried in the living room. The realization that she might never see Genevieve again hit her hard, she had not realised how much of a crush she had developed on the young girl. And on Eleanour.
“It’s not fair, Ed,” Edwina sobbed, her voice choked with emotion as tears streamed down her red face. “I really wanted them. I wanted to be them. Why is it that we never get what we want? They get everything. Eleanor… she just looked at me like… like I was chewing gum on her shoe…” Her words were punctuated by heaving sobs, the weight of rejection and inadequacy bearing down on her.
Edward’s words offered a sliver of solace to Edwina amid her turmoil. “Always remember, Edwina, we both got dealt bad hands, but we made the most of it. We have each other,” he reassured her, his voice steady despite her tears. “And well, when we wanted something, we just took it. Remember, life is not fair; it is what it is, and we acted on it.”
Edwina wiped her eyes. “Yes, you’re right Ed!” She squeezed his hand. “We took their Becky. Fuck Eleanour, but I want her to know, I want her to see what I’ve done to her daughter, whipped red raw and beaten.” Edwina’s face was now clenched and ugly with anger. “I don’t want it to be just Becky, Ed. Promise me there will be other girls. And we will do something to those Parker girls, we have to!”
Edward was taken aback. “Look, steady on, Edwina. Why don’t we just forget about the Parker family. We have taken their daughter away from them, OK we can’t taunt them about it, but they’re ruined. We won, we have a beautiful young girl under our floorboards, why risk everything for those bitches?”
Edwina nodded her agreement and let her head fall sadly on Edward’s chest. But she could not stop thinking of Genevieve, she reminded Edwina of her first crush, a smart, kind good good-looking girl, who had always been nice to her. Then one day, Edwina had tried to kiss her, and that girl had called her a lesbian in front of everyone and bullied her for the last years of school. Being horribly bullied by someone she adored had left a lasting impact on Edwina. Maybe it was why she was such a fucked up person today. Too bad that girl had grown up and emigrated to the USA, she thought.
“How is Becky, anyway?” she asked, absent-mindedly.
“She is recovering, I think, not bleeding anymore. She just looks purple and black now like a Teletubby!” he chuckled.
“Sorry Ed, I was very self-indulgent on my birthday, but you know, always remember, she is not really a person. When we get them into our basement, they’re not people anymore. They are toys to do with what we want. I do not want you to be feeling guilty about her, OK?”
“No, don’t worry!” Edward did feel guilty, but as soon as he did, his mind wandered straight back to his libido which cured him of all empathy for the suffering girl.

As Becky recovered, she did have some time away from being a sex toy, though still had to provide her mouth and asshole for the Pembrokes to play with. Her lisp finally healed, much to the Pembrokes’ disappointment, as they had loved her comical stutter.

Edwina continued to work in the private sector. On one occasion, she had a meeting to cover a colleague and met a seventeen year old girl, Angela Candelema. As Edwina entered the room, she couldn’t help but notice Angela’s striking appearance – her fine figure and lovely face were undeniable. Yet, despite her beauty, Angela appeared sullen and depressed. Concerned, Edwina approached her. “What’s wrong, love?” she asked gently. “Why is a pretty girl like you so sad?” Her tone was empathetic, concern evident in her voice as she reached out to Angela.
Angela smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, I don’t know if you had time to read my file, I usually see Justine.”
“Oh Justine was ill, yes sorry”
“Yeah well, I cut myself again. I’m sorry…”
“There there” Edwina leaned in and fugged the poor vulnerable girl. “Tell me what is the matter.”
“It all started, back in the summer… when … ”
Angela put her head in her hands, she was stammering.
“Oh, Mrs Pembroke…”
“Call me Edwina, please”
Edwina held Angela gently, soothing the girl, while admiring the feel of her firm figure and the smell of her hair. “Shh, it’s okay, Angela,” she murmured softly, rubbing her back in comforting circles. “You’re safe now. Take your time, there’s no rush. You can tell me when you’re ready.”
Angela nodded, her tears slowly subsiding as she found some comfort in Edwina’s embrace. Gathering her thoughts, she began to recount the harrowing ordeal she had faced. Edwina listened intently.
“Last summer… I was out celebrating with my friends, it was the end of GCSEs. And, we were drinking, sorry I know we shouldn’t but we didn’t have much! But, after a certain point, nobody remembers anything, none of our friends! And I woke up in… in ….”
Poor Angela went quiet and sobbed as she held on to Edwina. Edwina’s grip on her back tightened imperceptibly. Surely, it couldn’t be?
“I woke up in this house with these guys, I was naked, and there was.. drugs.. and they were naked. We had sex, I know, and I went home. I don’t remember it.”
She had moved back, composing herself, wiping away her tears, and Edwina had another look at her face.
It was the girl in the blue dress, who had been dancing so happily, who had inspired both Edward and Edwina to start their campaign of kidnap. Edwina had sprayed her table with the drugs. She had been spiked, but she had not been the girl Edward and Edwina had raped in the back of the van…
“Well, I tried to hide it from my parents, and I did nothing. But… then I found out I was pregnant.”
Edwina raised an eyebrow.
“I had to… get an abortion.” Angela’s voice trembled as she uttered the words, her whole body quaking with the weight of her confession. “I… I had no choice,” she choked out, her eyes brimming with tears.
Edwina hugged her again, offering what little comfort she could at that moment. “I’m so sorry, Angela,” she whispered. “That must have been incredibly difficult for you.”
“But my parents, they blamed me, they are really religious, and they kicked me out. I had to go to foster for a while and well now, I’m in a flat, but my parents, won’t speak to me, and, I just can’t get over it, I keep trying to remember, what happened. I know I was raped, I just feel like that one night had ruined my life. I was all set to go university, I haven’t been to school since, I don’t know what I’m gonna do now…”
As if the weight of her admission was too much to bear, she collapsed into a torrent of sobs.
Edwina stroked her hair, and looked down her back at her tight t shirt, her slim back tapering into her jeans, the glimpse of bare flesh.
She had spiked this girl, and she had no idea the friendly youth worker she was chatting to had been the one who had ruined her life! Edwina smiled over her shoulder as she felt the girl’s fresh tears on her shoulder. She couldn’t help but recall the vibrant, effervescent girl she had seen in the bar. The memory of Angela twirling in her slinky dress, radiating joy and beauty, contrasted sharply with the broken figure before her. Edwina was happy. Happy that this bitch had been broken, even though someone else had raped her. She must check her files, she thought. Maybe she would be a prime candidate to “disappear” like Becky and join her in their underground sex dungeon.

Edward had been started when Edwina shared the details with him, but they both laughed as they realised they had got away with it, and poor Angela had been raped and her life turned upside down, in addition to the poor blonde girl they had raped themselves.
“Well done those men!” cheered Edward. She was so hot, God I wish we could have taken her as well as the blonde girl.
“Haha, well she was fit too. God, I still remember what she tasted like.”
“You got a great job, Edwina, perfect for a little pervert like you.”
The couple giggled and made love to the sweet thoughts of poor young Angela Candelema.

Becky continued to live her worst life in the wretched hell hole of the sex dungeon. She was ill with fever, in addition to the wounds from the whipping and infections from the piercings. She had not seen sunlight in five months and resigned herself to dying down here.
She had originally planned a “beautiful suicide” in which her body would never be found. It would be ironic if that would be exactly what happened, except that between her planned death date and her actual death date, there were just five extra months of horrific sexual torture.
She looked like an alien to Edward, a weird color of purple all over, with her piercings and bruisings. He did enjoy her studded tongue however, all over his body, and on his cock. Becky sometimes felt her mouth ache with dryness after licking him for hours. Edward, who could not be bothered to get up to get water, simply spat in her mouth, and told her to use that keep licking.
Edwina still stalked Genevieve however she could, and could not get rid of her obsession with the girl. But she was also preoccupied with Angela Candelema and her precarious mental health as revealed by her files. Angela had been a “good girl” and her surprise spiking, rape and abortion had catapulted her into a world she was not prepared for. Rumours abounded of unsuitable boys and potential drug use.
“God, Ed shd would be perfect. Imagine, we turned her from a good girl, to a delinquent, that could easily disappear, and then we make her finish her life as her sex slave.”
“God, that is so evil” smirked Edward.
“Oh, and I found out Genevieve is performing in a play I want to see.”
“Won’t she recognise you?”
“We can be in disguise, don’t worry, Edward. It’s just, I think I’m in love with her…”
“Haha, Edwina, you are really mixed up. I swear since the first day you met the Parkers, you have gone from a low-key pervert to a full blown rapist maniac!”
“Yeah and hasn’t it been worth it, Ed?”
“Too fucking right! God, that tongue down in the basement, I can’t stop cumming in her mouth…”
Edwina smiled as she noted Edward had stopped referring to the girl as “Becky” so much. “Remember, Ed, she is just a thing, you don’t have to worry about doing anything to her.”
They both laughed and spent the night making love, forgetting about feeding their prisoner. Becky lay in bed, starving and wondering if they would just let her die, alone.

Edwina had won plaudits for how she treated Angela and was delighted when she heard that Angela wanted to meet for coffee to go over things.
“Sorry, Edwina, but thanks. I think you are really good at your job! You know, it’s so hard my mother not talking to me, I really just want to have some proper parents again…”
“Oh Angela, we can help you with that” Edwina touched her on the knee. Angela was in a denim skirt and black tights. The skirt was outrageously short, and her crop top very revealing. “So she had definitely become a bit of a slut” Edwina thought. “Oh well, all the easier to catch.”
Angela opened up about boys, and Edwina was pleased to learn she was obviously sleeping around and being taken advantage of. Some of them were violent, again, music to her ears. Abusive boyfriends, troubled background, sudden trauma, family estranged. She might as well ring Edward to bring the van around now, she chuckled to herself, while outwardly showing concern over Angela’s tearful recounting of her row with her latest abusive “friend” and her mother’s refusal to take her calls.
Angela felt safe for the first time in months. This woman seemed to understand her, she was so kind, and unlike all the boys and sleazebags that she seemed to attract since being ejected from the safety of her middle class family, she could let her guard down, this woman was not going to hurt her.

The Pembrokes talked to each other and Becky excitedly about her possible new cellmate, while Becky silently prayed they would be caught and she would be free.
Edwina’s words dripped with sarcasm as she addressed Becky about their plans for the evening. “Oh joy, we get to see your darling sister Genevieve in her play,” she remarked, her tone laced with thinly veiled disdain. “Though personally, I’d prefer a different kind of production. One that involves Lucifer, maybe some whips, and Ed’s cock in all three of her holes.”
The Pembrokes laughed as Becky sullenly started at the floor.
“And who knows? Maybe soon she will be in such a show, down here, with you co-starring and eating her pussy!” Edwina cackled at the girl, revelling in the signs of tears coming to her eyes.
The evening passed uneventfully. The play proved to be rather boring, but Edwina found herself strangely entranced by Genevieve’s performance. Afterward, she nervously avoided both Genevieve and Eleanor, fearing they might recognize her. Just the sight of Eleanor irritated her.
In the car on the way back, Edwina made a suggestion,
“Ed, what if we very carefully arranged a rape for Eleanour. You, rape her at some point, at knifepoint. Just once, for fun.”
“Sure!” laughed Edward.
“I mean it this time. If we plan it we can get away with it, I want it to happen Ed. I want to get revenge on her. It would mean so much to me, to know that my husband raped that cunt.”
Edwina was gripping her husband’s arm. Edward had been as affected as she had since her meeting the Parkers. They were both now crazed sex attackers.
“OK, but we still focus on Angel as well, right?”
“Of course. Angela for the dungeon forever, and Eleanour, just a little one off. And eventually, Genevieve. I want her too.” Edwina spoke primly and with determination. This was all she wanted now, and she didn’t seem like she wanted to be talked out of it.
Edward sighed. He was happy with all three options, he just reminded himself to be careful. But he trusted Edwina to come up with a plan for each.
“There is something else I want to do, Ed…”

A few days later, Becky was in the rack again. Tightly immobilised, she had recovered from the worst of her injuries from the whipping. Her skin now looked white, it was only close up one could see the dark lines which would fade eventually.
“Becky darling, do you love your mummy?”
Becky still felt ill, she still thought she might die. “I love my real mummy. The one you stole me from.”
Becky slapped her. “You are right, I stole you, but you’re my property and I am your mummy. You know what you are?”
“I don’t know.”
“You are mummy’s little cunt.” Edwina let the words drip out, and she spat on the poor girl’s face and laughed.
“Please. Please. I don’t know why, but how can you be so evil. How? And why to me?”
“Becky, shut up, Ed, bring that stuff over..”
Edward had bought tattoo ink equipment over the internet. To say he was confident with it was far from the truth.
“I think it’s time you got some ink on you. You are a fucking whore anyway with those piercings and all the fuckings you have taken. So you need inked.”
Edwina watched as Edward experimented on Becky’s arms, which both agreed were useless as sex objects and could be ruined with ink, it didn’t matter. Edward tried a few things, like “slave cunt” and “whore” and after Edwina approved, he moved on to the main event.
In minimalist black text, he tattooed “MUMMY’S LITTLE CUNT” above Becky’s pussy.
Edwina sat on the girl’s face as the tattooing took place over about twenty minutes. Becky could barely move she was so tightly restrained. The older woman’s pussy leaked copious juice into her mouth such was her excitement at the permanent marking of her slave.
“Any more?” Edward asked Edwina, cheerfully, proudly inspecting his work.
“Yeah, the palms of her hands. They get beaten all the time anyway. Every time she looks at her hands I want her to read it. In capitals – BORN TO OBEY and BORN TO SUFFER.”
Becky cried inside as the tattoo gun tore into her skin, each letter a searing reminder of her humiliation. The agony wasn’t just physical; the permanent marks etched a deep psychological scar. Her body was now just a plaything, a canvas for these sick psychos to entertain themselves on.
That night, Becky couldn’t look at her tattoos, on her hands, her forearm, and her pussy. Would she ever get out? She would never have a normal life if she got out now.

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