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The Parker Project 11

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The Pembrokes inflict more torture and misery on poor Becky

Chapter 11
Christmas was approaching. For the Parkers, it was a sad affair, the first without their Becky.
For the Pembrokes, it was a riotous affair, with much booze and food, even for Becky, who got blind drunk on wine, while dressed as a sexy elf. Her head spun as Lucifer raped her in front of the cheering Pembrokes. The next morning she barely remembered, just a swirl of memories, of the Pembrokes’ faces, Lucifer’s tongue in her mouth and her pussy, his cock inside her, and the excruciating pain she now felt in her head and her pussy.
She was surprised to find Edwina in bed with her, in her bedroom. The cage door was locked from the outside. Edward was nowhere to be found.
Becky had never experienced a “one night stand” before for obvious reasons. The copious flesh of Edwina was right beside her, she hesitated to move too much for fear of waking her. She continued to snore away.
Becky looked out at the dungeon. Clothes were strewn everywhere, as were empty bottles and beer cans. There were stains, bits of food, used vibrators and mouth gags she could not remember having in her.
She lay still, hoping that Edward would come in soon, and get Edwina away from her.

Edwina stirred awake, groggy and hungover, and lazily reached out across the bed. Her hand roamed, eyes still closed, seeking the familiar comfort of her partner. But she was startled to find a skinnier body next to her. Her hand rested on a hard, straight stomach, and she abruptly sat up. It was Becky! She was in her bedroom! She was in the dungeon!
Feeling insecure and vulnerable, Edwina got up and went to the bedroom cell door, but it wouldn’t open. “Damn it!” she muttered, panic rising. She looked around frantically, searching for any way to make sense of the situation or find an escape.
“Fuck. I got so drunk last night!” She was now trapped in her with Becky, her captor. All she could do was hope and wait for Edward. Edward was, at that moment, still snoring off his hangover upstairs.
Becky was silent, looking at the rolls of fat on Edwina’s body as she sat on the edge of the bed.
Fortunately for them both, there was a small toilet within the ‘bedroom’ and Becky shut her ears and tried to block out the smell as Edwina did her business and wiped herself.
The older woman now felt incredibly self conscious, barely looking at the girl who was pretending to be asleep but blatantly awake. She knew she had to establish dominance. Despite her power over Becky, on a one v one situation, without Edward, the young girl might overpower her.
She got back under the covers but was too nervous to start fondling Becky. After a few minutes, she roughly woke her up.
“Hey, Becky, there isn’t enough room in this bed for us both, I can’t get back to sleep. Get out, and sleep on the floor, go on!”
Becky did not mind being away from the squishy fat body and the awkward cold atmosphere but found it hard to get comfortable on the hard rubber floor. For one thing, she was not tired anymore, and wanted to sit up, but did not want to disobey Edwina. She knew she was on edge and would be looking for a reason to punish her, if not now, then later.
Edwina still had her watch. “For fuck’s sake, it’s eleven O’clock, where is that useless cunt?” She knew shouting would have no effect, no one could hear her. How silly they had been, getting drunk with Becky. Imagine, she shuddered, if she and Edward had woken up in this bed, with Becky gone, and there being no memory of what had happened!
“Please, mummy, may I go to the toilet?”
Edwina sighed. “Yeah OK then, make it quick, then back on the floor.”

Edward finally woke up, and wondered where Edwina was. Looking at the security camera footage, he chuckled as he saw Becky on the toilet wiping herself, as the large lump under the covers indicated his wife was in her bed, obviously locked in.
The security door opened, and Edward walked in. “Morning ladies! God, what a Christmas! My head is melting. Let’s get you out Edwina, hahaha, I hope you enjoyed sleeping there.”
“Shut up Ed.” Edwina’s eyes were ablaze. “You fucking idiot, leaving me alone with her, why did you not come down sooner!”
“Sorry, I was hungover too. Anyway, shall we go for a walk with Lucifer, get some fresh air. After I give Becky some breakfast?”
“Yeah but first I think Lucifer needs some human pussy.” Edwina glanced at Becky with an evil smirk. The little bitch must have enjoyed her discomfort, being in the same trap as she had been if only for a few hours.
“Becky, get that pussy nice and wet, and get ready for doggy cock for your breakfast.” She slammed the bedroom door in Becky’s face and leaned in against the bars, her face and tits protruding between the bars.
“You probably thought we were the same for a while there” she hissed at her. “We’re not. You’re my fucking slave, I own you. Now you are going to fuck my dog, just to remind you what the fuck you are.”
Becky’s heart dropped. She hated the smell and taste of Lucifer’s cock, and was not looking forward to getting new scratch marks all over her skin. His bark terrified her, he was not friendly, he saw her as the Pembrokes did, a piece of female flesh to be used.
As she obediently played with herself, she thought of how much wider her pussy had become since the Pembrokes had kidnapped her. Maybe it was like her mother’s after she gave birth to her. She tried to put such unpleasant thoughts out of her head. She prayed that Genevieve and her mum would stay safe and out of the hands of these evil predators and that eventually, justice would prevail on them.

Edwina felt like a privileged guest on her next visit to the Parkers. The maid offered her tea or coffee, and Eleanour, in a bathrobe, greeted her, apologizing for her lack of proper attire.
“Oh, don’t worry,” smiled Edwina, secretly admiring the bare flesh she could see.
As Edwina gazed around their luxurious residence, a thought crossed her mind: Maybe I could have this as well.
“Silly” she thought to herself. She already had one daughter. Asking for another was greedy, let alone Eleanour and the house!
She spent the next few hours in Geneieve’s bedroom. She looked longingly at her dirty laundry basket, and the panties visible within it, knowing that it was too much of a risk to take more. She was able to smell them when Genevieve went to the toilet and came to the pleasing conclusion that she really did have Becky’s scent.
She looked around at the teenager’s things, wondering what might come in useful. Just teenage stuff, books, posters, ipads, laptop. Her social media was boring. Amazing how the death of a sibling can stop people being so public, she thought.
When Genevieve returned, they went back to their discussions about her feelings. Boys, teachers, her parents, her studies, her period, hormones.
She was in her school uniform and every so often her legs parted excitedly giving Edwina a nice glimpse of her white panties between her legs. Years of practice, combined with her sexless and kind appearance, made Edwina a natural at perving without the object being aware. Her kindly touches on the girl’s knee did not bother Genevieve at all.
Her brown hair was growing out, nice and wavy like Becky, her blue eyes shone in the daylight, as Edwina regretted she would only ever see her sister’s eyes in artificial light and never get to see that brilliant hue in her.
“Your teeth seem nice and straight, Genevieve, are your braces going to come off soon?”
“Hopefully soon, I cannot wait, but they were pretty crooked before, my mum insisted.”
“Mums know best, Edwina smiled rubbing her hand on her knee again, daring to enjoy the sweet teenage flesh. In her mind, she was wondering if Edward had the know-how to take that metalwork off. She imagined Genevieve’s metallic smile changing to a scream as he ripped those wires out in the sex dungeon, her sister looking on helplessly at the new arrival.
Afterwards, Eleanour greeted her as she left, just in tiny shorts and t shirt with face cream all over her. “Goodbye Edwina see you next week!” She hugged her and smiled.
Edwina watched her depart, her sexy slim butt wiggling in the shorts, her clear smooth thighs working their way across the palatial entrance of the mansion. She must think I’m sexless, she would not think anything of being naked in front of me, thought Edwina. She ruefully remembered all the times she had been deemed invisible by men and women. If only Eleanour could imagine how Edwina wanted to paw her all over her body and lick out every orifice on her sexy body!

That evening, Becky had to live out Edwin’s frustrations at not having access to the rest of her family’s bodies. She was on the Saw Horse. She was positioned face down over the top cushion, her body stretched out along the length of the apparatus. Her legs were secured tightly to the leg platforms, each one strapped in with adjustable restraints, holding her in place firmly. The height of the leg cushions had been adjusted to accommodate her, ensuring she was properly aligned.
Her arms were pulled forward and strapped down with the arm restraints, preventing any significant movement. The waist restraint was fastened snugly around her midsection, pressing her hips into the cushion and immobilizing her core. Becky felt the cool touch of the vinyl against her skin, the durable material adding to her sense of confinement.
Three metal D-rings on the frame provided additional points of attachment, and ropes had been threaded through them to further restrict her movements. Becky was completely secured, unable to shift more than an inch in any direction.
Behind her upturned buttocks, sat Edwina, admiring the view, sights and smells coming from the girl’s pussy and asshole. She had been eating her pussy for twenty minutes, teasing out her juices, and getting Becky to buck forlornly within the restraints, squealing in pleasure. She now turned to the puckered anus, so cute and small and pink, tightly wound up. Edwina teased it with her tongue, enjoying the feeling of the little ridges around the sphincter, and trying to probe past it into the asshole. She blew on it, delighting in the surprised loosening of the muscle and the glimpse of space in the hole.
After a few minutes of sighs, and Edwina’s efforts to pull her ass cheeks apart to stretch the hole against Becky’s efforts to keep it wound shut, her tongue started to make inroads inside her ass.
Edwina grinned as she brought her index finger to the hole, and slowly pushed it inside Becky’s ass.
“See” she grinned “mummy always gets inside her girls’ holes eventually.”
She playfully spanked Becky’s buttocks, marvelling at how firm they remained, barely a wobble, as she screamed in pain and surprise.
“You and Genevieve have the same pussy smell, baby. I sniffed her dirty knickers today. She is just like you. God I love talking with her.”
Becky tried to fight the sensations of the tongue and fingers inside her, and the proximity to an orgasm, with the horror of her situation and the terror that this woman might harm her family.
“It’s a slow burn thing. I enjoy being at your house, maybe your mum might leave me something in her will or something. But I’d settle just for her other daughter, to be honest. Can you think of anything to help me?”
“Sorry.. mummy… I don’t understand…?”
“To help me kidnap your sister and get away with it, what the fuck do you think I meant?”
Becky tried to think rationally of what to say that would not result in some kind of beating. “I’m sorry mummy, we were not that close.”
“Well, young lady. I was hearing today about a game you used to play with young Genevieve. Twister, I believe it’s called. You had to bend each other’s sexy bodies to put your feet and hands on the right spots, getting into all sorts of naughty positions! Your sister even blushed talking about it!”
Edwina smiled, her finger still in Becky’s asshole as her tongue teased on the girl’s soaking clit. “I had half a mind to report your family to the social services, such naughty behaviour among siblings, sounded sexual to me. Your sister, showing off her knickers under her skirt to me! Why I would recommend a good spanking for her!”
Edwina cackled and brought her palm down hard on Becky’s left buttcheek, eliciting another gasp from the poor restrained girl.
“I’d have you playing twister with her all day down here, naked, and your mum Eleanour could join in as well. Anyone falling over would get the whip. Anyone not eating pussy at the end would get the whip too. Fuck it, I would just love to whip all three of you.”
Edwina kept eating at the soft tender flesh between Becky’s legs. “Maybe that’s an idea. Get Genevieve put into care. What kind of a fucking family has a suicidal daughter who disappears anyway. Your mum isn’t fit to be your mother, that’s why you call me mummy now, isn’t it?”
“Yes mummy,” replied Becky automatically, knowing the consequences for talking back.
“She would be in care, in with all sorts of a rough crowd. I could even select a few troublemakers to hang out with her. Poor girl, it would be understandable if she disappeared too, not before getting a bit of abuse from some dodgy characters I know that I could introduce her to… the kinds of working class, troubled young boys that Eleanour would look down on…”
Edwina felt Becky’s taste change as she detected another orgasm. “Cheeky slut, you are enjoying this, aren’t you! God, imagine your mother, Eleanour, imagine what it would be like to have her strapped on her. I bet her cunt tastes nice too. The last time you saw it, you were coming out of it! Next time you see it, it will be down here, hopefully haha!”
Becky tried to keep calm and focus on what she could change. For now, nothing, just keeping this horrible bitch happy enough not to hurt her, much.

The police investigation into Becky’s disappearance had taken months but finally, they had got something. After hours and hours of searching CCTV and questioning witnesses, they had pinpointed Becky to a park about an hour away.
It was Eleanour who tearfully mentioned that she had loved a certain spot on a bridge over a fast running river. After a week of searching, officers recovered a small pedant. Eleanour identified it as belonging to Becky.
It was a sad affair, but it seemed to prove beyond doubt that Becky had thrown herself off the bridge and her body had been swept along and out to sea.
Edwina had read all about it in the papers and online, and was delighted that the mystery was now dying down. Nobody had mentioned a mysterious couple wheeling a large holdall through the park on that September morning four months ago, and why should they remember it now?
Edwina could not help but smile as she saw the pedant on Genevieve’s chest at their meeting.
“I feel so lucky we found it. It makes me feel closer to Becky, wherever she is.”
Edwina was pleased she had remembered to take out the air tag before throwing it away. How valuable it had been! Surely, lady luck could not shine on her twice. Could she use the same pedant to track Genevieve? She must remember to bring an air tag with her on her next visit, but when could she get a chance to put it in?
Genevieve liked this matronly old woman, who put her at ease and seemed to understand her, sometimes even guessing what she was going to say. She seemed so relaxed and interested in her.
She could not have guessed that twee little Mrs Pembroke had prepared for this meeting by spending hours sitting on her sister Becky’s face, and then holding the flames of a cigarette lighter under the soles of her feet, torturing her, to try and get as much information from Becky as possible about her kid sister.
Becky cried herself to sleep afterward, feeling ashamed that she had buckled under the torture, and told Edwina everything she could, anything that might be useful in perverting and manipulating Genevieve’s young mind.
But Genevieve seemed stubbornly happy, optimistic, and well-balanced. She was a really easy client, she didn’t need any counseling. It may have caused her frustration, but for Edwina it meant easy money and praise from Gerald and Eleanour Parker.
Meanwhile, Edward was enjoying a break from a long acrobatic session of sex with Becky. He now regularly skipped work to be at home with her, and had lost weight with all the exertions. Edwina was starting to get frustrated with his lack of interest in her in bed, but the truth was that Becky now took up all his dreams and sexual fantasies.
Edward was lying, sweating, face down on Becky’s bed within her caged bedroom, as he received a tongue bath from the teenager.
As Becky gently nibbled on his sweaty hairy toes, Edward giggled.
“See, this is why we kidnapped you, Becky. I’ve had prostitutes before, I’ve taken advantage of girls that were drunk and out of it, and I’ve pretty much raped women before, but there is no way I could get a girl to do this for me, especially not Edwina! She would punch me if I asked her haha!”
Becky was numb to the taste and smell of his rancid toes by now. He was right though, only the ever present threat of torture and violence made her perform this disgusting task.
“OK Becky, that is too ticklish! Move up to my asshole now, get your tongue inside that, I love it!”
Becky steeled herself. She was expecting anything and everything disgusting, every day, to try and cope. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst here, meant hoping she wouldn’t be left black and blue and bleeding, and preparing to eat ass and drink piss.
Edward lay back fully relaxed on his front. He felt content and unselfconscious about his overweight form, his hairy, fat body, his wrinkles, gray hair, bald head, and his less-than-handsome face. The hot energetic breath and tongue between his buttocks worked its magic and he exhaled in pleasure as it wriggled inside him.
“God, Becky, did you ever think of doing this before we took you? Even with some handsome boy or pop star?”
“No. I never even thought about sex much, I never even kissed anyone before you took me.”
“Haha that’s why we took you. There is just no way we could get this from any girl unless we forced her to. Edwina was right. It’s fun to play with a girl, in a car park, back of a car, or in the woods but you can never relax like this. I woke up this morning knowing your tongue was going in my ass, and it just felt so fucking good.”
Edward raised his head up off the pillow.
“Becky, that was not your cue to stop. Get that tongue back in there.”
Becky obeyed and went back to wiggling and wriggling her tongue against the soft anus, trying to push it past the threshold, teasing the opening, and attempting to widen it with her tongue and get it inside.
“Haha, yeah I mean I am a simple man. I like girls, I want to have sex with them. They don’t want to have sex with me, ever haha, so I have to take them. Edwina was so right, I mean, I could rape five different girls in two years, have sex five times, not really enjoy it, not get my ass licked like this or even my dick sucked, and could get arrested. Or have sex with one girl, you, a thousand times haha, plenty of time to relax with you, and no worries about you going off to the police! Honestly, I don’t know why more men don’t do this!”
Becky wondered too. Her view of men, and women, was ruined by these two animals. She did not respond, and just kept her mouth on the mission.
“Women shouldn’t be allowed to turn down sex. Seriously, why are you all so stuck up? We wouldn’t have to hurt you then. I mean, I’m OK with you Becky, aren’t I? I don’t hit you much, if you do what you’re told?”
“No, Ed, you are much kinder than Edwina” Becky only briefly withdrew her tongue to form the words before plunging it back into his asshole.
“All those movie stars with their gorgeous girlfriends, all those whores in their short skirts out taunting me. Sooner or later something is gonna happen, you know Becky? They are all gonna get raped soon. It’s just not right all that…fuck meat walking around and I have to just watch and they all just laugh at me if I look at them!”
Edward was getting angry, and his buttocks clenched around Becky’s face. Becky knew better than to provoke this crazed lunatic, but was at least glad he was nowhere near as bad as his wife.
“How do you think Edwina is getting on with your sister today? Did you help her much last night?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know much about my sister, I tried telling Edwina everything, I had to, she tried to burn my feet.”
“Haha, yeah I heard. But they’re OK though, aren’t they? I stick up for you Becyk, so please remember that! You know she wants to break your fingers, just to disable you a bit.”
Becky lost it, and stopped licking. “Please, Ed, you cannot let her do that.”
“Oh Edwina is OK, she is just a bit scared of you, but never tell her that, or we will both be in trouble! I mean I don’t blame her. Me, I can knock you about, no problem, I’m a man. But she hates that I always have to be present, or tie you up, before she can play with you. She’s not as fit as you!”
“I won’t hurt Edwina, Ed, I am really obedient. She makes me do horrible things, she hurts me for no reason! But I never hit her, I never even defend myself!”
Becky was getting scared.
“Please, Ed, please, don’t let her injure me like that!”
“I mean, you can see where she is coming from, can’t you? What do you actually need your hands for? You’re gonna be down here for life, if all goes well. Having hands that work is just a threat to her, they don’t help us or you. If we do have to do it, I promise I will make it pain-free, I mean I won’t use a hammer, or anything. But I don’t know…”
Becky sat up and threw herself on Edward wrapping her arms around him.
“Ed, please, please protect me from her. Please. I will love you if you do.”
“All right, all right. I am a big softie aren’t I! OK but you gotta always be nice and obedient to Edwina. Just keep doing what she tells you to. Especially when you’re alone, don’t frighten her!
Becky sobbed bitterly at the thought she had to be careful not to frighten her ugly, rancid, cruel evil tormentor who controlled her life down here.
“God, this is a depressing topic, sorry I brought it up.” Edward hugged Becky, kissed her head, and lay on his back, allowing her to rest her head on his chest.
“Let’s talk about something else” he said, “what about your sister, do you think we have a chance?”
“A chance of what? Kidnapping her?”
“Not just that but getting away with it, like we have with you. Really we want Genevieve to go off the rails, try and commit suicide, or go off with some wild boys and swoop in for her. Edwina reckons she isn’t like you. She’s level headed, a pity, she is so sweet looking. I’d love to have her.”
“Ed, for your own good, you probably should not try and kidnap my sister, or my mum. Maybe go for a different girl. It’s gonna be so obvious if you target the same family.”
“Yeah but I watched this movie the other day, and this guy killed himself, and then his sister got really depressed so she killed herself.”
“You would still have to kidnap her and make it look like a kidnapping. I was a gullible idiot. Edwina got lucky, it won’t happen twice, trust me.”
“Yeah, such a shame. We should be careful.”
Becky was not sure what she had achieved. Surely these idiots would get caught if they tried anything, so she should be encouraging them. But the thought of her sister, or her mother, and her being forced to have sex with them was too much to bear.
“Well, if there is anyone that can get more Parker girls down here, it is Edwina, so don’t underestimate her!”
Edward cheered himself up at that thought and his fingers travelled down between Becky’s legs.
“Your sister would be such a tight fit. Your pussy is a lot looser since Lucifer got into you.”
“Yeah, that really hurts, and it might make me really sick.”
“Haha I know, Sorry, but we can’t resist. How can we not have a dog fuck you when we have you down here? Like, you have zero rights, we can do anything!”
Edward marvelled at his power. He looked at the posters and imagined all the girls in his life who had ignored him, and called him ugly, stupid, and a creep. And now this piece of teenage flesh in his arms was all his, a real life sex toy.
“If we get your mother and your sister in here, Lucifer could spread his seed a bit more, might give you all more time to recover.”
“Three female prisoners? I don’t think you could handle us.”
“Yeah that’s why Edwina was talking about breaking all your fingers, or cutting your achilles.”
“What’s that?” Becky grew panicked again.
“It’s a little muscle in the back of your ankle. If it’s cut, you walk with a limp for the rest of your life. But where are you gonna be walking to ? You certainly won’t be running anywhere.”
Edward started to warm to the idea, forgetting that just a few minutes ago he had promised to protect Becky from such evil practices.
“What about it Becky? It might make Edwina a little more secure, stop her being so mean to you, if you have a permanent limp, and your hands don’t work. A bit of short term pain, and you don’t lose anything that you are ever gonna use again, and you might get tortured less?”
“No, Ed, please. I know you are not like this. Edwina, she has twisted your mind. You can still both have… fun with me down here. Please you don’t have to… mutilate me as well. You don’t need to! I swear! At least let me prove I will be good!”
Edward felt her tears and realized that maybe it was too cruel, even for him.
“OK sorry Becky, I was just being rational. I forget sometimes, you are a human being. It’s just easier for me to think of you like a bit of an animal, a slave. Stops me from thinking something stupid like… I don’t know…”
“Like what” Becky raised her hopes.
“Like, that you might like me. Like me, like Edwina does, like normal couples do, in the outside world.” Edward chuckled as he spoke. “But I’m not stupid, so just don’t try and convince me, or I would have to hurt you, OK? I don’t want to hurt you, so just don’t try and trick me or treat me like a fool cos I’m not that clever, and I don’t like getting taken advantage of OK?”
Edward stopped laughing and looked deep into Becky’s eyes. He seemed almost about to cry. He hated having to keep remembering that this lovely girl was his prisoner, that she hated him, and that he had to threaten her. Deep down he just wanted her to love her, but knew that could never happen.
“Don’t worry Ed, I like you, but I understand we can never be friends. I won’t take Edwina’s place.” Becky tried to soothe him, kissing his ear, and his neck.
Edward’s cock started to grow erect, and Becky straddled him, grinning, as she allowed her pussy to swallow his throbbing manhood and started gyrating on him.
“Oh, Becky… fuck that is so good….” Edward’s eyes went to the back of his head and he closed his eyelids. His hands roved over the slim tight body, feeling so petite on top of his large frame.
Before long, loud moans came from his mouth. Becky leaned down and kissed him passionately as his body shook, his cum shooting up inside her.
“Oh Becky, I love you. I never say it in front of Edwina, but it’s true. I wish that.. never mind.”
Edward got up. Edwina would be angry if she found that he had spent the whole day fucking Becky without telling her.
“Are you gonna leave me, Ed?”
“For now, yeah. But I will be down soon with Edwina when she gets home. She is probably gonna spend a couple of hours down here with you, you know how horny she gets after she sees your sister!” Edward was almost fully dressed now, trying to remember that Becky was his enemy, a slave, a girl they were supposed to control, to fuck, to threaten. He found it easier to believe this as he looked at her naked form, her legs draped across the bed, her breasts still heaving with the sheen of sex all over her. She was a slut, like all the others.

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