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The Parker Project 10

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Becky’s family come into the Pembrokes’ sights

Chapter 10

“Hmmm, keep sucking darling. Gosh, you look so cute!!”
Edwina was naked in Becky’s ‘bedroom’ lying back in her bed imagining herself in a real teenage girl’s bed, watching Becky suckling on her nipples.
Becky had spent what seemed like hours sucking and licking the large flabby breasts of the older woman which by now were coated in layers of her saliva.
Becky was ensnared in a bondage sleeve glove, which imprisoned both her arms within a solitary, narrow sheath. The sensation mirrored that of her arms being melded together within the snug confines of the glove, leaving them utterly immobilized. Firmly secured behind her back, she could barely distinguish her arms as distinct entities; their mobility was stifled to the extent of complete restriction. Her shoulder blades had been compressed together and after hours she was burning with pain. Other than the sleeve glove, she was only clad in her red panties, the pair Edwina had stolen from her real bedroom, months before the kidnapping.
Edwina felt insecure being in the dungeon without Edward. She was afraid the nimble young girl might beat her up and so demanded Edward place Becky into tight bondage when she was alone with the girl.
“So, Becky, my fine little girl…” Edwina ran her hands through Becky’s wavy hair, admiring her perfectly sculptured eyebrows and cheekbones with her hands, relishing in how freely she could play with her – “you don’t have any ideas what I should say to your old mother?”
“She is not my mummy anymore, you are.” Becky took a quick break from nuzzling the voluminous tits in her face, to say the expected mantra.
Edwina giggled. “That’s right, you’re my loving daughter, sucking on mummy’s tits. And I will keep a closer eye on you than Eleanor did. I cannot believe that stupid bitch has invited me to your memorial. You know if you hadn’t fired me, I probably wouldn’t have dared kidnap you. But the police barely suspected me.”
Becky tried to shut out the words, and tried to stop the tears leaking from her eyes onto the balloon of flesh in front of her.
“That stuck-up cunt that your mother hired instead of me, the one with all the qualifications and degrees, well she’s lost her job now, she’s been struck off!” Edwina giggled. “They blamed her for negligence for your suicide. She was devastated when she heard you had disappeared, I heard. She felt guilty. Stupid bitch, if she only knew what you were up to down here, eh?”
Edwina laughed even more, her breasts wobbling against Becky’s mouth, as the young girl thought sadly of poor Mrs Halcombe, so kindly and confident. She had made Becky feel so much better, and she wished she had followed her advice more. If only this evil old bitch whose tits she was sucking had not tricked her and kidnapped her. She just hoped that the evil Pembrokes would not hurt her family anymore.
The metal door opened and Edward came in. “Hey, love, we need to go soon, don’t want to be late for Becky’s funeral!”
“Ha! It’s a memorial service, not a funeral, Ed. But yeah, I need to get ready.”
She pushed Becky off her, then came behind her and put her hand down her panties, and started rubbing her pussy. “I want these panties soaking wet in the next few minutes, Becky, I am going to bring it with me today, as a memento, while I see your family. I want to be able to smell you as I see your mother crying over your death!”
Becky sobbed quietly as she allowed Edwina’s fingers to do their work within her pussy. She had worn the panties for hours, and her scent was by now implanted in the fabric.
“Good, nice and wet! Now, let’s take them off… good girl… and….”
Having slipped the red panties off the young girl’s ankles as she stepped out of them, Edwina pushed her head between Becky’s ass cheeks and began furiously eating her wet pussy.
Despite the horrible threats and taunts about her family, and the pain in her arms and back, Becky could not help but cum in Edwina’s mouth.
“Oooo so nice” Edwina licked her wet lips. “I have your panties, and I have the taste of your pussy in my mouth. Your mother and your little sister are going to smell it on me when I greet them. Do you think they will recognize it? I reckon when your mummy was handling your dirty knickers in the washing, she must have taken a cheeky sniff every now and then. Oh your dad, definitely he would have smelled your knickers! Edwina feigned concern with a playful tone. “Oh dear, what if I’m found out? Your mummy might smell you on my breath.”
Both Edward and Edwina burst out laughing, their laughter filling the room, while Becky kept her tear-stained face pressed against her mattress, unable to join in their amusement.

Becky was grateful to be finally let out of the sleeve, though it took a long time for her arms to regain feeling. She lay on the bed, praying that somehow this horrible couple might be caught.
They were both so uncouth and dumb, especially Edward. Surely she must be able to get out of here, she must be able to outsmart them.
She looked through the bars of her ‘bedroom’ at the rest of the dungeon, full of whips, canes, cages, bondage equipment which gave her bad memories, and the security door. She knew she needed a code, a fingerprint, and an eye read, if not a key if they felt like physically locking it. Her own bedroom door was only openable by a key.
It was hopeless. She went under the covers and tried to escape mentally into an alternative universe.

“Oh, Mrs. Pembroke, or may I call you Edwina?”
Eleanor Parker appeared immaculate in a black jacket and skirt paired with black tights and high heels, her brown hair elegantly arranged under a black veil. She epitomized classy mourning.
“Edwina, if you wish, Eleanor. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I feel so bad, I wish I could have helped Becky more,” said Edwina, attempting to appear sincere.
“Please, Edwina, the sorrow is all mine. I was horrible to you, I pushed you away, and you were doing your best. I really didn’t understand Becky. You must not feel bad or guilty, it’s my fault… I… I…” Eleanor’s voice broke, tears streaming down her face as she rested her head on Edwina’s shoulder.
“I miss my baby so much….” she sniffed. “Oh, Edwina, I cannot believe it has been three months already. I would do anything to have her back. I love her.”
Edwina hugged the grieving woman. “Oh, Eleanor, you must not beat yourself up. None of this is your fault. Becky struggled, but you did your best. We all did. But it was our responsibility, we…”
“Oh…” Eleanor choked back tears. “But I pushed you away, I was awful to you… if only… if only I had been kinder to you… kinder to everyone… I was a horrid mother. It’s all my fault….”
Edwina embraced her again. “Please, Eleanor. You have to look forward. Wherever Becky is now, she is at peace.”
“Do you believe that?” asked Eleanor, wiping away a tear.
“Yes,” said Edwina with a sad smile. “She is looking down at you somewhere, telling you she is at peace and all is well with her. Whatever troubles she had are now gone.”
“You are so kind, Edwina. I don’t know how you can do this,” Eleanor cried again, hugging Edwina tightly.
Edwina ran her hands softly over Eleanour’s back, admiring her slim figure, feeling her breasts mash against hers. She smelled similarly to Becky even through the perfume. Edwina breathed softly into her hair, imagining her daughter’s pussy scent might stay on her mother, giving her some naughty subconscious thoughts…
“Hello Mrs Pembroke.”
It was Genevieve, Becky’s little sister. She looked just like Becky except wearing braces. And wearing a cute black dress and tights, rather than underwear, and covered in cuts and marks from beatings.
“Oh hello Genevieve” Edwina smiled warmly at the young girl. “How are you coping?”
“I’m OK, just sad really, I just wish Becky would have told us more, we could have more closure than this. It’s horrible not knowing there she is.”
“Now, Genevieve, darling, Becky is at peace, with the angels. We don’t need her earthly body.” Eleanour tried to compose herself and dabbed her eyes while lecturing her daughter.

“Now, Genevieve, darling, Becky is at peace, with the angels. We don’t need her earthly body.” Eleanor tried to compose herself and dabbed her eyes while lecturing her daughter.
“Well, it’s not fair. She was so selfish doing this.” Genevieve’s eyes swelled up, and she walked away.
Eleanor sighed. She took Edwina by the hand and walked with her. “Edwina, I hate to ask you, but do you think, if we pay you privately, you could see my darling Genevieve? I think you could do so much for her. The poor thing has taken this very badly, and I think our last psychiatrist, with all those qualifications, well, she let us down badly. I wish we had never let you go, Edwina. I would feel so happy if you could counsel Genevieve, for me!”
Edwina smiled, trying not to hide her joy. “Oh Eleanour, I would love to. Anything to help, to try and make up for… what has happened!”
“Oh thank you Edwina. You are so kind. I wish I had been more open hearted like you, not as cold.”
The two women embraced again, Eleanour closed her eyes, wishing she had listened to this wise woman who might have saved Becky. Edwina, had her head on Eleanour’s shoulder, feeling her hair brush against her face, thinking of Becky, as she caught Edward’s eyes.
Edward stood about thirty feet away, awkwardly by himself, clutching a glass of sherry, clearly uncomfortable in his black suit and tie. As their eyes met, a knowing smile spread across both of their faces. Edward had been watching his wife converse with Becky’s mother, and as he exchanged quiet smiles with her, he fished what seemed, to onlookers, a red handkerchief from his jacket pocket and held it to his mouth and nose.
It was Becky’s panties, still damp from her juices from earlier that morning. Above the red handkerchief, Edward’s eyes met Edwina’s eyes again, and his wife had to stifle laughter and bite her lip while still in the grieving mother’s arms.
Later, the Pembrokes were heaving with laughter in the car on their way home.
“Wow, that little Genevieve is so cute, just like Becky! And her mum too, pity we cannot get them all into the dungeon!”
“Now now, Ed, don’t be greedy” Edwina twirled her hair, looking out the car window, with an evil glint in her eye. “But who knows? They say suicide runs in the family. Maybe the young girl might be persuaded to do something that she really shouldn’t…”
“Oh Edwina, you are so evil… but that’s why I love you!”
The sick couple burst out into even more giggles.
“I feel so fucking horny” Edwina said “Becky is going to have her work cut out tonight”

As Becky endured Edwina’s tongue running all over her body on the St Andrews cross later that day, the older woman still in her black funeral outfit, she tried to disbelieve her taunts that she would be counseling her sister Genevieve. The thought of her sister being manipulated, and maybe kidnapped as well and brought down here, was too much to bear.
She had faced fierce questioning from Edwina as to what her mother looked like naked. “Surely you must remember your mummy naked? Come on spill the beans! She looked and felt fantastic, such a slim waist, such lovely legs….” Edwina ran her tongue up the inside of Becky’s thighs. “Just like her daughter. God, when she was hugging me I nearly forgot myself, I just wanted to run my hands up her skirt…”
Edwina brought her mouth to Becky’s pussy and ate ravenously. Becky’s head drooped down as her bound legs and arms quivered. She was so embarrassed, whatever this woman did to her, she just could not stop cumming for her…
“Oh Genevieve, I am so sorry we meet again like this. But please, you can tell me anything. I’m all ears, and we don’t have to share it with your mum. I only want to help,” Edwina offered gently.
Genevieve’s demeanor was noticeably morose compared to her usual cheerful self. Becky’s death or disappearance had deeply affected her. She had become withdrawn, depressed, and sullen, spending hours alone listening to music and drawing, whereas she used to be out playing with friends all the time.
“Sorry, Mrs. Pembroke, I know Becky was horrid to you. The truth is, she was horrid to everyone. But she was my sister, and I love her, and it’s hard to accept that I will never see her again.”
Edwina leaned in for a hug, which Genevieve returned with fervor. Edwina breathed in her scent, so similar to her sister’s, and felt the familiarity of it on her skin.
“My dear, you may see her again, you can never rule it out,” Edwina reassured softly.
“I hope so,” sobbed Genevieve, hugging Edwina more tightly than ever. “I would do anything to just hug her again, my big sister.”
Edwina smiled, as she let her hands wander oeslty around the girl’s back, imagining a scenario where the girl in her arms might hug her sister again. She imagined some very dark thoughts involving both Parker sisters, in her sex dungeon, forced into a lewd 69 for her entertainment.
They were in Genevieve’s bedroom, the girl still in her school uniform, and Edwina allowed herself the occasional pat on her knee, but wisely stopped herself from acting further on her base instincts.
There would be plenty of time, she thought. The best laid plans always took time, and Genieve was not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Edward and Becky were enjoying passionate sex in her ‘bedroom.’
Becky was riding Edward cowgirl style, her hands resting on his large hairy stomach, her knees up and her bum bouncing up and down as her pussy elevated up and down on his cock. Her small breasts jiggled as Edward ran his hands over her torso, sweat glistening over her body.
“Oh God, Becky, I love your body so much!”
“Oh daddy” smiled Becky, enjoying his cock inside her, I’m so lucky that you have such a big cock. I’d hate for my kidnapper to have a small cock haha!”
Edward laughed, and pulled her down to kiss her, running his hand up and down her back, the marks on her back now faint lumps.
“I’m glad you’re getting used to things down here, Becky.” Edward smiled “You’re not getting beaten anything like you used to, you must be happy, no?”
“Well” laughed Becky “your cock is the main thing I enjoy. I can’t believe I used to be so scared of it, it fits perfectly now.”
“What about Lucifer?”
“Oh, daddy, well, it still hurts…”
Edward opened his mouth wide in ecstasy as Becky clenched her vaginal muscles around his throbbing cock. “Oh well,” he said with a laugh. “You can’t have everything, I guess!”
Becky looked down at his hideous face. His chin was a continuous slope of flabby flesh from his mouth to his chest, his teeth crooked and yellow. His jowls hung down his neck, and his bald head framing his large nose and bushy eyebrows completed the picture of a gross old man who should have no business in bed with a pretty 14 year old. But she saw him as her best chance.
Later, they were curled up in bed together, Becky’s thigh draped across his stomach, her arms wrapped around him as she nuzzled against his neck, planting gentle kisses. Edward had his arm around her, holding her close in a snug and warm embrace.
“Can I call you daddy or Ed?”
“Haha, I love it when you call me daddy, but I don’t mind Ed. Makes me believe we are like proper boyfriend and girlfriend.” Edward absent mindedly played with her hair, as his other hand strayed down to her smooth firm buttocks, finding the crack, exploring…
“What would you like to do with me in the outside world, Ed?”
“Hehe cheeky little minx. I know your game. I’m not gonna hurt you Becky, but I am not gonna let you out either. You’re staying down here and that’s all there is to it.”
He kissed the top of her head. “In the outside world, you would run a mile from me. Well, you probably wouldn’t even notice me. Even if I was the same age as you. You know, before Edwina, I was a virgin! I used to look at all the pretty girls like you, and just wank myself silly.”
Becky stroked his grey chest hair. “But you found someone eventually though.”
“Yeah, I mean, I tried other girls but, well they were always, let’s just say, reluctant, like you. But once I met Edwina, she encouraged me, gave me confidence, and let me have other girls, not just her. She is an amazing woman. I know you can’t see it Becky, cost you’re a girl, and she likes young girls, a bit too much, as you know. But if you weren’t, if you were like me, you would appreciate her.”
Becky wondered how men like Edward could “appreciate” a monster like Edwina, unless they were monsters themselves.
“Have you hurt other girls?”
“Well, yeah kinda. Edwina, she liked to set girls up. I mean, like with you, she seems harmless, girls trust her. She used to look out for drunk girls, then bring them to me and watch me with them. And I told you about the spiking thing.”
“Oh yes, that poor girl who nearly drowned.”
“Oh, well, she is alive at least! God, so much stress waiting to see if she would remember anything. Imagine waking up in the sea and no idea what had happened! Pity though, you’d have liked her. She was really pretty. We were so close to having her down here.”
“But then maybe you wouldn’t have taken me.”
“True, or we’d have both of you. You’d have a friend down here. God, it would be hot eh, two sweet teenage girls in this bed, lesbian sex all the time!”
“I’m not a lesbian though, Ed. I don’t actually enjoy having sex with Edwina.”
“I know, babe, but make sure you don’t say that in her presence. But I take it that you like me though?”
Edward tipped her head up and looked at her, eyes and mouth beaming.
“Of course, Ed, you are much kinder, and I’m straight, so I do love your cock now.”
“Ha, but I bet you would escape if you could. Hehe don’t worry I’ve had a lifetime of girls who want to get away from me. I’m not offended. I’ve dealt with it. What better way of dealing with it than to kidnap the prettiest girl I could find!”
Edward giggled again and pushed his tongue into Becky’s mouth. Becky indulged him, kissing back.
“But, Ed, what about the future, what if you get tired of me? What if you get my sister in here?”
“Edwina is smart, she will try and figure out how to get your sister down here as well, if possible” Edward mused, marvelling at his wife’s evil capabilities.
“But what about me?”
“You think we won’t love having two lesbian sisters down here? You’d both be welcome guests, don’t worry baby!” He kissed her passionately again, his fingers now poking into her asshole and pussy, his cock growing against her stomach.
“I think it might be foolish to kidnap from the same family.”
“Oh… are you worried about your parents? Yeah sorry, it must be awful to lose a child, and to lose all of them, to us, that would be sad, yeah…” Edward seemed to feel genuinely apologetic, but the blood rushing to his penis overrode any moral objections.
“But maybe your mum could be down here too. She was so fit, Becky, God, I would love to just…. rape her!”
Becky shuddered at the word, the brutal reminder of who this man was, as his fingers reached an extra inch into both her orifices between her legs.
“Sorry, it’s so bad isn’t it, that we want to hurt your family so bad, but really we just want your bodies, I think with Edwina, yeah I gotta admit, she is a bit, what’s the word sadistic. She likes it when you cry. But me, I would be happy to let you go, if I didn’t think you wouldn’t run away as far as you could, and tell the police. Same with your sister and your mum. It’s just that… well I know from experience, that they don’t want me, I want them, so.. what is a man supposed to do?”
Becky was not so sure. Edwina was so evil, that it obscured the obvious sickness at the heart of this man. But he was still the best bet.
“What about in three years’ time. If you get my family, or other girls, or not. What are you going to do with me? Get me pregnant? Kill me?”
Edward was losing interest in the conversation, he just wanted to fuck her again.
“Let’s just keep taking each day as it comes, Becky. If you keep behaving yourself, and making my cock happy, then I promise I will keep putting in a good word for you with Edwina.”
He flipped her over and came behind her to enter her, doggy style, marvelling again at the magnificent sight of her ass. “It was so hard to get any girl down here without getting caught, you are a rare diamond for us, so just keep behaving, and just tolerate a bit of pain and a bit of teasing, and you”ll stay alive!”
Becky gasped as she felt his cock push inside her, and Edward spanked her hard on the ass cheek, as if to signal to her to shut up, and stay quiet as he fucked her.

Eleanour made Edwina a cup of tea, smiling at this wise and humble woman, hoping she might be the key to helping Genevieve. “Oh, thank you, Edwina. I have a good feeling about you now. I have a new outlook on life, and I am more open-minded. I think you could be the person to draw her out.”
“Thank you,” said Edwina, her expression sincere.
“I just keep thinking of Becky…” Eleanour stifled a sob.
“It’s perfectly understandable,” Edwina said gently. “She was such a lovely girl. Her memory will always be a blessing.”
“Oh, thank you, Edwina,” Eleanour replied, her voice filled with gratitude.
Inside, Edwina secretly savored the moment, taking a quiet joy in deceiving Eleanour while maintaining her facade of genuine concern.
Eleanour had allowed Edwina free reign of the house and even showed her Becky’s bedroom, still as it was, in the secret hope the woman might proffer some inspiration about Becky.
Edwina had taken the opportunity to swipe a pair of Becky’s knickers from her drawer. She had also had the chance to look through a huge pile of dirty laundry, and taken two pairs of plain white knickers, used, with the smell of pussy still on them.

“Edwina, fucking hell! You have to be more careful!” Edward was almost shouting with exasperation. That evening, Edwina had been showing off the two pairs of used white knickers and the clean pair of bright blue panties she had stolen from the Parkers.
“Three pairs of knickers,” she said. “What are the odds they will notice them gone?” She continued, “I didn’t go for the nice thongs, which is a pity because trust me—they smelled so good… These panties; they won’t miss. They’ve got loads of them. And Becky has loads of knickers in her drawer; I’m sure they haven’t counted them up.”
“Oh OK,” Edward replied with a sigh. “And next time? You can’t help yourself, Edwina; just enjoy being around them—don’t be robbing them.” “I want to rob them all right,” Edwina said fiercely. “I want those two Parker females down there with Becky! I want to see your cock in both of them!” She sniffed the white knickers again and threw them across the room before pulling Edward towards her and kissing him passionately.
“Fuck, I love how evil you are, Edwina!”
“Hmmm, I kept wondering who the panties belonged to, the daughter, or the mother, but you know what, they both smell like Becky…”
Edward’s cock nearly jumped up at her words. They passionately made love in their bedroom. Lying together in each others’ arms, they laughed as Lucifer jumped on the bed. The three cuddled, before Edward suggested something.
“Ha, Ed, you love seeing Lucifer fuck her, poor girl, but all right, let’s get Lucifer down there and wake the lazy girl up haha!”

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