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The Night I Confessed To My Husband, I’d Fucked Several Men Since Our Marriage Part 2 & 3

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Ronnie’s been fucking me every night and sometimes during the day, ever since I confessed. He’s been asking me about the men who I let fuck me. And the other night he said he was gonna buy a big dildo to fuck me with because, that last guy I fucked, had a big dick.

Well, he did. He brought home one that’s called Big John. It was huge. It’s bigger than the guy with the big dick. But, when we went to bed that night Ronnie had it in his hand. He said, “Lay down and spread your legs, Big John’s hard and wanting some pussy” I laughed but, did what he said.

He put some lubricant on it and started pushing it in me. He was sucking on my titties as he was fucking me with Big John. It felt pretty good. He couldn’t get all of it in me but, it did feel bigger than Ronnie’s dick. I think it turned him on, fucking me with it. I was jacking off his dick and he was hard.

He said, “I think I need to fuck your ass and put Big John in your pussy one night.” “How would you like that?” I said, “I told you, you can do whatever you want to do to me.” He said, “So, it sounds like that would turn you on.” “I take it you’re liking this big dick in your pussy?” I said, “Well, so far, yes I like what you’re doing with it.” He was fucking me with it and it stretched my pussy big time. I loved it.

He said, “The other night you were talking about fucking in two guy’s vans.” “Tell me about it” I said, “It wasn’t two vans, it was two guys in their van.” Ronnie’s dick got extremely hard. He said, “You mean you went to a van with two guys and fucked them both?” I said, “Yes, I did.” He pulled out Big John and climbed on top of me. He slammed his dick in my pussy and said, “They got you naked and fucked you at the same time?”

I said, “Yes, one fucked my pussy an I sucked the other one.” “Is that all they did?” I said, “No, they ended up fucking my ass and pussy at the same time.” He said, “Really?” “Did you like that?” I said, “No, I didn’t want them to do that.” “Then why did they do it?” I said, “Because, I was drunk and they forced me.” “They raped you?” “Well, kinda because, I told them no but, they held me down while the one guy stuck his dick in my ass and then the other guy stuck his in my pussy.”

Ronnie is so hard but, he’s fucking me slow and he wants me to keep talking. He said, “Did they hurt you?” I said, “Yeah, he just rammed his dick in me.” “It hurt so much but, I was too drunk to do much fighting.” Ronnie said, “How many times did the cum?” “They cum three times each” “I sucked both of them and fucked both of them.” “Then, they fucked my ass and pussy at the same time.”
Ronnie said, “You don’t know how bad I wish I knew that when you got home that night.”

I said, “What would you have done?” He said, I would have fucked your ass and pussy both.” That made me cum on his dick. He was wanting to cum but, didn’t want me to stop talking. He said, “You never told me you fucked two guys at the same time?” I said, “You never ask me and I didn’t initially think I was gonna fuck both of them.”

I went to the guys van with him and I thought the other guy was going to another car. When they both got in I said, “Why are you here?” He said, “He’s my ride.” “The guy I went out there with said, “Come on, ignore him.” “He had my blouse unbuttoned and was undoing my bra.” “We were on the bed in the back and the other guy was in the front seat.”

“So, he’s sitting on the he and makes me suck his dick.” I’m kinda standing bent over sucking him when, the other guy comes back and he’s naked.” “He pulls my hips up and the guy I’m sucking pulls me up into a doggy position.” “Then, the other guy sticks his dick in my pussy.” “So, I’m sucking one and fucking one and honestly I loved it.”

Ronnie started pounding my pussy and said, “You’re such a fucking cum slut and God in heaven, I love you for being one.” He fucks me then, shoots a big load hard into me. I felt it spearing my cervix. It’s like it was shot out with great force. He’s sucking, squeezing, and rolling my nipples as he slides his dick in an out of my pussy. I loved it. He picked up Big John and rammed it in me, fucking me with it. He made me cum again.

Ronnie said, “Tomorrow, I’m fucking your ass and Big John’s going in your pussy.” “I’m gonna see how much of him I can get in you.” I said, “Whatever you want, Ronnie.” An, I wanna hear more about your sexcapades.”

Part 3

Well, Ronnie did just as he said he would do. We went to bed and he laid me on my back, put my legs up on his shoulders and started putting his dick in my ass. He had oiled it up but, it still hurt when he was putting it in. He went slow at first. He said, “Those two guys you fucked, you never said their names.” I said, “I don’t remember the first guy I went to fuck and I never knew the other ones name.” That turned Ronnie on. He rammed his dick in me really hard, all the way.

I gasped and winced in pain. Ronnie kept fucking my ass pushing it all the way in. I think he enjoyed causing me pain in that moment. That’s okay, I want to please him. He reached over and picked up Big John. He rubbed my clit with it and then, started fucking me with it. It was an amazing feeling with him in my ass and Big John in my pussy. I had never been so full of dick. I was loving it.

Ronnie said, “You like this dontcha?” I said, “Yes, I do.” He pushed more of John in me. It kinda hurt but, I took it. Ronnie’s fucking my ass as deep as he can. I feel his balls slapping my butt. He said, ” Where else have you fucked one of those several men?”

I said, “Well, this guy was hitting on me in the bar and I told him I had to go to the bathroom.” “I get up and go.” “When I come out of the women’s bathroom, he’s in the mens and he grabs my arm and jerks me into the mens.” “He pulls me into a stall with a door and grabs my pussy.” I had a dress on with my crotchless panty hose so, he just pulls his dick out and rams it up in me.” “It gave me a rush.” “He fucked me so hard and fast it made me cum.”

“He had both hands on my ass pulling me on his dick.” “He had a very long dick.” “When he rammed it into me, it hurt.” Ronnie’s pounding my ass and he pushing Big John in deeper. It’s too much, but I don’t say anything. Ronnie said, “Big John wants to get in your pussy.” I said, “I think he’s gone as far as he can go.” Ronnie said, “I don’t think so.” He starts fucking me with it and he ramming it in my pussy really hard.

I finally had to say, “That hurts, Ronnie.” He is pushing it with both hands and says. “I thought you liked big dicks, I’m just giving you a big one.” I said, “Ronnie, please stop?” He said, “Beg me to stop fucking your pussy with this big dick.” I said, “Please stop fucking me with this big dick.”

He’s still fucking me and then he stops. He pulls Big John out and fucks my ass hard. He’s rubbing my clit and then, he put all five of his fingers in my pussy. He starts hitting my clit and I cum again.
His dick is swelling up and then he cums in my ass.
Ronnie gets off of me and lays down. Then he said, “I’m sorry for hurting you.” I said, “It’s okay, I’m okay.”
He said, “As turned on as I was, I wanted to hurt you.” I said, “I understand.” He said, “I don’t.”

I said, “I cheated on you a lot, you have to have some anger about it, being how many time I did it.” He said, “Maybe so but, I got turned on more than upset so, I shouldn’t have hurt you.” I finally told him, “Ronnie, it’s okay, I like being treated rough.” It turns me on.” He said, ” You took a lot of Big John.” I said, “You better not put too much of him in me, he may stretch me too much.” He said, “You’re right.”

He said, “Did anybody come in the mens room while you were being fucked by that guy?” I said, “One guy did and he said, Fuck her hard.” Ronnie’s rubbing my pussy. My ass felt like his dick was still in there. I said, “Did you like my ass?” He said, “I loved fucking your ass, it’s so tight an you can feel the ridges.” “And, when I put Big John in your pussy, I could feel him and the movement , it was great.”

He said, “I’d like to fuck it more often if you’re okay with it.” I said, “Whatever you wanna do, Ronnie.”
I love him and want to make him happy.

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  • Reply Lovinyours ID:1ebrgepmnm7v

    I love your series, has me hard and pumping. Reminds me of my wife coming home a little late. I took her on our bed through her pantyhose, she was so wet Ate her through them the ripped them just enough and piston fucked mywife. usally I was very gentle. We both enjoyed very much I found out later she had just been fucked by a client in her van in a parking lot. Still gets me going to this day. Thank you so much for your stories. Lovin Yours!

    • Victoria Kay ID:1a912bhj

      That’s exactly what happened to us. We both were surprised how turned on we got, fucking and talking about it during sex. Now, we’re talking about the men I fucked before we were married. My husband loves the ones where the men would force me. Especially, when I was very young. Thank you for you comment. Enjoy that cheating woman you have. Remember, she chose you. The others are just sex. 💋

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh my god !!! I’m not alone !! That’s exactly what my boyfriend and my former husband does to me when I get home from work !! They would tear a tiny hole either in my pantyhose or tights and shove their cocks through the hole and fuck me senseless !! they even managed to put a hole in my spandex work out tights and fuck me after my work-outs !!! such a hot story !!! Britney