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The New Girl-30 – Conclusion

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here (/2024/06/the-new-girl-29/ ). Now let’s continue

Then we retired to the bed, dad asked about Pankaj’s scooter in the driveway. I told him everything that happened. Dad asked “Preeti are you sure you are ok being with Pankaj and Sharath all by yourself”?

I said “yes dad, don’t worry. I can handle them”. Under the blanket we were both still stark naked so I started stroking dad’s cock trying to make him hard to get busy doing what he does best which is fuck my brains out.

Dad looked at me and said “look like someone is still not done with her daily endeavours yet”. I gave him a long smooch and said “you know dad, I am never done without you doing the closing ceremonies”.

We both laughed and then got busy getting naughty with each other one last time before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Next morning life was back to normal, I had my two bouts of wake up sex with dad.

Then my first threesome with dad and Hardeep after which I left to college. At the gate my first lover Khan was waiting as always. I eagerly accompanied him to his room where we made passionate love for close to half an hour.

Khan made sure he pleased all my holes of course without condoms now. Then I headed to Pillai’s room where I had my second threesome with him and Prakash twice each.

Then I attended a few hours of classes followed by lunch break. I took my lunch box and went to Khan’s cabin because he had requested me to come earlier.

Like yesterday he warmed up my lunch with love and served it to me. I had brought extra food today for him too. Then I sat in his lap and fed him some despite his refusal and had some myself.

After finishing I kept the plate aside. Then I took the initiative for another round of passionate love making with him before returning to my class by the end of lunch break.

I sneaked out before the next class started because it was Lakshmi madam’s class and I was least interested in her subject. I went straight to my favourite Babu and enjoyed full two hours with him along with lots of rest.

With one hour for the college to end I picked up my bag and went back to Khan’s cabin. I enjoyed once more with him and Govinda, of course I made Govinda use a condom.

Then we still had half hour before closing so I took my scooter and went to meet the boys. I stopped next to the playground and told Amit to meet me with Amir & Vivek at my place in half an hour.

I dressed up in a semi-transparent night gown with matching inners which dad had recently bought for me. I also quickly ate something just in time for the three of them to knock on my door.

I did my usual two bouts first with Amir and followed by Amit making sure I would have Vivek last because he was my favourite. When Amit left and I turned to Vivek, he gave me a naughty smile.

We both locked in a tight hug followed by a long kissing session till we were breathless. He asked “why do you always want to have me last”? I placed his hands on my boobs pressing them and said “you already know the answer”.

I took him to my bedroom and we indulged in some very hot and passionate love making twice back to back. Then he left and I got ready in a frock again and went to Hardeep’s place.

Hardeep was super charged to see me especially in my new frock and inners. He could not stop complimenting me about how hot and sexy I was looking. Then we had two bouts of mad sex as if we were doing it for the first time.

Then I came home and dad returned from his office a little later. Having the house to ourselves now meant we had no boundaries to what we wanted to do.

We decided that when alone we both would remain naked all the time. Today dad was also crazily horny and our first round of the evening was while I was preparing dinner.

He came from behind and started with a hug followed by intense pounding of my pussy with his big cock for nearly 20mins. Then we had dinner sitting naked at the dining table with me on his lap feeding him.

Today dad seemed to be crazily horny because while I was doing the dishes after having dinner he continued hugging me from behind and fondling my body.

Next round of mad sex followed right after in the bedroom going past midnight. Today alone dad had fucked me three times since he came from work which was unusual of him.

Next day after college I met Aslam and confronted him about mom and that gangbang episode. He said “Preeti whatever happened that day was a big mistake, I was not aware that they were into making movies and all that”.

He told me that mom had moved in with him. I asked about his wife, he said “she is living with his parents and children back in my hometown”. We did have sex twice but it did not feel as exciting as before.

I collected my new clothes that he had stitched for me and left from there. Amir moved to a foreign country for higher studies and settled down there. He comes once a year and we go out on outstation trips where our sexcapades continue.

For the next two years till I completed my graduation my life was back as we lived earlier and I too got back to all my bed mates with renewed passion and horniness.

I did not try venturing out to make any more new friends with benefits. I had to draw up a weekly calendar to meet all my fuck buddies on a regular basis. Vikas was off my list for good now.

I was enjoying threesome sex with Khan & Govinda and Prakash & Pillai every day. Now Pankaj and Sharath were a part of my regular fuck buddies. Our weekend foursome romp continued at our house every weekend from Saturday evening till Sunday evening.

My foursome with John, Sharma and Ramesh continued once a week depending on their availability. My every Saturday afternoon bout with Natthu continued, only now it was twice instead of the initial one round.

He offered me more money but I strongly refused. He was very pleased at my response but nevertheless went ahead. After my graduation dad asked me about getting married and settling down.

I asked him “why don’t you also find someone to settle down with”. He flatly refused and then we made a deal to settle down together. We got married in a quiet secret wedding attended by Pankaj and Sharath.

I have a boy with him now and am very happy. Despite all this my sex life continued unabated of course with dad’s permission and knowledge. I setup my own company as a freelancer and worked from home all the time.

I am nearing 40+ now but the sex in my life has not reduced a wee bit. I have no regrets and continue to enjoy like ever before. My dad who is also my husband continues to support me with whatever I do.

I hope you all liked and enjoyed reading the long and detailed story of my life… I would love to see some likes and comments to encourage me to continue writing. You can also reach me on [email protected].

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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    A great series!!! Thank you, Preeti. You are awesome, baby. All your fuck partners (including your dad) gave you wonderful satisfaction. I had many good stroking sessions while reading your hot stories. Thanks for all the pleasure you gave to ME. It was fantastic, sweetie.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • 4everhorny ID:2dzszoy6ik

      Thank You Bob, Your words really mean a lot to me…. 🙂