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The New Girl-28

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here (/2024/06/the-new-girl-27/ ). Now let’s continue

I said “ok fine, but give me half an hour to have my lunch and take rest, then I will call you”. He gave me that million dollar smile. I went inside his cabin and put the money in my bag when he entered.

Without asking he took my lunch box and proceeded to warm my lunch and served it to me on a plate. I sat on his bed having it while he sat by my side affectionately patting my back while he rolled the hand fan blowing air into my face.

I was finding this “extra” affection that he was giving me very uncomfortable. So I asked “what happened to you today Khan? Why all this special treatment for me suddenly today”?

He said “Gudiya, you have no idea what kind of effect you have had on me. I swear I have not felt like going to any of the other women I regularly go to since the last few days. I only want to be with you”.

I asked “why this sudden change of heart Khan? What did I do”? He kissed my forehead and said “Gudiya you have no idea how much I am in love with you”.

I said “how is this possible Khan? How can you love me especially when I am your daughters age”. He said “Gudiya I went home to meet my wives and daughters and had sex with them because they insisted, but I did not enjoy it a wee bit and realised that you really are something special and I cannot live without you”.

I laughed and said “Khan, in a few years I will complete college and move out. Then what will you do”? He very confidently said “I know dear, you will be gone soon but I am sure you will never forget your Khan uncle and will come back to me whenever you get the chance”.

I looked into his eyes, they were wet with tears just waiting to flow out. I said “compared to now when I meet you a few times a day, in future when I will only be able to meet you maybe once in a few months. What will you do”?

He affectionately said “even if you come to meet me once a year or two years I will be very happy and will look forward to it”. I could clearly make out that he was not faking what he was saying and that melted my heart.

I said “I promise you Khan uncle, whenever I get a chance, you will always be my top priority in life. Now before you say anything further, can I take care of you first”?

He took the plate and glass from my hand and washed it and kept it aside. Then he came to me and made me stand. He carefully removed my clothes neatly folding them and keeping it on the lone table he had.

Then he made me lie down on his bed and began kissing me from head to toe followed by unlimited licks and foreplay like dad does every night. today he did not seem like in any hurry like he always does.

Just his oral skills on my body made me orgasm intensely which I rarely do. He made sure he licked me dry till the last drop. Then I too made him lie down and gave him a blowjob for a while till he asked me to stop.

Then I got on top taking him in my dripping wet pussy and started riding him. He smiled and said “why did you not let me use a condom today”? I said “uncle if all that you said is true, then you are among the very few who have exclusive right over my body. So till the time I don’t risk getting pregnant I want you to have me without condoms”.

He said “I promise you dear, I will only have unprotected sex with you, even with my wives and daughters I will start using condoms and not have sex with anyone else. You also have exclusive right over my cock from now on”.

Today we made really passionate love like lovers despite our age differences. Our love making session really lasted the longest it had ever been between us.

Even then when he was about to have his climax he pulled out at the last minute and I was quick to take him in my mouth and swallow the enormous quantity of his seed.

Then he took me to his bathroom and gave me a good cleaning before very lovingly dressing me up perfectly. Just then the bell marking the end of lunch break went off and he had to rush outside.

I left 5k in an envelope marked to him under his pillow. I called Ramu to pick me up and he came without making me wait for too long. I left with him to Pankaj’s place following the address.

I had a gut feel that Pankaj might not let me go without sex so I told Ramu “I think I might get delayed here. So I suggest you carry on and come back when I call you”.

He insisted on staying and waiting but I managed to convince him to leave. I went inside and saw Pankaj’s expensive car parked in the driveway and his almost new scooter parked alongside.

I rang the doorbell and Pankaj quickly answered. He pulled me inside and hugged me tightly in a bear hug. After the hug and lots of kissing he took me inside and seated me on the sofa.

He brought me a Bacardi breezer while he served himself a chilled beer. I asked “so uncle, what was so urgent that you messaged me so early knowing that I would be in college at this time”?

He pulled me onto his lap and said “Preeti you have no idea the kind of effect you have had on me. Believe me, I have not slept properly since that evening we last met. Even your mother was here today. But I just did not feel like enjoying with her”.

I teasingly asked “what is it about me that you missed so much uncle”? He asked “tell me didn’t you miss me at all since that evening”? I recollected that quickie we had and the magical things his mouth did on my body.

I said “I sure did but did not know how to ask you to do it again”. He said now that your dad also knows, you no longer need to hesitate. You can call me anytime and we can have a great time together”.

I now felt his cock getting hard and poking into my butt because I was sitting on his lap. I wriggled my butt a little making room for his cock to snugly grow and push against my pussy while talking to him.

I kissed his lips and said “now that you say it, can you please have me now? I have been dying to enjoy with you again uncle”. He placed his beer pint and my breezer on the table and carried me in his arms to his bedroom.

He lowered me on his bed and very patiently removed all my clothes and his. Then he got on top and went crazy kissing me followed by sucking my boobs. Then he went down to my pussy and ate me till I orgasmed.

Then he got a condom and mounted me pushing his cock inside very slowly. He began fucking me with slow strokes while his mouth wandered linking me everywhere it could reach in this position.

Then he increased his pace gradually till he was rocking me and his bed with full force. The sounds his bed was making was in perfect sync with my shaking body and bouncing boobs.

For a second I was worried that his bed might give way before we finished but it didn’t. I had two more orgasms before he unloaded his cum in the condom. He then lay on me with both of us panting hard.

I asked “why did mom come to you today uncle”? He said “well dear, she said she had been in a terribly big mess recently and needed a relief from all that”. Then I told him the entire story about what had transpired with mom.

He was shocked but eventually not surprised. He said “good for you both, she did not deserve to be with you anyway if she decided to whore herself”. I stopped him, I said “uncle please do not say such things, she surely had her own reasons”.

Then we went to his attached bathroom and cleaned. We both got dressed when he said “Preeti there is something I want to give you but I am not sure how you will perceive it. It is just that I feel you might be able to put it to good use”.

I asked “what is it uncle”? He gave me a key chain with two keys in it and took me to his driveway. He said “I want you to have my scooter since I am not using it. So instead of it lying here wasted, you might as well use it if you don’t mind”.

To be continued….

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