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The New Girl-26

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( /2024/06/the-new-girl-25/). Now let’s continue

I was enjoying myself to the hilt because I was dominating and calling the shots here with three men who would have otherwise had me like animals. I reached out with my other hand and started giving Sharma also a hand job.

They had come with the original intention of making me their bitch but now the tables had turned and they were behaving like my bitches. I reached out with my other hand and started giving Sharma also a hand job.

He paused and looked at me when I did this, I smiled at him and he smiled back before resuming sucking my nipple. Then Ramesh also bent forward and took my other nipple in his mouth sucking nicely on it.

Having three men pleasuring my body with their mouths and tongues was giving me too much pleasure and this resulted in my next orgasm crash thru my body.

This made me clamp my thighs around John’s face pressing him hard against my pussy while both my hands were behind Sharma’s and Ramesh’s heads pressing their mouths to my boobs.

I only released my grip on all of them once my orgasm subsided. Now John got up from between my legs and took out a pack of condoms from his drawer.

He put on one and positioned himself between my legs. I looked at him and said “be gentle so you don’t end up hurting me”. John nodded in affirmative with a puppy face.

Now I know I had taken cock of similar girth like his many times already in both my holes but John was still the longest which is what I feared. John began entering me with short gentle strokes looking into my eyes all the while in case I wanted him to stop.

Soon he was almost inside me filling me like never before and began humping me with slow long strokes. His monster cock really felt superb throbbing inside me.

When his crotch touched mine, I could not believe that I had taken all of him inside me very comfortably. Then I said “I am fine John, you can go faster now like you did to Lakshmi maam”.

He said “Preeti your pussy feels so incredible. I have fucked so many girls and women but none gave me such a great feeling. I am forever your fan for whenever you want me to service you”.

His words made me feel like a queen who had good performing men at her disposal to satisfy her sexual urges. This was never my dream but still sent a high voltage thrill thru my body.

I stopped Sharma from sucking my boob and held his cock pulling him closer to my mouth. I started giving him a blowjob while Ramesh readjusted himself to take over fondling both my boobs now.

After a while of this foursome action, I ordered everyone to stop. I got up and told John to lie on the table and got on top taking his cock back in my pussy. I looked at Sharma and said “my ass needs the love of your mouth now darling”.

Like an obedient puppy he came up behind me and began licking and tongue fucking my rear hole while I continued to ride John. I made Ramesh stand on the table so I could give him a blowjob too at the same time.

After some time, John held my hips tightly and began thrusting his cock harder into me. Now I told Ramesh to enter my ass with his cock while I made Sharma stand on the table and began giving him a blowjob.

Both Ramesh and Sharma were of average size so I took them both very easily. Having a cock in all my holes simultaneously triggered my next orgasm.

Only this time Sharma took this chance and held my face and began fucking hard with his cock. When I came round I pushed him off making him stumble off the table and land on the granite floor hard on his butt.

I looked at John and Ramesh over my shoulder, I said “you don’t need to stop”. Both resumed fucking me while Sharma sat on the floor looking at me and wondering what I was going to do next.

Now John stopped and asked “Preeti I too want a chance to fuck your ass”. I got off him and waited while John switched places with Ramesh. Then I got on Ramesh riding him while John entered my butt resuming his humping action.

During all this I totally ignored that Sharma even existed in the room because I wanted him to suffer for taking me rough. After another five minutes I felt Ramesh stiffening and releasing his cum.

At nearly the same time John gave me a few hard thrusts also cumming inside me. Both of them got off the table disposing off their condoms. I called them to me and gave them each a blowjob sucking them clean.

Then I turned to Sharma who was still sitting on the floor sporting his erection and staring with wide eyes. I asked “so now do you realise your mistake Sharma”?

He said “yes, yes Preeti. I do and promise I will never do it again. Please I beg you to give me one more chance”. I thought to myself that Sharma too has now fallen in line and there is no harm anymore in giving him another chance, after all it is for my own benefit.

I also recollected that when I watched them gang bang Lakshmi maam, they fucked her twice in quick succession before they were done. So looking at the time I still had a little over an hour to go for the lunch break.

I decided to let him fuck me also because my other two studs would need some time to recharge their cocks for the next round. I took one condom kept on the table and gave it to Sharma and stood leaning against the table.

He quickly wore the condom and came to me, he made me bend over on the table and entered my pussy from behind of course very gently and started his fucking action.

He kept fucking me non-stop switching between my pussy and butt hole every few minutes. Of course he was great because I had already seen him fuck Lakshmi maam earlier.

By the time he was over ten minutes into fucking me, both John and Ramesh came closer to my face from the other side of the table stroking their erections.

I gladly shifted a little taking John in my mouth while I gave Ramesh a hand job. A few minutes later John pulled out and grabbed another condom. He ordered Sharma to lie on the floor making me get on top riding him.

John came up from behind pushing his cock in my ass and also resumed fucking me. Ramesh did not need instructions now and stood in my face, I took his hard cock in my mouth giving him a blowjob also at the same time.

Now John cupped my boobs from behind fondling them while fucking me. I was really enjoying having my entire body pleasured with three cocks pistoning in and out of all my holes.

This pleasure tsunami was already pushing my next orgasm towards eruption. Sadly, before I could cum Sharma climaxed in my pussy leaving me desperate to achieve my impending orgasm.

But then luckily I realised Ramesh was also there. So I signalled John to stop while Ramesh took Sharma’s place in my pussy and I started riding him while John resumed pumping my ass with his giant cock.

Now I was back on course for my next orgasm, after a short while of double pounding by my two studs I experienced another intense orgasm. While this orgasm ripped thru my body, my two studs continued relentlessly pounding both my holes.

This was all that I could ask for from god and was extremely thankful for the gifts in the form of men he was showering me with. Then Ramesh who had been a silent participant all this while threw in the biggest surprise.

He said “Preeti I too want to fuck your butt right now”. I said “either you wait your turn or continue in my pussy because John is already in there”. He said “don’t worry, I will manage alongside John”.

I could never imagine taking two cocks in my butt together especially when big meaty John was already in there. Before I could think or respond, John also added “yes Preeti, I too am eager for it”.

I almost screamed “please don’t, you guys will tear me apart if you do that. Please take me one by one only”. John calmly replied “don’t worry darling, we know you can handle it and will try to not hurt you and I assure you that you will really enjoy it too”.

I reluctantly said “ok fine, but please be gentle because this is my first time”. Then John pulled out and in the same position Ramesh pushed his cock in my butt. Then John also positioned himself alongside him and started to push inside slowly.

To be continued….

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    You are a hot girl, Preeti. Wow, working on having two cocks in your asshole. You are very adventurous, honey. After they fill your rearhole with cum, I’ll eat it out for you, baby. Maybe your guys would also like me to clean all your juice mingled with their cum from both their dicks. Mmmmm, that would be a tasty treat. Want to kiss and taste some for yourself, too??
    Love, sucks, and fucks,
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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    I love how you get those fucking hard cocks to penetrate your holes (all 3 of them!!!!). If I was one of your lovers, I’d give you everything you desired, honey. You are so fucking hot and sexy. Thanks for sharing, baby. Please send some pics on Session. My Session contact is below.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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