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The love of my life

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Daniel doesn’t know how to tell his sister he loves her, not knowing she feels the seem for him. And then mum reveals a secret.

I turned up just 13 when I fell in love with a girl for the first time. Unfortunately, the girl I was hot for since a month or so, happened to live in our house. She was my sister, exactly one year older than me. At 14 she had begun to raise beautiful tits, showing gently through her t-shirts and blouses, as she did’nt wear bras in the house. When watching TV she would be laying on the couch sometimes with her ligs spread far enough apart, so I could see a white spot of het panties.
What could I do to get closer to her? I asked myself for some weeks until I decided to steal one of het worn panties out of the laundry basket. They were all plain white cotton panties with coloured bows – blue or reddish of green. And one evening, after Colette was in bed, I had the chance to pick a pair of panties from the basket that she has been wearing that day. It was still warm from the heat of her belly and of het slit. It smelt heavenly and without thinking, I grabbed it and took it into my room. I fell asleep after jerking off while I was holding the panties against my nose. It never felt hotter and better. I came as never before, producing streams of hot sperm. Now I knew I had to talk to her, not knowing how to bring it up.

It happened I forgot to take these panties back to the bathroom the next morning and to put them where I had found them. No, I completely forgot because as every morning I had to rush to get to school in time. So, when I came back home in the afternoon, mum took me apart. Colette was already home from school and she was sitting at the table, laughing. She even gave me a nod as I looked back, following mum to the kitchen. Mum closed the door and said nothing. She just showed me Colette’s panties, frowing her brows. I couldn’t utter a word, blushed all over my face and bowed my head, ready to hear my punishment.

After a long while, mum grinned and said: ‘I suppose this is something every boy of your age will do some day or another, Daniel. Nothing to be ashamed of, really. It’s curiosity, nothing more. You”re getting curious about girls, and that’s just normal. The thing is: Colette has discovered that the panties she put in the laundry yesterday nigt, were not in it in the morning anymore. She had put them on top of my night gown, which was still there. So she wondered where it could be and she only could think of you, stealing them. So she took a look in your room and there they were on your pillow.’

I sank through the ground. I would rather have mum finding them then my sister! Now Colette would laugh at me, calling me names… Mum continued: ‘And they were getting away with you, weren’t they, these panties? Your sheets have never been moisted the way they were this morning. It was not a wet dream last night, wasn’t it? You have been pulling of while inhaling the smell of your sister….’

The only thing I could think of was bowing my head deep and turn red under my shirt. I waited for mum’s verdict.

‘I asked Colette what I could say to you about it,’ mum said, ‘and the only thing she had to say was that you could have asked it. She would gladly have given them even before she went to sleep. It seems she does the same with your underpants for a time. She’s as curious for you as you are for her, Daniel.’

‘But… she’s my sis…’ I uttered.

‘Oh, no, she isn’t, Dan. I think you two are attracted to each other because you’re NOT familly, properly speaking. I am Colette’s mother and yours, that’s true. But you know I divorced when Colette was six. I then met the man you have been calling ‘dad’. His first wife was pregnant when they met. Pregant of you, Dan. She didn’t know or wouldn’t say who the father of het child-to-be was. But your dad loved her and married her. Two years later she took her own life with sleeping pills. After your dad, or the man you called so, divorced from me and moved into the north, I have brought you up as my own son. I love you both equally, you should know that for now. Colette admitted she’s in love with you for some time. Are you in love with her?’

I raised my head. I didn’t blush anymore. I looked mum in the eyes and said: ‘Yes, of course I love her. Who wouldn’t? I am so afraid other boys feel the same way and she would give in.’

‘No need to be afraid, Daniel. You know what? I’ll put a pack of condoms in your room and one in Colette’s. Don’t ever think about not wearing them, that’s all I ask. And do it when I’m not in. I’m seeing men myself, I know everyone craves for sex. Now, come on and tell Colette. I’ll stay here, preparing a good meal. And let me know what you both decided on the matter.’ She laughed and gave me a nod, just as Colette had done. No doubt about it: they had been talking to each other before I came home and all was set up.

When I came into the living room, Colette stood up from the chair, ran into my arms and hugged me, kissed my lips. She whispered ‘I love you, Dan, and I know you love me, don’t you?’ I melted away in her warm embrace. I smelt her flesh, my hand went under her shirt, feeling the warm skin of her back. My fingers wandered downwarts under the elastic band of her panties, caressing her buttocks. Her hand in turn felt the growing hump of flesh in my trousers.

‘Come,’ she whispered, ‘dinner will only be ready in an hour or so. Mum knows. She doesnt’t care. No, that’s not true: she really cares about us, Dan.’

She took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to her room. On the night table at het bedside I saw a basket filled with condoms. My sis was just one of the many girls out there, not my sister really and we could fall in love, make love, marry one day and have children! Even at thirteen I knew Colette would be the love of my life.


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  • Reply André Girauld ID:10zzuwig28q4

    Oh, how I love this story!

  • Reply Jasper ID:4bn00en3fia

    Make her pussy wet

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i9820k

    Love it, please make more parts about this story

    • Danilo Conti ID:1cwxykrveldk

      Problem is, English is not my mother tongue. I am Italian, and as you know, Italians have difficulties with other languages. Especially, putting in words how wonderful and sweet it was discovering our love for each other – and it was! – will be beyond my knowledge of English idiom as it comes to describing how we gradually came to real sex.

  • Reply The Hebist ID:5tygf4kd4

    Somehow this is a very beautiful story. Thank you.

    • Danilo Conti ID:1cwxykrveldk

      Thank you for the appreciation!