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The Little Girl Next Door

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I was a 14yo male at the time and hanging out with my friends in my backyard. My friends started giggling about something when my next door neighbor Amy who is 7, shoots me in the head with a squirt gun. My buddies were laughing. Good to know your friends have your back.

“Hey what the hell?”, I said. She ran away. She came back. “You shoot me again I am going to beat your ass.”, I said

“Yeah ok.”, she said brazenly. “Come on! You are supposed to chase me, catch me and tickle me.”

“So you like when I do that to you?”, I asked

“No”, she said sheepishly.

“Why do want him to do that then?”, my friend asked

“It’s just fun.”, she said. They laughed

“Then you like it!”, I said

“You are way overthinking it!”, she said. Everyone laughed.

She sat with us, on my lap of course, until they left. She went home for dinner and I ate with my family. My siblings went out with their friends and my parents went to talk to Amy’s parents. I stayed home to watch the preseason NFL game. The game was coming on so I went and took a quick piss before it did. I left the door unlocked like I usually do when home alone. I saw the door move slightly.

“I am in here!”, I said. I heard a gasp. It was Amy. I was in mid-piss and couldn’t stop. The door swung open and she just stood there. “Get outta here! What is wrong with you?” She did not hear a word of it as she just stared at my cock. “Amy! Out! This is not a show ok?” I got done shook it off, put it away and went to wash my hands.

“That was cool!”, Amy said

“Was it now?”, I asked

“Yeah.”, she said.

“No!”, she screamed giggling. I grabbed her and put her over my shoulder. She was beating my back and laughing as I spanked her. I wasn’t really more like light pats. I would never hurt her. I grabbed a handful of ass cheek.

“This is going to look really nice when you get older.”, I said.

“Not if you squeeze it like that!”, she said

I took her to my room and locked the door. I slammed on her back on the bed. She tried to get up to bolt but I caught her and held her down.

“Not fair! You are supposed to chase me first.”, she said

“You always let me catch you anyway!”, I said

“Watching me pee? Really? Why?”, I asked.

“You are my favorite person and I just wanted to see yours.”, she said

“I am very disappointed in you!”, I said

“Ok mom!”, she said. She found her opportunity and bolted for the door. She tried to unlock it but to no avail.

“Where do you think you are going?”, I asked. I slammed her back down on the bed to her laughter. I tickled the shit out of her and blew raspberries on her belly. She had a bikini bottom on with a t-shirt. I pulled down her bikini and looked at her little baldy. I gave it a kiss and a lick. Her legs locked together and her body twisted.

“Stop Jake!”, she said

“Oh you don’t like people looking at your privates but it is ok for you to do that!”, I said. She giggled and mocked what I said. “Ew you little brat!” I tickled her and got between her legs. She was laughing hysterically but that changed when I slid my thumb in under her bikini crotch and started rubbing her pussy. At first she resisted, twisting, trying to get away.

“Jacob!”, she said. I grabbed her head with my other hand and ordered her to calm down.

“You have been bad! Take your punishment!”, I said

She calmed down eventually and started getting into it. I slipped off her bikini and exposed her baldy. I licked it. She resisted again.

“Jacob!”, she yelled. I ignored her. I just kept licking. I was just licking the whole thing.

“Lick here.”, she said. She spread her lips and pointed to her clit. I started flicking her clit with my tongue. Her body twisted again as I did. I licked it for a little bit then I started rubbing her clit with my other hand.

“You are a bad girl! You know that? I must punish you.”, I said. I rammed my thumb into her pussy. Her eyes about popped out of her head. I started pumping my thumb in and out of her mercilessly. “Dirty girl! You like looking at dicks huh?”, I said. “You wanna spy on boys?”, I asked. She was like “uh uh uh.” with every thrust. Her head lifted off of the pillow and in a daze. She sat up and grabbed my hair. “Mmmmmm Jake.”, she said as her legs clamped down on my head and her whole body tightened. She was pulling my hair hard as she came. Her pussy tightened and her juices came out. She let go of my hair and just collapsed. She laid there out of breath. I just admired her tiny body as she laid there recovering. She got up and hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“What was that?”, she asked

“Punishment.”, I said

“Ummm.”, she said and blushed, “I liked it.”

“Little secret.”, I said motioning her to get closer. I whispered in her ear, “you were supposed to.” I laughed.

“I ummm…liked when you talked to me like that.”, she said

“I ummm…”, I mocked. “We can talk about this. No need to be shy. Just don’t tell anyone else.”, I said.

She rolled her eyes at me. “I am not stupid!”, she said

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?”, I asked and started tickling her again.

“Stop it! Be nice to me for once!”, she said and giggled.

“Get up! Now. Round two of your punishment.”, I said. She got excited. I sat her down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes got wide and mouth dropped as I reached in my shorts and took out my dick.

“This hurts me more than it does you.”, I said grinning. She went to touch it but I told her no. I tapped her on her head with it and hit her in the cheeks. She was laughing hysterically.

“You are such a dork!!!”, she said

“Don’t you call me a dork!”, I said and beat her with it more to her laughter.

“I love you! You are fun.”, she said

I messed her hair. “I love you too.”, I said

She touched it and ran her hands down my dick and started playing with the mushroom.

“Lick it.”, I said. She did the put the whole head in her mouth. Not shy at all.

“I saw my cousin do that to her boyfriend. She went up and down on it.”, she said

“Is there anyone you don’t spy on?”, I asked

I petted her hair and she sucked on my dick. I gave her pointers on what felt best and she started getting good at it.

“You are pretty good at that!”, I encouraged her

I wish I could go all the way down on it like my cousin did. She laughed. “She made gurgling noises”. I tapped her head and told her she was talking too much. She gently bit down on my dick. I apologized. She giggled with a mouthful of dick. Her beautiful eyes were staring up at me as she sucked me off. I kept playing with her hair. She was my little angel. I felt myself about to cum and I told her to stop. She watched as I jacked myself off. “Uh. Mmmmm”, I said as my orgasm came on. She jumped back as my sperm shot out. I laughed.

“That is so freaking cool.”, she said

“You my girl?”, I asked

“I always was.”, she said

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