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The Last Command – Consuelo’s Fate, Chapter 11 — A Game Of Texas Hold’er

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Consuelo is used as a sex slave for black slaves with her father watching, along with Meg. She’s then given to her father’s dying enjoyment.

In the eternal present of her permanent shame, Consuelo lies in the nude under Aaron, with the General and her father watching along with a hundred Mexicans. It’s the second time Aaron raped her. Her own body has once again given her no choice but to enjoy it in the most shocking way.

Why did this slave give her so much pleasure? Why did she allow him to own her body like this? How could she! Consuelo found no answer to that question. She only knew his touch was all-powerful and made her legs like putty. She had felt this all along, just from his mere presence, ever since that awkward moment alone with him in the stables.

Yet somewhere in her thoughts, she understood that the only man she had felt comparable strength from was the late Colonel James Bowie. Her mind was making a twisted substitution with Aaron. Her youthful body responded accordingly as a way to cope with the insane amount of abuse she had endured since the final collapse of Fort Alamo.

Uncle Sam’s old hands were upon her now.

“Let Old Sam take you now!” the slave said, his silver hair making his brown face look even darker as he still avoided Consuelo’s gaze out of a lifelong habit of being subservient.

Yet his hands were upon her, and she could tell how intense this touch was for him, and there was no way she could keep herself from feeling curious about what it would feel like to get raped by that old slave… with Aaron watching. With Father watching.

Like a shamed dog, the old slave kept looking down at the ground and at times furtively at Consuelo’s gravity-flattened breasts as she lay under him, in her offered paleness, and he moved himself between her legs after lowering his green trousers that were in a doubtful state of cleanliness. The smell that made its way to Consuelo’s delicate nose was loaded with musk mingled with things that were better left unsaid.

With an expression that looked both devilish and subservient, Old Sam slithered himself on top of her, moving himself into the proper spot for the good fuck he wasn’t going to deny himself out of shame, for his lust and curiosity were strongest.

“Please, Mister Sam, please go gently, just go gently! Do this for your sweet Consuelo! I can… I can put myself on my hands and knees so you can, so you can… sodomize me, if you want to…”

But Old Sam wanted to possess her where wedding occurred under the eye of God.

Old Sam settled himself on top of his elbows, with his hands cupping her breasts, his senses still not believing this was happening for real. Upon hearing Milady’s winged words, the subservient slave nodded and kissed Consuelo.

Then, he slithered some more, moving awkwardly, lowering one hand and fondling where it mattered, until, somehow, the penetration occurred with Consuelo’s help as she didn’t even realize she was moving herself in a way that facilitated this intrusion that her body secretly desired.

Old Sam began to pound Consuelo deep while cupping and dominating her breasts and bringing a gentle touch to his steady rhythm, causing Consuelo to whimper under him, both from pain and unspeakable bliss.

The lingering pain in her pussy was growing worse, but she remembered… Aaron and father! They were watching. She growled out of shame mixed with some muddy pleasure and she wrapped the magical beauty of her legs and feet around Old Sam as he steadily pounded her, gently, yet heavy, with his subservient domination.

“Yes, Milady, yes, Uncle Sam is gentle with you. Ahh, yes! Uncle Sam… Yes! He likes Milady! Yes! Yes! Uncle, Sam, likes, aahh, Milady… Aah, God! Very very very much likes the lovely little body of Milady!”

“Oohhhh! Ooahhhhhh! Oahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oaahhhhhhhhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhh!”

Such was the only answer Consuelo was able to muster. A moaning answer as her pussy was ravaged by the old slave and her breasts were kept under the cupping hold of his negro hands. Consuelo’s body loved having her tits cupped by strong men, no matter the colour of their skin.

She lay under Old Sam’s mounting bliss, his strokes inside her like a steady metronome as he grunted louder and louder still…


Old Sam, feeling the rush as he passed his edge, began to up his tempo and ignored Consuelo’s plaintive-sounding squeals and whimpers as he gave her a heavy barrage of fast-paced strokes until he reached his final flourish and consumed his revolt against American so-called free society…

“Aa-aaa-aaaaa- aaaaaaahhhhh… I take Milady! Milady—nnnnnnnnnnnhhh ghh yyyyyaaa—AAAAAA rrrhhyyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNhhgghh…”

What Old Sam gave her was nothing short of enormous. The thickness and stickiness of the creamy load Old Sam dumped inside her was just as gargantuan as the enormity of what was occurring.

As he watched Old Sam having his way inside his daughter, Don de Quesada moved his hand toward his erect cock, which he had just uncovered from the blood-soiled sheet, and in spite of his terrible wound, he managed to get a hold in his shaft and began to slowly masturbate, struck by both pain and pleasure.

General Santa Anna and all the onlookers also masturbated at that point.

So was the bearded Sergeant and the sentries, who had come back with the doctor, a Jewish dapper man who was said to be born in Switzerland. Doctor Schweitzer was supposed to be there to examine the girls, but he just stood there and masturbated with a half-full glass of tequila in his other hand. He was still professional enough to take a very sharp look at Consuelo and appraise her anatomy.

The size of Doctor Schweitzer’s greying whiskers and the golden torchlight gloss on his balding head as he briefly removed his hat seemed to mirror the intensity of his lust and anticipation.

He also knew Consuelo from an earlier acquaintance in San Antonio; he remembered being in receptions given by Don de Quesada, he remembered the way Consuelo sang while playing the pianoforte, and now that he saw her in the nude, Herr Doktor desired more than ever having sex with her. The medical examination would wait until next morning. Now was the time for a fiesta!

Uncle Sam just had his fiesta inside Consuelo. As he pulled out of her, the spent slave still avoided her gaze, shyly, after subserviently owning her.

But Consuelo wouldn’t let him go! She still had her legs and arms wrapped around the old slave, caught under the spell of his strong staff and the prodigiously generous seed he just gave her. She had lost it to the point of moving herself just as if he were still in the act of plowing her in the same steady pace as those newly invented steam engines that worked through the force of pistons. Steady, steady slave. Back and forth inside Consuelo, owning and serving her…

Uncle Sam didn’t exactly complain. The old dark fox took the opportunity to kiss Milady and enjoy the priceless wine of her lips, and the intoxicated Milady gave him her tongue!

As Consuelo kept Old Sam a prisoner inside her wrapped legs, her lovely little feet gave a powerful erotic display where she crossed her ankles atop Sam’s buttocks, those horse-powered lumps of brown brawn that had supplied the force behind his grunting feast of heavy, steady strokes that Consuelo thought were still going on in her make-believe state.

“The newly branded tramp! Did she already forget she was still a virgin only one day before?! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the General jested.

His officers all laughed along with him as the other slaves watched the scene with such disbelief that their saucer-wide eyes almost fell off their jaw-dropping faces.

General Santa Anna raised his glass full of tequila.

“Gentlemen! A toast! A toast to our regimental tramp!”


Don de Quesada masturbated, now slowly to avoid an untimely death, as his gaze centered on his daughter’s feet and ankles, which he now looked at in a surprisingly sexual way; in a way he would sometimes allow himself to in the deep intimacy of his masturbation or sex with a serving maid that looked a bit like his late wife.

But Consuelo… She looked so much like her mother when Don de Quesada made her his wife!

Consuelo’s feet were so incredibly erotic as her heels kept bumping against the old slave’s indecent buttocks!  Old Sam was presently kissing her intensely, his face buried in the silky waves of her dark hair… Many men’s gaze got lost in the earth-soiled tenderness of her señorita’s feet and the artistic slenderness of her ankles.

Consuelo felt and tasted Sam’s hot breath. She was literally deafened with the shock of it all, not even realizing she was still wrapped around him. She suddenly felt deadly ashamed, yet even this was still better, much better than being raped by Ramón, although Aaron and Uncle Sam just deposited inside her a seed loaded with the danger of a brown baby.

Right next to where Consuelo kept the old slave wrapped in her four limbs, Cupid was “gently persuading” Meg to spend more time with her by kissing and licking her all over her, always coming back to her nubile tits and buttocks as he easily thwarted her feeble attempts at getting close to Consuelo.

The other slaves—Consuelo suddenly realized and saw there were four of them waiting to go—didn’t want to use any of the Blyth daughters. They already had had their taste of them during the mad afternoon.

They had been waiting and masturbating until Uncle Sam was done. Sancho was there too, holding his impatient cock in his deformed hand while patiently waiting his turn, with his butt still bruised from his earlier landing.

Hector and Caesar, Nero and Maurice were all known to Consuelo’s eyes. They respectfully let Uncle Sam some time to catch his breath.

As he reluctantly moved away from her kisses, Old Sam moved his wrinkled face down to her bosom and gave the Señorita one last good-bye kiss on each of her nipples with long, lingering tongue strokes on her pleasure-swollen mounds.

Under this slobber-rich tribute, Consuelo remembered when Old Sam stood in front of her, looking shyly down as she stood at a socially reasonable distance, her figure   noble and unattainable with those same tender tits well guarded under her corset, which was now long gone.

Consuelo was unable not to love those tongue strokes on her intimate buds, and she felt other-worldly, all very much confused in the disarray of her senses and the rout of her morals. And Father… She tried to look at him, but some dapper man with a green felt hat stood in front of him; that man looked well-read and… he was holding his exposed cock and masturbated while looking at her with a devilish grin. She had seen that man somewhere before, she was sure of it.

The four waiting-tired negroes—Hector and Caesar, Nero and Maurice—presently got down around Consuelo and she became lost under their worshipping hands and mouths! Her body loved this so much! It was so monstrously immoral and preposterous!

Those little feet of hers that used to be well hidden inside her ankle-high shoes, they were now being firmly caressed by some strong and dusty hands and she felt their excitement as the slaves made her feel a complete woman through the daintiness of her feet and legs and everything else. Her body wished it would never stop.

Consuelo was negro-jungled with hands on her thighs, then fingers inside her cum-dripping pussy, adoring mouths of slaves enjoying the taste of her tits!

Even one of them, Maurice or Nero, was kissing her mouth and she was unable to deny her body the urge of giving her tongue to the slave. So she French-kissed him and felt the negro’s shock in the way he kissed her back, so hesitatingly! He hesitated even more than that young drummer boy when he first took his pleasure inside her, already long ago.

Her father watched all this. He had stopped masturbating, but his erection had swollen to the painful a state of a waiting mast. For the first and ultimate time in his life, the dying father truly acknowledged that he desired sex with his daughter.

He couldn’t un-see how Aaron had raped her in front of him, or rather fucked her as she had seemed so immorally submissive. And he would never forget the lovely display of her pale feet above the busy brown buttocks of Uncle Sam, and the savage scream the old slave uttered as he emptied himself inside her.

And now, Consuelo was devoured by the adoring hands and mouths of Maurice, Nero, Caesar and Hector.

Funnily enough, Hector kept navigating his avid mouth along the ivory-white grace of her lower legs and he seemed to especially enjoy her feet, often licking her rosy heels perhaps as an unknowing reference to Achilles, the epic hero who vanquished his namesake Trojan prince.

Don Enrique de Quesada was well-read enough to appreciate the irony. Indeed, Consuelo looked like a fallen princess under a group of conquering Ethiopian mercenaries whom the Greeks had allowed inside Troy after spilling out of the gigantic wooden horse. And he himself was like a dying king.


But the four slaves began to argue between themselves. Nero wanted to move down from Consuelo’s tits to her cunt. Maurice had taken enough kissing bliss out of her and wanted to invade her white pussy. But Hector wanted to stick to her feet and perhaps masturbate over them while Caesar—the shorter one, but very stocky in build and the strongest slave after Aaron—said it was his turn to go inside Milady!

General Santa Anna chimed in and produced a deck of cards…

“Here! All of you, draw each a card and the highest one will go first, and the rest in that order!”

“Fair enough!” Maurice said.

“I’m first! I said it’s my turn!” Caesar hollered, then his eyes met Aaron’s, and his voice changed. “All right, all right! We cut!”

“All nice and legal!” Maurice added.

Herr Doktor Schweitzer, as he gently stroked Pluto and Homer, the German shepherds he had given to Santa Anna in Mexico, was very offended to be waiting his turn after black slaves, but he knew Santa Anna’s taste for preposterous rapes, and so did his officers, most of whom were actually enjoying the unusual show, whether they were willing to admit it or not.

Actually, the cavalry Coronel was picturing his own young wife and his pretty niece being gang-fucked by those same slaves and experiencing one of his most gigantic erections ever! He couldn’t wait to be back in his hacienda in the province of Chihuahua. He was going to hire three of those freed slaves, maybe four, and put them to good use.

All the Mexican troops looked at the scene as in a trance. None of the officers and almost no soldiers wished to anger their General and Presidente. Not even the prisoners, and certainly not the slaves, who all drew cards from the General’s white-gloved hand like dogs eating a treat from their master, after he had cut the deck.

“One card! And it’s Texas hold’em!” Santa Anna said in English.

Then he translated in Spanish aloud for all to hear, and the bearded Sergeant, the fat Captain, the cavalry Colonel and most of the other Mexicans had a great laugh upon hearing such irony.

“Yes indeed! We Texas-hold their women! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the fat Captain jested.

“Captain Botez, I hereby field-commission you to the rank of Major!” General Santa Anna said. “Congratulations, Major!”

“Thank, uh, thank you, Señor General!”

“Well… Now, take that young maiden here and celebrate your field promotion inside her! Texas-hold her, like you so aptly said yourself! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The General’s white-gloved index was pointing straight at Ann, who was presently slowly moving her exhausted body toward Consuelo and the group of slaves.

The fat Captain, now fat Major, saw how young and petite she was. Her legs brought sudden life and sap inside him; he also knew that refusing the General’s suggestion would cost him his new rank. He realized he was now Major Botez de San Toro, a commandante! He felt oceans of pride within his bosom!

“No! No! I want to be treated like Consuelo!” the young maiden cried as the newly promoted Major grabbed her and forced her to lie down under him.

“I want black slaves! I’m a noble señorita too!” Ann cried as the fat Major buried his face between her legs and started kissing her pussy while sentries seized her little wrists and slapped her into crying submission.

“I’m a… a nn… Nhno-ble señ…”

“Shut up, little she-beaver, and let me eat your muff!”

While Ann’s wails and cries filled the place, with some nascent whimpers coming out from the fat Major’s mouth action, the four slaves all showed their card under the truth-revealing torchlight.

Maurice, who had been violating Consuelo’s mouth, showed a Four of Spades. Spades that looked back at him like the death of his chances to be next.

Nero, who had been slobber-covering Consuelo’s tits, produced a Five of Hearts—five sorry pairs of curves reminding him of Mary’s buttocks from when he saw Mary riding Maurice as a pale cowgirl.

Caesar, who had been kissing and eating Consuelo’s pussy with a conquering tongue that knew no Latin, took the bottom card of the deck. It turned out to be a Jack of Clubs.

Proudly showing his Jack of Clubs, Caesar looked down at the graceful figure of Consuelo, and loved the way she was now sitting and leaning on her side with her legs folded under her and rearranging the Homeric waves her dark hair out of long habit—her legs and feet kept feeding the lust of all men present.

Hector, who had been enjoying the silk of her legs and the smallness of her feet, was last to the Texas-Hold’em showdown… He flipped the top card of the deck, and it was the Jack of Hearts!

“I win!” Hector ejaculated with a joy-loaded voice as he promptly stripped himself naked, out of his filthy tattered slave clothes. Consuelo gasped as she noticed the heroic size of his dark cock and grew fascinated be his veiny length that shimmered like polished leather under the torchlight.

“Not so fast! I got a Jack too! We draw again!” Caesar cried out angrily.

“You stupid ignorant fool! The General said Texas Hold’em! Hearts trump Clubs! Even us slaves know that!” Maurice said as he made peace with the notion of masturbating and waiting for the amazing experience of raping Consuelo, whom he had yet to try out.

Her nakedness was already a nectar of fascinating splendour for his African eyes. He would never had hoped to see her in the nude! What could he ask more? He could wait a little more! And besides, his fellow slaves weren’t going to last very long inside Milady Consuelo.

“He’s right! That’s the tie breaker here!” The General said. “Now, my dear negro, I’m sure that this man you see here won’t last all that long, and you’ll get the pleasure to Texas-Club your Milady from behind, like I’m sure you often dreamed of!”

Caesar’s eyes narrowed as he heard the General. Colonel Alvarez saw the joy and ferocity in the slave’s eyes and took due note of this. This slave was growing too fond of white women and far too entitled! He was becoming too dangerous! Maybe hiring him for his hacienda wasn’t that great of an idea after all. Maybe those negroes ought to be shot tomorrow…

Hector and his heroic erection already stood where Consuelo sat with her rearranged hair, which now fell upon her naked shoulders with their usual charm, a curtain of black silk with glimmering lights of magic under the light.

“Now, white woman! Take my cock in your hands and stroke it!” Hector commanded with Ethiopian-looking pride radiating from his grinning face.

To her father’s utter shock, Consuelo immediately obeyed and said, “I’m so sorry, James! Wherever you are, show me you aren’t angry with your loving Consuelo!”

As she spoke, the eighteen-year-old señorita took hold of Hector’s epic appendix and gracefully moved her head toward it.

She kissed the purple head of his circumcised cock, and as her rosy lips met the slave’s dark staff, a chilly breeze was felt on her skin and she soon had goose bumps. Only this reminded her she was under the moon, for her body was burning like the sun.

James was watching in spirit. She was sure of it. This made her even paler and more enthralling for the men around her.


Some distance away, the fat Major had just got inside Ann’s protesting body. He began to rape her with her legs bent and propped up! He greatly enjoyed the feel of her little feet against the shoulder pads of his epaulettes, and do what she will, little Ann became forcibly aroused from that contact of her soles pressing his hated uniform; she felt the wool and his indomitable force in his large chest under her girly feet and kept on protesting…

“I’m a noble señorita! ¡Sí, lo soy! ¡Sí, lo soy!” Ann steadily repeated as the fat Major steadily pounded her.

Ann made fast progress in Spanish, as if being filled by Mexican cocks acted like some sort of flaming Holy Ghost and made her suddenly a Mexican girl with Irish-pale skin. She pressed her feet against the fat Major’s uniform and saw his comical belly between her legs as he panted and sweated all over her, his cock hard and true and making her his.

“How… How old are you… Ooh, little, angel?”

“¡Solo tengo trece años! ¡Pero por favor, solo diga que soy una noble señorita!” (I’m just thirteen! But please, just say I’m a noble señorita!)

Upon hearing Ann’s words, and the crystalline youth of her voice, the fat Major decided she was well worth taking more time inside. This was his first time with so young a girl. He pulled out of her and grabbed her ankles, then he began to kiss her feet while rubbing the other one on his sweaty forehead! He loved this way of celebrating his promotion, with the feet of a young maiden!

Ann was forced to like those loving attentions, but she had been so close to her climax that suddenly, without realizing how much of a tramp this made her sound, she said… “¡Por favor, señor, vuelva a meter su verga dentro de mí y lléneme!” (Please, Mister, stick your cock inside me again and fill me up!)

Was it her young mind that had quickly gathered the foul language used by the jeering soldiers? Whatever it was, hearing the Yankee lass speaking Spanish like this astonished the fat Major.

He kept tasting one of her feet, her toes inside his mouth and tasting the Texas dirt and the girly salty sweat with a subtle touch of skin mushroom, all this with Ann’s unique fragrance, and he kept rubbing her other foot on his forehead and couldn’t get enough of her touch! What a delicacy she was!

“You’re a good girl!” the fat Major finally replied, in Spanish she understood plainly, “and since you’re such a lovely little tramp, I’ll grant you what you wish for!”

And the Major did just what Ann had asked for. He resumed the forced sex in the exact same position as before.

Ann couldn’t keep herself from purring and whimpering as her feet were back against his epaulettes! Her lithe body loved the feeling of those golden fringes against her young feet! She let him rape her full steam ahead with her bent legs propped up. She got such forced arousal out of it that it erased the throbbing pain inside her.

Making girls drink tequila never failed to make them willing to their own rape. He gleefully kept exploring the young maiden with his hard cock…

Ann felt the fringes of his epaulettes on her feet, felt him deep inside her and heard his all-conquering grunts! She was no longer horrified. She was exhausted past this. Her body was just doing its best to survive.

The fat Major immensely enjoyed the lovely display of her folded legs, and he was hypnotized by the diminutive charms of her little tits; they looked so powerfully erotic with those pale nipples that kept bouncing along with his heavy strokes as he began to feel weightless! He was just about to fill her up! This was so much fun! The long dark mass of her hair only added to the splendour of her white bouncing tits! And she had a lovely strip of such hair down there as well.

Ann suddenly uttered some strange quacking sounds as she powerfully orgasmed while saying—in English—that she felt like a swan, although she sounded more like a duck.

“¡Aaaahhhhhh Yankee chica! ¡Yankee! ¡Yankee chica! ¡Yankee Yankee Yankee chi—ca! ¡Ahhh! ¡Santa Madre de Dios!” the fat Major uttered.

He was reaching his high crest and about to get hit by a pagan god’s delight! Nothing would stop this from happening. It was absolute. All got dark and fire-light in his soul. The busy shadows from Ann’s fast-moving tits proclaimed it in a blur of Irish splendour.

With his sweaty rat face, the fat Major nodded to his own act of rape, hypnotized by the pagan dance of Ann’s tits.

He braced for the final eruption with his ever-bobbing head, now without his shako. He was nearly dying out of sheer bliss as he enjoyed the unspeakable fun!

He kept his commanding hold on Ann’s erotic ankles as a maelstrom of images stormed his mind—Consuelo’s peachy butt as he raped her from behind right after the battle, Consuelo platoon-raped on that cannon with her tits slobber-coated under the sun, the moment he sank his sabre inside James Bowie’s torso as he personally killed him in sickbay, and now…

Now, this girl’s priceless feet, pressed against his bosom…

“AAAAAA… AA Yankee chica! ¡Yankee! ¡Yankee chica! ¡Yankee Yankee Yankee chi—ca! —AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNhhddjj nnhhrrgh!”

Such was his heated wind. He did cum-baptized his Major’s epaulettes, by Texas-holding her ankles as the Irish lass received the burning offering from the Catholic commandante.

In that life-altering moment, the fat Major victoriously ejaculated, his benefits exploding inside the maiden and becoming as vast as the world!

Ann let him impale her with his ultimate strokes as her rebellious body basked in her post-climax state of not knowing who or where she was. All she knew was that hated uniformed bosom that she kept pressing under her feet and those golden epaulette fringes that randomly caressed her sensitive foot skin.


Nero heard the Major all right as he himself was in the act of raping Rose-Anne while lying on his side and happily spooning-pounding her while bouncing the heart-shaped whiteness of her maiden’s buttocks as she also lay on her side facing away from him. He was raping her quite gently with caressing hands that never left her fascinating white skin.

Nero had loved watching Rose-Anne riding Maurice, so he didn’t want to wait his turn and cashed in right away with his Five of Hearts by picking up Rose-Anne, whom the junior officers had to let go upon a stern nod from General Santa Anna.

The poor lass was too exhausted to be riding any man even if she wished it, so he kindly raped her in that spooning position where he could still enjoy the lovely vastness of her full buttocks and lose himself in that coloured vs. white fascination as he looked down on his own flesh and saw how shocking that contrast was between his battering ram and the soft curves of Rose-Anne’s Irish bum.

Nero was having a great night of Texas Hold’er!

As a priceless bonus, she had dark hair that intensified his fascination for her snow-pale backside, with golden reflections from the waning torchlight.

Nero was all too happy to be fucking the white daughter, whom he had seen out and about Fort Alamo many times, in her clothes of course, and now… Her butt was tapping against him with primal smat-smat-smat sounds as she whimpered, her brown-haired head gently bobbing to his kind strokes. The poor girl! He ought not to have ravished her in the state she was in, but…

Oh, her white butt! He ought to enjoy this! To enjoy her! She was hopelessly dishonoured. And Nero loved devouring her honour!

Rose-Anne experienced a diffuse orgasm with a fierce bout of pain shortly after Nero pressed himself against her and cupped her upper tit as she lay spooned inside his taller figure. Her body liked his body heat. The gentle rape now looked remarkably like sex between two consenting persons.

Rose-Anne was long past the stage of resisting. If she actually wished this intercourse, be it partly, then she had the perfect excuse—the fort had fallen and all the wives and daughter had been raped. What could a fourteen-year-old lass do against all those strong active men?

All the wives and daughters found inside the fort were raped again. And again. Rose-Anne and the other Blyth little women were no exception to this harsh unwritten law.


Consuelo had made Hector very happy with her hands caressing his cock while Maurice masturbated, biding his time and waiting his turn along with the impatient Caesar.

Some of the hundred soldiers hated to see this being done to a white woman and they secretly hated General Santa Anna and prayed for his political demise, although Consuelo’s kneeling nakedness gave them cause sufficient to bide their own time and enjoy the tequila freely supplied to them.

Consuelo decided to do what she thought she’d never do.

She willingly took Hector’s enormous slave’s cock inside her señorita’s mouth! Her father Don de Quesada watched with stupor, while feeling surprisingly little horror; he felt more and more aroused by the notion of feeling his own cock inside her after watching her surrender to the slaves.

He loved seeing her in the nude, her legs and feet in full display as she knelt at Hector’s feet while holding his huge cock with both hands and sucking it with her back-and-forth mouth. Hector was getting a wonderful spit-polish.

Consuelo didn’t dare to look at her father. She felt his gaze on her as she served the slave and this made her soaking wet as she kept length-caressing Hector’s throbbing cock with her twirling tongue.

“Aaahhh… Milady… Aaahhh… Hector wants you to… Aahhh! God! I want to take you from behind like a … Aahh! Horse!”

Consuelo obediently moved herself and for a second, there was a thread of her slobber uniting her to his African cock.

All the men followed her graceful motions as she soon got on all fours, where her displayed beauty waited for Hector’s Ethiopian-looking erection to ravage her at his full leisure.

“Please, Hector, go gently!” she asked as she suddenly remembered Hector taking orders from Mrs. O’Hara.

The memory brought a tropical wind of class-defying arousal within the noble señorita, who caught sight of Maurice and the shorter Caesar as they masturbated their average lengths. Yet Caesar was phenomenally thick! His cock was just as stocky as the short slave was in his person.

Don Enrique de Quesada was unable not to masturbate as he watched the succession of three slaves taking their turns in raping, or rather fucking, his strangely submissive daughter with their juicy cocks.

They were physically capable of sex with ANY woman. They demonstrated three times over that a white milady could be fucked by black slaves.

The whole time her doggy-style bucking lasted, Consuelo would moan and keep moaning… “Oohh—Ooooohh—Ooohh—Oohhh! Hector… Hector! My slave, I… Ooohh! You’re so big! So big! Oh, James! James Bowie! I love you!”

As she moaned and let Hector shake her up, feeling his vigorous hold on her extra-sore waist, Consuelo kept her head cast down and bobbing under the relentless strokes from the slave, now promoted to master and enjoying her dusty demotion by Texas-holding her.

Hector fucked her like a palomino stud! Consuelo closed her eyes and kept calling out James as she got nearer to yet another climax, her pussy stretched by Hector, who indeed went gently like she wanted him to…

“Oh, James! James… I love you! Please, marry me!” Consuelo kept repeating under Hector’s epic, yet gentle strokes from his enormous cock.


Hector died suddenly inside Consuelo. He shot raging bursts of hot semen as his legs turned to water under him.

“My turn now! Get out of the way, you tenderfoot!” Caesar uttered as he pushed Hector out of the way.

Caesar aggressively knelt behind Consuelo and even more aggressively grabbed her waist as he urgently pushed his cock inside her with no warning.

Consuelo cried out in pain, but Caesar ignored her cries…

“What do you think of this, Milady? Hrr! Hrr! Hrrr! Happy with the change of pace? Hrrr, hrrr, hrrr, hrrr Hrrr OWW!!!”

One second, Caesar was furiously and painfully raping her, the next he had vacated her pussy and no one was behind her. Consuelo looked behind her…

Hector had got back to his feet and punched Caesar in the face.

Caesar got back to his feet and ragingly charged at Hector, who was taller with a longer reach, but Caesar was the heavier and by far the stronger man. He easily overpowered Hector and threw him where he bit the dust.

Both naked fighters looked like an Ethiopian version of antique wrestlers having a go at it for the privilege to fuck a captive Helen of Troy.

Consuelo felt much aroused from seeing naked men fight for her. She was eighteen and thought she knew everything. Whatever she experienced, she always rearranged it in epic terms, or better still, in Homeric style.

“Stop this, both of you! This slave has the right to the girl!” the General said as he pointed at Caesar. “If anyone of you interferes again, he’ll be taken to jail! And this includes you, big man!”

Aaron saw the General pointing at him and remained still, very reluctantly. He hated Caesar’s vicious way to use Consuelo, whom he had seen take so much abuse that he could only respect her and lover her more for it.

With sordid delight, Caesar was back kneeling behind Consuelo, who motioned at Aaron and silently asked him to come closer with her lovely hand.

While Caesar re-entered inside Consuelo’s flower, while her father watched, Aaron came to her and fast.

On another motion from her hand, Aaron knelt down in front of her face, and she stretched her neck a bit and reached out and she—her father wouldn’t believe his eyes—she began to lick Aaron’s impressive flaccid penis as the large slave understood her purpose and moved himself closer, finding absolute joy in this.

Marvelling at her surprising display of affection, the colossal slave began to tenderly stroke her hair, his fingers growing more and more feverish as she kept insisting with her tongue, all this while her head had begun to wildly bob again from Caesar’s carelessly hard strokes inside her.

Wanting to set a clear message as to how a slave took revenge on white ladies, Caesar pulled out of Consuelo’s pussy and immediately penetrated her one notch higher.

With animalistic delight, Caesar let out a powerful grunt, “hNnnrrrhh!” as he broke the resistance of Consuelo’s asshole and took possession of her señorita’s rectum.

“OOOAAAAA aaaaaaaaahh…” Consuelo uttered against her will as she did her best to manage her pain. It was so throbbing intense! Yet her rectum was comparatively fresher than her long-ravaged pussy, so she almost welcomed the change.

She did a decent job at managing that excruciating pain as she knew that crying out too loud and pitifully would enrage Aaron, and then he’d fight Caesar and General Santa Anna would send him off to jail.

Consuelo didn’t want this to happen. She wanted Aaron to stay close to her and yes, she wanted Aaron to fuck her again. But she knew that before that, she had to endure the other slaves.

And while she endured the painful anal rape from the short, angry slave, Consuelo had Aaron’s cock to lick. She felt her father’s gaze. What could she do? She was nothing but the toy of fate, and right now, fate was named Caesar. So she comforted herself by choosing to pleasure Aaron with her tongue.

Caesar was presently exploding inside her distended rectum and he let out a long-winded series of groaning sounds, very inarticulate…

“hnnrrhhh Aaahh ‘m inside hrrrhhhh NNNNNN hgghhh!!!”

She felt Caesar’s gripping hands on her butt and sensed his disappointment. The deed had been too short-lived for his liking.

Maurice was presently near Consuelo to claim his rightful turn.

“All right! Nero’s gone and has taken one of the Blyth daughters. My turn now!” Maurice bellowed for all to hear. “Caesar, please, move away. It’s my turn to have Milady. You’ll get inside her again later. Come on! The party’s still young!”

But Caesar was a stubborn man. He refused to leave his spot for Maurice as agreed by the cards using the Texas Hold’em. Maurice got angry. Caesar was so unreasonable! He had just ass-raped Consuelo de Quesada and still felt dissatisfied?!

“Aah, some little men never have enough! Give them a morsel of power and they want the whole ox, while they don’t know they should call it beef when it’s served!” the General said, with only the officers, Don de Quesada and Doctor Schweizer, and Consuelo, being educated enough to understand what he meant.


On a nod from his General, the bearded Sergeant took two sentries and they came at Caesar and grabbed him.

They had lifted the angry short slave when the General spoke again…

“Sergeant! Tie up his hands behind his back and deliver his cock to this girl’s mouth! Tie his legs too. And let this young lady here decide of his sentence for disturbing the peace of a gang-rape!”

The General was pointing at Meg, who had been the half-willing object of Cupid’s heated kisses and caressing hands for all this time.

The breeze was getting a bit chilly, but the handsome slave found ways to keep Meg warm with very gentle hands and a loving mouth. He had learned that being gentle was making the white girl more willing to let him do whatever he pleased. Cupid would never forget the feel of Meg’s pussy hair under his fingers.

But Meg was now seized by grinning Mexican soldiers in uniform, and the sight of clothed men disturbed the gone-mad girl, who was getting used to see naked men around her, even used to be naked herself amid men, which would have caused her an insane attack of panic two days before.

Caesar stood right there, hands and legs tied up by Mexican knots, his eyes suddenly scared as he looked at her mouth. She had teeth! She was part of a group he and the other slaves had gang-raped! She had teeth and she could…

“Now, Yankee girl!” the General ordered Meg. “Take this man inside your mouth and decide if you want revenge or if you forgive him! This man just sodomized Consuelo!”

Aaron was so enraged! He hated sodomy, but he was very unwilling to leave Consuelo’s mouth and interrupt the session of cock licking that the white señorita was giving him. He also knew that beating up Caesar or worse would land him in jail, or worse.

Aaron took the easy course of delight and remained kneeling with his hands stroking Consuelo’s silky hair as her tongue kept licking his now-hardening cock, while Maurice, his own cock hard and pointing at her, knelt down behind Consuelo and eagerly pushed against and into her yielding entrance.

Her pussy was gonna get his black heated coffee until he’d give her his porridge.

Maurice closed his eyes and let his hands and fingers sink into the soft flesh of Consuelo’s peachy bottom!

He was inside Milady! Bucking her like a dog, from behind! He committed his whole being to the present moment and reaped the godly reward. Maurice began to horse-buck Consuelo like a champion, like he had often dreamed of doing when watching her walking by in the fort before and during the siege.

With dread, Caesar watched Meg’s mouth as she obeyed the bearded Sergeant’s command and knelt down in front of the punished slave, whose hands and legs were tied-up; a sentry held him there, and he couldn’t do anything about Meg’s face getting dangerously close to his flaccid cock.

Meg looked to her right and saw the unreal scene where Consuelo was being double-enjoyed between Maurice and Aaron. With her skin looking all the brighter for it. Consuelo was taking Maurice from behind while her mouth was filled with Aaron’s new erection.

Meg’s love for Consuelo saved Caesar from being emasculated.

Doing like her love and idol, feeling like the little sister she needed so much to be, the middle-class girl did the same as the noble señorita.

Meg began to lick Caesar’s soft cock the way she had seen Consuelo do with Aaron. Caesar was still fearful. He was afraid the dream would suddenly turn into a nightmare with a fanged vagina in the form of Meg’s teeth.

Meg was struck by the vile taste on Caesar’s cock. It was the taste of shit, but it was Consuelo’s bowels that had supplied it, so Meg tolerated it out of sheer love. But when she met that taste, she twitched and Caesar let out a shriek of pure panic as he felt a hint of her teeth!

All the hundred Mexicans laughed their heads out, and their circle became a sea of laughs and black moving waves of shakos.

The General took note of the fact that torturing a slave like this and making him scream was an effective way to make the troops accept the gang-rape of white ladies at the hands of negroes. He added this tactic to his already-rich repertoire.

Caesar was highly vulnerable to Meg’s mouth, but the Blyth daughter he knew so well by sight just kept licking his cock like a bitch licking the wound of her master. She even reached with her hand and began to caress his balls, then gently stroked his manhood with the tip of her fingers, making it look molasses-dark by contrast, and she combined her finger-stroking with the tip of her tongue. Now that it was beginning to swell, it was plain that Caesar had something really thick down there.

Caesar opened his mouth wide in amazement, unable to fathom the notion of a white girl doing this to him.

In addition to this, Meg was in the nude! Kneeling at his feet! Like a modern Eve worshipping the African God.

As he witnessed Meg’s act of cock worship, the Sergeant smiled and grinned at the two sentries who stood nearby. He knew that this slave had just emptied his store of sperm inside Consuelo’s butt hole and resurrecting his erection was going to take a good while. More time to enjoy the girl’s kneeling grace!

Unlike the two dogs who lay asleep some distance away, the bearded Sergeant felt he was already back to able-bodied status and he gleefully went to Meg. He knelt behind her as she kept licking Caesar’s cock. Watching a white girl giving such sexual favours to a black slave proved both disgusting and arousing to him.

Meg felt his heavy hands on her hips and the much-older Sergeant kissed her neck, where she felt the soft hair of his dark beard.

The Sergeant kissed Meg lower and lower, taking a tour of her backside until he was in the small of her back. Then he began kissing the white expanse of her buttocks, which looked incredibly vast in sweeping curves when looked from so close that his nose was in constant contact with her skin. He loved the feel, the sight and the smell of her. Meg kept on licking Caesar.

The bearded Mexican ran his hands down her legs, unable to find words for how gorgeous she was and how incredible her legs, feet and ankles felt under his touch. He was now very hard under his grey trousers!

Nodding at the two soldiers, he told them to hold Meg by the shoulders and instructed her to keep on licking the negro’s half-flaccid cock while he placed himself in such a way as to have her butt and her pussy in proper line with the erection he presently freed by pushing down his hastily unbuttoned trousers.

With his impaling erection pointing straight toward the crack of Meg’s butt, the kneeling Sergeant gently took her waist and with his caressing hold, he had no difficulty in nudging her down onto his waiting mast.

Caesar lowered himself so his cock remained close enough for her to keep licking his cock, while both soldiers held Meg by the shoulders, allowing her to keep her balance with her slanting torso producing the loveliest display for her non-sagging tits, where the male gaze naturally followed seamless curves down to her slim waist and her gorgeous buttocks, where the bearded Sergeant got lucky.

“¡Aaahhh!! ¡Santa Madre de Dios!” the bearded Sergeant uttered as he lowered Meg onto him and felt her gripping tightness and made her feel how thick he was in his own right.

He could tell right away she was under twenty. No older girl felt so tight! His own wife sure no longer did, not after eight pregnancies.

With glee and disbelief, the Sergeant kept feasting on Meg’s up-and-down movements of posterior beauty as he kept lowering and rising her, causing her pussy to massage his cock very youthfully. He knew not to ask for more and thus reaped a honest reward! What a rush! The Yankee girls of Fort Alamo belonged to Mexico! And right now, Mexico was his flagpole cock! Inside her! To the hilt, and up, and back down for another crashing stroke of growing delight! And up again for a glorious view of her youthful curves… Her butt crack was the tell-tale sign something bad had happened to the Americans who ought to have protected her honour.

As a bonus, he was fucking the girl and holding her waist where he could watch Consuelo de Quesada getting rear-ended and cock-screwed through her mouth at the same time by a pair of black slaves. The show was unthinkable! Even if he was to tell the tale later on, nobody was going to believe him!

Maurice was in heaven behind Consuelo! His hands were around the naked señorita he was supposed to always see fully clothed and from a slave’s distance! He was now making himself felt to her white womanhood! What incredible things could become suddenly real when a fort or town was captured! Maurice was alive with a savage sense of elation. It was as if he were suddenly made the supreme god of the world!

Aaron shared his sense of elation as he never stopped to caress Consuelo’s dreamy hair with the ever-sliding seal of her lips around his near-exploding cock! With her tongue insistently caressing his full length! Oh, God!

The cavalry Coronel presently spoke with the cavalry Major. He said he was sorry to say he had been the one to rape Meg’s face, that it was in fact Major Garcia who had done this feat, and he himself had perhaps dreamed it was him in all this confusion and excitement! To tell the truth, the Coronel didn’t even remember whom he had raped during the afternoon!

“Does it really matter, Sir?” Major Garcia said.

“No. She had a tight pussy and that’s good enough for me! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

It was a very strange sort of talk, as both officers had their cocks outside their trousers and were masturbating as they watched Consuelo being double-slaved. Yet they kept talking between gentlemen.

The Major thanked his superior officer and made a remark about the slave presently enjoying Consuelo from behind. That savage joy in his eyes… Didn’t it look dangerous?

“Yes it does!” Colonel Alvarez replied, “and look at that big slave whose cock is now disgustingly inside her mouth. He too has that glow of revolt in his eyes! Those slaves have tasted too much white pussy! They’re very dangerous indeed! They’ll want more!”

As the Coronel spoke, Major Garcia began thinking of his wife, who was waiting for him in his family’s hacienda not far from Acapulco; it was a hacienda without slaves, as slavery was no longer practiced in Mexico. Yet the horny Major imagined a strike that turned into a full-blown riot where a loud and angry group of dark-skinned workers took over the estate and captured his lovely young wife, who became a subdued slave for them to play with!

The Major pictured her breasts coming into sudden sight in a preposterous reversal of social hierarchy as the dark natives tore her dress and forced her to become gracefully white and naked amid their dark figures with cocks pointing up! And one by one, they made her theirs! His lovely Inès received the spunk from twenty-plus Mestizos in all her holes. She took loads of their cum right smack on her pretty face! His fantasy was vivid now as he realized how far Acapulco was from Alamo.

“Like this! LIKE THIS!!!” the Major screamed as he rushed at Mary and grabbed her face, where she had been kept sitting between two Lieutenants playing with her tits, and after a short, yet extremely intense bout of masturbation, Major Garcia liberally splattered her face with his erupting seed! Truly, he hoped Consuelo would get gang-raped again on a cannon tomorrow, for he had been inside the sacristy and only heard the tale.

The olive-faced officer loved how dark his light-brown cock looked against Mary’s face as he coated her nose and most of her mouth and chin with the rich cream and rancid fragrance of his pudding! “From Acapulco with heat!” he thought as he uttered his ultimate grunts.

At that precise moment, Maurice was no longer able to withstand Consuelo’s peachy butt curves and he erupted inside her, screaming like a man possessed! With unspeakable satisfaction that sucked all wind out of him, he gave her his slave’s tribute, a huge load that spoke of months of secret dreams about her…”Hh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YYY AAHH AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Aaaaaaaaaaahhh…”

At the about same time, Aaron let out a scream akin to a dying man who just got shot, “nnh yUUUUUUUUGGHH!!!”

Consuelo drank his spurting cum!

She climaxed just as she received slave spunk from both ends! Don de Quesada was watching and presently masturbated with a frantic hand. His seed suddenly erupted atop his erect cock!

Meg… What a great fuck she was! The bearded Sergeant felt almost cut in half after the cumulative display of her back-and-forth moving bum and he suddenly thundered with a loud series of groands as he filled her up and basked in the blissful heat of his relief. All this while the Catholic maiden kept bravely licking Caesar’s cock, mixing her amorous slobber with the flaky remnants of Consuelo’s shit.

Caesar was now breathing very hard. His cock was hard wood, looking very much like dark mahogany. Meg found his thickness very impressive, even scary! Caesar now experienced such high pleasure that he was almost forgetting how vulnerable he really was with his most precious thing between the girl’s teeth.

Meg grabbed Caesar’s thick carronade and gave him a two-hand massage where her hands moved as a blur along it, and she kept it pointed at her tits. She massaged him on and kept at it, her hands a massaging blur until he nearly lost his footing and shouted a loud, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH MILADY!!! HHRRNNNNGGH UUUGHHH Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh…”

And Meg received a hot shower of slave cum! It coated her tits with glossy stickiness under the dying torchlight. She was looking at Consuelo the whole time and witnessed it all as both slaves, Maurice and Aaron, emptied their glorious finale inside Consuelo’s pussy and mouth, and her beloved señorita took it shivering! Meg still felt Consuelo looked glamorous, even with the taste of her shit lingering on her tongue, even as both girls were without any clothes among naked slaves.

Consuelo was looking at her. Meg smiled at her. “I love you!” Meg said, with a feeble voice and hoping she’d read her lips.


All the slaves were well spent. Consuelo was beginning to realize the enormity of all she just did… as she swallowed the last of Aaron’s massive ejaculation.

She began to cry and sob. She caught sight of her father and sobbed more bitterly. What a soulless, heartless daughter she was! No, she couldn’t help getting gang-raped by slaves in front of him, but she did become an accomplice of her own rape. Some dark force had made her an accomplice of evil!

Then she saw the tell-tale gloss of semen on her father’s exposed erection.

She went silent with stupor.

“Don’t cry, my beloved daughter! Don’t cry! You’ve done no worse than I did myself! Look at this!” Don de Quesada told her, speaking loud for her to hear.

He motioned at his fresh ejaculation where his cock was deflating.

Consuelo gazed at her father’s spent cock and semen.

Then, she was grabbed from behind.

“My turn now, Miss Consuelo de Quesada! It’s Sancho’s turn! Sancho’s turn!”

“Not yet! Not yet, Sancho!” General Santa Anna bellowed as he pushed the dwarf aside and grabbed Consuelo and threw her down onto the ground, on her back with such violence that she yelped in pain.

Aaron charged toward the General, but the cavalry Coronel pulled out his loaded pistol and suggested him to remain more peaceable as sentries closed in around the herculean slave with their hastily-grabbed muskets pointed with bayonets. The Coronel had almost pulled the trigger, but remembered the General’s orders about sparing all the non-combatants; raping the female ones, yes, but no killing of the males. Santa Anna was well-known for getting enraged when his orders were disregarded.

“Put those slaves back in their chains and keep them under close guard!” the General ordered the scarlet-uniformed Coronel as he unbuttoned his trousers and quickly lowered them after relieving himself from his own pistol and sabre, which he gave to the fat Major while Consuelo tried in vain to get up as the General’s powerful erection filled her sight.

The half-naked General had no trouble in overpowering the exhausted señorita. He subdued Consuelo and pushed her legs open, then he slithered himself to the right place and pushed his cock inside her.

What followed was a violent punitive rape where the General kept yelling at her as he pounded her and kept her arms down on the ground on either side of her bobbing head, with the black waves of her hair flat on the moonlit dirt, as he kept calling her a tramp for niggers.

“You must not give yourself to slaves like this! You must not give yourself to slaves! No you must not!” the General yelled at her as he raped her the hardest he could, ignoring her pitiful cries and wails and knowing she was now in deep pain. But he felt she was a tough Hispanic girl who was able to handle such abuse.

He never got tired of the jiggling play of her tits under him.

“No, you must not give yourself to slaves! No you must not! You must not! You must not!”

He just kept yelling at her and repeating the very same words, until he burst inside her like a fused bomb as he yelled one last time, “YOU, MUST, NOT! Hhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gggghhh! NnnyyaaaAARRRGGHH!!!”

The General experienced a two-round ejaculation where he liberated one massive bolt of jism, and after one second of suspended bliss, it was followed with an even more massive one! An unstoppable eruption that confirmed him as the conqueror of Fort Alamo as he stuffed Consuelo like a tramp.

It was so satisfying! He had organized the whole gang-rape with the slaves for that special moment. He knew that watching Consuelo gang-raped by black slaves would make him extremely horny.

“Now! Herr Doktor! She’s all yours! Examine her!”

Herr Doktor Shweizer was a dapper man who presently removed his hat and loosened his bowtie a bit as he let his long-awaiting erection free to point toward Consuelo’s nude figure.

Herr Doktor didn’t pay that much attention to the soldiers and the junior officers who were now having a renewed orgy after seeing the red-uniformed Major relieving himself at the expense of Mary’s face.

Ann, Rose-Anne and Mary were presently at the hands of two dozens horny Mexicans who urgently masturbated or raped.

“Show them mercy! Spare their tired pussy, but give them your seed in their other holes! And woe betide the girl who bites! Any biting girl will be branded like cattle with a red-hot iron! On her cunt!” the General thundered as he hastily put himself back together.

Herr Doktor was very eager to rape Consuelo, but he nonetheless watched with fascination as the numerous soldiers took hold of the poor Yankee daughters.

The young and vigorous Lieutenants were flagpole-hard again and gleefully proceeded to force Ann, Rose-Anne and Mary Blyth into a proper receiving position, on their hands and knees.

Meg was presently raped by the cavalry Colonel, who tried that position on his side he had seen one of the slaves use. He found much, much enjoyment in the all-powerful display of her buttocks that he kept tapping against him as he enjoyed her pussy with his mind filled with the freshly consumed rapes by slaves.

The Ensign presently took Ann’s tight butthole and began enjoying this other hole; it was his first time sodomizing a girl and he found he liked this better than with boys.

Rose-Anne’s gorgeous butt made the delight of another junior Lieutenant…

The one who had just been promoted to acting Captain, at only twenty years of age, was entering the extra-tight rectum of Mary, who screamed her life out, while the older lieutenants and captains were collectively masturbating their tired meat all around the Blyth daughters while their elder sister was being filled up by Colonel Alvarez.

It was an orgy where the tired officers gave the very last of their spunk while the slaves were being watched by a couple of homosexual sodomites. One of them stood dangerously close to Aaron and his gorilla arms.

The young Lieutenants began growling and groaning and yelling their high pleasure as they relieved themselves inside those tight Yankee butts, and Mary, Rose-Anne and little Ann got their lower intestines filled up with loads upon loads of Mexican cum as they cried out the last of their pain intertwined with flakes of forced bliss.

As the more senior lieutenants and the captains and the fat Major began to detonate with delight, a gooey rain of spunk began to fall on the three sisters. It was indescribable!

The fat Major allowed himself the treat of an ejaculation on Ann’s childish-small feet, as was facilitated by the fact that her anal rapist had just left, so he just had to kneel down, grab her ankles and give those little girly feet a nice coating of his hot porridge!

Two officers spurted out an impressive amount of cum that landed on both sides of Rose-Anne’s face and polluted much of her hair just as a young Lieutenant was finishing his relief inside her distended asshole.

Tired of waiting for his turn inside Consuelo, Sancho the dwarf moved in behind Rose-Anne and was very much amazed upon finding such a gorgeous and luminous butt between his hands. Her buns looked all the whiter under the moonlight as the last torch died out.

Sancho stood behind Rose-Anne and forced her to take him on all fours, with her head down and low, unknowing she was being raped by a hunchback dwarf. She only knew his hands on her and the way his hard cock gave her a painful, yet weirdly pleasurable pressure as he took full possession of her butthole and began to gleefully sodomize her as he watched the cum loads fly left and right and land everywhere on the moonlit girls. If the late Captain Blyth were there next to James’s ghost, his shadow then witnessed the disaster resulting from his failure at protecting his daughters.

The hundred Mexican troops all cheered and catcalled as they joined the fun and formed compact circles around Mary, Rose-Anne and little Ann and all three girls were forced to take an endless supply of cocks in all sizes and shades of colour, from fair to olive to native dark, inside their mouths… cocks bumping on their face… Some of them deep inside their assholes! The insane pleasure killed their fear of God.

They all became lost amid the vast sea of overexcited shakos, many of those hats falling down on the ground as the soldiers soon began to shoot hot bolts of creamy sludge.

The cavalry Coronel remained alongside Meg and kept kissing her as he began telling her how much he was missing his wife. Meg only cared about Consuelo.

Herr Doktor Schweizer presently had his hands on Consuelo. Using the tone of a medical man, he commanded her to lie down and spread out her legs so he could examine her.

The good Jewish Doktor saw some minor lesions inside her pussy, which was normal after such a prodigious amount of abuse.

He motioned at a sentry and told him to bring him his medical bag. Out of his leather bag, he produced a pot of ointment and used it generously around and inside Consuelo’s entrance.

“Ooh! ¡Muchas gracias, Doctor!” the señorita said.

“¡De nada!” (Don’t mention it!) the good Doktor answered with his Swiss German accent.

Then, he drank the last of a tequila flask and spat on the ground, before lying down on top of Consuelo, who knew from experience he was going to rape her and felt shocked and furious against his unprofessional conduct, but she let him have his way as she did her utmost to spare her waning strength.

Thus, Consuelo de Quesada was raped under the gibbous moon, bathed by that silvery light alone, and raped by a week man whose long studies didn’t really make up for the nondescript strokes he gave her, and she only waited for him to get done, with her distorted face wearing the same expression of disgust as if she had just swallowed a large bitter lemon coated with dog shit.

After a nondescript while, the average man with a remarkable education uttered a predictable groan and gave Consuelo her first load of Swiss German semen while the Doktor’s German shepherd dogs, who now belonged to Santa Anna, smelled her hands and got all excited as they recognized her scent.


Then came a man Consuelo had never expected. Franco Cervantes!

Franco Cervantes was known to her! He had stood on top of that white wall, near her, as she watched the Mexican regiment before the final assault. Franco Cervantes was Mexican-born, yet he had fought alongside the rebels and Yankees in the doomed defence of the fort.

As defeat became certain, he had locked himself in a jail cell, and when the Mexican soldiers found him, he had successfully lied and convinced them he was a prisoner!

And now, now… Consuelo! At last! He had been freed and given food while Consuelo was naked and being given her bath. He had heard tales about her being platoon-raped on a cannon. This tale was already becoming legend! A legend so preposterous that no one was going to actually believe it unless they had witnessed it for real.

Franco had waited, waited a long time for his opportunity to safely rape Consuelo, who would recognize him and cause his demise if he took her too soon, but now she was so exhausted that no one, not even the General would take her seriously.

He grabbed her and experienced unthinkable elation just upon touching her.

Yet, as an added precaution, the traitor, Franco Cervantes rolled her around and found himself in the direct vicinity of those buttocks he had so often fantasized about when mentally undressing Consuelo and her hourglass figure. The silky-soft display he saw was even more gorgeous than he had anticipated. He let his hands run around the contours of Consuelo’s ineffable butt and felt touched by the unblinking gods as he kissed and licked her buns along her butt crack.

He would have preferred to rape Consuelo while looking straight into her, but he was too afraid she could still unmask him.

Yet he rolled her around again, unable to resist the urge of owning her breasts!

General Santa Anna and other officers were getting a bit bored as they only endured that dull show because they were waiting for Don de Quesada to recover his erectile ability.

On the General’s order, Herr Doktor gave the moribund a powerful stimulant to make sure he’d remain alert long enough for him to do what the General was dying to witness.

Thus, Franco Cervantes was finally seeing from up close that pair of breasts he had always wanted to uncover, every time Consuelo walked nearby him!

At last, he got a taste of her nipples! He circled his tongue around her areolas and felt her tiny goose bumps!

Unable to resist the new urge, Franco Cervantes got higher and kissed Consuelo and foolishly invaded her mouth with his tongue.

Thinking she was being assaulted again by that disgusting doctor, Consuelo bit his tongue and caused Franco Cervantes to recoil, and she recognized him at the moonlight!

As his gaze met hers, Franco Cervantes knew he had flown too high, like the son of Dedalus! The wax holding his wings of escape was melting fast!

As she was just about to speak out and reveal his being a defender of the fallen fort, Franco Cervantes pressed a hand on her mouth and like that, he slithered himself into position between her exhausted legs, and with his free hand, he helped himself inside Consuelo.

The penetration came, sudden and primal, loaded with bliss for the traitor, but for Consuelo, this was the worst by far. Perhaps even worse than being raped by Ramón!

It was a quick and silent rape where Franco Cervantes soon reached and passed his edge and lost all sense of safety as he yelled, “AAAhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Consuelo! Consuelo! At last! At laa-AAAAAAHHHST!!!”

His bursting erection released his pent-up seed and allowed him to finally live out his fantasy. The General and his men all heard loud and clear that his English was way too damned good for him to be on their side.

“General! Arrest this man! He was with us! He fought against you! He’s Franco Cervantes! I tell you, he was with us!”

And before he could put his trousers back on, Franco Cervantes was grabbed by the bearded Sergeant, whose long night of work had been duly compensated for. Very long, yet very well paid for in kind.

Franco Cervantes found himself with his hands behind his back, tied up with his arms stretching his shoulders, and made to stand next to Aaron, while a small commotion erupted around the body of a guard, who was immediately pronounced dead by Herr Doktor.

Aaron had strangled the sodomite with his chains while everybody was partaking to or looking at the wild orgy, which was still going on as the Blyth daughters, now with Meg thrown in, were being duly gang-raped by line-ups of troops with all military dishonour.

And now, each slave said, “Not me! I didn’t do it!”

Many said all those slaves ought to be hanged as an example, but the General wouldn’t hear of it. He didn’t care two pesos about the life of a homosexual sodomite and he sure as hell wasn’t going to lose good valuable slaves over the death of such a bad subject.

“The matter will be ascertained tomorrow! Now, Sergeant! Make sure this traitor is kept under close guard until dawn!”

Santa Anna’s orders were final.

Franco Cervantes understood that the price for enjoying Consuelo was going to be a tragic one. He looked up to the sky, looked up at the gibbous moon. His soul was but a howling dog; no more a wolf, never to be free and preying again. A captive wolf for slaughter.

Yet, watching all those slaves raping Consuelo—after having watched her getting raped by the Mexicans the whole day from his hiding place—and then finally tasting the common privilege… Perhaps this was worth dying for? Was it?

Franco suddenly thought of his wife and his three children, whom he hadn’t seen in almost a year.

*** *** ***

The General presently looked at Don de Quesada and grinned. The padre stood right next to his stretcher along with Herr Doktor.

Don de Quesada had the most unimpeachable of all erections, a miracle for a man on the very doorstep of death. It was out, straight and vertical near the sheet that his feeble hand had managed to lower upon his dead legs.

“Go pay your respects to your father, Consuelo! Go and kiss the staff you owe your life to!”

“No! I will not do such a thing!”

As she replied, tears bursting out of her starry eyes, Consuelo tried to take her gaze away from her father, but she just couldn’t. She was like a sparrow hypnotized in front of a snake.

“Consuelo! I know you’ve read Ovid. In the golden age, the crow was white. Now it’s black! Go pay your respects to your father and don’t be ashamed of taking your singing mouth where your eyes lead you to.”

General Santa Anna had once been a guest in San Antonio, back in 1828 when Consuelo was only ten years old, and she already had the voice of the legendary dying swan. She already had that fabulous curtain of dark hair he had loved to see in motion when his men and black slaves were enjoying her.

Consuelo gave no sign of coming any closer to her father. She sat and folded her legs under her side-leaning figure and curled herself inside her folded arms as the night’s cooling breeze caught up with her goose-bumped skin.

Silence had fallen down on the campsite again.

The men had stopped whatever they had been doing and they all stared at Consuelo, whose grace and glamorous beauty spared the Blyth daughters from further rapes. These Catholic soldiers all felt something akin to religious fervour for her as they kept contemplating her, ignoring the Blyth daughters, who lay in the dirt as derelicts of the honest girls they used to be.

The soldiers had grown quickly accustomed to seeing Consuelo Eve-nude, yet they were lost in wonder and unable to solve the enigma of her timeless charms—mysteries that gathered in the subtlety of her feet, a fascination that lingered around the graceful play of her curves, an unspeakable charm to her face where men nearly died covering it with their milky molasses. Her radiant beauty and luminous grace always emerged untarnished.

All of them, except the truly despicable ones, all of them, even Caesar, and of course the fat Major, all of them were suddenly struck by guilt about what they had done to that señorita. How could they still show themselves to the sky above them?

Aaron was enraged at the General. How low could he get? How could he be forcing a daughter into having intercourse with her own father?

Angrily, General Santa Anna repeated his order to Consuelo, who was starting to stir.

The silence was heavy. Colonel Alvarez and half of the officers felt that Consuelo had suffered enough as it was. They stared at Herr Doktor, silently telling him to go attend to Consuelo and the other girls.

The other officers, such as the handsome Captain and the Ensign, were not as guilt-riddled and some of them added their own voice and ordered Consuelo to go and show her love to her father. The cavalry Major was of that mind, but he remained quiet as he did not want to offend his Coronel.

Two sentries were about to walk to Consuelo and help her up to her feet, but she feebly motioned with her hand as she strained and did what she could to get moving toward her father and his erect cock that had a soft and feeble glow under the moonlight.

There was nothing but silence as the opposing factions—who had been friends partaking to the same orgy only minutes before—glared at each other.

Consuelo felt that tension among the men through the veil of her tears. It was like the silence just before the strike of lightning and the thunder; at least it was so in her overheated mind.

She pulled all the strength left in her limbs and moved herself toward her father. She remembered what Colonel James Bowie had said about children becoming orphans and wives being made widows only because a few hot words and a quarrel. In her overexcited state, she exaggerated the situation and feared being the cause of bloodshed. The worst for her was to realize she didn’t want to be interrupted as she got nearer of her involuntary goal.

Consuelo saw her father’s leathery-tired face, his silver hair and his cock dancing beyond the veil of her tears…

As she came upon her father’s stretcher that lay in the silver-moonlit dust, she let herself fall headfirst on his lap and Don de Quesada put his fatherly hand on her head, and he gently stroked her hair, which truly was even shinier and silkier than her mother’s. Consuelo had been their gift from the sky.

“O, Cielo! I’m glad to see you, glad to say good-bye, and glad to see you being so brave. Colonel Bowie would be proud of you if he saw you, but, ahh, it hurts!”

“He’s here right now, father. He sees us. I feel him right by me, father,” Consuelo replied while removing her head from where its weight was causing her father to suffer from his terrible wound.

“I’m… I’m not angry with you, Cielo, and you must know that you are still a noble señorita de Quesada. It’s those men and the fate of battle that are to blame! Trust me, Cielo, those men who forced their pleasure inside you, they’ll have a very difficult time looking at themselves in the mirror from now on, at least most of them will.”

“Don’t speak too much father… You… You must… spare your… your strength…”

As she spoke, Consuelo was taken by some unspeakable force. Out of their own volition, her hands moved toward her father’s stiff erection and she presently took hold of it!

“No… Cielo… No… You mustn’t!” Don de Quesada pleaded as an unstoppable jolt of immoral pleasure coursed through him and made him forget the throbbing pain that dwelled in his belly like a voracious reptile.

“Don’t say anything, father… Please…”

Consuelo cried, bitterly cried as she lost the fight against her body. Her hands were now caressing her father’s mast-erect cock and she presently stooped down and kissed its head. Her lips very gently brushed the extra-sensitive skin and she felt weightless under the enormity of what she was doing. Her father’s hand was running through her hair as she kissed it again.

As her lips met his uncircumcised glans, she understood that bringing peace to men and honouring Bowie’s words were nothing but a pretext for her to know what it would feel like to hold that life-giving cock in her hand.

Consuelo felt the heavy silence around her, and felt all the male gazes centered on her, on her plainly shown buttocks, on her legs, her feet… all of her was an icon of fair skin, a naked vestal as she stooped down and took her own father’s cock inside her mouth!

“Consuelo… No… Please…”

But as he feebly protested, Don de Quesada tenderly stroked her softly moving head and enjoyed the heavenly silk of her raven hair as she began to pleasure him. She was more beautiful than ever as she busily coated his erection with her lovely heat and slobber.

She took her courage in both hands and presently looked at her father, who himself cast his eyes down in embarrassment as her mouth left his cock and a tiny thread of spit still stretched from her lips to his cock just as the golden light of a resurrected torch fell on her pristine face.

Sentries were lighting up new torches.

As he found the courage to look up and meet her daughter’s eyes, Enrique de Quesada saw the most charming face ever, looking so much like his late wife when she was eighteen, and filled with nothing but pure love.

“Say nothing, father, and let your loving daughter make you happy! I’ve sometimes heard you when you were alone in your room; you were grunting and calling Anna’s name, but sometimes, it was my own name that you were calling…”

As she spoke, Consuelo moved herself and Enrique wanted to stop her as he understood that she meant to straddle him, but his hands were either too feeble to resist or unwilling to do so, probably both.

Consuelo was right, so painfully right. Enrique did masturbate now and then while thinking his own daughter was riding him. As the fantasy was materializing under that fantastic torchlight, it truly felt like one of those antique wedding nights he had read about in Vergil and Ovid. And it was just as pagan.

Her own daughter was getting married. To him.

“Can’t I chose the man I’m doing this with for once?” Consuelo said as she managed to move one leg above his legs and Enrique saw the magic beauty of her foot. She was so beautiful!

He couldn’t help it! All his moral values were tossed to the side as he savagely watched Consuelo’s triangle of hairy mystery as one of her feet gently brushed his thigh and she finished moving herself on top of him. He then contemplated the amazing display of her breasts, both orbs full with shadows beneath them, leaving her navel in half darkness, and bathed bright in that new torchlight, with tiny goose bumps around her light-brown areolas. Her nipples were erect from the night’s half chill.

Enrique was contemplating Consuelo in a way that no father was supposed to look at his own flesh and blood.

She looked down on him with a mystery-loaded smile, then, like in a dream, she rose herself while grabbing his erection, and as he felt her hand around it, Enrique wanted to speak in protest, but was unable to.

All he saw was that generous patch of dark hair that pointed down at his cock and the very fringes of her labia as she lowered herself onto him!

“Oaahh… Cons… Cielo!”

“Ohhh, father…”

The father and his daughter became one. Man and woman.

With her father deep inside her, Consuelo began to move herself. She grabbed his hands and put them on her hips, and Enrique began to caress her thighs as he kept watching the dance of her light-loaded breasts.

He had sometimes caught himself looking at Cielo’s breast shapes when she sat at the piano and accompanied herself as she sang with her dying swan’s voice…

“Father, would you have liked to have me bent over some furniture in our San Antonio house?”

Enrique nodded, his cock delightfully swelling inside her as he kept watching the ever-moving display of her breasts, their perfect orbs forming a cock-hardening display of graceful lights and shadows under that Roman-wedding torchlight.

Sensing her father’s wants, Consuelo took his hands and put them where he cupped her breasts. He felt the strong imprints of her erect nipples.

“Oohh, Cielo! Cielo!”

“I’m going to tell you a secret father… I sometimes fantasized about you taking me from behind against that pianoforte!”

Consuelo couldn’t believe she just confessed THIS. She couldn’t believe this was happening—herself in the nude and dancing with her father’s cock inside her and his hands cupping her offered tits…

It was as if all rules of morals and decency had been suspended from the moment those strong doors guarding the inner fort got beaten down by the Mexican battering ram.

“Yes, my beloved Cielo… You must not think you are unclean… You’re still, oh, God! You’re still a daughter of God and a noble señorita, aahhh, aaah yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes yes… Oh… Consuelo… Aaaa—AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

And with the long-winded wailing cry of a dying man, Don Enrique de Quesada savagely erupted inside Señorita Consuelo de Quesada.

He utterly filled her up with that very seed that gave her life. And as he exploded inside her, Consuelo frantically caressed her own sex as she herself climaxed in a wild cascade of hot moans.

Then, she let herself fall down on her father’s bosom and they began to kiss ravenously, as if they were man and wife.

Enrique, too feeble to resist any of his carnal urges, let his hands fall down her backside and caressed her loins all the way down until he was gently holding her buttocks.

“Cielo… Let me speak… Cielo… Remember this, Cielo. Remember this… Everything that happened today in this fort and everything that just happened tonight, and everything that will happen tomorrow in that same fort, all of this is taking place somewhere out of mankind’s law. It’s happening in a place where there’s no law and no morals, just like the cave where lived the one-eyed giant Polyphemus, who ate human flesh like the all-devouring Time… like the primal laws of nature.

“Everything that can physically happen is allowed by the laws of nature and thus allowed by God, and this is why, my dear Cielo, you must not feel ashamed of anything that happens to your body. As long as you keep your soul, you’ll be saved.”

Then, the exhausted man spoke no more. He passed out.

Consuelo shook his shoulders… “Father! Father! Please, father… Say something! Don’t leave me alone in this world, please…”

Enrique opened his eyes and summoned just enough strength to say one last sentence…

“Be strong, Cielo, I’m dying and when I’m no more, you’ll be Señora de Quesada, and never forget how much I… I love you…”

The man spoke no more, no matter how much Consuelo cried on his bosom, no matter how hard she tried to stir him.

General Santa Anna was suddenly filled with shame and riddled with guilt.

He apologized to Colonel Alvarez and all his men and his officers, then he ordered all the soldiers to retire for the night and lock the slaves and the prisoners where they ought to be kept.

The young Lieutenant who had been field-promoted to Acting Captain and several other officers also left; the Acting Captain proudly led the escort for the condemned man and the slaves.

The hundred soldiers left, realizing how exhausted they were. Some of them had to be helped by brothers-in-arms as they had drunk too much tequila and aguardiente. Many wondered whether raping the Yankee girls and drinking tequila was actually more fatiguing than the battle. As they left, the monkey-faced padre shouted at them and said that God and the Holy Virgin would forgive them for their sins.

His Excellency gave Consuelo ample time to cry her tears out on her dying father, while Herr Doktor Schneider examined all of the four Blyth daughters and soothed their pussies with his medical ointment, except he didn’t impose his sexual exertions upon them since his nondescript manhood was spent.

The fat Major took the opportunity to take yet another close look at Consuelo’s epic-soft skin.

The night of orgy that began with joy and fulfilled lust was now ending with deep guilt for most of the men.

The padre felt no guilt as he got down on his knees beside Don de Quesada, on the side opposite to Consuelo. He pretended to pray for her father’s soul, but as the naked daughter tenderly rested her head on her father’s chest, her backside fiery gold under the bright torchlight, the padre kept looking avidly at the curves of her butt.

As he stood by and looked down at those marvels of God’s creation, the fat Major felt some movement brushing his left leg. Sancho moved in behind Consuelo.

“My turn. My turn,” the unsightly dwarf uttered as his crooked hands took a firm hold of Consuelo’s luminous bum.

The General looked on, fascinated too deeply to stop the hunchback dwarf, who entered Consuelo and let out a sharp grunt as he began to give her the feel of his solid shaft, his only good body part.

And he bucked her, so short on his legs that he stood while Consuelo kept crying dry tears on her father’s bosom with her butt protruding and a prisoner between Sancho’s three- or four-finger hands.

The silence was heavy, only broken by the gross flesh-on-flesh sounds as the hunchback dwarf kept colliding with Consuelo’s derriere, enjoying her peachy softness and her vestal’s tightness as his grunts sailed high up toward the heavens.

He doesn’t last long. His crooked hands grip her poor tired sides and he yelps, almost with pain, as he blissfully ejaculates under the stars that shine the same as they did five thousand years before.



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