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The Last Command – Consuelo’s Fate, Chapter 10

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Consuelo, alongside Meg, is raped again by Aaron with other slaves waiting and holding her, this time in front of her father.

To Consuelo, her father’s face was now even more terrible than Ramón’s.

Someone had helped Don Enrique de Quesada to raise from his stretcher, and some thick cushions and a pillow had been placed under his back so he could sit and “watch the fiesta”.

General Santa Anna smiled and offered tequila to Don de Quesada, who angrily threw the glass away. Santa Anna smiled even wider as he looked at the dark tower of strength named Aaron, the six-foot-four mountain of a slave, who watched Consuelo.

In the nude for all to see, Consuelo was just as graceful and pristine-looking in her debasement as Aaron’s neck was thick. She was down on all fours, now slowly moving herself into half-sitting and leaning on her side with her elbow for support, her legs and feet well polished by the loud multitude of male gazes. The lush triangle of her cunt hair was plainly visible, a beacon of raven-haired splendour between her pale legs under the now-tawny torchlight, which sentries were in the act of renewing with religious zeal lest they lost something of her luminous beauty.

The Mexicans all jockeyed for position and tried to get a better look; there were even some fisticuffs between half-drunk soldiers and some shakos rolled in the moonlit dust. Sergeant Fernando and the bearded Sergeant had to bark and yell to get the men back into some sort of silence and order. The handsome Captain added his own stern voice as the irritated Coronel watched those unruly waves of shakos.

Word had gotten around that the officers were keeping the most beautiful girls for themselves. There was even some wayward wind of mutiny among the hundred troops. The General sensed it and quickly ordered his Sergeants to distribute his last remaining crates of tequila bottles for his brave soldados!

He knew this was going to quiet them for a while, and he was going to give them a show they would never forget. He remembered how fascinated so many of them had been in late afternoon when they watched white girls being gang-raped by the black men. Keeping his soldiers from raping those girls to death was no easy task, but if he was the Napoleon of the West, then he ought to be able to manage this.

Santa Anna, with the golden glow of his solid epaulettes, turned his attention back to his honour guest.

“Don’t you like my little arrangements, Señor de Quesada? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the dark-uniformed General jested while drinking his own tequila. The bright red, white and green of his sash proclaimed Mexico’s victory.

Even death was on Santa Anna’s side. By postponing her deadline for claiming the mortally-injured man, Death was allowing the General to inflict more torment on Consuelo’s father. Her scythe was thus fate-sharp and still awaiting.

Don de Quesada knew just as well as the General that he wasn’t going to be able to keep from looking at his daughter, whose bare breasts were bathed in that bright-golden torchlight. He saw Consuelo’s tits—she was just as gorgeous as her mother before her, if not more!

Don de Quesada was already unable to un-see this!

Nor was he able to un-see the unthinkable that had unfolded in the immediate aftermath of battle—Consuelo, gang-raped by that odious Captain and the Sergeants, then put on that silent cannon and enjoyed by a full platoon of aguardiente-drinking soldados! From the youngest and most handsome ones to the oldest, fattest and ugliest ones—they all shot their seed inside his defiled daughter. Death wouldn’t spare him this.

And he… He had felt horny upon watching her tits under the sun as she was ravaged, again, again and again. Death denied him the escape. His eyes remained open and he was still breathing, in the greatest pain a father could be.

Don de Quesada was staring at Consuelo’s figure with a fathomless expression—he was livid! Livid with what?

This was the question Consuelo was afraid to answer. Her father didn’t speak; he kept staring at her. Consuelo realized she was still naked, down on all fours with her pussy full of dog’s seed.

Behind her father’s prone figure, behind and next to his stretcher, Consuelo’s eyes, confusedly through her rolling tears, made out the not-so-reassuring figures of solid soldiers that had escorted the moribund man, an escort led by a nondescript man with large whiskers, albeit dressed in a dapper style and wearing a stylish green felt hat that marked him as an educated man, no doubt the doctor himself.

Then her eyes met Aaron’s. She saw his massive shoulders and remembered the overwhelming strength of his grip from when he first took her and forced her into such an extreme climax!

Next to Aaron’s titanic figure stood the powerful darkness of the other slaves who had carried her father on that stretcher. Those slaves were grinning at her! Consuelo felt a jolt of sudden arousal, albeit a diffuse and tired kind of arousal.

The black slaves were seeing her in the nude! She was supposed to be a socially distant Milady. Were they going to…? Right in front of her living father?!

Behind them stood the even-less reassuring figures of a great many soldiers who stood like nightmarish shadows in the background, with the silvery moonlight defining the contours of their pitch-black shakos.

Did they all come to enjoy her as well? She was already so sore and exhausted that she didn’t feel her legs much at all and her pussy was nothing but a world of fiery pain with throbbing bursts of suffering.

Sancho, the deformed dwarf, didn’t leave her more leisure to ponder about the issue. He was already moving in behind her, ready with his straight erection—his one good body part—that pointed right at her, ready to rape her standing while she’d be down on all fours and all bent to his small-staff command!

In his twisted mind, Sancho was reliving his first time inside her, banging her full curves, owning that fascinated crack of shadow at the base of her heart-shaped butt! With fascinating rolling waves of forced flesh from his angry strokes! He had thus gleefully raped her near that tired cannon in the afternoon. The hunchback dwarf was now using his surprising strength to move her up and around into a delightful position on her hands and knees, with her lovely small feet completing her sensual figure.

“Please, little ugly dwarf, take me instead!” said a melodious voice in English. “Take me instead! Please. You won’t be disappointed.”

It was Meg.

Consuelo remembered with a shock that she wasn’t alone at the centre of that mob of male gazes.

Meg was herself a male-attracting sight of Irish-pure nakedness next to Consuelo. General Santa Anna nodded toward Consuelo’s father and grinned as he sipped some more tequila, as if telling him, “How do you enjoy seeing your daughter like this?”

Don Enrique de Quesada didn’t say anything. He just kept staring at his daughter. This was the very first time he was seeing her in the nude.

The dwarf was already putting his three-finger hand, his demon-like crooked hand, on Consuelo’s luminous butt… He was in the act of pushing his trusty erection inside Señorita de Quesada, but… Several silhouettes presently surrounded him and the dwarf instinctively felt he was about to become the sorry butt of a black joke.

“Now, this is getting interesting!” the cavalry Coronel observed from where he stood next to his General, with the fat Captain who smiled and enjoyed the show in his own right.

At a sign from Santa Anna himself, the black slaves who had brought and escorted Don Enrique de Quesada to the General’s open-air fiesta had become alive, like living golems of mud.

They had walked straight at the dwarf, who looked ridiculously tiny next to Aaron’s tall and massive frame.

General Santa Anna did nothing to stop the slaves from springing into action; he even looked sternly at the bearded Sergeant, his eyes clearly telling him and his men to keep still.

The Sergeant and his men didn’t like this at all! Why was the General giving the gorgeous señorita to those slaves with priority to them instead of his brave soldiers who had just taken the strategic Fort Alamo? It wasn’t fair!

The bearded Sergeant saw his plans of foot-kissing and cock-painting of Consuelo’s face gone right down to the dogs! For the very first time in his career, the loyal Sergeant experienced thoughts of mutiny, and he instinctively knew that most of his men shared his feelings. But turning against the ruling despot of Mexico wasn’t something to do lightly; Santa Anna was known to be ruthless and cruel to his enemies and he billed himself the Western Napoleon.

Behind the bearded Sergeant, most of the soldiers who formed a hundred-soul mob of half-drunk men felt about the same indeed, yet they were absolutely fascinated by the sight of the pure-skin señorita being approached by dark slaves!

Nearly all of the soldiers—especially the lighter-skinned ones—found the sight revolting! Yet they remained motionless, entranced by the unreal scene about to unfold in front of them—a white señorita gang-raped by mud-dark slaves!

The soldier now stood quiet. The few inebriated fools who tried to stir up a mutiny got quickly struck into sheepish silence by annoyed Corporals.

The noisy mob was quickly turning into a devoted crowd of onlookers, and the campsite was becoming as silent as a cathedral.

Thus, the soldiers calmed down the hot-headed fools about to fuss about the revolting reversal of social order and they watched, just watched and felt their cocks start to harden and push the front of their grey trousers as Aaron, Uncle Sam and the other slaves now surrounded and closed in on the lovely señorita who had just been fucked by the General’s dogs.

As the lowly slaves closed in on her, the pale-skinned Milady felt promoted, from dogs to negroes.


Consuelo saw Aaron, so big and massive from up close! She experienced a jolt of involuntary arousal through the fog of her exhaustion.

She wished to disappear under the earth, yet her body wished to know Aaron once again, even or perhaps especially in front of her own father!

Sancho was still there.

“Wait your turn, negro!” he told Aaron in his little-king voice while looking up to him as someone gazing up at the top of a tall building.

Aaron and an older slave, whom Consuelo recognized as Uncle Sam, turned on the deformed dwarf… Both negroes were grinning with an amused expression on their joy-lighted face.

“Now, little midget, you go and wait ‘till we finish with our Milady!” Aaron suggested to Sancho, whose long-nosed ugly face showed every sign of anger and frustration.

“It’s my turn! My turn! My turn!” the dwarf replied loudly, stomping his foot on the ground to mark his words as the gathered officers started to laugh along with the General.

The father and the son lifted the midget off his feet and his stomping became an event of empty-air kicking while he was protesting in the strongest terms under a storm of laughter from the crowd. It was quite a circus!

Even Ann had a sudden burst of laughter, but she immediately checked herself and her face blushed with shame. She, along with Mary and Rose-Anne, was being kept amid the junior officers and a couple of sentries, while the fat Captain and the cavalry Major and Coronel Alvarez stood by and drank along with General Santa Anna and the padre.

Meg was herself grabbed by a slave who took her proposal to share Consuelo’s burden.

“Oh! Meg! Cupid will be very, very happy to fuck you, O sweet Milady!” one of the slaves tenderly spoke to Meg…

Meg recognized Cupid’s long, gaunt face and the scar a whip had left across it.

Cupid used to be so humble when he said “Good morning, Milady”, so nice whenever he helped her climb atop a horse! This was only weeks ago… And now he was going to… Meg just couldn’t believe she was living that dream. She was going to wake up! Maybe her father was still alive…

Cupid was all too powerfully there, nearly twice her weight. He threw himself onto Meg and they rolled together in the torch-lit dust, and he kissed her ravenously in that tumbling imprisonment, fulfilling a transgressing fantasy he’d had about Meg for quite a while.

In Cupid’s arms, Meg felt terrified, ashamed, forcibly aroused too with notes of pride from sharing Consuelo’s burden.

The Mexican officers and sentries burst out laughing as the dwarf protested in the strongest terms because Aaron and Uncle Sam had just lifted the midget off his feet like nothing!

“No! No! No! Don’t toss me! It’s OK! I’ll w…”

Sancho was indeed tossed and roughly landed on the ground some few yards away!

“… I’ll wait! OWWWWWW…”

The dwarf had completed his sentence in mid-air and groaned in pain as he landed on his butt and found that Texan soil could be very hard indeed.

“Good riddance!” Uncle Sam told his son Aaron.

Two other slaves, obviously subaltern to them, stood and waited while restraining Consuelo’s wrists and keeping the naked señorita as a sitting goddess at their feet…

Consuelo was sitting, leaning on one side with her head cast down with the firelight showing the solved enigma of her hips, the displayed mystery of her navel, and her feet visible in the night-dark dust—magically small feet like pale beacons of sensuality that fascinated the slaves who were used to see her always in ankle-high shoes mostly hidden beneath her dress, but not anymore…

Consuelo’s starry eyes were up and following Aaron’s every move.

Cupid now had Meg under him. He was in the act of sucking her tits that looked incredibly white and milky against his dark face and open mouth. Meg was whimpering and not resisting. She felt unfathomable arousal as the black slave covered her tits with his drool and slobber while mumbling, “oh, young Milady… oh, God! Oh, God!… Milady…”

Meg couldn’t help but remember Cupid as he was back when only a slave, when her breasts were well guarded under her corset and the negro would avoid looking there like the plague for fear of being harshly punished. Now he was sucking them with his feverish mouth! She felt his lips on her sensitive skin! It was crazy! Her body was forced to love that hot slobber on her delicate tits.

As Consuelo witnessed the dwarf-tossing event at the hands of Aaron and Uncle Sam, she was reminded of a scene—a rape scene she had read in some obscure novel from her father’s off-limits cabinet, a story that was set in 1st century A.D.

In that story, some noble lady had had a very important reason to venture at night in the streets of Rome, and her only available escort was a dwarf. She met ruffians who tossed the dwarf away and gang-raped her before robbing her and leaving her naked on the pavement, where the dwarf came to and raped her as well before calling help.

And now that she saw Aaron and Uncle Sam, especially Aaron’s immense frame, closing in on her, Consuelo felt very much like that Patrician maiden… She was left without protection, alone with the low-caste men. They were so powerfully dark! So hellishly attractive! Unchained!

“No… Please, Aaron… I’ve always, been, good, to you…” Consuelo pleaded, her voice filled with a heat that betrayed her deep arousal.

“Yes, Milady, Aaron knows you! Milady wants Aaron inside her… Aaron knows and Aaron will serve Milady…”

As he spoke, Aaron lifted Consuelo like nothing, and helped her to stand where Uncle Sam held her by the armpits and let her lean against him, her pale backside on his naked torso, and the old slave presently cupped her breasts from behind!

As he held and gently pressed Consuelo’s breasts, Old Sam felt a jolt of high arousal as he felt the imprint of her nipples in the palm of his slave hands! Yes, he was really having her for real! For real!

“… Please, Aaron… Please… I’ve, I’m a decent… a good girl… Oooh, Sam…”

“Now, my sweet Milady, you gonna be even better to me!” Aaron bellowed in triumph.

Aaron kissed her with a tenderness that belied his great size and strength, and this contrast filled Consuelo with such prodigious arousal that she almost no longer felt her physical pain and exhaustion—she was melting in Aaron’s arms and she suddenly realized she was kissing him back!

Time stopped. She just kept kissing Aaron, tasting his thick lips, running her fingers through his woolly hair! Unthinkable! Yet physically allowed by nature.

She gave him her tongue! Her body loved those slave hands that gently pressed her nipples. Many men were catcalling somewhere in the distance. A girl was whimpering.

“Aaoooh! Aaaoooh… Aaaooh, aaao, aaao aaaaaooo, Ooh! Cupid?! Cupid?! Wh… What are you doing? This… Aaaoooh, aaaooo aaooo shouldn’t be happening, aaaooo aaaoo aaaao aaaaaaooooo… Aaooh, Cupid…”

“I’m fucking the young Milady, aaahhrr! Like I always, uuh, uuh, wanted to do! Oh, Lord Jesus! I love ya vagina, Milady!”

“Aaaoo, aaaoo aaao aaaaoo… aaaaaooo My Ggod, a negro!”

Such was the only answer Meg could give her impromptu lover, who was on top of her and taking her very deep, his trousers all the way down… His buttocks were fiercely busy where Consuelo could plainly see them like some sweat-shimmering brown leather under the golden torchlight.

Meg wrapped her legs around Cupid and let him have his full sway inside her, under a loud shower of whistles and catcalls.

“¡Dos pesos puta!” “¡Putana para negros!”

Seeing Meg being bucked with such vigour by Cupid—whom she also knew by sight—Consuelo felt that her body only wanted to be used in that way by Aaron, whose kisses she allowed herself to take as she heard “¡Dos pesos puta!” and felt even more aroused upon hearing herself being called a cheap whore only worth about 33 cents of US currency.

Aaron’s kisses, along with Old Sam’s hands kneading her tits, did a solid job of making her forget Ramón.

Don Enrique de Quesada kept gazing at the unreal scene, watching his own noble daughter naked, kissed and intimately touched by black slaves.

Consuelo felt her father’s gaze on her and knew he was seeing her… like this.

In the strange state she was in, this only added to her insane arousal. She also felt that mob behind it all… Over a hundred soldiers in a wide, shadowy circle of ominously silent shakos.

All caught in a timeless trance.

Consuelo had read about Spartacus and understood for a fact that some young Roman widow, with the corpse of her husband still warm, must have been similarly made into a goddess amid African gladiators while a hundred more freed slaves stood by and watched and wondered about the physical possibilities that savagely overruled and raped social customs, while the hapless villa was filled with the shrill screams of maidens being gang-raped in the ransacked atrium.

The Latin words resonated in her learned mind as she was in slave arms, kissed by Aaron, while her breasts were being cupped, now swollen in negro hands, her nipples radiating with arousal from a slave’s touch… Dominella servitura servis (sum)! (I’m) a señorita, about to serve the slaves!

“No—Oooohh, Aaron! I mean, no! Noo! Noo!” Consuelo whimpered.

She felt more aroused with each “No” that passed her heated lips as Aaron kept kissing her while presently making her lie down on the ground, his thick hands always on her, Old Sam’s hands following her as well. She was absolutely melting! About to be slave-taken against her will… She had no other choice as her body did all it could to juice up her sore pussy and hopefully minimize the upcoming carnage.

“Hold her right there, Father, and play with Milady’s tits! I’m gonna eat her muff! You know I’ve always wanted to do this to Miss Consuelo!”

Aaron’s baritone voice had a juice-enhancing effect deep down inside her.

Consuelo couldn’t believe this was happening! She was like putty in his hands. She put up no resistance and ignored all those bad voices that called her a “putana para negros”, a tramp for blacks, and if anything, those hot words aroused her even more insanely as she let Uncle Sam do all as he pleased with her swollen tits now that she lay naked in the dirt, with two other slaves standing tall and watching her while masturbating their impressive erections.

It all felt so strange and liberating! To allow a black slave to suck her white tits, with Father watching!

Uncle Sam pinned her on her back and cautiously kept her wrists in his grip, but if he had allowed her the freedom of her hands, Consuelo would have caressed his silver curly hair while his long-restrained lust feasted on her tits, adding more and even more negro slobber to her señorita’s light-brown nipples.

Consuelo nearly didn’t register the long series of heated moans that Meg uttered upon climaxing along with Cupid, who presently growled and licked her face ravenously while giving his seed to Milady Meg, daughter of the late Captain Blyth.

Meg’s sisters were witnessing it all this with utter disbelief, where they were themselves being restrained and kissed amid tequila-drinking officers and sentries.

“Aaaaaaaahh! No! Noo! Aaaoohh! No negroes!” Consuelo moaned as she felt Aaron’s fat lips pressing her hairy vulva.

Aaron was contemplating that generous triangle of raven hair that he knew he’d find there between her pristine thighs, but it was so lush! So much more luxuriant and beautiful than he could ever imagine! And she was now nose-touching close!

The triangle of Consuelo’s revealed mystery was a wonder of the world!

Aaron was now kneeling and stooping down, looking like some African colossus in the act of praying Allah, but his Mecca was Consuelo’s carpet. It only highlighted how luminous she was. Aaron loved the richness of her cream-white complexion.

He was eating her muff with his naked torso between her legs, and she instinctively wrapped her legs loosely around him and let her bare feet rest on his sweaty back, which gave added pleasure to both parties. Consuelo would always remember Aaron’s throbbing muscles under the tender soles of her feet.

Aaron was enraptured by the feel of her señorita’s bush against his wide nose, against his lips, and the taste of her intimate sweat as he began to lick the tender skin under her bush, right on her mons Veneris. He heard her loud moans as the colour barrier between them was shattered with such flying colours! The forces of nature were acting as their wedding night.

Consuelo almost passed out as Aaron covered her intimate bush with his slave kisses, and when he put his tongue inside her pussy, she went nuts!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaah, aaaaaah, no! No! Aaron… Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Aaaaaaaaaaaa… No… Aaron…” she moaned…

Her head was lost and bobbing as she involuntarily arched her back, propping up her swollen breasts under Uncle Sam and causing her spit-polished nipples to leave their imprint against his face.

Her high-pitched moans sailed high, high and far away under the moon and stars as Aaron braved the vile taste of dog’s seed and kept pushing his tongue in the exact place where he felt Consuelo’s arousal get highest along with her repeated “No! Nna-ooh!” moans and whimpers.

He knew that no really meant yes in that high-pitched state she was in.

Aaron felt ashamed of doing such a selfish act in front of Consuelo’s father, but he couldn’t let pass this further opportunity to relieve himself inside the most gorgeous milady he had ever seen! He was now eating her raven-haired pussy. It was raving insane!

He licked on and on, and did his best to ignore the seed’s foul taste, while Uncle Sam kept twirling his old slave tongue around Consuelo’s nipples while kneading her light-ablaze tits and enjoying the shadows of his hands on her.

Old Sam learned she had a lovely ring of goose bumps around her areolas, and her full-fledged nipples were erect from the slight coolness of that most clement night. They displayed a warm hue of light brown that subtly echoed some of the rich notes in her unctuously pale complexion.

Don Enrique de Quesada kept watching his daughter’s shame and debasement, contemplating her noble complexion against the muddy skin of her fate-black lovers. He felt enraged, fascinated and extremely aroused with a hum of surprisingly low pain from his severely punctured bowels.

Consuelo didn’t even know whether she had climaxed twice or more. Aaron’s face emerged, grinning, his ivory teeth lighting up the joyful mud of his wide mug, his chin and lips all glossy with the juices she had just squirted from his ministrations. He looked at her with demented eyes.

“And now, Milady, now! Aaron will give you the best he has! Take this as a privilege you earned, white squaw!”

Aaron spoke as if he were an Apache about to rape a white woman, just as the naked colossus rose himself on his knees and grabbed Consuelo’s hips, placing her where he wanted her.

He then stooped down a bit, his head almost colliding with Sam’s as he pushed his large African cock against Consuelo’s wet entrance, strained a bit, then entered inside her tight paradise with a loud grunt…

“HRRRRRRRrrrnnnh yyaaarrrh! …”

“AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Naa-oooohhh! Too big! Too big! Aaron…”

Uttering her heat-inducing pleas, feeling the vaginal stretch, Consuelo was stormed by his grunting satisfaction, right down her bones, as Aaron began to violate her with his big juicy staff.

Standing on his knees, Aaron firmly holds her hips and buttocks in his gorilla-wide hands. He lifts her butt clear off the ground, feeling how little she weighs for him, and then… He drives her with insane feverish zeal, her legs wide open and brushing his sides hard and her tits jiggling lower than her hairy cunt as she receives Aaron’s big ramming cock!

Her head is nodding under the forceful strokes as if saying Yes to her own rape. She’s his slave, the slave’s señorita in their copulating present.

Her moaning groans tell Aaron what he feels. He’s inside her, deep and hugged by her hot pussy. How much he enjoys her is beyond words.

Amid the General and all his men and officers, in front of her father’s very eyes, Consuelo wraps her legs around the sturdy slave while feeling added arousal where Old Sam is still holding her delicate wrists and kissing or trying to kiss her bouncing nipples.

The jiggling display of the raped señorita’s tits is music for the slaves’ gaze.

Aaron stands on his knees like a tower of herculean strength. She looks up from her bobbing face and sees his all-powerful face—Unimpeachable leather brown under the glowing torchlight. Most of all, she sees and feels his unfathomable satisfaction and almost regrets not having let him have her when she met him in that stable.

With his prodigious strength, Aaron keeps her buttocks off the ground and lets her feel what it’s like to be rocked and shaken right down to her core!

He sees her conquered tits jiggle, her nipples glossy from Old Sam’s slobber, and he loves this, enjoying each and every second! Aaron rapes her with increasing frenzy!

As Aaron obliterates her virtue in front of a hundred Mexicans and her father, Consuelo keeps moaning like a tramp…

“Aaron… Aaaahhh, no! No! Aaron, Aa-aaahhh—Nhaa-ooooo! Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! … Aa-aaaa-nhaa-oooo… Nno!”

Consuelo endures Aaron’s ramming assaults with her shoulders pressed on and into the ground, even sliding a bit from his unbridled fury. Aaron is a long-lasting stud.

Uncle Sam keeps her wrists together above her bobbing head, his eyes never leaving the jiggling display of her tits, as the señorita utterly surrenders to his son.

She’s now theirs and free to have for the freed slaves. Dominella servis servans. A señorita now serving slaves.

The General loves watching Consuelo’s tits jiggling in plain sight for all to see! It’s even better than he had anticipated! The padre now stands nearby. Where was he? He dozed off, but now he’s there, in time to see this!

Consuelo’s father is mortally injured, yet his cock is miraculously stiff, like a breeding stallion, as he helplessly watches. Aaron’s loud grunts shatter the world of Don de Quesada and shatter it again with each stroke as she’s being slave-raped and literally upside down.

Aaron’s sweaty forehead takes her universe by storm as he keeps violating her with frothing slobber coming out of his open mouth, frantically holding her hips in his large hands and driving her into him, a dark pillar of pure brawn and fury between her wide-open legs! He’s now impatient to cum inside her!

Consuelo keeps feeling his slave’s hide ever brushing the insides of her thighs, and she keeps looking up at him amid her bobbing, shaking confusion. She secretly hopes he’s going to rape her like that forever.

Her bouncing nipples atop her captive splendour are the tell-tale pair of gems, slobber-shimmering gems of light-brown milky juiciness that speak loud in their jiggling silence under the forced-wedding torches.

Each second is ever-moving, loaded with an eternity of bliss, forced or God-allowed. She’s taken by an African hurricane! Is it her who’s moaning like this?!

Don Enrique de Quesada finds himself in a preternatural state where the excruciating pain from the pistol-shot wound is but a distant hum of bodily discomfort in his gut.

As he watches Aaron in the act of raping his one and beloved daughter in such a display of domination, Consuelo’s father experiences an erection he thought he’d never have before leaving this world!

Her black triangle of cunt hair is plainly visible where Aaron is locked and sliding inside her, grunting his earth-shaking delight.

The herculean slave loves the way she feels as he keeps buffeting her against him, while his arms are getting tired as he stubbornly holds her hips and buttocks off the ground. He endures the growing discomfort in his bulging arms, his sweat glowing under the torchlight and glorifying his muscles, and Aaron rapes her on, lasting long like a champion as Consuelo no longer knows where she is.

She looks up at Aaron and catches her confused self in the act of contemplating the brownness of his brawn. She screams her bliss as she’s hit by an extreme orgasm! Her detonating moans rises up toward the heavens!

“OAAAA! AAAAAH! Aa-aaaa-aaa-aaaa—aaaahh! AAAAAAA AAAAAhh AARON! AAAAAANNHHAAAA OOooohh My God Aaron!!!”

With unfathomable delight, Aaron stubbornly keeps fucking her upfront with her bobbing head lower than her jiggling tits! This is the thrashing of her life! Don de Quesada watches, his jaw dropping, his eyes transfixed as if turned into stone! The General himself is shocked.

Again and again, Consuelo screams her forced bliss at the starry heavens, and feels suddenly terrified upon thinking that James Bowie’s ghost could be standing right next to her father and watching.

Head bobbing, tits jiggling where she feels the hundred male gazes, Consuelo utterly abandons herself. Aaron’s grunting so loud! His hands are holding her sore hips with such force!

But her sweaty hips slide off his sweaty hands.

Aaron covers her while Old Sam stubbornly keeps his hold on her wrists, where she makes lovely little fists as Aaron urgently settles himself on top of her and penetrates her again!

Now covering her with his immense frame, looking as if he was protecting her from some exploding bomb, Aaron rapes Consuelo with the last and utmost of his fury, his powerful face so wide and his nose immorally flat and his large nostrils filling himself with the scents of her wild arousal! His woolly head of hair is dancing above her as he now pounds her like an unhinged demon. He’s just about to finish! She can tell.

Consuelo opens her mouth wide, looking like a new Athena in shock under her brutal deflowering, as Aaron twitches inside her while propping himself up on his straightened arms and looking down at her free-moving tits with hell-crazy eyes! Eyes that terrifies and fascinates her as she braces herself for his final burst of semen, balling her clenched fists where Old Sam still holds her wrists.

Nodding at his own ultimate strokes, sweating heat all over her, Aaron finally and blissfully explodes inside Milady Consuelo de Quesada with her father watching…


At last! At last! Inside her! The liberation!

Aaron remains there on top of her, both of them panting hard, both shocked with disbelief at what just happened, both all covered in sweat and bathed by the torchlight’s epic golden glow as he now moves himself down and closer to her nubile bosom and begins to ravenously worship her tits with his wide-open mouth.

Uncle Sam finally understands she surrendered long ago. He releases Consuelo’s sore-blue wrists and watches in amazement as she uses her newfound freedom to caress Aaron’s woolly hair while the young colossus keeps one of her nipples deeply engulfed in his fat-lipped mouth, his darkness against the lights of her profaned mysteries.

Mexico allows freedom and liberty, liberties too, for the slaves. Santa Anna looks on, smiling down on Consuelo’s ghastly-pale father.


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  • Reply BLISS ID:4bn00en3fia

    Interesting story will her father also rape her can’t wait till they free by the us soilders

    • HistBuff ID:4gmi91iv3

      Thanks for taking interest in my historical fresco! At this point, the characters are very much building the story on their own. Yes, if there was an important U.S. force nearby, the Mexicans would be very vulnerable as they’re basically getting drunk and raping or simply sitting back and writing letters home (some soldiers didn’t partake in the rapes, and perhaps looked or touched a bit but that’s it).

      For the bigger military picture, I’ve read what happened after Fort Alamo’s capture. I’ve also read about which Indian tribes lived near San Antonio at the time; there was a group of Apaches who were hostile to Mexicans, so if a patrol strays too far to the west, they could get ambushed, but there’s no way Apaches will go and attack 1,500 Mexican soldiers.

      At one point, Santa Anna will send cavalry scouts to check for any approaching force, and he’ll get a report and decide accordingly. The readers will get a bigger strategic picture in an upcoming chapter. U.S.A. in 1836 were a much smaller country and Mexico was actually the larger one with a longer colonial history.