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The kissing game (Part 5 of 5)

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During the following week it was impossible for Luke and Tracy to continue their adventure because Mom had taken a weeks holiday from work and the siblings were never alone. The only time they were alone was on Tuesday when Mom had left a note that she had gone shopping. Luke challenged Tracy but she told him she had been a bit sore after what they had done on Sunday. Luke said he was sorry, but Tracy assured him it was OK and it was not too bad but she didn’t want to do anything to make her sore again. “where were you sore?”, he asked. “ Well it just felt like you were still inside me. It was sort of weird ” Luke did not argue as he recognised that he was the reason. He said OK and don’t worry, kissed her gently on the lips and went to his bedroom to work.

On the following Saturday their mother was called into work which meant that the kids would be alone. She left after breakfast. Luke approached Tracy almost immediately after she had left. Tracy was in her bedroom sorting some clothes out. Luke had not burst in but knocked politely on the bedroom door. “Come in.” she called out, “and I know what you are going to ask.”

Luke took his sister in his arms and kissed her on The lips. “Well?” he asked cheekily. “Well, I don’t know, I don’t want to be sore again.” She said.  “Perhaps we could just start the kissing game and then see how you feel?” He said.

Luke didn’t wait for an answer but proceeded to kiss and cuddle his sister as they stood next to the bed. His hand reached up under her top to feel her tits. She didn’t complain and pressed her chest against his hand. “You are so pretty, so sexy, and god i want to fuck you again,” he whispered. His hand zipped down her jeans and she stepped out of them. He felt her pussy rubbing the material of her pants to feel her pussy shape.

“Can we get on the bed?” he whispered. They both fell on to the bed and Luke felt her up. He felt her soft bouncy tits and pussy doing them both for a good amount of time before starting to remove her panties. “Wait” she said and grabbed his hand. “Wait, I don’t know.”

“Why not.” Luke said abruptly, “I can feel that your pussy wants it, come on, I’m sure it wont hurt this time, come on let me fuck you.” He tried to remove her panties again, but Tracy resisted grabbing his wrists. They had a hand and arm fight for some time as Luke tried hard to get her pants off. “Come on” he demanded fiercely “ I want to fuck you”. He got the panties down to her ankles and Tracy hit him hard on the top of his head. Luke let go. “I’m sorry” he said sheepishly. She pulled her knickers back up. “I told you, I don’t want to do it . You can touch me but don’t fuck me.”

They lay together quietly for a while.

Luke then rolled onto her. “Will you do something to me then, like kiss my cock with your lips? Feel me”, he pressed her hand against the bulge in his jeans. “It needs dealing with”

Tracy agreed so Luke undressed himself completely and laid on the bed on his back.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just kiss it along its length with your lips”. Tracy removed her top and leaned over Luke. She gently placed her lips on the shaft of his erection then licked her lips to moisten them so she could slide her lips along it. She slid from the bottom to the top and back again.

“Tracy that is so good.” He whispered. “mmmm, press a bit and suck a bit.”

Tracy gobbled at his cock which became slick and wet with her saliva. His erection lay on his tummy so Luke got hold of it to raise it slightly.

“Kiss over the top”

Tracy wiped her mouth then continued to slide up and down on him.

As she moved along the cock Luke shifted his erection up to her lips. “mmmm, do the top” he pleaded.  Her lips slid over the top and she tasted his pre-cum. She moved her lips away to look at where the taste came from. Her lips and his cock were joined by a drool of slippery pre-cum.

“Suck it” Luke demanded.

“I don’t know”

“Please, please suck it.”

Tracy paused looked at his erection then aimed her mouth at its head. Her lips closed over the top and sucked gently.

“Oh shit” he gasped. Tracy carried on sucking gently with her lips over the top of his cock.

“Put it in your mouth”

Tracy pushed down on the shaft with her mouth, taking a good 10cm into her mouth.

“Oh Tracy, it feels lovely in your mouth”

Unusually Luke’s urgency subsided and he enjoyed his cock being in the mouth of his sister. It felt so good as she gently sucked on him, gobbling it.

“Oh God”. He shifted their position so she was on top of him between his wide open legs. He pushed his cock up so she could have it. “Lick my balls”

Tracy cupped his balls in a hand and licked the puckered skin of his scrotum. She did not enjoy that as much and took his cock in her mouth again. She sucked and then started to move up and down on his engorged penis. “hold it in your mouth” instructed Luke. “Ok, but don’t squirt your stuff in my mouth, will you?” begged Tracy.

“I wont”.

Luke lied again as he had every intention of pumping his spunk into her mouth.

He laid back and was hands free as Tracy held his erection and she sucked on it as if it were a lollipop.

“Oh Trace that feels so good”

He lay still and in control of himself but he felt the tingling start in the most sensitive spot on the head of his erection. Could he hold it sufficiently to cum in her mouth without warning her.

She continued sucking on him and he was getting closer and closer to orgasm. He kept still and directed all his efforts to enjoying it without moving. He was going to cum. Oh my god he was going to cum. He was going to cum and was determined to keep still to shoot into her mouth. Oh my god its so good. He was going to cum and he did. He ejaculated hard with a gasp and at the same time grabbed Tracy’s head. She had moved away from the ejaculate trying to get out of the way but Luke was too quick for her and pulled her head down and his creamy cock was in her mouth. She joked and tried to pull away as he roped inside her mouth 3 more times. Luke was strong and she ultimately accepted his conquest. He loosened his grip on her head and as she moved to leave him he pulled her head into his face. “Kiss me, give me my spunk back.” He kissed her mouth and lapped inside her mouth with his tongue. They kissed a creamy slippery kiss as the semen in her mouth spread over their lips and cheeks She choked, swallowed and her mouth cleared. She had drunk his cum in. Luke continued to hold his sister close and kiss her mouth. Cum drizzled around their faces.

Tracy relaxed and laid on him. “ You said you wouldn’t do that” she cajoled. “You said you wouldn’t do that”. She had tears in her eyes.

“Sorry, but it was good to shoot it into you as you wouldn’t let me fuck you, it was just like doing it in your pussy.”

Tracy was a little teary but lay on him pressing her bare tits into his chest. They kissed deeply again and Luke stroked her bottom.

“You said you wouldn’t do that.” She repeated, slapping his chest.

He slipped a hand inside her panties to feel her bare pussy lips and she was wet. He slipped a finger inside her and gently finger fucked her. She gyrated on his finger. “ You liked it though didn’t you”

He removed the finger then used both hands to push her panties down over her butt to her thighs. Grappling awkwardly he pushed her panties down to her ankles and off. They lay naked together and Luke returned his finger to massage inside her pussy. She straddled her legs around him to let him do it. She groaned with pleasure, but still had tears.

Luke was getting hard again and removed his finger. He got hold of his erection and with one hand on her bottom and the other holding his cock he slid it up and down her pussy lips which were wet and slippery. Tracy patted his hand,  “Let me” she held his erection and slid it up and down her pussy. She was soaking wet and her pussy was open for him. She manoeuvred into position then drove down on him to impale his erection deep inside her quim. She began to ride him up and down and down like a piston. She was breathing heavily and was going to orgasm very soon. She was highly aroused. Luke shoved up into her as she rode him. They were both close to orgasm. “Together”, Luke spluttered. “ Let’s get it together.”

“Mmmmm” was her response. “Oh Luke, yes, give me another baby,” she throbbed an orgasm. “Ah, ah, ah”, which prompted Luke to explode inside her. Spunk filled her up.

Tracy sobbed into his chest. “I love you.” Her tears were real and ran down her cheeks. “I love you to, little sister”.

“I want you to give me a baby” she was sobbing again.

“I’ll do my best” he whispered, “but what would mum say?”

They came down off their thrill and fell asleep together as they lay in each others arms.


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  • Reply Mr Rodd ID:1ah742a8hrd

    A really neat series Jon. The kind if thing I like to write. It isn’t just a case of “inserting tab A into slot B”. There’s teenage uncertainty and more than one false start before Tracy “gets done.”

    • JONCHAT ID:u0x04iuqrc

      Thank you