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The kissing game (Part 4 of 5)

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The following day which was Sunday, the siblings were desperate to finish the job and they whispered to each other to that effect. Mom wondered what they were up to sniggering together, but they calmed down realising that nothing could happen until they were alone and that could be Monday after school provided Mom was at work.

As it turned out Mom was called into work and she left a note for the siblings saying she expected to be late in and they should cook themselves some frozen pizza.

Tracy was first in and saw the note.

She guessed that Luke would want to do things to her so she washed around her private parts  to ensure she smelt good then changed into some pink panties and a light blue short cotton dress and a white cotton top.

Tracy waited somewhat impatiently. Finally Luke turned up and as he shut the door behind himself Tracy jumped up onto his back, chewed into his neck and fairly loudly told him Mom was away until about 7 and are you going to fuck me properly. Luke said that she should keep he voice down or everybody in the road would hear. Tracy laughed then dropped herself to the ground. Luke turned and gave her a kiss on the mouth. “You look really sexy” he said, “Let me get myself sorted out first. Shall we do it in my bed this time? Oh and leave your clothes on, I want to undress you.”

After about 10 minutes they met in Luke’s bedroom. “come here” said Luke.

He cuddled his sister then kissed her very tenderly. “I’m going to undress you.” He whispered. He put his hand on her waist then stroked it up towards her breasts, massaging them. He held the hem of her top and lifted it up and over her head. He kissed her on The mouth again, this time letting his tongue stray onto her lips and parted them a little. Tracy let out a slight whimper when he did that.

Luke who was still wearing his school clothes removed his shirt, then held her close chest to chest. “You feel lovely.” In his boxers his cock had enlarged and he had to adjust himself. He then turned to her skirt which he undid. It dropped to the floor and she kicked herself out if it.

He held her close with his hands on her bottom. He then undid his own jeans and took them off. His boxers tented outward with his erection and he pressed it close to her pussy. He fondled her bottom and then cupped her panty covered pussy with the palm of his hand. Luke removed his boxers and his erect Penis sprung out pointing upwards. In the same moments Tracy began to remove her own panties. “Wait”  he commanded and knocked her hand away.

He then took her hand and held it against his cock. “You’ve never really seen or touched it have you”. He took her hand and cupped into under his balls. “This cock is going to give you a good time, I promise.” He then slipped his hand inside and down the front of her panties. He searched her pussy lips and slipped a finger inside, she was wet and slippery. Luke then slid her panties down and she kicked out of them. Luke was on his knee’s and he pressed his face onto her abdomen, withdrawing a little to kiss the front of her vagina and lick her pussy lips. Luke took her hand and led her to the bed where she laid down.

Nothing was said between them but there was a determined intent that it really was going to happen this time.

Luke manoeuvred her on the bed to raise her legs upwards, bent at the knee and split apart over her tummy. “I’m going to kiss your pussy” and he moved has face and lips over her pussy and began eating her out. He used his whole mouth, lips and tongue to split her pussy lips apart and then stare at the delicious pink, wet opening which was the target.

He moved up the bed to position himself over that delicious hole and used his hands to place his cockhead between her pussy lips and press gently into the jelly under him between them. He moved a bit more and felt the lips close over the top. That shot a huge bolt of arousal through his body. “Oh Tracy”. Tracy groaned feeling him just slipping a little inside her. The natural reaction of her vagina was to close around what was there and that shot another jolt through Luke. He was breathing heavily with desire being about an inch inside her. Suddenly it was clear that he might cum early again, should he withdraw, but no he decided to stay as still as possible. “Oh Tracy, I don’t think i can hold it” he gasped sounding urgent. “Try”, she implored. He was now urgent but still he did not move. “Oh god Tracy can’t hold” his voice went to higher pitch. He ejaculated forcing the semen into the opening of her vagina. She felt it and suddenly flooded with her own vaginal fluid and the chasm was now very slippery. The jerk at the start of his orgasm pushed him further inside her and suddenly they were together. Tracy let out a yelp as he entered her deeper. He was well inside her and she was gripping tightly. He jerked again and again flooding his cum inside her. He paused and his cock was tingling. “Sorry,” he said and started to withdraw. “Stay in me, I can feel you, it’s so tight and feels so good. Stay in me, it did hurt a bit but stay in me.”

He stayed still inside her and his cock relaxed a little. They stayed silently just cuddling for about a minute. They could feel the ooze within themselves, so wet. It was enough for Tracy to notice he was not as rigid.

“Are you going floppy? I want you to stay hard.”

That stirred Luke a little and he kissed his sister deeply on the mouth. This time for the first time he licked at her lips and gradually inserted his tongue in her mouth. They tongue licked each other and he penetrated deeper and deeper inside her mouth. It was a huge turn- on and his cock rose filling his sisters pussy.

As he grew he stared into Tracy’s eyes. “ Oh, you feel so good” he moved gently inside her. Gently pushing in then easing out slowly. She made sounds of pleasure as he moved in and out. “mmmmm”.

“Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm”.

As he worked he got deeper inside her and was in her almost the full length. His cockhead felt resistance to any further depth so he was clearly touching her cervix. He continues sliding in and out. He liked to almost come out then thrust back in again slowiy. “Oh Tracy………

We are fucking,……. Oh my god, it feels so good………Oh Tracy…..” finally he was in control and fucking his sister. For one second it entered his mind that they should not be doing this, but that was only a fleeting thought. “I love you” he whispered as he continued his gentle thrusting. Tracy did not answer but moved herself to the gentle rhythm they were creating. Their join was slippery and fucking was getting easier as her vagina continued to lubricate and open for him. “Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm,  she murmured.

Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm. She moved a little quicker sensing that something was happening to her body. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm. Her hand shifted to the bud at the top if her vagina. After 2 jabs with her finger Luke felt her jerk as she orgasmed. “aaaaaaagh, aaaaaagh, aaaagh, aaagh”

Luke felt her quivering under him. He pressed on fucking his sister. “Oh Tracy,”. His hands massaged her breasts as he continued to fuck her. She was now brilliantly lubricated with her vaginal fluid and his creamy cum. He moved quicker sliding in and out if her slippery tunnel.










“Oh Tracy”……..



“Oh Tracy”…..





Luke was getting urgent he could feel semen rising from his balls.

“Tracy, I love your Tracy, I’m close.”

In,,out..in..out.. in..out..in..out..

Tracy i’m going to give you a baby

“yes” she said. She opened her legs even wider. “Do it”

In..out.in.out..in..out.in.out.in.out.in out. Yes.yes.aaagh.aaaagh aaaaagh. He exploded inside her lashing her cervix with semen. “Oh God Tracy, we’ve done it.” He jerked and jerked and jerked again as he emptied his balls inside her. He was drowned in her,

He kissed her deeply in the mouth with his tongue as he subsided, coming down from his climax.

“Oh Tracy” he pulled out gently, got off her and laid beside her. She faced him and he gently stroked her forehead with a thumb as his other hand cupped her wet pussy. “Are you ok?” “Yes, I might just be bit sore now” she murmured “But it’s ok” After a pause as they recovered Tracy asked. “Will I have a baby?” Luke lied, and he knew it. “I’m sure not, as I said I’m your brother so can’t give you a baby.”

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