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The kissing game (Part 3 of 5)

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It was Saturday. The siblings, secretly and without telling each other had cancelled their plans for the weekend. Luke ever the hopeful that he might be able to fuck his sister had told his mates he could not meet them and Tracy had put off her best friend from coming round to play.

Mom, Tracy and Luke spent the morning together then had lunch before Mom went to work.

Neither had said much to each other during the morning but they shared glances and smiles. Luke kept getting hard and Tracy felt herself getting moist. They both thought that something was going to happen today.

Mom left and said goodbye.

Tracy challenged Luke. “Are we going to play the Kissing game?”


“Ok I will be in my bedroom but don’t come in until I call you”

“Ok”, replied Luke his cock hardening again.

Luke went to his bedroom not sure what to do while he waited.

He decided to change his underwear into a pair of briefs that were snug, the sort of thing you wear under shorts when doing gymnastics. He had learned the hard way when he was climbing wall bars at school and the teacher shouted up at him ‘I can see your goulies! Don’t wear boxers in the gym’. He covered the briefs with a pair of white shorts. He was just in those clothes having removed his top and Jean’s.

Luke wondered what Tracy was fiddling around doing. Then came the call from her bedroom that she was ready. He walked into the bedroom. Tracy was in bed covered with a sheet.

“Your in bed!” Luke exclaimed. “Yes and I’m naked” she replied.

“Fuck me, does it mean you have no panties on?”

“Yes” she replied gleefully, then frowning, “and don’t swear!”

“Can I get in with you?”

“Yes, but take those off first. “ she said pointing to his shorts.

“In a minute”.

Luke slipped in the bed beside her and kissed her. She was naked and Luke could feel she was as he moved his hand down her side and feeling her bare bottom. “Oh my God Tracy you are so sexy.” He nuzzled in her neck, kissed her and felt her soft bare tits. As he kissed her tits she arched towards him to press the buds into his mouth. She groaned loud with pleasure. “Get your shorts off.” Tracy demanded. He reached down pulled off his shorts then tossed them out of the bed.

“Have you ever fucked?” Luke asked in a whisper.

“No, but I want to know what it feels like.”

“I’ve dreamt about doing it to you.”

“……and I’ve being thinking about you doing it to me.”

“I want to do you good and proper. I want to shoot my stuff into your cunt and make you want it more and more.” Luke was tingling all over.

Tracy reached across to what she thought would be a naked Luke but found his briefs, “Cheat” she retorted but then recoiled when she felt his package in his briefs. She sort of gasped but pulled him in for another kiss. He was hard and it hurt a bit as it tried to stretch out of his briefs, but Luke was not ready to show himself. He continued to molest his sister, by massaging her tits, kissing her and sliding his hand up and down her body getting closer and closer to the prize.

Tracy sensed what he was doing and parted her legs so that he would get good access once he tried. She was desperate to be touched and could feel her pussy getting moist. “Touch me,” she implored. “Touch me.” She squirmed on the bed and opened her legs wider. She could feel his package with her knee. “Mmmmmm”

Luke was in no hurry but he was also nervous. On the other hand his erection required dealing with as soon as possible. Luke stroked her again, over her shoulder down over her tits which he kissed then lower past her belly button. His fingers rested just above her vagina then he moved to gently cup her whole pussy in his palm. He felt the shape if her pussy lips and as he gently massaged and pressed he felt a cool wetness.

“Oh Tracy.” He purred. “You are so sexy.”

He continued to work on her pussy gently following the slit in her pussy up and down with his fingers. Then he would press with his palm. As he worked with his fingers he told Tracy to let him know if it hurts.

“It’s OK.” She assured him and pulled him back for a kiss.

His index finger gently separated the pussy lips searching for the target entrance in her vagina. She gyrated herself a little as if to help him. Suddenly there was a very wet jelly like spot which seemed to open for his finger that was clearly the spot he needed. He worked his finger up and down and gently in and out a centimetre or so. It felt as if there was a chasm in her under this spot. He pushed in a little further and had his finger in almost up to the knuckle.

He masturbated her a little for a time and she moved under him. “is it nice?” he asked.

Luke’s nerves suddenly disappeared and he had a surge of confidence about the next stage of his sisters molestation. I’m going to fuck her he thought. He moved off her and removed his briefs. His cock shot out straight, happy to be relieved from the pressure it was under whilst hidden in his underwear. Luke got a huge shot of warmth through his body with the realisation that he was finally naked next to his sister. He gently slid next to her and rested his manhood next to her body.

Tracy could feel it.

Luke climbed up onto her nestling his legs between her in the missionary position. His erection lay on her abdomen. In this position he laid above her and she looked up at him.

“Are you going to do me?” she whispered

“if you will let me”

“It’s OK, but don’t give me a baby.”

Shit, thought Luke, he hadn’t really thought about that. His determination to fuck his sister led to a lie. “It’s OK I’m your brother I can’t give you a baby, anyway you are not old enough.”

Tracy seemed satisfied with that. “ Do me, I want to be done.”

Luke decided now was the time but he didn’t rush despite the urgency that his cock had. He moved down so his erection lay on the bed between her legs. He kissed her, then massaged and kissed her soft breasts. He then moved his hand down to his target and rubbed two fingers onto the target spot to spread her open. She moaned a little and looked down her body to study Luke’s cock which she had not really seen. He was 5” hard and the end glistened with pre-cum.

“Your so big, will it hurt.” She whispered and seemed concerned.

“I won’t let it hurt, if it does tell me and I will stop”

Luke grabbed hold of his cock to aim it in the direction of the slit in her pussy. He moaned as the head of his cock slid up and down between her pussy lips seeking the entrance to her vagina. With his hand he glided it up and down her moist opening, but suddenly it became too much, he was going to cum there and then. He couldn’t hide it. “Oh Tracy” he gasped “I can’t hold it.” He sprang off her and kneeling between her thighs masturbated his cock with his hand.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaagh!” he shot a rope of cum up her belly, then another, then another. Tracy watched fascinated and it turned her on.

Her hand wiped some of the cum up with her fingers then circled it onto her breast buds and wiped it on her pussy. “I’m sorry”, said Luke “ I couldn’t hold it, you made me cum to quickly. Just touching your pussy with my cock blew me.”

“That’s ok, would all that be inside me if you had got in?”


She made an mmm sound and rested back on the pillow. Her body was urging her to do something and her hand went down to her entrance and after gathering more cum on her fingers she stuffed two fingers into it. Luke watched as she pushed them in and out pressing on the explosive button that she could feel. It was very quick as she was highly aroused, she jerked and gasped her first ever orgasm.

Luke was still between her knees. “Have you got any tissues handy?”

“In the drawer.”

Luke got them and proceeded to wipe up the cum from her body and his cock, which still stood proud.

“That was funny when your stuff came out.” Giggled Tracy. “ It sort of made me jump. Is that what makes baby? It was funny.”

The siblings saw the funny side of the afternoons events and were soon laughing helplessly in bed all inhibitions vanished.

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