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The kissing game (Part 2 of 5)

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For most of the evening, in bed, Tracy was in torment about what had happened that afternoon. There was a big debate going on in her head as to whether what Luke had done to her was OK. She loved to be naked when practising gymnastics but wondered if she should not do it anymore. She remembered the Gym instructor that she got naked for and a particular touch from him on her abdomen which made he feel funny. What Luke had done made her feel the same way, especially when he was between her legs. That had given her a funny feeling in her private parts. She moved her hand and tried to recreate that feeling by touching her pussy lips. She felt wet and open. Tracy fell fast asleep with her hand on her pussy having decided in her mind that it was probably OK because of the nice feeling.

The next day Luke arrived home a few minutes later than was usual after chatting with some mates.

He opened the front door with his key and went in and after dropping all his gear headed straight for the downstairs bathroom. He peed and then grabbed his bag to go up to his bedroom.

To his surprise Tracy was at the top of the stairs looking down at him. She was only wearing a pair of blue knickers and a sky blue top.

“I’ve been waiting for you, can we play the kissing game?”

Bloody hell thought Luke. “ Of course we can.”

She moved into her bedroom. “Take your jeans off.” She shouted.


Luke tripped in the excitement as he clambered out of his jeans and threw them into his bedroom. He had a moments thought and decided to change from his boxers into briefer trunks which were tighter and more revealing of his shape.

“Come on, Luke.” Tracy shouted wondering what was holding him up.

Luke entered her bedroom. Tracy was laying on her bed on her back and her legs were parted a little with her knees raised. She held her arms out inviting Luke to the bed. He joined her and they fell in each others arms kissing passionately on the mouth. “Tracy, Tracy, Tracy you are lovely.” Luke crossed a leg to move it between her parted knees. His hand found her breast which he massaged through her top. He had only touched one breast so he began to vary his attack by touching the other breast. His erection was up and he relaxed on her a little so she could not feel it.

“You are sexy” he repeated.

They nuzzled and kissed each other. Luke touched her breasts and without asking slipped a hand up under her top onto her bare breast. Tracy gasped but did not resist and Luke fondled her.

Tracy had never been touched like this before although she recognised that she had given herself to her Gym instructor who touched her when she was naked. She felt a thrill thinking that what the instructor did to her which gave her a nice feeling was similar to what Luke was doing. She felt chuffed and realised at this moment that it had happened to her was sexual although she could not remember too much about it. Luke continued fondling her bare breasts and she made little mmmm sounds.

“You took me by surprise. I didn’t think that you would want to do the kissing game again” said Luke.

“I like it”

“What do you like best?” Luke asked.

“When you touch my tits.” Tracy giggled.

“Oh fuck me.” Luke retorted. He didn’t use foul language very often, even with his mates who seemed to use it all the time.

“Don’t swear”

“Sorry, tell you what though, if you took your top off it would feel even better. I’ll take mine off as well if you like.” Tracy immediately moved to remove her top and as she fell back onto the bed Luke immediately latched his lips onto one bud. Tracy gasped then settled back with her hand behind Luke’s neck pulling him towards her. He sucked gently onto one bud and then the other. His cock was raging in his pants.

“Take yours off” said Tracy.

Luke moved off her and took his top off. Tracy watched then lifted her arms up to invite him back on her. She was feeling very randy but had never felt like that before.

He moved onto her fully resting between her legs as they had parted further. It was a natural reaction to how Tracy was feeling in her body.

In this position Luke sucked on both her tits supporting himself on his arms so he did not lay too hard on his sister. He ground his cock on the bed between her legs. “Your tits feel lovely, so soft.” Whispered Luke, “I luv sucking them.”

“Keep doing it.” She gasped. “ It makes them tingle”

He latched onto her breasts again, sucking and licking them.

He wanted to attack her pussy so moved off from between her legs and began kissing and sucking her tits whilst stroking down her side and across her abdomen. His hand touched the fabric of her panties caressing her tummy. He then kissed her body moving down from her tits to lick and caress her belly just above the fabric of her knickers.

He returned to her mouth. “You are so pretty” he whispered between kisses. Tracy kneaded the back of his neck then pushed him off slightly so she could kiss his nipples. “ Just getting my own back”.

They giggled together.

“I want to kiss you somewhere else” said Luke.

Tracy thought she knew what he meant and a shot of wetness flooded her pussy at the thought of it. She played cool though. “Where” she gasped and the word choked nervously in her throat.

Luke said nothing but kissed her tits slowly, then gently moved his lips down her body over her belly button to the waist of her panties “You know where” he said slowly and looked back up at her.  Tracy felt like she was wetting. “Go on then.” He pressed on downwards and she parted her legs to give him better access. He placed his mouth onto the mound of her pussy. He could feel the tender warmth of the mound in her panties. He was trying to control himself but couldn’t help feeling his muscles make a jerk which released pre-cum in his briefs.

He moved back up to kiss her again on the mouth. “Did you like that?”


“What does it make you feel like?”

“It makes me feel like I want to do it again.” She whispered.

“Ok, it makes my cock really hard.” Said Luke.

He moved to her pussy mound again and pressed hard on it with his mouth. He licked it with his tongue and noticed a wet patch. Tracy smelt sweet. Luke was ready to blow his load but, cunningly he thought that it would be a good idea to stop while she was aroused and possibly wanting more. She might be ready to actually do it next time.

“I think it’s time we stopped, so we can do our work before Mom comes home. She’s not at work tomorrow so we hay have to wait a few days” Tracy reached up and kissed him.

“You know what, next time I’m going to take your panties off. “ he waited for a bad reaction but what came was. “Only if you take yours off. You want to do me don’t you?”

There was silence for a moment. “ Yes, I do, I want to fuck you and fill you with love juice.”

“ I want to do it to.”

He kissed her mouth again, then rose from the bed holding his package against his belly and went immediately to the bathroom where he quickly shot a load of semen into the bathroom sink. His thoughts were, fuck me, she knows more about sex than I thought.

Over the next few days there was no chance for them to be together other than perhaps if he crept into her room at night, but he thought that would be too risky. Their next chance to play the kissing game was going to be on Saturday afternoon when Mom would be at work again.

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